Watching Her REALLY Let Go, Pt. 1 4.8/5 (29)

What follows is an account of another swinger weekend my wife and I have just returned from. We returned yesterday and I thought I would get this on paper before I forget details.

After our first in 2015 and several in between we decided to “up” the stakes and go to a better organised event where there was less of an “every man for himself” approach and more emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

The whole weekend took place in a beautiful hotel in the city of Trencin. Wonderful rooms, great service and a swanky “glass and stainless steel” design.

We arrived and checked in and at first we were rather surprised the even would be in such a large hotel (Surely we didn’t have dedicated sole use of it?) but we also felt a surge of excitement and curiosity of how exactly things would play out.

The event had been titled “All about girls” and the description had read that the focus would be focused on their enjoyment and their journey (aren’t they all anyway?). The men here would be just along for the ride (no pun intended) and we were just props.

We unpacked in our room and Sylvia showered. I sat on the bed mainly glancing at my watch and wondering why we had arrived two hours early. Sylvia exited the bathroom with a towel tied around her waist and her long blonde hair hung wet around her face and shoulders.

She started to talk animatedly about the room, the shower, the hotel ANYTHING other than the forthcoming event and I could see she was again nervous about what was to come. The soft lighting of the room caught the beads of water on her ample DD’s which still sit high and tight for a woman in her mid 40’s, I watched as the beads eventually pooled and traced a line downwards across her tight hard stomach to the towel beneath.

We had known about this weekend for a few months and she had been working hard on her body for it, just here now, with no make-up, no clothing and with disheveled hair she looked like a wet dream.

I showered and re-entered the room to find her wearing just a skin-tight long-sleeved body, bent over the dressing table applying her “smokey-eyed” make-up. That ass, BOY that ass. Something about the black thong pulled taught between those cheeks that framed her perfectly and made her even more irresistible.

The meet and greet too place in the conference room. It was explained to us that we didn’t have exclusive use of the hotel and that we would need to be discreet. The first night the ladies were divided into two groups of hosts and visitors, at this point the ladies in the visitor group stood and walked out to a second room and the separate briefings started.

The host ladies stayed with us and he rules were very simple:

The Visitor ladies would dress seductively but cover it with a coat dressing gown (their choice).

The husbands/boyfriends would escort them to a room number to be determined later.

The visitors would then put on a soft blindfold, knock the door and be greeted by their unknown hosts.

The husband or boyfriend would then “officially” hand them over and leave.

We weren’t actually going to leave them(unless pre-arranged with the host couple), but the visitors weren’t to be told this. As far as they knew they were suddenly left alone in a room with two strangers they couldn’t see, to be used as a sex-toy out of the gaze “they believed” of their significant other who they thought was doing a similar thing elsewhere!

Most of us laughed when this was explained to us. The thought of the sheer panic when our wives were “left” was a comical thought if, not a little cruel!

The Visitors were given a similar briefing but NOT told they would remain accompanied by their other half, Sylvia told me later that a loud gasp erupted when the “hand-over” was explained.
The visitors would then introduce themselves by name to their new hosts and explain why they were there “My name is XYZ, I’m here to XXX!”

Briefings over, we all met in the bar with lost of excited chatter, giggles and smiles. We all made note of three couples we wanted to meet, the slips were handed to the organisers and they set about match-making. Sylvia smiled and said “Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re doing this, this is so twisted!” I laughed and told her to just relax and enjoy the experience, this wasn’t the first swinger event we’ve attended but probably the most exciting so far.

After a few drinks we all headed back to our rooms to get ready, I received a call to tell me our match and which room number (YES, we had the couple we both liked!).

Dusan was a well-built businessman in his mid 30’s. Already silvering at the temples but obviously a keen sportsman. His wife Katka was a tall slim brunette with her long hair in a high pony-tail and a fabulous smile. This girl could look good wearing a sack!


  • Dave O

    Reply Reply November 14, 2017

    Great story, I would love to take my wife to a party like that. Please let us know when and where the next one is. Thank you…

  • miskodrak

    Reply Reply November 16, 2017

    It’s a work in progress. We’re not hardened swingers but we do it as and when the mood takes us. by far the best “event” yet was having a weekend guest 😉

  • R.C.

    Reply Reply November 29, 2017

    Really enjoyed this… anviously awaiting PT2

  • Darrell Sleep

    Reply Reply April 4, 2020

    Really loved this story and would really like to part 2

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