Watching Her Fall In Love


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Section 1

Preface: The following story is true. Even the first names and locations, although somewhat vague are real. The idea of someone reading this story and piecing together our actual identities from the details, only makes sharing this story more exciting.

From very early in our married life, my wife, Carol and I broke many marital boundaries. Discovering that her past sex life had included a number of my friends and seeing how much I got off on talking about it, she moved things to the next step very quickly, fucking one of her old boyfriends in front of me with my consent and encouragement. It was very spontaneous and sexy but not by any means incredibly notable, in that she was drunk at the time, it was pretty much a quickie, he was not one of the ones she had described as a great lay anyway, even though he was quite well endowed. Although I did not realize this until much later, the most important thing it lacked was any kind of emotional attachment, as he was never anything more than a casual fuck buddy to begin with. However, the fact that she let him cum inside her, taking her chances with pregnancy, opened one of many doors we would revisit in the future.

Carol was 31 and I was 28 when we married. We had both been married three times previously, her having two children from two previous men and myself with a child from my previous marriage. Carol was not what you would call “centerfold quality” beautiful in the classic sense, but very attractive and sexy in your Midwest “white trash” kind of way, with a pretty face, dark brown hair, sexy, brown “come fuck me” eyes, B cup breasts with disproportionately large nipples, quite straight through waist with just a hint of a belly, a very average ass, but beautiful long legs that looked amazing in a short skirt & heels.

Following prolonged discussion of the sexual encounter with her friend from the past, we began to mutually view our relationship as semi-open with both having freedom to pursue sexual encounters outside our marriage, with the condition that the other must always be aware and given the option to be present. Although I won’t say I never took advantage, most of my energy shifted toward encouraging and even seeking out sexual partners for her. It ended up being the perfect situation, as she really had no desire to whore around without my knowledge or participation and I derived much more excitement and pleasure from watching her fulfill her own desires, coming to love the feeling of “sloppy seconds”.

I am sure you have heard these same stories before; Playing the game of watching her pick up men in a bar, swingers parties and that whole routine… which went on for a couple years. Of course, with the bar pick up game there was always drinking involved, which we all know can cause us exercise “not the best” judgement at times at times, leading to a pregnancy scare at one point. She was nearly two weeks late for her period and was quite worried. My reaction, on he other hand, was very different. My sexual appetite for her was insatiable during the ordeal. We would talk during sex about feeling him cum inside her an how hot and wet her pussy was when I had her afterward. When she talked about his sperm in her fertile womb it would invariably send me over the edge and make me cum immediately. She did start her period a just couple days beyond the two weeks and went on the pill shortly after, but my reaction and this added excitement did not go unnoticed.

As time went on, the whole pregnancy scare came up in our sex life repeatedly, which led to our agreeing to let another man, of her choosing, actually father a child with her. I will leave most of those details for another story, except to say that our agreement was that the bio father should never know and that she chose a very handsome and virile younger hispanic man for two reasons. First, Latin men had always been kind of a “thing” for her and because I have some native American blood and I am naturally dark complected as well, thus eliminating too many questions regarding the child’s possible appearance. She stopped taking her birth control a moth or so before the encounters with her new lover and all sex with me or anyone else, for the time being, was with condoms, erasing any doubt as to who the father would be. I still recall the day after the second time she had sex with him. She walked around the house all day rubbing her belly, telling me she knew she was pregnant. Just shy of nine months later, she gave birth to a son, who I have raised as my own. She had her tubes tied following the delivery, the casual relationship with the bio father was amicably ended and neither he nor our son have ever known.

Our sex life continued to be amazing throughout the pregnancy and following the birth, things resumed as they had been and there were many more adventures, but I am going to skip forward nearly twenty years to the real topic of this story…

Entering her mid 50s, Carol had not lost her step, she was still very attractive and could have easily passed for 10, or more younger than she was although she had put on some weight, making her breasts larger, yet still quite firm. She had an insatiable sexual appetite and was very uninhibited and adventurous. Although most of our sex life was now tailored for her pleasure, with me taking a much more passive and voyeuristic role, we still attended swinger parties from time to time with a small group of trusted friends. One of these parties is where we first met Doug. Doug was a bit older than us, not by any means a hot stud that made women drool at a glance, but quite handsome in spite of his obvious balding. He was very fit, well mannered and pleasant to talk to. Carol discovered, the night we met him that he was quite well endowed, although not huge, so those who might be waiting for a story about a bull with an amazing horse cock will be disappointed… He did however, have tremendous staying power, could go three or more times in a night, which was pretty incredible for his age and came in buckets, like a horny teenager, Which Carol always loved.

This particular party was at the home of some friends, who had a lovely and very spacious log home in the country, a few miles outside one of the medium size cities in central Michigan. There were four bedrooms, all with king size beds, three large sofas in the living room and a loft overlooking the living room, which was also large enough for two king size beds. Early in the evening, I was sitting in the living room smoking a joint with our hosts and carol was making the rounds with the other guests. These parties generally hosted six to eight other couples and had a somewhat jokingly “naked by nine“ rule and most of the guests were already in various stages of undress.

Section 2

Carol usually, as on this night, wore only a short silk robe, barely covering her breasts and ass, with a single tie at the waist, allowing her chosen playmates access to her body and neatly trimmed pussy in a matter of seconds. She always had a few drinks to loosen up for the parties and was generally perpetually wet throughout the evening, very much enjoying the unbridled promiscuity. I had lost track of her for a while, enjoying a nice buzz and good conversation with the wife of our host, knowing I would find her and look in on her escapades at some point later in the evening, usually with several partners, both male and female, although she is what I would call only “passively bi”. She did enjoy good oral sex from another woman but did not reciprocate. It just wasn’t her thing and the other female guests were very understanding & non-judgmental.

As the evening wore on, I glanced up at the loft and spotted her just sitting on the edge of one of the beds with Doug, who I had not yet met. I watched on as their conversation went on for quite some time. They were both smiling and laughing, I saw him caress her hair from time to time, causing to sigh and obviously melt to his touch. There was some casual kissing, of a seemingly non-sexual nature and it was nearly an hour before both their heads disappeared below the half-wall of the loft. By now, my curiosity, as well as my cock were quite aroused and it was time to get a closer look.

As I entered the opening from one of the upstairs bedrooms out to the loft, I saw a woman we knew as a retired teacher being tag teamed by two guys on the other bed as her husband looked on and encouraged them to “fuck her like she owes you money", which brought a chuckle from everyone else in the loft. Carol and Doug were alone on the other bed, lying facing each other and engaged in a deep, passionate kiss as he fondled her breasts as she gently stroked his semi hard cock, which appeared to be about six inches, with a large mushroom head and quite thick. I stood in the entry way watching with my own cock fully erect and straining against my shorts.

As they continued making out, they whispered to one another from time to time. I could not hear what they were saying but the whole scene was very erotic and intense. Carol never acknowledged my presence and Doug only glanced up at me once, making eye contact for just a split second, but then returned his attentions to my wife. After a few more very passionate kisses and pinching her nipples gently, he rolled onto his back, his cock now fully hard at a proud 7 inches or so, with Carol fondling his balls, teasing one of his nipples with her tongue before she worked her way downward engulfing his hard cock all the way into her throat in one smooth motion. I watched intently as she expertly sucked him and teased his cock and balls with her tongue.

By now, he had two fingers buried in her pussy as she pressed her hips against his touch and moaned loudly around his cock. As she seemed to sense he was approaching the edge, she withdrew her mouth and swung her leg over to straddle his hard cock. He reached to the nightstand for a condom but she pulled his hand away and said “no, this pussy is yours tonight and I want you to feel it”. Her glistening lips gave way to his cock and he pushed upward deep into her wet pussy in one motion, triggering her first very intense and very loud orgasm. She fell forward and he whispered in her ear as she continued to ride his cock, buried inside her to the hilt and continued grinding her hips into his pelvis.

He pushed upward against her as she milked his cock with her dripping pussy and within minutes had yet another orgasm. I could see her stomach and back muscles contracting and straining while she began to shake, almost uncontrollably, with his cock buried deep in her spasming cunt. She collapsed on top of him and their lips met in a very tender and intimate kiss that seemed to last for minutes. I could still not hear what they were saying to each other But it was a very intimate and sexy thing to watch. By then I had my own cock out, stroking it slowly to keep from coming, but as it crossed my mind that the whole scene before me, reminded me very much of our wedding night, I lost control and shot my load all over the hardwood floor. I cant describe what I was feeling at that moment, I just knew that what I had just witnessed did not in any way resemble casual sex or “sport fucking” and I LOVED the feeling….

As Carol leaned back on the pillow, her breasts glistening with sweat and gasping for breath, came the first time she acknowledged my presence. Saying, “Oh, baby, this is my husband Michael”. He gave me a sly smile and pulled her to his chest again guiding her head downward to his still fully hard cock, now shining with her juices and gently caressed her hair as she sucked him until he shot his cum into her mouth, groaning loudly as he pushed her head down on his throbbing cock, telling her “take it all baby, you are sooooo fucking good”… Her cheeks expanded has he shot spurt after spurt into her hungry mouth.

As she withdrew her mouth, she motioned me to join them on the bed, planting a deep kiss on me with her cum covered lips and a generous amount of his seed still in her mouth. This was the first, but not by any means the last time I would taste another man’s cum. In our younger life and previous to this, I did not even know the meaning of the word Cuckold nor would I have ever even considered the idea of taking a subservient role with another man, but our life was about to change.

Part two to follow…

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