Unexpected MfM 4.4/5 (24)

It was Saturday night, we had a late babysitter to watch our son and my wife and I were going to pick up our friend now single friend Chuck and go to a club to shoot pool and dance a little. We would have a couple of drinks, Lynn would have a couple glasses of wine, listen to music, play some pool, and Chuck and I would flirt with Lynn.

She was 39 and had recently gone shopping for a couple of new hot looking outfits, and was feeling very good about herself. I thought she looked sexy and our sex life the whole week was so hot and exciting. She has a beautiful 34c chest and nice round ass. She stands 5’4″ with shoulder length brown hair. It was great seeing her feeling sexy again.

On this Saturday she was looking especially sexy with tight short skirt, boots and a white button up top opened to just the right spot showing enough of her magnificent cleavage and the faint outline of her nipples and areola to make any man want to see more.

We often would discuss our fantasies making us both very excited during sex play and we both had shown interest in having another man join us for a night of mfm fun and she had commented if it was ever going to happen it would be something not planed but spontaneous.

Lynn was a little shy except after a couple glasses of wine, but I figured that it would always remain a fantasy. I told her I was game anytime, but left it up to her.

This night began pretty dull really, we went to his house, sat on the couch, talked about the workweek behind us, and shortly headed out to the club. I saw how he perked up when Lynn entered the room and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Damn you look good tonight Lynn!” This put a smile on her face.

Lynn was looking at me as I got in the car and I could see he was checking out her chest. When I shut my door she turned her head and caught him checking her out. She just smiled and asked him what was making him so happy?

He said he couldn’t help it because she was looking “hot” and he had not been out with such a hot looking woman in quite some time. I could tell this made her feel really good about herself, as she kind of blushed a bit.

Once at the club, the flirting really started. She’s a decent pool player once she gets warmed up. Chuck and I were both enjoying the show, as she would bend over to line up her shots. It was no surprise when he commented about how great my wife looked tonight and what a hot body she had and how lucky I was to have her.

I laughed and told him, maybe she’ll give you a better show tonight after the wine takes effect and she gets in a really sexy mood. He laughingly said, “That would be unbelievable!” I had previously mentioned to him before, about our discussing during sex about trying a threesome and that his name had come up in the conversation.

When she came back to the table from the restroom, he told her if she wasn’t careful she was going to fall out of her top. She said, “you wish”, to which he replied, ” You bet I do”. She looked down at herself and asked if she should have worn something more conservative, but we both told her, NO! She smiled at us and spun around and back to the pool table.

We both danced with her a few times between pool games. Since we had given up the table to another couple to play a game, I watched them dancing while waiting for our turn again, and noticed they were embracing very closely on the dance floor during a slow song.

He had pulled her very closely and had his leg between hers, I could see her breasts pressed against him and they were looking at each other and talking and laughing. I felt a little pang of jealousy at this time but it was quickly overpowered by an even more powerful feeling of arousal at seeing them embraced like that and her obviously loving every second of his attention.

As Lynn rested her head on his shoulder, she was grinding her hips against his leg and I could tell she was aroused. When the song ended, I noticed as they walked back to the table he had his arm behind her and I imagined a bulge in his pants from her body rubbing and exciting him.

She had to have felt his hard cock as she ground her hips against him. Oh, and they both had big guilty looking smiles on their faces. The night seemed to fly by, before we knew it, we had been there over three hours and ready to call it a night. Lynn and Chuck had consumed three drinks, I think, and we were ready to get out of the loud music and noise of the club.

We finished our drinks and headed to our car, I had not been drinking much since I was designated driver for the night. They both had a pretty good buzz on. Chuck tried to open the front door for Lynn to get in the front seat with me,

but she would not have it saying that he could ride in front since there was more room in front and she opened the back door and got in, but of course he was saying no, he preferred the back, and to my surprise Lynn says, well suit yourself, your welcome to sit either in front with Larry or back here with me,

your choice. He looks to me and I give him a wink and said if I were you, I know what I would choose. So here I am, starting the car with Lynn and Chuck in the back seat. Chuck very innocently comments again about how he was worried she would fall out of her top all night.

I hear Lynn tell him “I could tell you were worried because you were talking to my breast all night long,” as I notice in the rear view mirror that she grabbed them and squeezed them together towards him. They both laughed and he says it’s your fault for looking so sexy and teasing me all night. I knew she was feeling very loose, somewhat naughty and sexy.

I could not tell for sure in the rear view mirror, but since Lynn was sitting kind of sideways in the back, and had taken her boots off, I am sispissios that she might have been playing a little footcee with him out of my view.

As they chatted a little, I could not hear all of their conversation plus, I had to concentrate of my driving, while taking an occasional peek in the rear view mirror trying not to be to obvious. I now am sure the drinks had her in an uninhibited and sexy mood and was starting to wonder if this might be the night for a really hot sexual experience.

We got to his house and went inside to relax since we had another hour and a half before we had to be home. Chuck suggested we all have one last drink before heading home, and of course Lynn only wanted another glass of wine. I was thinking I’d have one to since I had been drinking coke all night due to me having to drive.

When Chuck went to the kitchen he said that he only had two beers some hard liqure and no wine so I volunteered to run to the store a few blocks away and get a bottle of wine for Lynn. “I’ll be right back honey, try to behave I said as I went out the door.

I was gone probably a half hour or so, as I wanted to give them just enough time to get cozy but not enough to miss anything. I was thinking about the night’s events as I pulled up the driveway, and for some reason I turned off the lights as I pulled up the driveway.

I tried to be quiet as I opened the door wondering what might be going on with the two of them and not wanting to spoil the mood if they were up to something naughty. I just had a hunch you might say and my heart was racing and my cock was tingling thinking about what Lynn might be up to with Chuck.

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