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Section 1

After nearly 30 years of marriage, I guess you could say that sex had become pretty boring. Back in the day we had a pretty wild sex life where almost anything was on the table. Everything from fucking in the car in parking lots, to anal and shoving toys up both of our asses. Pretty sure Kate had had her pierced clit fingered or sucked by more than a few hookups on her nights out with her friends. Maybe even fucked a few of them.

So, to say she was somewhat willing was a safe statement.

But one thing she was always resistant to was fucking other guys with my watching. While I can’t think of anything hotter, she was convinced that it would come between us. To me, the thought of another dude fucking her pussy and ass, and leaving behind a hot load of cum, was what I fantasized about almost every time we had sex. Always would get me off. And now, I finally have that fantasy as a real memory to masturbate to whenever I like.

Leading up to a recent trip to Vegas for a conference, Kate and I hadn’t had sex for months. For reasons ranging from distractions to boredom, we just hadn’t fucked in a while. So, on this trip, we were hell bent on getting in a good fuck or two. And we ended up doing just that. Both pretty horny from the environment, on night one, we got naked in bed, where as usual, Kate sucked my cock in her own very effective way. She can always get me rock hard with her mouth. And if not stopped, would easily end up with a mouth full of jizz. At this point though, things got a little hotter.

We had joked earlier in the day about having sex on our balcony, which had a nice strip view. While sucking my dick, Kate surprisingly suggested that we take it outside. To which I immediately agreed. I’ve always loved the thought of people watching me fuck her. Even 35 floors up, this kind of did it for me.

We went outside and I leaned her against the railing. With her t-shirt still on, I knelt behind her and started eating her ass and cunt. She’s all about getting a good tongue fuck, so this got her really hot. Soon I was standing behind her, fucking her from behind.

The adjacent balconies would have had a clear view of us. Don’t know if anyone was on them, but the thought made me want to really put on a show. So, off her t-shirt came. With that, she was completely naked, getting fucked from behind, while enjoying a great view of Vegas, where any number of people could have seen us.

Her tits were swinging, and her wet snatch was getting hammered in plain sight. She came once right there against the rail, but begged me to keep fucking her. Soon, I led her over to a lounger there on the balcony where I laid her down so that I could get another taste of pussy. This time, some really wet, fucked, and as I now noticed, really nicely shaved pussy.

She’s always good about leaving me a little bush right above her pierced clit. But she had clearly shaved everything else completely clean. From her cunt lips, all the way back to her tight ass, she was clean and looked great. Laying back, with her legs spread wide, I was reminded how porn grade her pussy looked. All wet and wide open, it crossed my mind how any guy would want to stuff his cock into it, and fuck it hard and deep. It was probably right then that I mentally committed to making that happen. But in the moment, I ate her good and then fucked her hot looking snatch until we both erupted in awesome orgasms.

Between the two of us, we left a pretty nasty looking cum stain on that lounger. Made all the better by the thought of people seeing us, completely naked, fucking our brains out.

Over the rest of that trip, we fucked every chance we got. And each time I was imagining a complete stranger with his hard cock balls deep in my hot wife. I pictured her sucking his balls and taking his cock deep in her mouth, before he’d eat her hot pussy, rim her ass, then fuck her married cunt, leaving it dirty with his cum. Again, a fantasy I have had a thousand times over the years.

So, overall a great trip, except for the fact that I worked for most of it. While I fully enjoyed showing off Kate at evening events, we were mostly surrounded by people related to the conference. So, upon leaving, we decided we’d head back to the same hotel a couple months later to celebrate our anniversary, and have more fun.

Of course, I spent the next couple months thinking of how I could get her on board with a scenario in which I’d get to watch my wife get drilled by some random dude. Without any specific strategy to speak of, I kind of put that thought in her head while we were packing. I was packing a box of condoms in my suitcase and I said something to the effect of “One way or another, all of these are getting used… even if I use every one”. To which she quickly replied “well if not you, who then”. I just laughed and remarked that I may get tired and need backup. She came back with “as long as I get enough”.

I doubt she meant anything by it at the time, but it certainly left me an opening to progress the conversation.

On the flight down, we got on the subject of how much sex we had on the previous trip. And joked about having to fuck even more this time around. At 51, I reminded her that I can only do so much, to which she insisted that she needed some good sex and that I wasn’t getting off the hook. So I kept dropping in comments about having to find someone I could have step in if I was unable to get her off. I noticed that she really wasn’t debating that concept as she had in the past. Ignorance or otherwise I was intent on finding a stranger with whom to make this happen.

After getting settled in our room, we quickly got down to business. Our shower had a glass wall that faced the bedroom area. She saw the opportunity to get things rolling by stripping and getting in the shower. She told me to stay on the bed, while she soaped up and put on a really hot show.

She leaned over and pressed her ass against the glass giving me a sexy view of her ass and pussy. I could see she had a finger or two already working her clit. She then turned around, put one foot up on a ledge and fingered her pussy with one hand, with the other hand in her ass crack playing with her ass. She totally got herself off fingering her butt before she came over to the bed and rode my dick until we both came. Let the games begin.

Section 2

Satisfied for the moment, we got ourselves together and went to the pool for a while. While there we enjoyed a couple drinks. Slightly buzzed, I started pointing out guys to her, asking if she’d do them. Pretending it was a game, I was seriously casing the place for a candidate. And to my surprise, she was really playing along.

One guy I pointed out as he was getting out of the pool, when she joked about his wet trunks being pretty revealing. I acted dumb and said “revealing what”, to which she clarified “what appears to be a big dick”. Kind of made me hard on the spot. The guy was with some friends it appeared, and she commented on the group by saying “look, they all have wet trunks, nice view”. I chuckled awkwardly, cuz I had a completely hard dick now, and we both kept drinking.

Little did we know, that the guy had totally heard some of our comments and had taken notice of Kate, a hot, married MILF.

For the rest of the day we did random stuff, continued drinking, and eventually found ourselves in one of the lobby bars after dinner. Just hanging out, people watching, we soon noticed the same dude and his buddies grabbing a seat at an adjacent table.

The evening was starting to unfold like one of those BS stories you read on websites. Perfect. As soon as they walked in, they guy I had pointed out earlier recognized Kate. And after a few minutes of them both checking each other out, he finally came over, introduced himself and mentioned seeing her at the pool. With that, he and a couple of his friends sat down and ordered drinks. Operation watch Kate get fucked was now in process.

At some point the guy complimented Kate on her dress, followed by his buddy suggesting that it could be shorter. Kate giggled but was clearly eating up the attention and getting horny. She commented that if it was any shorter they’d be able to see her panties. They both picked up on that immediately and one of them offered disappointment that she was wearing any in the first place. To my surprise and amazement, she quickly suggested that she could easily fix that.

With things very much going in the right direction, we all laughed at her comment, and made the obvious innuendos. But all of us could see where the situation was headed. And I, more than anyone, was dying for it to move right along. We all chatted some more, with the suggestive conversation continuing for a couple more drinks. Then, like girls do, Kate had to use the restroom, so excused herself, purposely showing a lot of leg as she got up. Out of the corner of my eye, I totally caught our friend brushing his hand up her leg as she walked by.

Minutes later, Kate returned looking like she was up to something. As she sat down, I again noticed him run his hand up her thigh, and I saw her place something in his hand. I also noticed that as she sat down, she purposely hiked her dress up a bit so that it was way up her thighs.

As the guy glanced down at his hand, he blushed a little then looked over at Kate and smiled. Then we hit the point of no return as I saw her opening her legs just a little. I watched his eyes as she gave him a look at the shaved pussy that had dampened the panties she just handed him. The same hot MILF pussy that he was going to be tasting before long. She gave him a few more good looks at her sexy snatch before she innocently suggested that we show the guys the awesome view from our balcony. And off we went.

Of course we all thought we were going up to our room just to look at the balcony.

On the elevator, Kate and our friend were already feeling each other up. And as we got to our floor I saw him lift her dress enough to give us all a good look at the little bush above her pierced clit. She didn’t try to stop him at all and just leaned into him to give him better access.

We made it to our room, gave them a quick tour of the patio and before I knew it, Kate was being helped out of her dress. She quickly took off her bra leaving only her high heels, which remained on for the duration. Standing there totally naked, my wife was about to let me watch her fuck a complete stranger. Or, as it happened, two of them.

Before that though, she walked out on to the balcony and positioned herself against the railing. Once there she looked at us over her shoulder as she began fingering her clit. As she then took her fingers to her mouth, it was clear that she was dripping wet, and ready for cock. She gave us a little more of a show before we joined her outside and our friend knelt in front of her, placed her leg on his shoulder and started eating her wet cunt. As she was grinding her pussy into his mouth, he was extracting his stiff cock from his pants. She soon stood him back up and leaned over to take his dick in her waiting mouth.

As I watched for the first time, my wife sucking another man’s cock, his buddy was kneeling behind her to get a taste of her beautiful porn pussy. I could tell though that he was putting most of his effort into rimming her ass. Having done that more than a few times myself, I knew that he was making her need it in the ass. And before the night was over they would both accommodate.

With spit now dripping from her crotch, she turned around, pulled the guy to his feet and took his tongue deep in her mouth. The same tongue that moments earlier was jammed in her butt hole. Having sucked my cock after a good butt fuck, she’s tasted it before, and she was clearly loving the taste of her own ass on this guy’s mouth.

Time to take dick from a stranger. As she sucked the taste of her ass from the dudes tongue, the other guy was ready to feel his cock inside her pussy. With that, he pulled her away from his buddy, turned her around and carried her in to the bed. Here, he pushed her legs apart and rubbed the head of his cock on her wet lips before pushing in as deep as he could go. He then proceeded to fuck her hard with his balls slapping her with each thrust.

She was moaning, and talking slutty, telling him to fuck her married pussy. While he continued to wreck her box, the other guy had positioned himself next to her where she could get to his dick. Which she took in her mouth and sucked like a slut while getting her pussy plowed like a corn field.

Wasn’t long before the guy in her pussy was ready to cum. As she continued sucking dick, he pulled out and shot a huge load all over her pussy, and up her belly. She was dripping in his cum as he got out of the way so his friend could take over. Barely even giving me a look at her cum drenched cunt, the second guy was in place and was balls deep.

After feeling a hot wife’s pussy on his dick, the guy pulled out and placed her legs up on his shoulders to get a perfect angle at her ass. He positioned his cock and started working it in a little at a time. Soon he had his entire dick up her ass and was giving her long strokes as deep as he could go. A good ass fuck always makes Kate cum, and she quickly began to have a shuttering orgasm. As she squealed in euphoric pleasure, he started to cum, and dumped his sticky load deep in her horny ass. <–!nextpage–> Not to miss out on ass fucking a slut wife that he’d met only an hour before, her other friend took over, shoving his throbbing dick in her now cum fill butt. As he pushed in, his buddy’s cum was leaking out around his shaft, lubricating her tight hole as he hammered it like he did her pussy. As he drilled her, the other guy was slapping her clit with his fingers trying to make her squirt. Didn’t take long before she had cum in her bush, dripping from her ass and was now squirt splashing the hand on her clit and the cock in her ass. The guy fucking her had a cocktail of juices dripping off his balls as he came for a second time, flooding Kate’s already gushing ass.

Of course watching this, I had my cock out, stroking it and was about ready to cum. With her pussy and ass covered in cum, I approached my wife, leaned in near her head and unloaded a torrent of sperm on her tits and chin. As I caught my breath I leaned over and gave her a kiss. No better way to finish up than with the taste of her pussy, ass and my load all in one dirty tongue kiss. After we kissed for a moment, her new friends pulled her to her feet and led her to the balcony, completely covered in cum. There she stood in full view of the Vegas strip below, in only her heels, dripping with cum from three different men.

What a hot married slut.

Having put my dirty wife on display to the streets below, our new friends got dressed, thanked us both for the good time, and each took a sexy cum kiss before leaving. Needless to say, we weren’t done for the evening and fucked one more time on the patio before going to bed. Kate never tasted better than she did as we kissed and she took my second load deep in her sloppy cunt.

All said and done, my first watching experience ended in her taking five cum shots and both holes taking a good beating. We’re now both looking forward to another experience like that one. Until then, we’ll just relive it between the two of us, which so far has been almost as hot.

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