Vacation Down Under 4.5/5 (29)

I recently won an awards trip from my company which was a trip to Australia and it turned out to be a lot more than I had expected.

My wife Kristy and I had been touring around Sydney and had spent the previous evening in an area known as Kings Cross where we had a little too much to drink and ended up at a live sex show. The finale involved this tall black guy with an absolutely enormous cock.

This was probably all part of the act but after he had fucked his partner until she had come a number of times he pulled out of her and invited a woman from the audience to come on stage.

She appeared reluctant but the other people at her table urged her on and finally she got up and they started to dance for a minute as she stared at his cock bobbing in front of her until he placed his hands on her shoulders and forced her to her knees. The crowd was going wild as she started to suck and lick his big cock pulling the shaft with both hands until with a grunt he came and semen ran from her lips.

On the way back to the hotel I was teasing Kristy saying she should have gotten up and how I would have loved to see her with him. She looked at me like I was crazy but back in the room she was wild and in the midst of her orgasms started to babble about other cocks fucking her. The next day we went to a nude beach and the excitement of the previous evening carried over.

My wife is a a very pretty redhead at 5’1″ and 105 lbs. She’s a fitness fanatic and her measurements are still 36C-23-35 with jutting tits and prominent nipples. I think her pussy is her best feature though because she’s blessed with long inner lips that protrude invitingly and a large clit that becomes very prominent when she’s aroused.

The beach was almost deserted being a weekday and as we got situated there wasn’t anyone within 100 yards of us until about an hour later, three young guys arrived. They looked to be in their twenties and

were very tan and fit and smiled as they put their stuff down about twenty feet in front of us. I couldn’t believe that with all this space they had to sit so near but Kristy was dozing on her belly with her head facing away from them and I realized they had chosen their spot very carefully.

As they removed their suits and oiled up I almost woke her because two of them were exceptionally well endowed with long thick cocks that hung halfway down their thighs and as they lay down I saw them very obviously staring at her.

Looking back on it I probably shouldn’t have done this but anyway I whispered to her that her legs were getting a little red and she just groaned as I poured some oil on her thighs and then worked my way up until she had to spread her legs wider to accommodate me.

I poured some more oil on her butt and let it run down over and into her pussy and she gasped and wiggled as I massaged her meaty lips and finally slid two fingers inside her juicy cunt causing her snort and spread her legs even wider.

“Don’t start what you’re not going to finish,” she panted as I probed her and stroked her swollen clit. “I’ll finish later, “I whispered, “I think I’ll just tease you all day until you can’t stop”. She moaned as I pulled my fingers out of her gaping lips and lay there slowly rolling her hips not knowing that she had an audience.

I glanced at the guys as I lay back down to conceal my swollen cock and they were blatantly staring at her pussy and one of them nodded and gave me a big smile and I wondered for a second what I had started in light of the fact that we were virtually alone on the beach with these locals.

After awhile the guys started to get up and head for the water and I woke Kristy and pointed out our neighbors and she gasped as she saw their muscular bodies and then as though he knew she was looking at him, one of them turned and came back to get something giving her a great look at his enormous cock and balls swinging between his thighs.

“Oh my god,..” she gasped, “When did they get here?” “A little while ago”, I said, “You were sleeping..” She looked at me strangely, “Did they see you…with the oil…before..?” and her voice trailed off and I just shrugged and I knew she was a little angry but I noticed her nipples swelling as she thought about them.

“Let’s go check out the water”, I said, and she silently got to her feet and together we headed down to the surf. She looked fabulous with her tan and long stiff nipples jutting from her big tits and the guys very quickly came over and said hello.

It was all very friendly as we splashed and talked and checked each other out and we learned their names were Ian, Rick, and John and that they worked at a local pub. Kristy was trying to look every where but at their cocks but as the guys obviously looked her over she gave in and lowered her gaze.

She squeezed my hand tightly as she slowly looked from one to the other. The shortest man was at least 6″ long and Rick was absolutely huge and visibly swelling as she stared at him. He was over 9 or 10″ long and very thick with big balls and a large flared head like something out of a movie. As he shifted his weight it swung heavily towards his other thigh and visibly throbbed as it expanded another inch and arched out slightly from his muscular belly.

There was an awkward silence for a moment as Kristy couldn’t take her eyes off their dicks and they stared intently at her naked body until John spoke up and offered to teach her to body surf. She hesitated for a minute and said that she really just felt like lying around which made me glad because I really wanted to get my fingers in her pussy again but they wouldn’t take no for an answer and took her hand and headed for deeper water.

Ian asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint and I had a feeling that something was up but I do love to get high and went up on the deserted beach and watched them in the water while Ian lit up some smoke.

The waves weren’t very big and Rick and John swam out with her far enough so the water was a little over waist deep for them but almost covered Kristy’s tits. They stood close together and I could see her

pushing their hands away as they tried to touch her under the water. Slowly she squirmed between them and then tilted her head back as she was lifted out of the water a few inches and I started to stand up as Rick obviously had his hand between her legs but she didn’t cry out or anything so I just sat there mesmerized as the pot coursed their my brain.

Ian said, “Looks like the boys are having a bit of fun. You don’t mind do you?..” My cock gave me away and I had to say I didn’t as long as Kristy didn’t. “Well then I guess were OK then..” he replied, ” I’m sure she’s gonna enjoy herself. Let’s just relax and get some sun.”

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  • John

    Reply Reply July 10, 2019

    Absolutely one hot story ,had me going and hard ,thanks an ultimate fantasy.

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