Unfaithful Inevitable

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Section 1

As hard as I’d tried, I was fighting a losing battle, trying to stay faithful to my husband.

I’m what you would call a Jessica Rabbit. That is that I have very large firm breasts (36 DD) a very small waist (23) and a very curvy butt (36).

All of this is very firm and is exercised regularly to keep it trim.

Before I met my husband I used to podium dance in Nightclubs and on the odd occasion would earn extra money doing the odd striptease normally for private functions, Rugby clubs or Bachelor parties.

Once I met my husband I left that hedonistic lifestyle behind and settled into what I thought would be wedded bliss. This seemed ok to me until I got my head turned.

The first time my head was turned was at a company function where my husband worked.

It was being held in a swanky out of town hotel.

Everyone was there with their partners, all dressed up in their finery.

As it was a treat for us, we decided to make a weekend of it and booked a room in the hotel, as a sort of second honeymoon.

I’d packed my filthiest lingerie hoping to rekindle the spark of lust in my husband.

We dressed and went down to dinner with the rest of the guests.

My Husband was wearing a Black Dinner suit, white frilled shirt and black bow tie.

I desperately wanted to be a trophy wife that weekend to be shown off as a major prize and dressed the part.

I was wearing a full length Black wet look evening dress. This thing clung to me like a second skin.

It had thin straps at the top, which did their best to restrain my ample bosom.

To ensure my figure was enhanced perfectly, below the dress I was wearing a strapless black lace Basque.

Attached to this were sheer seamed stockings and I’d made the decision not to wear any panties.

Beautiful black spiked heel shoes with elbow length wet look black gloves completed my vampish look.

As we were in a sexual rut, my husband barely noticed the level of effort I had put into my appearance, nor the fact that I was as sexed up as possible.

When we entered the ballroom I swear every pair of eyes turned to gaze at me. I knew instinctively that the looks were of jealousy from the females and I recognised the look of lust in some the gent’s eyes.

We were introduced to my husband’s boss who was there on his own.

He gently lifted my gloved hand to his lips and gently brushed his lips over the back of the wet look glove. Removing his lips from my hand he turned to my husband and welcomed him to the event.

“You never told me your wife was so ravishing” he smiled with an obvious glint in his eye.

My husband just smiled but never uttered a response.

“You flatter me!” I responded to his boss.

His boss smiled at me, winked rather cheekily then said.

“I hope I can have the pleasure of a dance later?” he enquired.

I looked at his boss who was indeed a very attractive man, who oozed power and sexuality in a most obvious manner.

I felt myself blush slightly, as I thought to myself that he could have more than the pleasure of a dance.

A tingling sensation began bubbling away inside my pussy. My stomach began fizzing mercilessly as the first thoughts of being unfaithful entered my married head.

The man in front of me had stirred something which had not been in full use for some time.

My cheeks were definitely flushing as I realised that I was most definitely sexually aroused.

Thankful that my dress was black and wet look, this would help camouflage the obvious wet patch that would be appearing on my dress the instant I sat down.

We were all summonsed to take our seats in the opulent ballroom.

All of the tables were circular and decorated fabulously.

The seating arrangements at the tables were that you would be seated opposite your partner as opposed to alongside, a social trick to help break the ice and encourage conversation between strangers.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that I would be placed alongside my husband’s very attractive boss.

As I stood behind my allocated chair checking my name on the place card, my husband’s boss stood behind me and gestured to slide the chair to allow me to take my seat.

I looked ahead at my husband who was deep in conversation with the colleagues seated either side of him.

I smiled at my gentlemanly host as he guided me to my seat and slid the chair comfortably closer to the table.

I looked up and smiled at my host as his eyes were obviously feasting on my displayed cleavage, which from his view point was most definitely ample.

His eyes seemed to be filled with lust as he stared at my black sheathed breasts.

The attention from his optical seduction was beginning to make my nipples erect. Thank goodness I was wearing a lace Basque beneath the wet look dress, providing enough coverage to prevent my nipples from bursting through the thin wet look dress.

Involuntarily, I rubbed my stockinged thighs together. My state of arousal was on the increase.

I was trying with all my might to control my breathing, in an attempt to try and mask the urge to begin panting with shear lust.

My host then took his seat, placing his right hand on my left leg to balance himself as he took his seat.

His hand gripped my thigh firmly but gently if such a thing exists. His hand moved up my thigh and felt the strap of my garter belt. Smiling at me he then smoothed his hand down my thigh, resting just above my knee. His hand began to softly massage the flesh just above my knee.

He began conversations with persons assigned to the table, all the while rubbing my thighs through the material of my dress.

Wickedly I decided to move things along a little. I moved my right hand under the table and dragged my evening dress up my shins and over my knees, exposing my legs to my hosts' hand.

Continuing his conversation he turned toward me briefly, smiled, nodded then moved his right hand to my stocking tops.

Turning to my host I returned his smile, nodded then placed my gloved left hand deftly onto to his throbbing crotch.

This was one cool customer. He moved his hand above my stocking tops and slid his fingers between the gap in my legs, till his fingertips met my naked shaved slit.

His smile broadened across his face as he continued his conversation while his fingers slid between my pussylips as the index finger penetrated my quim.

I was slowly rubbing his cock as his finger began fucking my pussy, right under the noses of my husband and the other guests.

I could feel my cheeks flushing as the sexual tension increased between my legs.

An orgasm would approach soon and I don’t think I would be able to disguise the fact.

It would appear that my host’s sexual knowledge of the female anatomy was of the highest order. He removed his finger from my pussy, keeping on the brink of orgasm as he intermittently clasped my inner thigh during the course of the dinner.

When the food was finished, the waiting staff began serving coffees.

He excused himself from the table, saying he was going to retire outside and enjoy a cigarette and would I care to join him.

As an occasional smoker I said I would be delighted. I looked over to my husband who glanced up momentarily. I mimed a smoking cigarette and he just nodded, continuing his conversation with his colleagues.

My host held my arm and escorted me through the double doors of the ballroom. He guided to me to what appeared to be a conservatory, but in fact was a private veranda. This was his veranda for his suite within the hotel complex.

Closing the glass doors behind us he escorted me into the main area of his vast suite.

“About that cigarette” he said

Section 2

I walked over toward him and unzipped my dress. Standing before him in my erotic black lingerie I realised I was panty less and my shaved pussy was on display to a man other my husband. He stepped toward me pulling me close to him as his tongue explored my lips. His other hand slid down the slit of my bald pussy as two fingers opened my hole and hooked their way inside my wet hot pussy. Pushing my pussy down on to his fingers I began to buck rhythmically on his probing digits

My right hand rubbed his prominent erection vigorously. Managing to unzip his trousers, his quite proud cock sprang out. My gloved hand sheathed the pulsing phallus and began to stroke his foreskin back and forth.

He placed both hands on my bare buttocks and lifted me off the floor.

Holding me close to his body I felt his blood gorged bell end push its way inside my accommodating pussy.

As his cock filled my cunt, I began to orgasm instantly.

His lips locked on mine as he moved us to the sofa. Guiding us onto the edge of the sofa he laid back as I rode his cock to oblivion.

Scoping my tits out of my Basque he began biting my nipples as his cock savaged my pussy.

Another orgasm swept over me as he unlocked his lips from mine and informed that he was about to come.

I leapt from his cock and snatched his exploding cock into my hungry mouth as spurt after spurt of delicious cream slid down my tongue and throat.

Not a single drop escaped. He kissed me passionately and helped me back into my dress saying we should hurry before someone missed us.

As he zipped up my dress he handed me a business card and said we should meet up again.

I smiled and said.

“Would you like that?”

“Like it? I’d love it…..especially more time!” he exclaimed.

“Give me a ring tomorrow and we’ll organise something” he continued.

We both lit a cigarette and walked out onto the veranda then over to where the other smokers were gathered.

No one including my husband had noticed we were missing.

This was exciting and my host would definitely be receiving a phone call tomorrow.

I would spend the rest of the weekend fucking my husband and imagining it was his boss pounding my holes. It would be very soon.

Part Two

Five long days had now passed since my husband’s boss emptied his balls down the back of my throat.

I must have masturbated at least 3 times per day, every day, thinking about having his boss’s cock deep in my pussy, repeating the sexual antics we briefly enjoyed.

I was sitting at the kitchen table with the business card in my hand when I found myself dialling the private number listed on the back of the card.

His boss answered after three rings. I re-introduced myself and as his laugh resonated through the phone receiver I could picture the sexy smirk painting his face right now.

We didn’t exchange any small as he said wait by the phone and I’ll call you back in 5 minutes.

Hanging up the phone I waited for his return call.

The phone began to ring in less than five minutes. Prompt and efficient I thought.

“Hi” he started “That was real close, your husband was in here and I couldn’t have him sitting here while I’m trying to arrange to whisk his wife away for the day and fuck her brains out!”

“That would have been awkward!” I responded as I could feel my strong sexual urges increase.

“I know” he continued “How would that have looked if he heard me telling his wife to go out and buy some black leather or vinyl underwear so I can fuck her while she wears this!”

“What if his wife didn’t want to wear this black underwear?” I replied.

“She’ll want to wear it when she finds out how much cock she’ll get from wearing it!” he retorted.

My head was spinning with sexual delight.

This pig of a man was dictating how I would fuck him and I found myself uncontrollably obeying.

“Plus if she wants to be a regular fuck slut, she’ll have to get used to wearing the odd erotic garment and she’ll need to get used to being fucked in the ass and swallowing cum!”

My hand shot inside my panties as he almost barked his sexual orders at me. My breathing was quickening which he obviously picked up on.

“You have my mobile number?” he enquired

“It’s on your card” I panted as my long fingernails strummed my clitoris.

“Then when I hang up, go and put the outfit you had on the night I fucked you, finger your pussy and send me a photo of this!”

Aroused beyond belief I stammered “I’m n n not sure!”

“I am sure” he demanded “Send the pic and meet me at the hotel where we had the dinner dance on Friday at 10.00am. Dress as though you are being interviewed but have the new underwear underneath. Bring receipts and I’ll reimburse you!”

“Are you sure?” I queried

“Most definitely! Now go and send me a photo!” The phone went dead as I replaced the receiver and finished my orgasm.

Rushing to the bedroom I obediently stripped naked and redressed wearing the Basque, stocking shoes and gloves from our first fuck. Holding my iPhone with one hand, I spread my legs and slid two fingers inside my bald pussy. The flash of the iPhone captured the image. Clicking three more times, I sat up and reviewed my photographic skills. The photos looked extremely naughty and here I was preparing to send them to my husband’s boss.

As I reviewed the photographs I realised I was wearing my nipple rings. My nipples are pierced but weren’t in place on Friday evening as I didn’t want to ruin the smooth line of my dress.

This may prove a nice little surprise for my hubby’s boss.

I uploaded the pictures to a text message and sent them off to hubby’s boss.

It took about thirty seconds to load and send.

Within thirty seconds of sending the text the house phone rang.

“You didn’t have pierced tits on Friday?” he questioned.

“I did but the rings weren’t in place!”

“You really are a dirty slut aren’t you?”

“When I want to be!”

“Do you want to be on Friday?”

My nipples were rock hard and my pussy was drenched.

“I could be, if it’s worth my while?”

“It will be worth your while. Oh! And bring some lube because a pierced nipple slut like you will definitely be getting her ass fucked!”

That sentence sent me over the edge. My orgasm swept through my entire being.

To try and maintain some level of control I said

“Shall I bring a video camera?”

“You really are a filthy fucking slut” he laughed.

“Get some good naughty underwear and I look forward to being inside all your holes on Friday!”

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