Vacation To Remember 4.4/5 (26)

I’d been introducing the cuckolding fantasy into our bedroom for some time now but never had the guts to tell my wife I wanted it to happen for real. To her it was only dirty talk and thats as far as it went.

My wife has a very high sex drive and is adventurous in bed. She really turns me on with her BBW body. Watching her huge tits sway under her night gown was always a sure way to get my cock hard.

Lately though, my potency has taken a hit and little blue pills can only do so much.

When I can’t get it up she says she is satisfied with the orgasms I give her with my tongue, fingers or a toy. She’s really sweet to say that but I know she longs for a hard cock inside her, fulfilling her like I no longer can.

I’ve always been attracted to bigger girls and believe me I have found perfection. Soft and curvy, with a hefty rack and pale green eyes that speak “fuck me, fuck me hard”
Sadly, as horny as she is all the time, she is more than happy to oblige a cuck fantasy but has said time and time again: “This is just pretend right? You don’t really want me to fuck another guy… you?” (Uh, yes I do)

Like most women I’m sure her mind goes to a scenario where I get her to do this and then it segways into me fucking other women.

No. That’s not it at all babe. No desire for other women. Just my woman getting pleasure and me watching it all unfold.

I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my fantasy would never play out but as luck would have it, it did.

About a year ago we went to a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic and opportunity came knocking.

I didn’t intend for this to happen but I’m glad it did.

The moment we stepped off the plane and into the airport I began to notice the local men looking at her.

My wife had laid out for weeks prior in a tanning bed and her skin was a perfect caramel brown. Her hair was shoulder length and she had let her natural curls down.

The perfect amount of freckles kissed her cute little nose and she was wearing the perfect shade of pink lipstick that accentuated her pouty lips.
She smelled great as always. Very meticulous about being clean she is.

As I was drinking in her scent, we passed by an airport staff who came and danced up closely on my wife. He was smiling and blowing kisses; she was loving it and so was I.
An hour later we arrived on the resort and found our room.

She was instantly excited about the huge poster bed, jacuzzi tub and mini bar. As for me, I couldn’t stop thinking about how the men looked at her at the airport.

Once we were settled, we went to check out the pool. As we walked down, I was admiring my wife’s ample bosom. The way her one piece barely contained them. I even pretended there was something in my sandal just so I could fall behind and watch her ass jiggle. Oh yeah. Finally other guys could see what I see.

Later that evening during dinner, I noticed a handsome waiter was giving a lot of attention to my beautiful bride.

He was black, average height with an athletic build. He wasn’t being subtle at all. He leaned over her shoulder when pouring and I could see his eyes wander. She was having some wine and giggled like a school girl. When he was off elsewhere she looked at me coyly and asked: “Are you jealous?” Before I could answer she threw her head back in peals of laughter. She finished her 4th glass of wine and we left.

Later on in our room we were feeling a little hungry and I ordered room service.

She had just taken a bath and was wearing a soft pink silk teddy with a frilly bottom that fell just below her waist and met her cute, soft belly. It was enough to cover her nether regions but not much more.

I could smell her perfume and it was intoxicating. I knew exactly where she had applied it. Her wrist, back of her neck, between her breasts and on her inner thighs. I had taken my blue pill but so far all it had given me was an upset stomach. Glad I packed a good sized dido. I would be happy for the food to come, if only to counteract what my hard-on medication was doing to my GI tract.

About five minutes later I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it I was surprised to see the same young man from dinner. Without thinking I asked him why he was working so late. He replied he was working a double to save money for college.

Without hesitation I asked him if he would like to earn some extra money. He said yes. I invited him inside the door and in a low enough voice as not to be heard by her, I explained (or lied rather) that my wife was lonely and could use some company for a bit while I showered.

I could tell he was apprehensive but when I laid a crisp one hundred dollar bill on the entry way bench I knew he was in.


  • Geo

    Reply Reply June 30, 2020

    Good girl
    I love sharing my wife
    Using her after someone else has
    Eating the cream
    Sucking him and her
    And the range of emotions when she is being pleased

  • Steve

    Reply Reply July 6, 2020

    I loved it. Loved her taking such a huge dick in her and then her hubby entered her ass…..mmmmm

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