True To Form


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Section 1

I grew up in a small town in east Kansas. My obsession with fellatio started way back in the year after I graduated from high school. I worked for a year to get college money and that is when I began to get popular. I started maturing fast and by that summer I had two firm little apple-sized tits that turned heads.

I wanted to use them. That’s how it happened that a neighbor of mine taught me the fine art of cocksucking. Johnny was a senior and we used to meet at the library and go riding in his car.

At first, we used to just fool around and experiment with each other’s bodies. I lusted after the hard, firm muscles in his arms and chest, the clean but musky smell of his warm suntanned skin. I covered his chest with kisses and licked lightly over his hard pectorals.

And I loved the feeling I got when he played with my tits — and he loved to play with them! He took a lot of time fondling and sucking them; that’s what made him my favorite date. He was never in a hurry. I’d get all flushed and excited when he slipped a finger into my pussy. He always kept up that heavenly in-and-out motion till I just melted! I’d repay him by stroking his hard cock till he came in my hand.

One summer day he asked me if I wanted to be like the other girls and kiss his dick. Well every girl wants to be accepted by guys so I said, “Sure” and began to kiss it unsure of what I was supposed to do. Soon he was swooning in pleasure and I must admit I was enjoying what I was doing for him. The taste and smell of him was exciting and soon I was wet between my legs!

He told me to take it in my mouth and suck on it. His hand pressed gently on the back of my head and before I knew what to do his dick was entering my inexperienced mouth and that was the very beginning of my cocksucking career.

After that night, I eagerly sucked his cock about twice a week for the entire summer and I really improved my technique with the practice. I learned the essence of cocksucking; that is, guys love it because you are submissive and they feel like victorious warriors or something.

I didn’t care; I just loved doing it! The second time I sucked him, he came in my mouth and I loved the taste and feel of swallowing his cum. I longed for the moment he would begin to moan and twist around in the seat and the feeling of his warm, thick cum spurting into my mouth. This was what I was doing it for. I loved the taste of his cum.

When I entered college I was quite an accomplished cocksucker, but I made sure that my reputation didn’t suffer. I was one of the best looking girls around and I was getting asked out on dates by dozens of guys. If the guy didn’t click with me, he didn’t even get to first base but if I liked him a lot, I usually gave in after a token struggle and sucked him off.

Then I swore I would never go out with him again if I ever heard that it got around. Naturally, they wanted a return match so most of them kept their mouths shut. About the most I ever heard were some vague rumors and the guys who had actually had had one of my accomplished blowjobs always denied them. Since they tended to be the best looking and most popular guys on campus, they were believed and they got more dates with me.

I never let one of those guys down; I always gave them a great blowjob. I guess you could say that I was addicted to the male member. I just loved the feeling of getting on my knees, taking a half-stiff cock into my mouth and feeling it get hard. I was pretty much in control of those guys but at that moment I always felt a flood of pleasure as I became obedient and submissive. I didn’t have many female friends but I sure had plenty of high-quality dates.

I sucked my way through my four years of college playing it that way, having a ball, literally. After college, I met Fred. Fred was in his last year of dental school. We hit it off right away and soon we were talking about marriage.

Married life with Fred wasn’t what I expected it to be at all. I found it confining to say the least. As it turned out, after two years of marriage Fred admitted to me that he didn’t like oral sex, giving or receiving.

I was stunned! I thought all guys would rather have a blowjob than a fuck! But Fred didn’t care much for sex in any mode. Sometimes weeks went by without him touching me. I used to lie in bed having been rejected by him and craving a hard cock. I remembered my single years as Miss Cocksucker of the Campus and began to yearn for the guys I had known then.

In my fourth year of marriage our first child arrived. I was intent on being a good mother. Then, two years later, my second child was born. Now I had two little ones taking up all my time but something was still missing. I used to stay up at night with a sick feeling in my stomach.

I knew what it was, all right; it was sex — especially the rich, voluptuous oral variety. After our second child was born, Fred lost all interest in me sexually. Now my life was really miserable. I stayed loyal to him for the next year or so. He became a very successful dentist and I was the Dentist’s Wife.

My life changed one day when I was shopping in a mall clear on the other side of town from where I live. I was walking through a bookstore when a nice looking man, a little older than I, asked me what I thought of a biography he was considering. A thrill went through me the minute he spoke to me. He seemed like a decent sort, just interested in the book, so I told him I hadn’t read it but had heard good things about it. That seemed the best thing to say to cover both, my ignorance and my nervousness.

We talked a little longer, then he thanked me and asked me if he could buy me a drink in the restaurant. I had plenty of time so, against my better judgement, I agreed to join him for one drink — just one.

One drink led to another and soon I was finishing my third margarita and feeling no pain. By now I was sure that he was playing me and I didn’t care! I was enjoying being the center of his very masculine attention. I was laughing freely like I had in the old days.

His name was James, he said, and he worked for a publishing house not far from the mall. He was married but he wanted to see me again. I told him that I didn’t think that could be possible since I was happily married but every nerve in my body was screaming, “Say yes, you idiot! Yes, yes, yes!”

My heart just sank at the disappointed expression on his handsome face. I guess I gave myself away because he asked if he could have just one kiss before we parted. I knew with a fatal certainty that that was the turning point. If I allowed it, I would be done for — a sure goner and on my knees with his dick in my mouth in no time! There would be no going back! And that’s exactly what I wanted! The war inside me was excruciating, but short!

I stuttered a little but gave in with a huge lump of excitement in my chest. It was then that he did something that I was totally unprepared for. He leaned over and kissed me hard on my lips. I responded immediately to his kiss and my tongue met his in a dance between our mouths.

I was on fire. This was the first time in years that a man had kissed me with passion and I loved the feeling. He asked me if I was uncomfortable since there were other people in the restaurant and quite frankly I was a little self-conscious so I followed him out to his car — just to say goodbye. I was lost and I knew it!

I guess my old instincts were coming back to me because as we walked to his car, I kept wondering what his cock would look like — what it would smell like and even feel like between my lips. God! It had been so long! I was as hot as I had ever been in college and it was obvious to me, even through the three-margarita haze that I would do whatever he wanted — not because I was tipsy but because I wanted him! I was through resisting and eager for his first move — to which I would respond full force!

Section 2

When we got into his car, he took me into his arms and kissed me even more deeply and fervently than before. His hands began to roam and soon they were all over my body. I was helpless and glad of it! I offered him no resistance at all. He was having his way with me and I was thinking of only one thing. I had to taste his cock.

Here I was, a woman married to a very successful dentist, with two young daughters and I was sitting in this stranger’s car, legs spread for him, giving him full access to my entire body and his fingers going in and out of my wet cunt. I was out of control and had no interest in stopping him! All I wanted was to have his cock in my mouth!

Then he unzipped his fly and took his cock out. It was semi hard but all I thought was how much I wanted it. I gasped out loud and asked him if I could hold it and he said yes. I stroked it gently up and down with both of my hands. Instinctively I bent my head toward his big gorgeous cock but he stopped me.

“Can’t I have it . . . Please!” I was shameless in my need and felt the embarrassment rise in me even as I pleaded.

“Not yet my hot and lovely lady.”

Not yet? What was wrong with him, didn’t he want me to go down on him? I was stroking him fast, now and he placed his hand on my wrist slowing the action. I was so hot that I was having a hard time catching my breath. Finally, he said, “You can kiss it now and lick it with your tongue, but don’t take it into you mouth until I tell you that you may.”

I bent down and kissed his cock like it was the most incredible cock in the world — which it was to me at that hot wet moment. I wanted it bad! After about ten excruciating minutes of kissing and licking his now rock-hard cock he placed his hand on the back of my neck.

“Are you ready to please me?” he asked.

I was so hot all I could say was “Yes! I will!” He chuckled a bit and told me he had never seen a woman so hungry for cock in all his life. He asked me how badly I wanted to suck his cock and I immediately started to beg for it. He told me to take it into my mouth a little at a time and make love to it, slowly.

When his cock slipped past my lips for the first time I realized what had been missing in my life, why I had been so miserable all these years.

Floods of lust rolled through me, soaking my panties and roaring in my ears! The voluptuous feel of his stiff, round cockhead thrilled me till I nearly fainted. I tightened my lips on it and heard my own muffled whimper of gratitude and need.

I did as I was told and sucked his cock very slowly, luxuriating in the thick hard feel of his shaft, loving the scrape of the head on the roof of my mouth and cheeks. The odor of him was more intoxicating than the alcohol! He told me to take it out of my mouth and kiss and lick it again. I was now like a wild animal, kissing it licking it with my tongue and begging him to let me have it in my mouth again.

“Do you like the taste of cum?” he asked. I couldn’t speak, merely mumbled an “Uh-huh!” around the swollen purple head of his cock.

“Then finish me off!”

I took his cock into my mouth more eagerly than I could ever remember. I sucked so hard and fast that my neck began to ache from the strain. After a while, he grabbed my head and held me steady and began to thrust in and out between my lips.

He told me to stay still because he was going to fuck my mouth until he came. He was working his cock in and out of my mouth as if he were fucking my cunt. He just kept thrusting it in and pulling it out. I wanted to tell him how much I wanted his cum but with his cock going in and out of my mouth like a piston I couldn’t say a word. I held my lips tight around his rock-hard shaft to give him all the pleasure I could!

A wonderful feeling came over me; one I have never felt before in my life. All of a sudden it happened, I started to feel things I haven’t felt since before I married Fred, when I used to suck my dates off in the moonlight of a park or on my knees in a car. I came.

Actually had an orgasm while sucking his cock. Seconds later he came in my mouth and gave me a wonderful load of warm, salty cum. It was more than I was ready for but I swallowed every drop. I kept on licking and kissing his cock until it went limp. All I could do was thank him over and over.

He asked me if I enjoyed sucking his cock and all I could say was, “Oh, Yes!” He asked me if I would like to do it again and again I said, “Gladly! Anytime!” I had to have his cock in my mouth again and soon. I told him that I’d love to make love to his cock anytime he wanted as long as I could get out of the house. He told me that he would never cause me martial problems but that I would blow him every chance I got. I told him that I’d never let him down as long as Fred never found out.

Well it’s been two years and I’ve never let him down. Fred found out because I told him one night in a fit of frustration and he is gone. Most of my meetings with James are during the day because he’s still married and I like that just fine.

I’ve also selected three other men and meet them regularly. I am choosy about whom I go down on though. I don’t go out looking for strange men, but I will do anything for men who are introduced to me by my other oral friends. I even let them fuck me sometimes as long as they let me suck their cocks first and give me their cum in my hungry mouth when they’re finished fucking me.

For the time being, I have no plans for a second husband. My life is heaven as I have plenty of men to satisfy my very special needs now. I don’t get that sick feeling in my stomach any more either.

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