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My wife, Karyn, actually arranged a great “peep show” for me once years ago. At that point in our marriage she had a lover that I was well aware of and encouraged their relationship. There was a time during their multi-year affair when he was involved in a pretty nasty accident and needed plastic surgery on his face.

He lived alone and really needed some care during the first couple days and nights after the surgery. Our kids were still young and living at home so having Karyn stay with him over night was not an option. Because he was a “family friend” and so banged up, no one questioned the propriety of our having him stay with us the first couple nights after surgery.

On the afternoon after he had surgery, Karyn set the stage for me to watch her give him a sympathy blowjob. All of the bedrooms in our home are on the second floor. One bedroom in particular is across the hall and just to the left of the stairway from the first floor. The bed in that room is against the wall opposite the door.

As you come up the stairs, at about the halfway point, the bedroom doorway comes into view, and, if the door is open, after another step or two you can see about two thirds of the bed from the foot toward the headboard.

Karyn had arranged for her lover to lie in that bed, propped up at the headboard. The bedroom door was wide open as she played nurse to her wounded lover. He knew I was home but thought I was out working in the garage.

I was sitting at the kitchen table when Karyn walked in to refill his glass with 7-Up. “How’s the patient?” I asked.

“He’s doing better.” she replied, dropping some ice cubes into his glass. As she poured the 7-Up, a mischievous look came across her face and she said, “I’m about to make him feel MUCH better. You could probably watch from the stairs if you wanted.” She smiled at me and headed for the stairs. My penis began to stiffen as I began to imagine what she might be up to.

I quietly got up from the table and approached the stairs in time to see her turn into the bedroom on the second floor. In an effort to be as quiet as possible, I climbed the stairs on hands and foot until I reached about the half way point.

I saw my wife set the glass down on the bedside table out of my field of view next to the head of the bed. Karyn’s bottom half was in view as she leaned over toward the head of the bed. I heard some soft murmurings interrupted by an occasional kiss.

I saw her left hand disappear under the blanket in the area where I knew his crotch would have been. She stroked him slowly as they continued to talk indiscernibly. I heard him moan what sounded like an affirmation.

Karyn stood up and took a step back from the bed. She turned and looked down the stairs in a way that, from his perspective, would have appeared like she was making sure that I was nowhere around and that “the coast was clear.” She turned and looked toward the head of the bed, put a finger to her lips and went, “Shhhhh.”

Her hands went to her sides as she grabbed her top and peeled it over her head. She dropped the top to the floor and her hands went to the closure of her bra between her breasts. She opened the bra, pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. “Hmmmmmm.” I heard him moan in appreciation. I crept up three more steps to be as near the top as possible, but still out of his sight.

My wife grabbed the top of the blanket and folded it down to the foot of the bed. I could see the lower two thirds of his body lying naked in the bed, his penis semi-erect. She climbed onto the bed and sat on her heels between his legs facing him.

I had a front quartering view of her sitting topless between his legs as she began lightly stroking his cock with her right hand and caressed his balls with her left. He reached out and fondled a breast while his erection grew and thickened.

Karyn looked up into his eyes as she leaned forward and began to lightly kiss the head of his dick. She licked the slit at the end then began taking only the cap into her mouth and then dragged her moist lips to the tip. Karyn repeated this for a time while pumping the shaft with one hand and caressing his balls with the other.

After a few moments she sat back, she grabbed his now fully erect cock at the root and slowly pulled up toward the head. A smile crossed Karyn’s lips as a large pearly drop of precum formed at the tip of his dick.

She held eye contact with him as she leaned forward and licked the precum from his cock. She drew her tongue back into her mouth, and savoring the taste of him, smiled up at his face.

I began rubbing my crotch when she opened her mouth and engulfed his cock. She began sucking him off in earnest, her head rising and falling on his dick, her hand pumping along in unison with her lips. She’d lift her head once in awhile and continue pumping with her hand.

She’d lick the bulbous head of his cock or drag her lips over the cap from time to time. Then she go back to full-on sucking him as far down as she could take him.

At one point she rose up and while still stroking smiled at him. I’m sure she knew he was nearing the edge. “Are you okay?” she asked lovingly. He moaned in satisfaction. “Do you have some cum for me?” Karyn asked. “Come on, baby, give me your cum. You’ll rest better.” She took the head of his dick back into her mouth as she pumped the shaft manually.

On about every third or fourth stroke Karyn’s head would follow her hand down the shaft to engulf him nearly to the root. She’d rise back up and suck only head until the third or fourth stroke again and she’d nearly swallow him whole.

It didn’t take much of this treatment before his legs stiffened on either side of her. His stomach muscles clenched and his hands squeezed the sheets at his sides. He let out a grunt with every wad of cum that he jettisoned into my wife’s mouth. Karyn’s eyes closed tightly, she moaned in reception of his sperm, trying to swallow in time with the ejaculations.

Gradually his spasms subsided and he melted back into the mattress. With just the tip of his softening erection at her lips, Karyn pulled a few long strokes up his shaft to extract the last drops of his orgasm. One last time she gazed at the slit at the tip and pulled one final drop to the surface. She licked it off and gently kissed the head of his nearly flaccid penis.

She looked up at his face as she gently laid his cock back down atop his scrotum. His eyes must have been blissfully closed because Karyn turned and looked at me. She ran her tongue around her lips, smiled and bobbed her eyebrows up and down at me. I nearly burst out laughing as I retreated backwards down the stairs. She climbed off the bed and pulled the blanket back over him.

I heard Karyn say, “I’ll be back, Sweetie.” She grabbed her top and bra and headed after me down the stairs. Back in the kitchen, she dropped her clothes in a chair and backed me up against a kitchen counter. She put her arms around my waist and pressed her crotch into me.

I looked down at her bare breasts pressed into my chest and took one in each hand. Karyn looked up at me with her big brown eyes and asked, “Whaddya think of that, huh? Did you like watching?”

I began to say “Woow!!” but hadn’t reached the second “W” when she pressed her lips to mine and shoved her musky tongue into my mouth.


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