Two’s Company, Three’s a Great Time 3.9/5 (16)

Sequel to One Weekend in October and Another Weekend With David.

Many of you have written in, some with overtly personal critiques of my writing and others wanting to know if these stories are true while those few criticize me for “hanging it” all out there. These stories are true and I appreciate having this outlet. * * * * *

Well, her we are two weeks after my wife had spent the weekend at her “boy friends” house and had her way with him and his best friend Mark.

If you recall from my previous entry titled Another Weekend With David, my lovely wife Barb decided to fuck her new boy toy and his buddy and do it raw. Now this was starting to cause some concern for me.

Barb and I had been trying to get pregnant now for some time. We have been married 18 years. We haven’t been to any doctors as of yet too see if either of us was shooting blanks. So, Barbs very recent escapade with David and Mark has left me hoping and wondering if she were knocked up. You see, according to her she should have had her period last week and with all the seed they both blew up her cunt, who knows?

I am further concerned because I now feel that she is abusing this privilege of having a little fuck-me-buddy. She has informed me that she wants to go up to Albuquerque for another weekend. I asked her what for and she said that it was to spend “time” with both Mark and David! What a slut!

She just spent three days less than a month a go fucking them both and she has been fucking me in between, what more could she want. Well, I certainly am not going to make it easy for her. If she wants them so bad, I am proposing that she invite them here, to our house for the weekend, with me here! Let’s just see how much they want each other.

Here we are Thursday evening and Barb has just informed me that Mark is coming over to spend the weekend. Apparently David’s girlfriend had plans with him and he can’t break away.

We have arrived at Friday evening and Mark showed up just in time to join us for dinner. It was so weird meeting him. I had asked Barb to introduced me as her friend who is in town while her husband is out of town,

so as far as he in concerned that’s just who I am. I can certainly see now why she is so taken with the guy he is very cute and in his mid to late twenties. Barb is 40 but looks like 29 or 30 and I am 40. It is obvious that Mark has a good physique and packs something pretty powerful in his shorts. He exudes a kind of confident sexual heat.

He has been flirting with my wife and grabbing for her with any opportunity. He probably thinks I am a prude since I have remained more in the back observing. I will catch up with this writing later.

WOW!! What a weekend! I can’t believe that it is already late on Sunday night. Barb has gone to bed and Mark left two hours ago. It is no wonder that my wife has been turned into a cock hound. Sometime after dinner and port on Friday night, Mark invited Barb to the bedroom. He said I could come also and participate or watch he didn’t care.

This has always been a fantasy that I have discussed with Barb on many occasions. I had always wanted to see her being fucked by another guy. Now it was going to happen, she turned around and looked to see if I would follow them and of course I did.

When we reached the bed room Mark wasted no time taking off his t-shirt and shorts. He stood there in all his glory with a partially erect pecker the size of a small country! His muscular torso was defined and he showed a beautiful all over tan.

There was no hair on his body, he too was clean shaven. This made his rock hard prick look like a sword as it jutted out from his strong torso. Barb was right he was pretty thick around, a bit more than me. But, she miss judged his length, this guy was at least 9 inches long. How my petite wife ever accommodated his prick is beyond me. I suppose I was about to find out!

Mark then proceeded to help my wife remove her clothing as I did mine. All the while she kept running her hand over his hard abs and chest right over his veined shaft and then she would caress his large nut sack as if it were a velvet purse containing jewels. This whole scene was making so hard. Then he pulled Barb onto the bed and began making out with her.

I stood there and watched for a moment. They were kissing and groping one another like two teenagers in heat. I found it so exhilarating, and then Barb sat up and without hesitation straddled Marks un-cut cock. Like an old pro she pulled back the foreskin and revealed his engorged head. It was larger in diameter than the shaft.

I was definitely taken back by this guy’s proportion. She placed his head against her opening and started working it into her. Mark placed his hands on her waist and held her above him as she rocked her hips and applied pressure making his large head literally pop into her pussy, she winced as it entered her.

Mark slowly dry fucked his way up my babes love canal as she stiffened for a moment so her cunt could adjust to his size. I was still standing by the bed stroking my own hard-on when Mark asked me if I was going to do something or just stand there.

Barb spoke up and said, “Oh he’s gon’na stand there, I want him to see how a real cock fucks my pussy.”

Barb began to rock her hips as he tightened his grip on her keeping her impaled above him as she continued to sink further down his shaft. The sight of her surrendering herself to Marks rod was so erotic. Her bare cunt was stretched tight and there was barely anything of her cunt lips left visible.

All that could be seen was her bare flesh consuming his as she took it bareback. Barb held herself up by placing her hands on his chest as she rotated her hips around making him burry himself deep inside her.

Barb tilted her head back as she enjoyed the feeling of bottoming out on Marks youthful cock. Her ass was touching his muscular thighs as she began moving herself up and down his rod.

Mark’s hands were placed on her ass as she began to ride him and as each downward thrust was made, Barb gasped for air. Her pussy squished each time his cock went deep inside her as she seemed to struggle for air. Oh fuck that feels so good, fuck me with your big cock,” she exclaimed.

Barb was bathed in sweat. Her body a giant mass of heightened sensation. Mark had worked his entire cock into my wife’s cunt and she was more than enjoying it, she seemed crazed. Barb’s pussy lips clinging onto Marks cock with every stroke. He began picking up the pace.

“Yes oh yes it’s so good, don’t stop,” Barb started repeating.

Then Mark gently twisted himself around until she was now on the bottom and he was on top of her. Her pussy was making slopping sounds as he kept fucking in and out. Barb was holding her legs back offering him as much access to her as possible.

His huge member looked as if it was assaulting her hole with every thrust. It was impossible for me to imagine how she managed to accommodate him. Judging by the sounds and look on her face it was by the will of sheer lust.

Suddenly I watched Mark tense and I realized he was about to cum. Barb seemed to be saying cum in me and Mark was there to oblige. Mark plunged his cock deep into Barbs pussy and groaned like a bull as she locked her legs around his ass pulling him in tighter.

The two of them remained wrapped in wanton ecstasy as he shot straight into her womb. Barb’s eyes seem to glaze over as he continued pumping her with his seed.

“OH yes that’s it, I can feel it,” Barb cried out.

Rivulets of his cum began appearing around the base of Mark’s cock as his strokes slowed. The pulsing jets of hot cum, sent Barb into a mind numbing orgasm that left her body convulsing in pleasure.

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    Very hot. I would love to watch them myself. I love watching my wife suck n fuck big dicks. The more she enjoys it the more I do too. She likes big dicks. Long and thick in her pussy and mouth. And it can be one or more.

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