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Section 1

The cell phone buzzed at 12:45 AM. It was a message from Maria. She was at a hotel downtown.

“Tom said you can come over to watch! Interested?”

Interested was an understatement. After over a decade of being cucked, I have not seen Maria play in person, something I have always wanted to do.

Tom was one of her favorites, I had seen pictures and video of their play sessions before.

In a daze, I drove to the Marriott, parked outside and quickly crossed the lobby on my way to the elevator. When I got to the hotel room, I swallowed and knocked.

“Come in!” I heard a male voice say.

I opened the door and I saw Tom sitting on a well stuffed black leather armchair. I recognized him from a few sex pics Maria had sent me from their prior playdates. He was a tall, muscular man in his 50s with graying hair and a big uncut cock that my wife adored. He had a tan from frequent trips to the Caribbean where he fucked the local women and vacationing wives, some at hotels and some at a swinger resort.

Maria kneeled on the carpeted floor in front of him, sucking his cock. Her wrists were bound behind her back with velcro cuffs connected by a metal clip. She was collared and leashed. I saw a glass buttplug wedged into her anus, her dilated hole visible between her big cheeks.

She didn’t seem to notice me as she continued to make soft sucking noises. The room reeked of sex: sweat, her pussy, semen. A big white dildo with a suction cup base was stuck to the coffee table with a bottle of lube next to it. They had been playing for some time now. Tom saw me looking around the room.

“Go ahead and sit in that corner while I enjoy your wife.”

I sat in the hotel desk chair that was pushed against into the corner opposite where Tom and Maria were playing. I noticed that it also had a good close view of the bed. Maria finally seemed to notice me, briefly turning her head around to give me a hazy smile.

“Oh, hi babe!”

Tom redirected her attention.

“Back on it, you hot little slut!”

With his guiding hand, her head went back into his lap and the slurping sounds resumed. Tom groaned appreciatively.

“Man, your wife sucks cock like a champ! Do you get any of this at home?”


I partially lied. Maria had not sucked my penis in almost a year and then only for a few seconds. With Tom, she was worshiping his cock, opening wide to take him deep, sucking hard on the upstroke while staring into his eyes.

“Now suck my balls.”

Tom stroked his thick, long shaft as my wife took one then the other one of his large, round balls into her mouth. After sucking his balls she licked her way back up his cock and he guided the fat head back into her mouth. He then stood up out of his chair, placed a large hand on the back of her head and began thrusting into her mouth.

“Oh yeah! Gonna fuck your mouth now, slut!”

“GUK!GUK!GUK!GUK!” Maria clucked has his fat head bounced off the back of her throat.

“Yeah, take my fucking cock!” he growled as he pistoned my wife’s mouth deeply.

He fucked Maria’s mouth like it was a pussy. Thick strands of spit started seeping out of her mouth and flowing down her chin, dripping onto her tits and belly. I was amazed at how much of his thick shaft he was pushing past her lips. She opened her mouth as wide as possible to allow deep entry into her throat.

Tom noticed me in the corner.

“Kevin, come on over here and feel how wet your wife is.”

I stepped over to where Maria was kneeling and reached under her ass to feel her shaved pussy. Before my fingers even got to her lips, I could feel her warm fluids seeping out. She was enjoying the oral use very much. My fingers moved to the top of her slit where I felt her hard, slick clit. I started rubbing it in circles, making Maria’s hips twitch with pleasure as she continued to gag on the thick shaft in her mouth.

“OK, stud, back to your chair now.”

Maria briefly took her mouth off of Tom’s cock.

“Honey, I brought something for you in my bag.”

She nodded in the direction of the large Coach handbag on the floor next to my chair that she often took on her playdates. Inside it was one of my fleshlights from home and a bottle of lube. Tom laughed when he saw me pull it out of the bag.

“Wow, so looks like you are getting some pussy after all!”

My pants were tented out over my erection. A wet spot had started to form on the thin fabric where precum was oozing from my glans. I pulled off my pants and squirted some lube onto the latex labia of the fleshlight and then inserted my long, slender cock into the artificial pussy. In the midst of such erotic torture, the fleshlight felt heavenly. The synthetic pussy made wet sucking sounds as I stroked it up and down my penis.


Tom now had both hands on Maria’s head as he stood in front of her and fucked her face with long, deep strokes. Her eyes watered but she did not pull back. Every five or so deep thrusts, he pulled out of her mouth, giving her a breather while he rubbed his shaft and balls over her face.. Her chin and tits were now covered in drool with strands of saliva dripping down onto her belly.

“Kevin, come back over here and clean up Maria while she sucks me.”

I knelt next to Maria and mouthed her wet tits as she continued to suck Tom. She moaned onto his cock as I sucked her big brown, drool covered, nipples.

“Maria, kiss your husband.”

She turned to me with a hazy look in her eyes and kissed me deeply, something she almost never normally does. Her lips and chin were wet, her breath smelled like cock and semen.

I knew from their prior playdates that he liked to shoot his first load into her mouth and have her swallow it, something she never did with me. My balls tightened as I continued to slowly stroke the fleshlight up and down. Before long, Maria turned her attention back to Tom’s cock.

“Now take her plug out and rim her, Kevin”

I knelt behind Maria and gently tugged the glass plug by the base. Slowly, her brown rim stretched as the plug emerged and then with a pop it came all the way out.

I dropped the fleshlight and spread her cheeks with both hands to give me better access to her asshole. I lapped at her stretched anus before pointing my tongue and pushing it inside. Tom continued to facefuck my wife. Every time she gagged on his cock, I could feel her asshole tighten on my tongue.

I focused on pleasuring Maria as she pleasured her bull. I was so focused on her that I didn’t notice when the sucking and gagging sounds stopped.

“Oh yeah, get your tongue in there!” Tom groaned.

I looked up. Tom had turned around on the chair and was bent over in front of Maria holding his ass open. Maria, still moaning with lust, was rimming his hole, lapping at his anus and then licking her way down to his balls and sucking them before returning to his ass.

He let go of one cheek and stroked his thick cock as my wife continued to tongue him. This was another thing she never did with me. When I brought up the subject years ago, she told me that she isn’t into that kind of thing. Now she was eating ass like it was her favorite thing to do.

“I think hubby needs another kiss,” Tom proclaimed.

Maria turned around and kissed me deeply again. My wife tasted her own ass on my tongue while her mouth was scented with the masculine smell of cock, balls, semen and ass. I reached down grabbed my penis. It was wet with precum and I stroked it as we kissed. My balls tightened. Maria turned back around and went back to dutifully rimming her bull.

Section 2

I dove back into Maria’s plush rear, giving her the same pleasure. Even without stimulation, my penis remained stiff as iron and continued to leak precum. When I felt her asshole clench on my tongue and heard her gagging sounds again, I knew that Tom had turned back around and resumed fucking her face.

“Alright, time for some pussy!” he growled.

Tom pulled Maria up to her feet by her leash and then sat back in the chair. Maria settled her knees on either side of his hips and lowered her pussy onto his long, thick cock. She was so wet that it slid in to the hilt on the first stroke.

“Oh fuck, baby!” Maria cried out.

She bounced up and down on his cock, cooing with pleasure. I watched as her pussylips held onto his shaft on the upstroke. Tom held her big ass open with his hands.

“Keep rimming, Kevin.”

With Tom spreading Maria’s ass, I could use the fleshlight again and still have access to her dusky ring. The smell of sex was overpowering as I licked. Maria started to cum almost instantly.

“UHHHHNG!” she grunted as the powerful contractions shook her.

“That’s right, cum on that cock!” he roared.

I drove my tongue in as deep as it would go to intensify her pleasure. I could feel Tom’s cock sliding up and down on the other side of the thin membrane between her pussy and ass. Over the next several minutes, my wife rolled through seven orgasms as she rode her bull and I ate her ass. At one point, I looked over at the mirrored closet doors. I could see Maria and Tom in a passionate embrace while I knelt on the floor stroking myself with the fleshlight..

“Gonna fill up that pussy!” Tom groaned.

After all the facefucking and now fucking my wife’s hot, wet slit, Tom was finally ready to cum. I sat back and watched his sack and shaft pulse as he emptied his balls into my wife. I frantically stroked the fleshlight up and down my penis a few more times before I shot my sperm into the artificial vagina. I came so hard I almost swooned. Maria looked over her shoulder at me and smiled wickedly.

“Cum in that plastic pussy, stud!” she encouraged me.

After over a dozen strong contractions, my softening penis slipped out of the fleshlight followed by a trickle of my thin, milky sperm. Maria, collapsed onto Tom’s chest, their tongues intertwined in a deep kiss while his cock remained in her pussy.

Globs of his thick semen seeped out past her lips but he didn’t appear to be softening. Maria, slowly gyrated her hips as they continued to kiss. It occurred to me that he was not going to get soft which was confirmed when Maria started slowly riding his thick pole again. Tom noticed me watching, transfixed.

“Kevin, get that asshole nice and wet for me.”

Again, he spread her ass wide as Maria continued to ride him, groaning and cooing with pleasure. I ate her ass once more as they enjoyed each other. My penis was starting to stir again despite my recent orgasm. I lapped hungrily and then pointed my tongue and probed as deep as I could into her purplish-brown anal ring, pushing my saliva into her hole. .

“I am ready for that ass now,” Tom announced as he released the metal clip that held Maria’s wrist restraints together. .

Maria giggled wickedly as she coyly glanced over her shoulder at me and then dismounted Tom’s cock and turned around in the chair so she was facing me. She placed her feet on the seat cushion outside of his thighs and then grabbed his cock and pointed the fat pink head at her asshole as she lowered herself onto it.

“OH BABY, HE’S SO BIG!” she pouted at me as his thick shaft started breaching her dusky ring.

My wife bit her lip and groaned. Her asshole bulged around his girth until she had sunk all the way to the base. His big balls rested against the bottom of her pussy. She turned her head back to Tom and their mouths met again in a long deep kiss as he firmly cupped her tits, tweaking her big dark nipples between his fingers.

“Whose ass is that?” he hissed.

“Ohhh, it’s your ass, Papi!” my wife replied.

With her hands finally free, Maria reached down and rubbed her hard, prominent clit, pulling back the hood to show me how excited she was. Tom slowly thrust into her ass as she squatted in his lap. Her rim surged in and out, following the movements of his fat shaft. The bottom of her pussy bulged from the invasion. I looked down and my cock was already at attention again, a drop of precum, seeping from the tip.

“UHH, your wife’s ass is GOOD!” Tom proclaimed as started thrusting a little faster.

“Oh Papi! Oh Papi!” Maria repeated over and over as he picked up the pace.

I picked up the fleshlight and inserted my penis back into the molded hole. It was still wet from my ejaculate so I slid in easily. Maria looked down at me and beckoned me in closer with her index finger. She licked her lips and spread her labia.

With her other hand, she guided my face down to her pussy. I sucked and licked her exposed clit, alternating with long licks at her labia. I could taste her pussy and his sperm mixed together, sweet and salty at the same time.

I moved my mouth back to her clit, sucking at the hard, prominent button and the alternating with flicking my tongue over it. The fleshlight made wet sucking sounds as I stroked it up and down my straining penis, my balls drawing tight quickly. By this time, Tom was fucking her ass deeply and firmly. I could see his balls starting to tighten as well.

“Take that fucking cock up your ass like a good Latina slut!” he grunted at my wife.


The dirty talk had sent Maria over the edge. With my mouth on her clit and his cock stuffed in her asshole, she screamed through a powerful orgasm. Her legs quivered as she rode the waves of her pleasure. Tom held my wife by her hips as he pistoned into her.

I kept my mouth glued to her hard little clit, occasionally licking lower, caressing her pussy with my tongue. I thought Tom would cum any minute now but he had other plans. He withdrew his cock shaft from Maria’s ass with a soft plopping sound.

“Turn around and suck on me some more.”

Maria hopped off his lap and turned around, nudging me aside. She settled between his thighs and sucked his long thick shaft, fresh from her anus, taking him deep as she maintained eye contact with her bull.

“Oh yeah, taste your asshole!” Tom said

“Mmmmm!” Maria moaned with her mouth full of cock.

The rawness of her sexuality drove me mad with lust. I stoked the fleshlight faster and buried my face in her ass, tonguing her wet, loosened hole. Maria moaned onto Tom’s cock from the touch of my caressing tongue.

I looked up from between her cheeks. Tom had both hands on the back of her head, his fingers woven into her brown curls. The bull held my wife’s head and fucked her face once again until the drool started flowing out of her mouth. He noticed me watching again.

“Kevin, lay down on the the bed with your head towards the foot.”

I quickly got up off the floor to lie on the bed but Maria stopped me.

“Honey, you can’t have that fleshlight in the bed, you will make a mess when you squirt your sperm.”

I looked at the bedsheets. There was already a large wet spot in the middle of the bed from where they had fucked before I arrived. It was hard to tell whether it was drool, semen or pussy on the sheets; it was probably all three. Maria must have seen my look of disappointment and took mercy on me.

“Kevin, in the side pocket of my bag there are some condoms; bring me one.”

A little confused, I did as she asked. Was she going to put a condom on Tom now that she had already had him bare in every hole? Or was she perhaps planning on including me? Would I get to double penetrate my wife along with her bull? I shook with excitement.

Section 3

“Be a doll and unwrap one,” she said as she stroked Tom’s shaft a few times, the big pink head leaking precum.

Just as I handed her the unwrapped condom, Maria turned back around and, opening her mouth wide, took Tom balls deep down her throat. She made a deep gurgling noise as she held her face tight against his crotch. When she pulled back, her eyes were watering. She partially unrolled the condom I had handed to her and spit a big strand of drool into it. Then she handed the condom back to me.

“Here you go honey, put that on and lie on the bed like Tom told you to.”

I slipped the condom over my rock hard cock and unrolled it. Maria’s spit was pooled in the tip but started to seep down the length of my cock, trapped underneath the thin layer of latex. I lay on the bed with my head near the foot. My wife climbed on top of me, straddling my face and then laid on top of me reversed. I could feel her nipples on my belly.

She settled her bald mound, still leaking his seed, onto my face. I lapped at her spermed pussy as she held my cock between the thumb and two fingertips of one hand, lightly gripping me right under the frenulum and ever so slightly stroking the condom up and down my spit lubed penis. I groaned in pleasure and sucked her hard clit.

“Now spread my ass, dirty boy!” Maria teased.

I curled my arms around her ample hips from below and spread my bride’s fat round cheeks. Her dark anal ring formed a bullseye for Tom’s swollen, pink head. The bull wasted no time in lining up his big cock and pushing it into my wife’s asshole once again.

“Oh yeah, now we’re really having fun!” Tom commented as he started pistoning into Maria, holding her by her hips while I held her ass spread.

I was a closeup witness to the penetration. I could see Maria’s hole stretched obscenely to accommodate the thick member. It surged back and forth as he stroked in and out of her. I glued my lips to her pussy once again and watched Maria get sodomized.

My wife continued to lightly stroke the lubed condom up and down my penis. She licked a finger on her free hand and drew it over my tightening nutsack before running it down to my ass and rubbing it in circles on my hole.

I thought of the contrast between husband and bull. He had already taken all of my wife’s holes and here I was getting a covered handjob and having my ass played with. She slowly pushed a finger into me as she continued stroking my penis and then I heard her spit and felt the cool glass of the plug being pushed into me.

She had brought it onto the bed without me noticing and now she was nudging the toy into me. The plug pressed on my prostate as the rounded end lodged in my ass. I could feel a dribble of sperm prematurely leak into the condom, further lubing my cock.

Tom didn’t seem to notice; he was too focused on fucking Maria’s ass. His hips loudly slapped into her upturned cheeks as he picked up the pace. Despite the intense sensation of the plug in my ass and Maria lightly stroking me, I focused on her swollen clit. Once again, her hips shook and she screamed.


“I’m coming in your ass!” Tom announced.

I thrust my hips up against my Maria’s hand and sent a series of furious spurts into the condom as the bull emptied his balls deep into my wife’s dark-skinned asshole. I could see the base of his cock contract as he pumped his seed home. I counted at least twelve strong contractions before he collapsed on her back as I gave her pussy a few last light licks. I could feel Maria turn around and I heard them kissing on top of me.

Finally, Tom withdrew his cock. I was still holding Maria’s ass open so when the fat head popped out, her anus gaped and a bubbled with his sperm.

“Nice, creamed hole,” he commented before collapsing on the bed next to Maria.

Maria slowly got off of me as well. She looked down at me with a dazed half smile. She noticed that my cock was rapidly deflating after cumming.

“Kevin, go clean yourself up and flush that condom away before you make a mess.”

I quickly went to the bathroom, pulled the used condom off my penis and wiped myself down with a washcloth before returning to the bedroom. Now that I had seen them together, I didn’t want to miss anything. I was in such a hurry that I forgot to take out the plug.

When I got back out of the bathroom, Maria had already taken out a plastic cock cage and placed it on the bed. We had used this before when she didn’t want to be bothered for a handjob or a mercy fuck before a date but I didn’t expect her to use it in front of Tom.

“Honey, come here so I can put your cock away for a bit while we finish up,” she announced.

I approached the bed. She took my cock and threaded it into the plastic enclosure. Her soft hands made my penis stir and reminded me that I still had the glass plug in my ass. Maria locked the device closed and secured it with a small steel padlock on top.

“Go have a seat,” Tom instructed, nodding over to the chair still in the corner.

For the next 20 minutes, they kissed and fondled each other. Maria licking his neck and chest while he played with her full tits, tweaking her big brown nipples. I later learned that he had already cum twice before I even got there, once in her mouth and once in her pussy.

Nevertheless, despite having cum four times already, Tom was hard again. Maria worked her way down his body, kissing and licking and before long she was back to sucking him while lay back and groaned in appreciation.

“You love that big cock, don’t you?” he leered down at Maria.

“Mmmmm, yes, Papi!”

My cock was stirring too but was stuck inside the cage. It strained against the confinement but nothing could be done. I was trapped. Maria was making her rounds again with her mouth, going from his cock to his balls and down to his ass while he lifted his legs to give my wife better access.

Maria stroked his cock as she rimmed him, focused on giving him as much pleasure as possible. My cock throbbed and strained against the plastic.

“Oh yeah, keep sucking, I’m gonna cum in your mouth again!”

“Mmmmmm!” Maria hummed as she continued to suck.

My cock strained hard at the plastic. My tip leaked precum from the slot in the plastic that is designed to allow the cuckold to piss.

“Kevin, get back over here and clean her up some more in case I want to fuck her again after you leave.”

Maria stopped sucking momentarily and rose up on her knees on the bed. She smiled and winked before wagging her fat, round ass at me. She went back to sucking her bull off and stroking what she couldn’t fit into her mouth.

With her free hand, she reached back and opened her ass, giving me access to her holes. I licked her freshly reamed ass. It was still slack and salty from his recent invasion. I soothed my wife with my tongue, switching between her ass and pussy while she sucked his prick.

“Oh yeah…OH YEAH…” I heard Tom groan.

Amber hummed on his spurting cock and swallowed his load as I kept lapping at her used holes. When he was done shooting, Maria settled back onto the bed next to him, laying her face on his chest like a contented cat. She looked up at me lazily.

“OK honey, time to go home and let the dog out. We are going to finish up here and then catch some sleep.”

My cock throbbed painfully within the cage. A string of clear precum slowly dripped from my confined tip down to the carpet. I went to pick up my clothes and put on my pants. My leaking tip formed a dark spot on the thin material of my slacks. I pulled on my shirt and shoes as Maria kissed and licked Tom’s neck and ears. Finally, as I turned to go she hopped down from the bed and walked over to me.

“Love you babe, don’t wait up for me!” she chirped and then kissed me again, quickly but with tongue.

Her mouth had that saline, alkaline taste I had grown used to with her. I buckled my belt and walked out the door. It was only when the latch closed that I realized that the plug was still in me. On the drive home, my cock continued to throb.

The pressure of the plug on my prostate kept my tip dripping with lust. When I finally got into the shower at home, I took the plug out but my cock continued to throb even as I lay in bed and tried to sleep.

It was nearly ten when Maria finally came through the door. She greeted me with her usual quick, dry kiss. She was disheveled and sleepy looking. I knew I would not be getting sex from her at this point. She pulled her clothes off as she headed for the shower.

When she noticed my caged cock, she took the key out of her purse and unlocked me. My cock sprung out as the plastic fell away. She stroked it absentmindedly a few times and then turned away. She pulled off her fragrant panties and handed them to me and then, as she passed her dresser, quickly dug out the lone pink fleece sock and tossed it to me.

“Try to finish up before I get out ok, honey?”

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