Trip to Cancun


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Section 1

She had wanted to look nice for her husband during their trip to Cancun and so had gone shopping in earnest! He had told her this was a trip to forget about their troubles, their jobs and other worries; to let their hair down so to speak.

He had asked her to think of him as she shopped and to make purchasing decisions with his desires in mind. She, of course, knew what that meant as he had begun to have kinkiness come out that she hadn’t seen in their many years of marriage.

This new side of him embarrassed her. He would ask her to dress sexy and to show a little leg or a little cleavage. To what advantage she could not clearly figure out but it seemed to turn him on when he would talk of her body being admired by other men. He loved the look of her ass and he loved when others admired her sexiness as well.

He occasionally added begging for a public braless repose but she wasn’t comfortable presenting herself in that fashion where she might run into a friend or co-worker. She worried about being out in public where it would be obvious to her that her nipples were attracting more attention than her face.

It wasn’t that she was a prude. She, too, enjoyed being noticed by men, but, she was married after all and reserved her sexiness for her husband and then, only in their bedroom. Of course, there had been a time when she wore short skirts showing enough to make men dream of her sex and sheer panties just in case dreams developed into more.

She used to enjoy going sans bra, with the expected impact upon the male genus as their eyes revealed that her face had not been noticed in favor of other views; but that was a long time ago and of course before she was married. As she walked by store fronts she sometimes thought of again wearing those cute little things and of the impact they would have upon men even as they would know only that it was another man, her husband, who would be enjoying her sex, not them.

Their trip, however, was far from home and a safe distance from familiar faces and so she attended to her husbands wishes and shopped for sexy things. Most items brought into the changing rooms of course were silly for a woman married this many years. She had tried skirts and dresses that, once on, became obvious she could not have bent over without showing the world everything between her legs.

She tried on others along with separate tops that were either so sheer that her cup size could easily have been guessed or so low cut that the underside of her breasts would clearly be visible. While she liked the way she looked in these outfits and while she knew her husband would as well, she wasn’t quite ready to show Cancun all of her pert 34B’s or everything beneath her skirt confirming that she was indeed a true redhead.

She did, however, succeed in some purchases she knew he would like. Sheer thigh high stockings to wear with matching thongs of course was a given in support of his regular past requests. Bra shopping was more difficult but eventually she found a couple which were quite sheer as he had requested with just enough lace to be interesting to her man. She also found a few tops for which she could only go bra-less per his desires and a couple dresses that she knew her husband would like if the right occasion presented itself.

Finally, a new one piece bathing suit, that she wasn’t sure she would actually wear to the beach given its cut practically to her navel, rounded out her purchases. She found herself enjoying her choices and the surprise of revealing them that she would keep hidden from her husband until the time was right.

Their first couple of days and nights in Mexico were fairly standard and uneventful. Shopping and tours provided the events of the day with nice restaurants at night as they began to relax from the fading pressures from their home life.

On day three they decided it was time to go to the beach. Their all inclusive hotel had a nice beach and snorkeling equipment was provided. Her husband, a great lover of snorkeling, was pacing the floor as she tried on her new swimsuit.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror she didn’t know how she could go outside let alone outside of the bathroom. Her lightly freckled skin was much too pale from a winter in the Midwest. She was certain she would blind anyone who saw her! Further, the suit was much more revealing standing in front of the wall length mirror than it had been in the tiny dressing room with poor lighting.

The green and beige camouflage look worked well and looked nice on her but her breasts were far too apparent for her comfort. The v-cut barely covered her nipples while the gap created by her protruding breasts showed practically the entire underside of her breasts as she turned sideways to examine the view others would have as she walked past them.

Her decision was made; there was no way she was going outside in this suit but she did have to leave the bathroom to get to her suitcase for another less revealing option. Walking out into the bedroom of the suite she didn’t actually notice her husband until she heard his exclamation as his snorkeling gear dropped to the floor.

“Oh my god” were his only words.

“You can’t tell me you like this suit; I’m too white and it’s too revealing.”

“Oh my god” was his repeated reply.

She felt her blush rise as she felt his eyes on her. “Does that mean you like it or does that mean you are appalled and embarrassed to see me in this? I tried to get something sexy for you but I don’t think this will work for me.”

“Oh my god; it absolutely works for me” he hoarsely whispered as he strode toward her. He was on her at the conclusion of his statement as his lips met hers hungrily pushing his tongue between them. “You are absolutely fuckable in that suit!” It took him about as long as that statement to push the fabric aside so that his hands could grope what had been barely covered a second before.

“I’ve got to take you, I’ve got to have you now, god you are so damn hot in that” he urged as he pulled the straps off her shoulders and pushed the suit down off her hips.

“Stop that; go close the drapes; people can see in here.”

“No they can’t; and there is not time for that. I have to have you now” was all that was said with his new found sense of urgency on something other than snorkeling.

At the moment it didn’t matter to him that they were on the first floor or that people were walking by probably just fifty feet away as he pushed himself into her. “You are so fucking hot; every man on the beach is going to wish he could fuck you!

They all are going to be wishing they could lick your nipples and pound your pussy. Oh god you turn me on so much, you make me so hard” he implored as he began pumping her with a vigor she hadn’t felt from him in a long time.

She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper into her, closing her eyes as she felt him cum way too fast. Even so, she smiled as she felt desired and desirable; knowing that her man found her sexy as he kissed her deeply before dropping his head to the bed to catch his breath and eventually rolling off her.

“Feeling better?”

“Much; sorry, it’s just that swim suit was too much for me.”

“Well I guess I shouldn’t wear it outside then!”

“Why not? I’d love to see the reaction you’d get from all the men.”

“I wouldn’t get a reaction at all. They would find me too white and too old.”

“Oh I don’t think so; in fact I know they would want you.”

“Right” she issued sarcastically.

“Well, all I can say is if you had glanced out the window a few moments ago you would have had proof that men found you sexy.”

Their snorkeling adventure was uneventful, not surprisingly, given that she kept herself wrapped in her towel until they hit the water, dropping it only at the last minute as she again covered herself with the ocean. But, the underwater views were worth it as the sea life was abundant. Her viewing was only occasionally interrupted by a grope here and there by her continuing appreciative, but now somewhat annoying husband.

Section 2

He had big plans for their evening at a local bar for dancing. She also had planned a surprise for him. To carry out her plans, however, she sent him off to grab a table while she finished dressing.

At the bar, as directed, he picked out a table at the back which was past the dance floor, and he ordered two Black Russians for each of them.

He had dispatched one of his when he heard wolf whistles causing him to look toward the door. Walking across the room was his beautiful wife in obviously an outfit she must have just purchased as he had never seen her wear something like this before. It was silver and sparkly and knee length.

However, it also had a front slit, and later he would see a matching back slit, cut just inches below what he had so enjoyed earlier. To top off the ensemble, however, was the halter top, which just barely covered her luscious breasts, which fairly obviously allowed for her nipples to poke through the fabric and her black, sexy, cum fuck me shoes.

She was, in fact, a goddess who was very obviously being appreciated by those intently watching her stroll across the floor. She smiled toward his glazed, and very happy, look as he noted the drooling all around her.

Arriving at the table she pulled a chair out to angle toward her husband and the dance floor, seductively lowering herself to the seat. Before she could cross her amazing legs he was able to clearly see her shear, white butterfly thong, which even as she moved to cross her legs was still drawing his eyes toward what he immediately wanted again.

“Oh my god” he emphasized for the second time that day. Leaning toward her he added “I have gotten totally hard watching you walk across the floor; I won’t be able to dance at all!”

She grabbed the Black Russian waiting for her; downed it and declared “that’s ok, I’m sure I can find others to dance with me” as the band resumed their set.

It was one of her favorite songs. “Let’s dance” she declared.

“I can’t. I can’t stand up with this hard on!”

“OK” she casually shot out with her sexy “I need to get fucked” smile. She stood and surveyed the room for a moment and then moved onto the now crowded floor. She began swaying to the music, closing her eyes and feeling the beat as she moved into the floor.

She felt a hand on her arm; “dance with me” was all that was said as she was grabbed around the waist.

Her partner was a good dancer, a seductive dancer. He turned her, pushed toward her, and moved her to the music. He was tall, dark, and toned from many hours spent on the beach. As the music grew in tempo and the crowd thickened she felt herself being pushed closer to him. She felt his hand on the small of her back as she smiled into his eyes.

She hardly noticed as his hand dropped to her ass pulling her into him. She did notice when she felt his hardness push into her as he leaned his lips to her ear “you are the most sensual woman here and I have to have you.” He moved his face into her cheek, sliding his lips toward hers as she felt his fingers move the fabric of her dress and gently brushing her nipple. She felt his hardness grow.

The song ended as his lips touched hers. She felt a renewed wetness between her legs but even so she pulled away from him, moving through the crowd and away from him as the next song took up the beat.

She found herself grabbed by a new partner. This new man was shorter, perhaps just an inch or two taller than her 5 foot, six inch height. She found herself again dancing. As they danced his eyes averted down from her face to notice what she also now noticed, that both her areolas had been partially exposed by her movements and her previous partners advances.

She moved to cover herself as he grabbed her arm pulling her toward him. “Baby, I can tell what you want. I’m here for you. I will show you something.” He kept hold of her arm as he turned, moving her through the crowd into an adjacent room that she had not noticed until now forcing her to half trot after him. “Friends”, he yelled into the room, “I have a new friend!”

As her eyes adjusted to the darker, and seemingly empty room she noticed figures moving toward her. The first approached her handing her a glass “I see you are drinking Black Russians and I have brought you one; drink up.” She wondered how he would have known her drink but she took the glass and downed it as he handed her another, which she also downed.

“Let’s dance” was the response from her Black Russian benefactor as he moved her to the music. “You are a most exquisite being, my lady. You should not hide your beauty.”

She felt her apprehension grow but at the same time the Black Russians had begun to take effect which simultaneously dropper her inhibitions. She had a nervous, unsure feeling but at the same time had become aroused by the men who so obviously wanted her.

She felt the halter of her dress drop off her shoulders as he had expertly unsnapped the single clasp. She gasped and moved her hands to cover herself but found herself restrained as one of the men behind her pulled her arms toward him.

“Come taste some nipple, friends!” her captor yelled as more men than she could count approached her.

She closed her eyes, half in fear, half in excitement as the liquor continued its effect. She felt a tongue on her, flicking across a nipple as she felt a tongue on her other breast moving toward her other nipple. She sighed as she felt her breath shorten and breasts rise to meet their tongues.

She felt herself leaning back toward her captor with her head on his shoulder as she realized the skirt of her dress had been raised and was now bunched above her waist. Hands were now all over her. Her ass was being groped, squeezed and massaged, her thighs were being kissed and she felt a hand massaging between her legs as she felt, then heard, a moan escape her lips.

She had come to realize that she was totally aroused; that she was in a room full of men and that she was most likely about to be gang banged. But she also felt herself giving into the touches of these men as she felt her increasing moist pussy grow into a flowing wetness!

She was being kissed and fondled all over her neck, her breasts, and her legs as she felt the hand on her pussy move the fabric aside. A tongue was now on her, licking up and down her slit, just touching her clit which made her shudder and become weak in her knees. She was now lost in the moment; in the emotion of knowing that she was being taken by strangers in a way she didn’t even allow for her husband.

When he had made past efforts to bring her to an orgasm with his tongue she had pushed him away but now she felt a tingling in her pussy from the tongue of a stranger that was creating an excitement she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

She began to shudder as she felt her orgasm building as she pushed her pussy into that tongue, humping it for all she was worth. She felt herself moaning, and groaning as she felt his tongue inside her. And then, there it was as she felt her pussy contract; feeling her chest and face flush as she attempted to push her pussy even further into the tongue that was making her feel so good.

“Oh god…..”

Her knees grew weak as she twitched seemingly endlessly urging her body to continue her orgasm. As she began coming down a mask was placed over her eyes so that she could now see nothing within the room. She felt herself smile as she felt the mass of manhood begin to push her, half dragging her further into the room. She knew that her evening being pleasured by these men was not yet over.

She felt herself bump into something solid and recognized that they had taken her to a table. She felt her wrists tied as she was pushed onto about a four-foot round table. With her feet still on the ground her chest was pushed onto the table with her halter and her skirt both still bunched at her waist.

With a pair of hands pushing down on her back she recognized that the rope ends were being tied to the table legs such that she could not have moved off the table had she wanted to. She noted that in this position her ass was now completely exposed to all the men in the room.

Section 3

She felt hands on her thong which was quickly pulled down her legs and discarded. She heard a combination of cheers and applause along with various appreciative comments such as “good god isn’t that a tasty looking pussy” and “who wants to sample this cunt next?”

She was hornier than she had remembered being since maybe her twenties, perhaps fueled by the four, or was it five, Black Russians. She had no intention of resisting as she felt her legs pushed wide apart. A face appeared in front of her lifting the covering off her eyes.

“Now my lady, you are going to get fucked. You wish to get fucked do you not? “I know how much proper ladies like you long to be fucked by horny big dicks” he said with an almost toothless smile.

Suddenly aware of where this could lead she began to panic, just a bit too late. “No, let me go.”

She began to panic in earnest. Where was her husband she wondered; why wasn’t he looking for her? Should she scream out? Would anybody hear her over the sound of the band? Would they hurt her if she did? Would she be best off if she just played along, went limp, passed out or pretended to pass out?

“We cannot. We cannot let you go until you admit that while you pretend to be all proper you really just want to get fucked.”

“No, that’s not me” she implored. Internally she began to recognize that maybe it was her, that somehow the man was right. She became more aware of her nakedness. How did she get here and get like this, draped and tied over a table with her pussy wide open and wanting?

Hadn’t she liked what they had done to her so far, hadn’t she cum? She thought she had remembered that she had cum; she suddenly became more aware of the arousal in her body, of how wet she was down below, of the feeling of the hardness of her nipples.

She was aroused; scared but aroused. She wanted this to end; she wanted to be rescued, and yet she liked how they had touched her, how they were still touching her. She felt hands on her back, on her ass, rubbing up and down her legs. She felt her arousal between her legs. She felt a hand brush across her clit; she shuddered involuntarily; she felt her wetness grow. She wanted that hand to touch her again.

Did that thought just go through her mind? She couldn’t believe her thoughts; but still she wanted to shudder again; she wanted to feel that hand. Where was her husband? Was he looking for her? “Ooooh” that hand felt good “yes keep doing that” she thought to herself. “Just a little more, yes that feels good” she thought. She heard herself moan. Was that really her? Had she moaned out loud?

“Oh yes” she whispered. She didn’t think they heard her. She had to keep quiet. She couldn’t encourage them. She had to think of something else; to go someplace else emotionally. “Oh god” she panted as she felt a finger enter her. She felt her ass involuntarily move up off the table to meet his finger. “Oh god” she whimpered as her ass was moving up and down off the table. She had to stop that, but oh she felt good. “Oh fuck…”; that was a tongue on her clit! She shuddered again.

“Yes it is you. Now admit it. You want a cock pounding your pussy don’t you? Admit it or we will not let you go. You want a cock now, don’t you? We can all tell what you want. You obviously cannot hide your desires from us with that beautiful ass moving around like that” as the rest of the room laughed in approval.

“Yes.” She couldn’t believe she had uttered that out loud but god yes, she knew that she wanted a cock in her. At the moment she wanted nothing but cock in her. She wondered why there wasn’t one in her already; what were they waiting for and why? Why wouldn’t they just shove into her? What were they waiting for? She hoped it was a big cock. She hoped it was a cock that knew what it was doing. “Oh god” she moaned, yes she wanted a cock and she wanted it now.

“Yes, what, I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, I want a cock.” She felt a cock rubbing up and down her slit, ready to enter her, stopping at her entrance. “Please put it in” she moaned. Why wasn’t he putting that big thing in her? Didn’t he know she wanted it? Couldn’t he tell she was attempting to position herself better for him? Why was he making her beg? Why didn’t he just push it in? Didn’t he know she needed to feel her pussy lips wrapped around it?

“I am not convinced. How much do you want this man’s cock?”

“I want it, yes I want his cock.” She was certain her voice had changed somehow from reluctance to desire. Could they tell? Could they tell that she really did want it?


“Yes, now, I want his cock, please fuck me” she heard herself whimpering and at the same time begging; begging in earnest. She was sure they knew. She felt a cock push into her from behind.

“Do you want him to fuck you faster and harder? Tell me, tell us.”

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me faster, fuck me harder.” She felt the cock pump her urgently.

She heard the men urge the other man on, telling him to “pound the slut, to cum in her.”

“Oh god that feels good” she moaned. “Oh god, yes” she moaned as the man pounded in and out of her. “Oh god” her pussy felt good; excited and wet. “Oh god yes, keep doing that” she whimpered as he was thrusting in and out of her, the sound of him slapping in and against her somehow apparent over the din of the band.

“Do you want his cum?”


“Tell us.”

“Yes, I want him to cum in me, please cum in me” she begged. The man pounded faster and harder as he pumped her like she hadn’t been in a long, long time. “Oh god yes” she shouted as her fright had long since faded into absolute lust. “Oh god yes.” She knew she shouldn’t be excited, but she didn’t want the man to stop. “Oh god” she felt herself moving toward an orgasm.

“Oh god.” Yes, she did want his cum and that of a man after him, and then another. She felt her excitement grow as her awareness grew that the whole room could take her and that she would tell them that is what she wanted. “Oh god” she moaned as she thought about how many cocks might do her; about how satisfied she was going to be. She became aware that a smile had once again formed on her lips.

She heard a moan and she felt cum squirting in her as she felt her own release building yet again and then her moan escaped her throat with a whisper of “oh god fuck, fuck me. Yes, yes! Fuck my pussy, oh yes, I feel your cum! Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop, oh god, yes, you fuck, fuck me, oh god yes” as she felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and felt him spurting his seed inside her.

With one last push he stood still and held her hips as he finished unloading inside her. After a moment or two she felt him slip out as he backed away.

“Oh god that was good” she whispered to herself. She felt her next thought; “next?” She wanted to feel another cock in her; a bigger cock perhaps. She wondered how many cocks were in the room and how big they were. She hoped to feel a really big cock like she had read about in the porn stories of her younger years of literature exploration.

She felt his cum running down her legs, or maybe that was her, or probably both she thought. Was someone going to add to it? “Please” she thought. She wanted more, “please give her more” she begged to herself.

She closed her eyes as she heard the men moving around. “Oh god” she thought, they are going to give her another cock. She smiled yet again. She became aware that she could not hear voices, in fact she couldn’t hear anything other than the band. She felt her left hand being untethered. She didn’t move. Then she felt her right hand being untied. She still did not move. “What was next” she wondered. Maybe they were going to take her someplace else and fuck her. “Oh god” she thought “oh god I hope they fuck me good” she moaned under her previously prim and proper breath.

Section 4

She felt arms around her waist as she let herself be pulled up off the table and to her feet. They were strong arms. Was this man going to be the next one to have her? She felt herself moan in anticipation. She felt her pussy twitch. “Fuck me” she whispered under her breath “fuck me again, give it to me” she moaned, now out loud.

The man, her new captor, her probable next lover steadied her as he held her close to him. He licked and kissed her neck as he let her skirt fall back to her knees. “Mmmm” he feels good, she thought, he smells good; he smells how she likes a man to smell.

She felt his body envelope hers, with slight movement against her ass. “Yes” she thought “this is my next cock” as she leaned her head back in anticipation. His hands moved up her body, touching her breasts in a familiar way as she noted his smell also as a familiar smell.

He spoke for the first time as she suddenly noted the band had stopped playing with an weird sense of quiet. It was a familiar voice that whispered into her ear “Was that as good for you as it was for me honey?”

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