A Vacation Without Hubby

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Section 1

I always fantasized about my wife, Jodi making love to another man and when the opportunity first presented itself I hoped my wife would enjoy it. You see after years of marriage it doesn’t matter what you do, the passion of sex with another man will always exceed the passion I can give her.

Derek, a friend of ours from the neighborhood always had an eye for my wife and I think she thought he was pretty cute. I started in with her by discussing it more and more and then encouraging her to fantasize about him. One of the best nights of sex we had in years was when I blindfolded her, fucked her from behind and told her to imagine I was him. When she came she actually moaned his name.

Our friend started spending more and more time at our house and I tried my best to get them to hook up. We would sit around and drink for hours but we mostly got tired, not horny. One night I dared my wife to take off her clothes, which she did, but she was still too uncomfortable to have sex with him. The last thing I tried was encouraging them to participate in a photo shoot - I would take naked pictures of them. I was able to take some great shots of them but it was mostly just fun - we laughed and talked. It wasn’t nearly as erotic as I hoped.

As a last straw I came up with a plan. I planned a vacation to the islands and arranged with our friend to go in my place. We arrived at the airport and when we reached security he was standing there waiting. I turned and left so the two of them could enjoy a long weekend without me. My wife was extremely nervous at first so the three of us had a beer at the airport bar until she realized how exciting it was. I told her that if she wasn’t comfortable she didn’t have to do anything.

As I drove away I couldn’t believe how excited I was. I masturbated as soon as I got home. That evening when the phone rang I couldn’t wait to hear. It was Jodi. The first thing out of her mouth was, “nothing happened, this is just a safe arrival call.” We talked for a little bit about the flight and the cab and whatnot and she repeatedly told me not to get my hopes up. Whatever would happen would happen, or not happen.

The two shared a room with only one King bed so I knew that at the very least there would numerous opportunities. I jacked off again as soon as I hung up.

The next day the call from Jodi was all I could think about. When she finally called she started the conversation with, “no, nothing happened yet.” However there was a lot of encouraging signs. They had gone to the beach for most of the day and had rubbed lotion on each other a few times. It was a topless beach but Jodi wasn’t big on that because of how strong the sun is. After a while they went over to the bar and realized that about half the women there were topless. They were in the shade so Jodi figured what the heck and took off her top. After a couple drinks Derek suggested they take a walk. They walked for a long time and talked about lots of stuff and at one point they held hands.

After dinner that evening Jodi said that she could tell Derek was making moves but they both knew it wasn’t as easy as it might seem. All day Derek had been taking pictures and that didn’t stop in the room. He encouraged Jodi to get in some very erotic poses and convinced her to take a few nudes. Jodi called after that and said that it was very erotic but not enough to go all the way. I started to think that maybe there just wasn’t a connection between the two of them.

Our conversation was a slight let down but near the end I asked her to try one thing. Try sleeping in the nude. Perhaps the thought of being naked in bed together would help the two of you. She agreed. I reassured her one final time that I loved her and that I was really encouraging her to do this. That seemed to make her feel much better.

The next day was Sunday. No call. Monday afternoon I got a text. Sorry I didn’t call. I’ll tell you about it when we get home. Boy did my wife understand the sexuality of anticipation. Needless to say I jerked myself right there.

When she got home I could tell by the look on her face that she had done it.

She started into the story almost immediately. As soon as she had hung up the phone Saturday night she told Derek about sleeping in the nude and he agreed it was a good idea. They took off their clothes, said good night and then he leaned over to give her a kiss. She kissed him back and then they went to sleep. Jodi said she stayed awake for a while thinking and then finally fell asleep an hour later.

They both woke up fairly early the next morning. They rolled over and looked at each other. She rolled over to Derek and gave him a kiss good morning. He kissed her back. She kept looking into his eyes and then pulled him a little closed and cuddled with him. Her leg came up and brushed against his penis. He was completely erect. Somehow that feeling that her nakedness aroused him opened her to some more intimate feelings about him. She looked up at him again and kissed him. And again. Finally her lips parted slightly and her tongue darted into his mouth. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close, kissing her open-mouthed and passionately.

He whispered into her ear - I want you so badly. I’ve wanted you ever since I first laid eyes on you. Jodi reached down to touch him. She slowly stroked his cock and his head went back. He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom and placed it on himself. He rolled Jodi on her back and in one quick thrust penetrated her completely. She was so turned on and ready that her pussy welcomed him in. He was extremely well endowed and she gasped with pleasure. He was so aroused and so backed up that within a few minutes his whole body clenched and he came. Their eyes met, they kissed, and then they held each other.

Jodi said that at that moment a huge wave of relief swept over them and they started laughing. They talked for a few minutes then said, “let’s go enjoy our vacation.” Jodi hopped into the shower first and then two minutes later heard the door open and Derek come in. They were completely comfortable together as they showered. They made out nearly the whole time. After they had completely lathered and rinsed they got out and dried off. Derek picked Jodi up and carried her to the bed. She thinks he felt guilty about the speed of his orgasm so he gave her a very sensual massage. Then he started kissing the back of her neck moving slowly further and further down. She parted her legs and rolled over to let his tongue caress the insides of her thighs. He was very good and licked her to quite an orgasm.

It was 10:00 before they knew what happened so they went out to get some brunch. After breakfast they agreed they would go to the beach and without a word between them they knew what they’d do. They did not need to return to the room to get suits. Today was nude beach day. They spent the next few hours naked together under a big umbrella talking, swimming a little and kissing often.

Section 2

That night it was clear that sex was in the works. They had dinner together and then a few drinks. They went back to the room and could barely keep their hands off each other. After some passionate kissing and caressing they disrobed each other and my wife dropped to her knees. She kissed his member through his boxer shorts. He gently grabbed the back of her head as she pulled them down. With both hands wrapped around his dick she licked the full length and took him into her mouth. She continued to suck until he reached completion in her mouth.

After a couple moments of breathlessness he pulled her to his side, gave her a short peck and whispered, “your turn.” He proceeded to give every inch of her body complete attention - her nipples were hard as rocks and with her hands pressed to the back of his head she let out a moan and exploded in a quivering orgasm. The pillow talked for a few minutes, had a drink and then as they looked out the window at the beach together, they turned, kissed, and made passionate love for hours.