Watching Her Let Go… 4.4/5 (23)

The following is a brief story of something that happened in Autumn 2015.

After 20 years of marriage and two young kids our sex-life had pretty much been demoted to “functional” at best. My wife Sylvia, is a truly magical mother who’s never ceased to amaze me with her untiring care and  love for our two fabulous kids and while she’s put her heart and soul into raising a family, the “wife” side of things has petered-out slowly over the years and we drifted apart.

A lot of people will appreciate that when you’ve seen the woman of your life covered in vomit, up to her elbows in baby-poo and nappies, the sex-appeal does eventually start to go out of the window.

We had a chat, realised there was a problem and I put the swinging-thing on the table.

It had always (as far as I can remember anyway) been a big fantasy of mine and we’d talked and joked about it a few times over the years. We joined a swinger’s site booked a place at the next weekend event and waited.

Almost from the day we made the reservation things started to hot-up between us. Although she wasn’t about to readily admit it, the idea of this whole thing excited her as well as me (Sylvia told me much later) but she had a lot of fears about it also.

Her main one was that I just wanted to have sex with another woman (she couldn’t have been more wrong), I reassured her that I just wanted us both to explore a few things, we could start off with same-room sex with another couple, where we don’t actually swap, if she liked…and that my main objective was for HER to have a great time, lose control a bit and just go with whatever came up.

She’s always been good in bed and I KNEW there was a kinkier, dirtier side to her, but I only really got to see it when she’d had a bit to drink, she was actually very coy about it.

The weekend arrived, the kids were driven over to the unsuspecting grandparents and off we went to a very secluded small hotel in the mountains.

The conversation in the car on the 2 hour journey started off with both of us both avoiding the main topic, but after a few miles developed into expectations, fears, reservations and our “wish lists”. It actually surprised me how similar our lists were.

After the ice-breaker drinks and the meal where everybody got to know the others there, everyone went to their rooms, showered and changed and went back to the “function room”. The guys dressed smart-casual mainly, although one or two wore some laughable costumes.

The ladies slipped into something a little less conventional and a lot more sexy. There was a huge difference in their choices too. While some of the girls wore sexy, tight mini-dresses that would be ok in a nightclub, others there changed quickly into just underwear and even bondage-gear.

Sylvia wore a tight fitted mini-dress that leaves very little to the imagination, with thigh-boots and I have to say she looked amazing. She said she felt really confident which was nice to hear.

She is from Central Europe, so has the high cheekbones, tall (5’10” without heels), long legs, blonde hair and DD’s that belong to a woman 20 years her 43 years. She looked delicious and there were a few fleeting moments that I had doubts about this whole thing, but I quickly overcame them. After dressing and a few shots of whiskey, we went down to the function room where the furniture had all been changed, dimmed lights and music.

What HAD been a large bookcase on one side, had folded down into the room and was now a HUGE bed (maybe two double beds…and a little more!)the large mattress was red leather.

The sight that met us as we entered the room was a shock to say the least.

One of the girls we’d been talking to during the meal was now being “spit-roasted” and at the same time she was masturbating a third guy while a crowd gathered around the bed. One of the guys finished and was quickly replaced by another waiting in the wings, there was an orderly queue of two, maybe 3 others.

(Had we really taken THAT LONG to shower and change??)

The music was thumping and the atmosphere was highly charged, BUT, this SERIOUSLY wasn’t what either of us had in mind.

We stayed and watched this and consequent “displays” but were lucky enough to strike-up conversation with another first-time couple who actually looked more than a little shell-shocked.

We got chatting with them, a professional couple (lawyers) and hit it off, learning that there weren’t there for an “every man for himself” gangbang, they were looking for very similar things as us.

The girls went up to the dance-floor while he and I sat, chatted and watched and out of nowhere the girls stopped and started kissing passionately and caressing each other’s bodies. THIS was definitely on my list and I soaked up the beautiful sight in front of me.

They came back eventually, looking flustered but extremely happy with themselves, and when the suggestion was made to move upstairs, I think we all agreed in unison in nano-seconds!

We all went back to our room and ended up naked , the girls almost naked and collapsed onto the bed together with our respective partners.

Sylvia had left her thigh-boots on and looked astounding, while our female guest Tomi retained stockings and heels.

How it began I have no clear recollection of now, but after a short while the girls decided they’d like to pick-up where they left-off.

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