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My wife Marie grew up in a very small town that is over 100 miles away from where we live. There is a small chance she’ll ever run into someone from her small town. One night in a swingers club Marie just happen to run into a guy she grew up with name Mike. Mike and Marie screamed and act like little kids when they noticed each other. They ran off in a corner and reminisced about old times.

Mike was Mr. Popular when they were in school. His family owned a lot of property in their little town. Marie’s Family was dirt poor. They stayed in a trailer on Mikes family property. I could tell he was one of those obnoxious rich kids that everything handed to him. He is loud and over the top. Every other word was a curse word. He was one of those guys that think he is God’s gift to the world.

I could tell he was checking out how much Marie had changed from when he last time he saw her. My wife is attracted to tall, fit handsome guys. Mike was on not tall, not fit and looked much older than Marie. If Marie didn’t know him she wouldn’t give him a second look. So I decided to chill and let her finish talking to her little friend so we can go hangout with our usual friends.

Marie and Mike went out on the dance floor when the DJ played a song they danced to in high school. When Marie came back off the dance floor she told me Mike invited us back to his house after the club closed. We got into a little argument because I finally told Marie the guy is an asshole and he’s only want us to come back to his house for one thing. Marie looked hurt when initially told her no. She tried telling me how he’s a nice guy and she just want to talk about what’s been going on back home. So I agreed to go to his house for just a quick visit and THATS IT!

When we followed Mike back to his place I again told Marie if he talk to me the way he talk to everybody else I would smack the shit out of him. Marietried assuring me that he really is a nice guy. When we got to Mikes place I told Marie I can only stand to be around him for a few minutes and then we’re leaving. When we got into Mikes luxury condominium I sat at a diner table. Marie was in awe as Mike showed Marie around his high rise condo.

They then sat on a couch in front of me. After a few minutes of catching up Mike started telling Marie how much he use to have a crush on her in school. I knew it was 100% bullshit but Marie seemed to be eating it up. I loudly cleared my throat to give Marie a hint that I’m ready to leave. Mike then started telling me how beautiful and sexy Marie is. As if I didn’t fucking know already. He told me how I was a lucky man to be fucking her and blah blah blah.

My wife was eating it up hook, line and sinker. When I told Marie it’s time to go, Mike made his move. I thought he was giving her a goodbye hug but then he started kissing her on her neck and caressing her ass. I had enough of this bullshit. When I started walking toward them Marie shot me a look as if she was pleading for me not to embarrass her.

We stared at each other for a minute as the asshole kissed on her neck. I was above pissed. This is not how I wanted to spend my night. As much as I like seeing her with other guys I didn’t want to see her with this goofy looking asshole. I was only allowing this because Marie was so enamored by her childhood crush. She knew how I felt about him but she couldn’t help herself.

Mike had Marie slip off her little black dress as they kissed. They both sat down on a couch and continued kissing. I was sitting at a bar behind the couch Marie and Mike was sitting. I really wasn’t interested in watching him fuck Marie. So I was hoping they would go into his bedroom. From my advantage point i saw them kissing and then I only saw his head sticking up. It look as if Marie was giving Mike a blowjob.

While she was doing that Mike shook his empty drinking glass and held it back toward me as if he wanted me to do something with it. Mike shook his glass again and asked me to pour him drink. WTF?!? I wanted to beat the shit out of him right then and there. I said “excuse me”. Marie could tell by the tone of my voice I was mad. She stopped what she was doing and just stared at me the same way she did earlier.

She then went back to sucking his cock. I don’t consider myself to be a cuckold in any way shape form or fashion. I’m not a submissive type person. I just like watching my multi-orgasmic wife with other guys. That’s it. Mike yelled out my name and shook his glass again. I swallowed my pride for my wife. I poured whiskey into his glass. When I filled his glass I couldn’t seeing Marie head bobbing up and down. Mike said “I hope you don’t mind but I’m about to fuck the shit out of your wife”. Marie laughed at his dumb comment.

I was hoping against all hope that Mike was terrible in bed. I also hope he was a minuteman and he wouldn’t be able to satisfy Marie. I sat behind the couch as Mike got on top of Marie. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could definitely hear what was going on. It sound like Mike was fucking her pretty good. I saw the way Mike was position on the couch he must be fucking Marie doggystyle. Than a few minutes later I could see Marie legs in the air resting on his shoulders as He plowed her into the couch. Mike told me I might wanna come over to see what he’s doing so I can take notes. Marie, again, laughed at his comments.

When Marie had one of her over the top orgasms Mike asked her “is your husband this good”? When Marie gathered her senses she told Mike I was very good in bed.
The little asshole looked as if he was pissed at what Marie said to him. Mike fucked her hard and fast. Even when Marie started cunning like crazy he continued his onslaught. After awhile my wife was forced to tap out. That little asshole had sent her into orgasm overload. I was pissed but my dick was hard as a rock when I heard my wife beg him for a timeout.

Mike had good stamina too. That was the worst part for me. I told my wife I hated this guy and only wanted to stay at his house for a few minutes. Almost an hour later and Mike was still fucking my wife. Mike kept looking at me while he was fucking her and told me how much he loved fucking her. The dumbass asked me “have you ever made her cum this many times”. I just smirked at the asshole. Marie was in heaven as Mike fucked her on the couch and then on the floor. I hardly saw anything but I heard everything. Hearing her deep guttural grunts as Mike slammed deep in where was almost to much for me to stand. I will have to admit it was hot listening to Marie cum over and over. Even if it was with some stupid asshole that I didn’t like.

When they finish Mike started saying stupid shit to me. He said he don’t think Marie will be able to walk straight for a few days. Haha I didn’t think it was funny but Marie just laughed and giggled at all of his stupid remarks. Even though my dick was hard as a rock I was glad we were leaving Mike’s condo. When we got into the car Marie quickly fell asleep as I drove home. She only woke when she got a text message from somebody.

She said Mike text her to ask her to stop by and visit him the next time she go back to their hometown. I was pissed when Marie text back and said she will. and Marie screamed and act like little kids when they noticed each other. They ran off in a corner and reminisced about old times. Mike was Mr Popular when they were in school. His family owned a lot of property in their little town. Marie’s Family was dirt poor.

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