Unexpected Surprises At A Swinger’s Party 4.4/5 (42)

I invited a fwb to join me to attend a swingers party and when she backed out i almost didn’t go. These parties are open to singles not just couples. The mix that night was about 30 guys to 8 women. These parties are a mix of an orgy and a gangbang. I haven’t been to one in awhile so i see a mix of familiar faces and new ones. It is held discreetly in a 2 bedroom hotel suite with a livingroom and kitchen.

I hangout and chat casually in the living room with many women and men in group chats. I get up to see what is going on in the bedrooms. Things are just starting and most people are in the livingroom. Interesting enough a married couple started a contest to see which guy can eat his wife the best, so I said why not and nelt down for some yummy action. It was fun but not as personal as what will soon come.

Unknown to me when i was gone this sex vixen Amy in the livingroom was telling her female friend that I was cute and she was going to have me that night. After chatting some more in the livingroom I decided it was time to get more comfortable. I went to the other bedroom to find an empty draw to put my clothes in and came back to the livingroom naked. I’m still in the doorway as Amy shoots me a naughty look.

I raise my finger to call her to me and without hesitation she gets up to walk over to me. She says hello you and I plant a kiss on her seductive warm lips. Our tongues swirl as i pull her into the room. As i move to the bed she says give me a moment. Amy struts to the nearby bathroom returning in just a black button down shirt. We kiss passionately as my hands caress her sex body.

I gently nudge her to sit on the edge of the bed and before I know it I’m receiving the best bj of my life. I don’t want to cum yet so I lean her back and I start kissing her thighs slowly moving up to my prize. I love going down on a woman and it shows. I lick her from the bottom to her clit. I suck and lick both her lips and clit. Amy is moaning and a crowd forms around us to watch.

I lift her legs wide and high to get better access and surprise Amy with her 1st rim job. I lick her ass good and even fuck it with my tongue a bit. I go back and forth between here yummy anus and soaking wet pussy. I use my nose on her clit as i lick and suck her to her 1st of many orgasms. I later learned she never let’s anyone play with her ass at a party but it felt so good to receive her 1st ass licking that there was no way she was stopping me.

I kissed my way up her body and we made out like 2 teenagers. By now there was another couple playing next to us and i was reaching for a condom. I started with slow long strokes while staring into Amy’s seductive eyes. With every stroke I picked up my pace till everyone was hearing our naked bodies slapping into eachother as Amy’s moans filled the room.

I slid in and out of Amy’s tight soaked pussy varing my speed for what seems like a blissful eternity. She told me after that she doesn’t even know how many orgasms she had at that point. We had a mutual connection like long lost lovers, which is crazy because feelings like that don’t usually happen to two strangers at a party like this one. We even occasionally made out as we fucked.

I surprise Amy with another 1st as I start to lick the soles of her feet and suck on her toes as I’m thrusting in and out of her with lust and passion. I’m sweating like crazy dripping onto Amy’s chest, before I finally can’t hold back and explode inside her. We kiss passionately and we slide up on the bed as we cuddle. The onlookers are eagerly awaiting their turn and before we know it someone is going down on Amy as we hold eachother.

Our kissing stops though as a cock is offered up to Amy for a blowjob, which I later learn that Amy just loves sucking cock. A few guys switch on and off giving and receiving oral with Amy as I still hold her. Two guy even fucked her. I occasionally play with her breasts and kiss her with all this going on. There is a crossdresser in the room watching us also. I see she is being a bit shy so I wave her over.

She looks like a woman but there is no way you didn’t really know it was a guy. He was kind of pulling it off though. As Amy was still receiving oral the cd started playing with Amy breast. Both Amy and I started caressing her legs and ass before I couldn’t resist pulling out her tucked cock . I stroked it alittle to get it hard for Amy to suck. Amy was having a grand old time sucking another cock when I surprised her again.

I leaned in kissed her on the cheek and when Amy pulled off to kiss me I quickly started sucking her cock before Amy could resume. We shared this hard cock intwining our tongues. As we shared I pulled away for Amy to keep sucking and she came in Amy’s mouth. I could tell Amy didn’t swallow and was thinking to spit it out in the bathroom , but I had another surprise for Amy.

I grabbed her face and was pulling her towards me for a kiss. Amy’s eyes were wide open and she was shaking her head to tell me stop I have a load of warm gooy cum in her mouth. She thought I had no clue but it was her that had no clue. I pulled her to me and planted a deep french kiss on her. She soon realized I wanted to share and swollow that yummy load with her as we kissed.

I felt Amy’s shocking tention turn to excitement as she realized I knew what I was getting and liked it. From there she knew she wanted to see more of me outside of the party which also ussually doesn’t happen. The hosts at that point was calling the night, but with our connection I walked Amy to her car. Talked for atleast 2 more hours and finished the night making out in the car and another blowjob after exchanging phone numbers.

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