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As they pulled onto the highway he turned and gazed at her beautiful body. They had waited all week for this, a night out on the town, and Taylor was dressed for the occasion. She had worn her black mini dress, a dress she knew he particularly liked. It zipped up the front from the hem to the neckline, and clung to her body like a glove, showing every curve of her sleek form.

She had only zipped the garment halfway, letting her 36D’s appear to be busting out of the outfit. Her long blonde hair gently dr*ped around her shoulders and rested on the exposed upper half of her breast. Her slender legs glistened in the soft blue glow emitted by the dash lights. She always used body lotion, which produced a nice sheen on her body, reflecting the firm muscle tone of each limb.

Michael turned his eyes back to the road and drove a few more miles. Then he took a deep breath and turned to her again. “I have a surprise for you tonight,” he blurted. He gazed back at the road, his heart beating fast waiting for her response.

“What?” she asked as she sat up in the seat. She started to smile in anticipation. “What kind of surprise?”

Michael began to grin as he tried to find the right words to explain his deviousness. It had occurred to him a couple of weeks before while they were partying at a local swing club. During the night the couple had began to discuss the subject of fantasies and he had shared several erotic desires with her.

She, on the other hand, had been reluctant to share a sexy scene with him. Whether embarrassed or afraid he might think badly of her, she had only giggled and grinned when asked about what her fantasies were.

As the night wore on, and alcohol took its liberating affect, Taylor became more open with her thoughts. Sitting just below a stage at the club the couple found themselves gazing at a lovely young woman as she spun around a dancer’s pole.

She had obviously been a professional dancer at some point in her life, showing great skill and ability as she glided along the metal in full grace. Taylor turned to her husband and sheepishly whispered, “That’s one of my fantasies.”

Michael looked at her surprised, “You mean dancing on the pole?” He turned back to the dancer, watching as the girl slowly peeled skimpy layers of clothing off her body and dropped them near their table.

“Yes, well, stripping” Taylor answered. “I don’t think I could dance on the pole as good as she does, but I love it when people are watching me. When I dance here I get turned on seeing guys watching me. It’s kinda sexy.”

Michael knew this to be true. Several times he had watched his wife perform a sexy striptease for himself and their friends at the swing club. She was a bit of an exhibitionist though only in a secure setting with people she was comfortable with. “Yeah, but dancing as a stripper or pole dancer is different than dancing for people you know here,” he remarked. “Strippers have to dance for anyone.”

“I know,” she replied. “I bet I could do it.”

Michael raised a brow at her remark. “You would dance for money?”

“Hell yeah,” she quickly answered. “Those girls make good money and it would be a turn on.”

It was then that the wheels in Michael’s brain began turning. There would be nothing better than making her fantasy come true and he would love watching his wife strip for a total stranger. After a couple of weeks working on the Internet, he set his newly hatched plan in motion. He was determined to give his wife a night that she would never forget.

“What’s the surprise!” Taylor asked in an urgent tone. She had now turned in her seat facing Michael as he kept his eyes glued to the road. Her legs were spread apart and he could plainly see her tiny black thong panties she wore beneath her dress. “Tell me!” she demanded.

Michael sported a grin on his face, one he imagined a wolf might display after stealing a sheep. He took another deep breath and asked, “You know how you said at the club how one of your fantasies was to be a stripper?”

Taylor nodded slowly with a bewildered gaze.

“Well,” Michael stuttered, “I placed an ad on a stripper’s web site advertising your services.”

Taylor looked stunned. “You did what?” she asked in a low murmur. Her smile faded and her brow lowered. “Tell me that again,” she said in a monotone voice.

Michael was trying not to laugh. His heart was racing and his breathing became a little more rapid. “Hear me out on this,” he said. His voice was in a higher pitch, a clear indication he was on the defensive. “The choice is completely up to you.

I placed an ad showing your body, but not your face, advertising personal stripper services. Your name in the ad is Tracey and your rates are $300 for 30 minutes. I would go in as the bodyguard and make sure everything is OK”

Michael continued explaining that the ad had received several responses and he had booked one event that night for an out-of-town businessman who was in town on his birthday. “Now the choice is yours,” he said trying to keep a straight face. “You said this was your fantasy, so now here’s your chance. You can go and strip and make $300, or I can call him and tell him we can’t make it.”

Taylor sat in the seat with a shocked look on her face. They had always played sexy games, but never one so elaborate. “Oh my God,” she mumbled. “I can’t believe this.” She sat thinking how mad she was that he had put her pictures online and advertised her as a stripper on the net. She hoped he was telling the truth about not showing her face and using a fake name. “Oh my God,” she repeated.

Michael sat stoically concentrating on his driving. He wondered if he had made a mistake. Maybe her fantasy was just something she never really wanted to act out. He didn’t say a word.

Taylor’s mind began to wander, thinking of the possible scenarios that could play out. She really did think it would be exciting and sexy, and their lives had been a bit boring the past few months. But she was also mad that Michael had taken it upon himself to set this in motion. “For thirty minutes?” she asked as she gazed out the passenger side window.

“Yes,” Michael replied excitedly. “And I’ll be there the whole time.”

Taylor sat silent for a minute or two. Her body was already tingling from the thought of exposing herself to a stranger. It was a strange feeling, a mixture of excitement and terror. It would take every amount of courage she had to go through with it. She looked back at her husband and said, “OK, let’s go. But you better be there. And I’m still mad.”

The huge grin reappeared on Michael’s face and he felt himself become a bit aroused at the prospect of the evening. “This was really gonna happen,” he thought to himself. “I can’t believe this is going to happen.” He slumped down in the seat, setting his arm on the car door’s window frame.

It took another 40 minutes for the couple to arrive at the hotel. It was the Embassy, an upscale hotel, one they would never have been able to afford on their own. Already Taylor felt apprehension. She had dressed appropriately for a night out at the swing club, but she felt a bit slutty having to walk through the lobby of the ritzy Embassy Hotel.

Michael was carrying a small duffel bag and as they walked through the rotating door they were awed by the grand lobby atrium. A fountain stood in the middle of the glass-arched room with large plants scattered strategically about ornate Victorian furniture.

The couple walked hurriedly through the lobby, making their way for the elevators. Taylor tugged at her short dress as the walked, attempting to keep the sexy garment from working its way upwards, exposing her firm buttocks.

Taylor thought the elevator would take forever. It seemed an eternity as she watched the floor lights slowly move down to the lobby level. Michael stood calm and composed as she continued fidgeting with her dress, constantly adjusting and keeping her small purse positioned just below her stomach. She dared to look around and noticed two separate men eyeing her.

One, a man seated in one of the Victorian settees pretending to read a newspaper, the other, a hotel employee behind the front desk. He looked at her and smiled. She quickly looked down and gave a little snicker.

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