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This weekend I was on a business trip in one of the 5* hotels in Croatia by the coast - don’t ask me which, not going to tell! Made arrangement with one HotWife to meet me in hotel on Sat night. So this is how it happened:

We meet around 21h on a roundabout near hotel, her boyfriend left her there with a car. Small kiss was exchanged, as she was local. Then we entered hotel on secondary access, but on our way there in some hidden part I managed to stop her & feel her under the mini skirt & coat - she wasn’t wearing any panties. So we started quickly to the hotel, ‘cause it was cold outside.

Once in, we went to elevator, go straight to my room floor & to the room. When we got there, we get out coats of, gave her some drinks & pretty soon we started kissing.

The we deiced to get out of the shoes & boots (she head one with high heels). As I helped her out, I pushed her to the bed & licked her freshly shaven pussy (oh yes, she sent me a pic of her freshly shaved pussy during the day.

Pretty soon she was undressed, so only her long socks stayed on her (she had those sexy ones like fishing net, with big hole for pussy & ass access).

After she was undressed, she started undressing me & blowing me, while I filmed her with her mobile for her boyfriend - damn that was HOT. Seeing everytrhing to bright, so turned around. Especially as her lips were so moist & so tender to my dick. You know the feeling when you get a girl that really knows how to blow a guy & loves doing it, that 1% of lovers - she was that. Blowing me tenderly, stroking just enough - not to quick, not to slow, not to fierce, not without a touch. So I came after all day holding it on conference, right in her mouth & we photographed her that way with my mobile also

As started before, going to finish the story. As a good Bull, I always like to reciprocate the favor of going down on her. & she was freshly shaven, so started to kiss her on pussy, licking 1stly her big lips & even anus. Even though she said no anal, giving her lick there turned her on. So started going upper & then ride her clit like a mustang with my tongue. Don’t know did she came, but she managed to pull me up after some 5min or more, ‘cause it was too intense for her…

So we kissed, put a condom on my thick 7-8" dick & slowly entered her. Damn, she was tight & tender inside also. As we started to fuck, she cooperated, so it was a pretty good fuck for a 1st one (usually I hate 1st fucks, but you have to go through them to come to better cooperating for a 2nd, 3rd & so on). She also made some twists inside her vagina, so got a pretty good sense how good she was!

We started to fuck in Eagle style & then we switched to Grip, damn she was hot & we did that until she came that way for the 1st time on my dick. Then we switched to Cowgirl position & made some photos doing that, until she came for the 2nd time. I really enjoyed having her on me, ‘cause:

I enjoy having to play with breasts; enjoy fucking her from under her!

That way she came for the 3rd time, only because she started to respond some encouraging words to give her more & violently. So I just grabbed her with my hands behind her neck & pounded all my worth into her from below. That was a 3rd time!

Then we switched to doggy style, which she loves. Made terrific photos of us - so I’d like to persuade me to share them with you! ;)

Anyway, in doggy style I knew now how she likes it! So after few slower strokes, started to build up speed, making a fierce thrusts in her. She started to get loud, but I didn’t care ( & hoped anyone from the company was on Party)! Grabbed her just above her ass cheeks by a waste a pounded a living hell out of her, until she came for 4th time!

& that was too much for me, so I ended up getting my dick out, removed my condom but did get to spray her on the face. Instead came all over her tummy & tits…

After that we dressed, took her out from the hotel, escort her to the parking lot. Her boyfriend was waiting for her there! What a great boyfriend she had - a though came to my mind…as I returned to my room, leaved my coat & went to the Party…hopefully I’d found some proteins there, ‘cause I was a little spent…

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