Trish Emerges


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Section 1

My wife and I had married fairly young, especially for her since I am almost 5 years older than she is. She was merely weeks out of her teens when we wed, and for a long time her modesty was at times a challenge.

She was too timid to undress in front of me in the light, and sex was always in complete darkness. Over the months and a few years she began to loosen up slightly, to the point where nudity around the house wasn’t a problem, but anything outdoors, in public, or with anyone else around remained in that veil of modesty. This was in spite of her having a dynamite body, but we’re all different.

With lots of prodding and begging she finally began to allow me to take a picture now and then of her partially dressed, and eventually I was able to get some shots of her awesome breasts. They aren’t huge, small C cups at best, but they are firm, stand pert, and are beautiful as well as tasty. So, finally with some photos in hand I took the liberty to circulate a few to a couple of websites in hopes that some positive comments would loosen up my wife a little.

Well, the positive comments came and they had just about the opposite reaction from what I’d wanted. Instead of being appreciative and accepting of their comments and a few requests for more, she became embarrassed and closed those modesty doors even tighter. Things went backwards from what I’d wanted, at least for a while.

We took a trip to Jamaica and though I couldn’t get her to agree to visit one of the more open resorts, the place we stayed at did have a nude beach area and was populated primarily with Europeans. That week was filled with topless women aplenty and even though I couldn’t get Trish to visit the nude area I did catch her looking in that direction several times.

I once even got her to go into the nude hot tube one night, but only long enough for her to officially comply with my pleas and then she was back out and the bikini back on. The one thing that was good, though, was that Trish got to witness a lot of breasts of all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages that week and I think it made her more comfortable in how she looked and with the idea of being more open in her dress.

Once back home I approached the topic of some exposure to Trish, and she had come to some mixed feelings. She was curious about how people would view her body, as good or not, but she was still too shy to actually expose herself openly.

We had been invited to a party at the house of some friends that live on the lake nearby and I suggested that perhaps her top could “fall down” at some point, but she was still to timid for that, her knowing those people and all. So, the trick was to be around strangers that she wasn’t likely to meet again.

I had a group of fellows coming to town in a few weeks for a business meeting and it was up to me to arrange all of their lodging, meals, entertainment, etc. I didn’t know these guys personally and it was most likely that I’d never see them again after this event, so I began to think of something where Trish could work as a waitress or something and see how things went from there.

A poker night would work perfectly, and I’d simply tell the guys that I had the refreshments and bar arranged. Trish agreed to work as the waitress and barmaid and she agreed that she would wear a shear blouse with no bra and would allow the buttons to hang free, giving the guys a good look at her boobs.

The day arrived and Trish was nervous like I’d never seen her before. I told her to relax, and have a drink or two if she needed to. Plus, I told her it would only go as far and show as much as she wanted, that I would be there as her “employer” to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Since there were only three other guys going to participate, she was okay with this plan. And I must say that when she dressed she looked hot.

The blouse was so sheer that you could plainly see her dark areolas and when her nipples stood erect the fabric was only a tease. She had bought a pair of very short shorts and the thong allowed her butt cheeks to peak out the bottom whenever she bent over any at all. It was all I could do to keep from jumping her right then and there!

I’d arranged for an extra hotel room, had a bar set up back in the vanity area and a table set up for the card game. I also gave Trish a key so she could arrive before I got the guys there, and I took them to a restaurant for some food before going to the hotel room for the card game.

The “hospitality” room was just down the hall from where these guys were staying, so it worked well. When I got there with the guys Trish was already there and had some snacks laid out on the card table. As we came in she stepped out from the vanity area in the back of the room and I thought those guys were going to jump her on the spot.

The comments were complimentary, albeit a step cruder then Trish was used to, and there were a number of pats to the butt as she made her way through the room bringing drinks. I could tell by the grin on Trish’s face that she’d already had several drinks and though she was a bit flush with embarrassment I could tell she was loving the attention. I think it helped that I was there but without those guys knowing our relationship.

After the first round of drinks I stepped back to the restroom to take a leak and whispered to Trish to loosen the blouse buttons, at least down below her boobs, and to make sure she bent over really far and long for the guys to get a good look.

Trish snickered and to my surprise unbuttoned all but the last button where it was tucked into her shorts. The blouse was loose enough that any movement at all gave glimpses of her perfect tits. When she walked back out with a couple of the drinks all three of those guys hooted and cheered and began to beg for more of a look.

When she brought the rest of the drinks they were still begging and Trish gave me a quick questioning look, and I gave a slight nod for her to take her shirt off. After setting the drinks down Trish surprised me yet again as she stood there as if waiting to make sure we were all looking, pulled the shirt out from her shorts, unbuttoned the last button and tossed the shirt aside.

Her beautiful tits were now in full view of these guys and Trish was grinning bigger than I’d ever seen her grin. She hopped back to the vanity area as the guys cheered and begged for more, and I dealt another hand.

As we played the game Trish would wander through the room, siding up behind and beside the different guys at the table, me included, and each guy would take the liberty to rub her tits or reach around and grab a feel of her tight ass.

From his actions I could tell one guy was reaching around behind Trish and putting his hand and fingers up under her shorts, most likely rubbing her asshole and pussy. From the expression on Trish’s face I’m sure he was doing a good job, too. The next guy she sided to went so far as to unfasten her shorts in front and zip them down, but they were a tight fitting pair and wouldn’t fall on their own.

Trish pulled away and continued to move about the room with her shorts open, giving us all glimpses of the red silk thong she was wearing underneath. As Trish came past me I turned and yanked her shorts down to her ankles, leaving her standing there in nothing but that skimpy red silk thong. Her ass was tight and the front patch over her pussy was damp with her juices. This was unreal, and she was loving every minute of it.

After a couple more drinks the guys were getting a bit rowdy and I was becoming a little concerned they were going to throw her across the table and have their way with her. I think Trish was getting that vibe too, even though she was loving the attention and affect she was having on them, so I followed her back to the vanity and asked if she wanted to leave.

Section 2

She did, so I went back out and announced that her paid time was past expired and that she was leaving, and told them I was tired and would be leaving too but they were welcome to stay and play cards and drink as long as they wished.

I then turned on some porn on the TV to distract them and as Trish emerged clothed I followed her out and to her car. As she was about to get into her car Trish turned to me, hugged me and gave me a deep kiss then told me she was wetter than she’d ever been and intended to fuck me royally when we got home. Let’s just say it was almost a race to see which of us got there first!

Over the next few days we often discussed our experience, and I say ours because it was new ground for both of us. Trish loved it and I found that it was immensely more erotic seeing those guys paw over her than I’d ever imagined it would be. Trish was game for more, as was I, but we both didn’t know if we were ready for it to advance to full sexual contact yet.

So, we decided to let the next opportunity roll with what seemed right with either of us having the ability to call it off at any time. Now, this was real progress. Trish began to wear more appealing clothing, not trashy but daring in a sophisticated way. She even began to wear her hair in a new, more appealing fashion that highlighted her natural features. In short, she was feeling very good about herself and comfortable with herself.

Over the next few weeks and months as we would go out for dinner or drinks or a movie I’d suggest to Trish that she wear a loose fitting top, sleeveless with a deep plunging neck and no bra. The extra attention from the waiters was marvelous and she loved the attention, evidenced by her almost endlessly hardened nipples. Then, about two months after the card game event, we decided to take a mini-vacation of sorts to a resort a couple hundred miles away.

The place was very nice, upscale in a casual elegant sort of way, and very secluded from the tourists of the area. There were spas and pools and all sorts of activities available, as well as a private beach area that was buffered from the general public and watched by resort lifeguards.

Way off to one end of the beach was a section even more private and hidden from view which was a clothing optional section. Though there were no staff there it was complete with a shelter of sorts, restrooms, a fully stocked bar and snack buffet and a lounge area. Trish and I decided that this would be the perfect place to advance our exhibitionist experiences.

The next morning we hit the spa for a massage then after lunch and some shopping in the village we decided to take in the “hot spot” as we began to refer the clothing optional area. Trish had bought a totally sexy white bikini that barely covered her areolas on top and the string thong bottom had just enough fabric in front to hide the wisp of blond she’d left just above her pussy.

She tans easily, and this bikini looked dynamite on her, turning heads throughout the resort veranda and across the beach as we strolled towards the hot spot. Once in a while I’d look around and began to notice a few guys that had joined in our journey, no doubt wanting to catch a view of Trish’s firm tits and tiny blond pussy fully exposed. Shoot, just knowing they were following and no doubt enjoying the view of her ass walking along was making my dick hard.

When we got to the hot spot most of the bathers there had been there all afternoon and were obviously in the mode of departure. A few stragglers stayed on as we disrobed, found chase lounges for our things and waded out into the surf to cool off. The guys following mostly lingered around the entrance to the nude area, close enough to watch Trish and the other women but not fully in the area themselves.

We’d played in the surf for a while, sunned on the chases for a while, and as the sun was dropping low in the sky the crowd of voyeurs had dwindled to two to four, some coming and some going. Trish and I decided to check out the hut and grab a snack and something to drink. By now we were the only nudies left and as we entered the hut I noticed a crowd of four guys heading our way.

The hut was cooler than the beach and the drinks refreshing. Trish took a bar stool just about the time the guys entered the hut, and I was behind the bar getting some snacks out. Trish spun around to face the four of them and smiling she said, “Hi, guys.

What’s up?” They all sort of laughed and moved for a closer look while Trish just sat and smiled. Compliments came forth about her looking so fine, so tanned, so fit, so sexy, and when they were merely a few feet away Trish spread her legs wide on the stool, exposing her pussy to them in full array.

That stopped them in their tracks and left them speechless. After a few moments Trish spoke up, " Alright guys, you’ve seen me. Now either you drop your drawers and show me the goods or I call security." Her hand was on the phone set already and they knew she meant business. As one by one their cocks sprang to daylight Trish smiled broader and broader then with another surprise she told them, “You can look all you want and touch all you want, but that’s all, understand?”

Trish was descended upon like bees on a honeycomb. With four dicks surrounding her there were hands on boobs and fingers probing her pussy. Each guy was stroking himself, as I was standing there behind the bar watching the action, my dick hard as I’ve ever felt it. Trish had moved to one of the couches and had laid back across the back so that her pussy was accessible for their fingers and her tits standing almost straight up as she arched her back across the seat back.

The guys were hovered around her, jacking themselves towards reward and I noticed Trish begin to hold and stroke one then another of the strangers’ dicks. As soon as she touched the first guy he exploded onto her tits with his full load of cum, and she directed the blast to her nipple, rubbing the head of his dick around her nipple as he finished. The second guy then moved to the opposite tit and began to moan, while the third took his place where the first had been and Trish took him in hand.

This rotation continued until the fourth guy was about to cum and I moved to between her legs and knelt down on my knees. As the fourth guy was contributing to the pools of white cum spread across Trish’s breasts I slid my own rock hard dick up into the well lubricated pussy and with my thumb on top of Trish’s clit we both came home together while the four horsemen watched.

The next morning Trish was too embarrassed to go down to the dining hall for breakfast so we ordered room service in. We lounged around the room most of the morning and talked about the evening before, both agreeing that the experience was fantastic. In fact, Trish wants more but she is too timid to face the men afterwards. We even talked about her sucking cock and letting them fuck her in future “adventures”. That’s when Trish asked me if she was becoming a cum slut.

Talk about an emergence!

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