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Section 1

The money was really getting tight and the rent due when I took the ‘Sales by Commission Only’ job with the new Valley Cable Company. At least it would keep the wolves away from the door and I knew Lockheed just might get that contract from Uncle Sam any day.

It really sucked to begin with. But, when the Head of Sales realized I never missed an appointment; he started giving me the ‘Lay-downs’. You know, the leads that were a ‘Sure-thing’ because of the ‘Positive Rated’ customer interview over the phone.

In less than 3 weeks I was in the top 15 in ‘Signed Contracts’. It was getting real good because I was getting more appointments and ‘Referrals’ than I could handle. The ‘Self Generatin Referrals’ paid double commissions because those ‘Leads’ came direct from customers I had previously signed.

Tonight I had two ‘Lay-downs’ that were close friends of Mrs. Raymond. I had no idea that my nine o’clock appointment with the Dunbars would prove to be the ultimate ‘Lay-down’ of all time. My seven-thirty went smooth as silk and they allowed me to use their phone to confirm my next appointment with the Dunbars.

The Dunbars lived in a fashionable Encino Hills Estate. God how I hated some of those ‘La-la Land Hill Dwellers’. But, their money was good and I needed the moola. It was an elegant home with a beautiful front yard.

The kind of home I hoped to have some day (yea, I know…but be honest with me; wouldn’t you?). Mr. Dunbar answered the door and ushered me out to their poolside patio. Mrs. Dunbar had heard the door and was bringing some fresh-brewed ice tea for the nice salesman (probably gonna try and hit me up for a freebie 2nd Cable Box).

Yup, this was going to be an easy sell!

Frank (Mr. Dunbar) introduced his wife Elaine. She was very attractive and very tall; at least 5-8 or 9, with long red hair. In fact, I would describe her as ‘stunning’. I guessed Elaine to be about 35 (may be about 10 years older than I).

Frank had to be at least 50 and he had a very worn look about him. But, getting back to Elaine; She was something! It was a warm summer’s night in the valley and Elaine was wearing a ‘waist-high wrap-around Sarong’ over her damp bikini swimsuit. She was small busted but oh those long legs of hers; they went from the Flagstone patio decking all the way up to heaven.

As Elaine bent down to place the tea tray on the patio table, I could see her beautiful ass straining against the thin fabric of her Sarong. She obviously had been swimming because I noticed the damp flesh of her gorgeous ass-cheeks plastered to the thin fabric of her Sarong. Sure, she may have been older, but she definitely was taking care of business in the ‘Body-firm’ department.

When I turned back toward Frank and saw his tired scowling face, I realized I had stared way too long at his wife’s luscious ass. I thought to myself I had ‘most likely’ screwed this sale up before getting my first sip of ice-cold tea. But just at that very moment, Elaine noticed “the look” from Frank and said, “So what’s eating you?”

Boy he must’ve had a bad day in Court (yep, he was a big-time Trial Lawyer) ‘cuz he came right out and said, “Well Elaine my dear, this fellow from the Cable Company looked like he was getting ready to jump your bones”. I almost shit!

I fumbled with my brief case like it was a slippery eel so I could hike my sorry ass outta there. But before I got a grip on the handle, I found out just who wore the pants in this family;because Mr. Big Mouth Attorney was about to get ‘Over Ruled and Held in Contempt’. Judge Elaine looked at me with this big ol’ smile and said, “Just sit right down Jon and don’t pay any attention to my ass-hole of a husband.

He’s not in Court tonight and if he doesn’t shut his stupid mouth, he’ll be in Solitary Confinement.” Man, she stared daggers at Frank as she said, “You owe our guest and apology”. I knew better than to smile, but it was great watchin' the ‘object of my affection change his whole complexion’. P.O.P. in action; Power of the Pussy! And ‘Here come da Judge’!

Ol' Frank looked like a whipped dog. He lowered his head and said, “Please excuse me Jon, I’ve had a very tough day. I’m sorry”. Elaine didn’t miss a beat as she sat next to me and said, “Now, just what was your first name, oh right, its Jon isn’t it?” I nodded and she looked me right in the eye and saying, “Well Jon, did Frank have it right? Were you looking like you wanted to jump my bones?” Shocked again! Elaine was smiling but all the while looking me straight in the eyes and waiting for an answer.

I was beginning to sweat… (now where was that brief case)? “Come-come Jon, either you were or you weren’t”. Then she smiled and let me off the hook, “Well, have some tea while your deciding. I think I already know the answer. As stupid as Frank is about everything in this house—especially me; he must have seen you staring at my ass while I was bending over! Jon, do you think I have a nice ass?”

The light was beginning to come on. These two jokers were some very rich and very fucked up people. I decided to find out whether their marital problem was safe enough for me to remain and maybe continue with Elaine’s open invitation to humiliate her husband; or get the brief cases and split.

I opted to wait for one more shock because I was getting real curious as to just how far this sexy Encino bitch would take the game! With more balls than a ‘Bucket at the Driving-Range’; I replied, “Well Elaine, I think your butt is absolutely Prime, Grade double A-U.S. of A—ass”. And with that said, I looked her slowly up one-side and down the other like I was the Government Meat Inspector ready to stamp her sexy little ass!

Frank said, “Now you wait a minute. That’s my wife you’re talking too”. Elaine looked at me with a big pussycat smile and said, “Well Jon, what are you going to tell my husband now?” There it was! She was going to call all the shots. I had just laid all my cards on the table and here she was…already shuffling the next hand. Oh, she was something unlike anything I’d ever seen. But then, she had given me a challege and by now you know me well enough to know that I just had to ‘push it to the limit’.

**OH, DID I ** Turning to Frank I said, “Mr. Dunbar, with all due respect sir, I think your wife is an absolute slut that’s looking for a good fucking”. YES! I was so proud of myself. I usually think of the perfect retort hours later. But tonight, my response under duress was beautiful and…Right On the Money! Then, just when I thought I ‘had her by the short-hairs’, they both ganged up on me and nailed my ass to the wall!

They both just busted out laughing. “Well honey, it looks like we finally found the man you’ve been looking for. Relax Jon, my wife liked you when she first saw you from the kitchen. She gave me a signal that told me to start our little game to see whether you were man enough for Elaine.

Elaine honey, go get the portable bar and poor us all a drink while I clue this handsome young man in on our situation”. Uh-oh, now I was going to be ‘Clued-In’ on ‘Their situation’. (Damn, pass the friggin brief case) because I just knew the next thing was gonna cost me my ass! You know what…it did just that…cost me my ass!

Elaine walked over to the patio door and began wheeling a Tea Cart loaded with booze and Ice. Frank continued by giving me a very warm handshake and saying, “Jon, nine months ago, I lost nearly all my equipment to cancer.

Section 2

I’m fine now but the Doctors left me without the proper plumbing. I no longer have the ability to give my beautiful Elaine what she really craves”. Just then Elaine interrupted to ask me what I wanted..meaning to drink (I wanted to get outta there)! But still too stupid or too curious I simply replied, “Screw Driver please”.

Frank chuckled and said, “That’s exactly what Elaine’s been missing; a good old fashion screw driving! She loves my tongue and we’ve experimented with every sex toy invented, but every now and then, she needs a good old fashioned, one-on-one,ball-slapping, down and dirty… fucking! Jon, would you be interested in helping us out. Elaine and I would be very grateful and I would make it worth your time”.

I was speechless! HOLY SHIT. A million thoughts began racing through my mind. Not only did he want me to fuck this gorgeous creature who happened to be his wife. He was going to pay me! Unbelievable! I looked at Elaine and said, “I would love to apply for the job but how do you know I have all the necessary qualifications?” Grinning ear-to-ear she said, “Your right, I would first need to examine your equipment in order to make sure your tools are in good working condition. But I like what I’ve seen so far”. What a fan-(fucking)-tastic bitch!

Although these two had me really heated up, I was working on my 2nd ‘Screw Driver’ and began feeling a littly ‘buzzy’. I took some slow deep breaths (but acted as thought nothing was out of the ordinary). I was beginning to mellow-out. The lighted pool cast rippling reflections on the surrounding patio walls. Soft music from the stereo drifted out onto the patio: it was all mixing together with the alcohol…and the thought of getting Elaine out of that Sarong and sliding Fat Ol' Albert out of my shorts and into her long legged pussy.

I was getting more and more turned on by the minute. Elaine dimmed the lights; walking in shadows, she started comming closer to me. Just how and when she had removed her bikini bottoms I couldn’t say. But as she approached, I could see the silhouette of her long legs and her pantyless pussy now back-lighted through her gossamer Sarong.God, she smelled so good. “Jon, come dance with me”.

I looked at Frank and he nodded a smiled. We were all in tune with the moment. I took Elaine into my arms and she melted into my body. As the music continued, we began a slow sensual dance. A few minutes later she whispered, “Would you like to touch me? You can touch me anywhere you like. I know Jon, why don’t I take off my Sarong so you can see whether you like my equipment?”

As she stepped back and began removing her Sarong and bikini top, Frank said, “Jon isn’t she something so very special?. Why don’t YOU take off YOUR clothes and the two of you get more comfortable”. I was real nervous about getting naked in front of Frank, but I was’nt about to start an arguement and ruin this sexy party.

So when in Rome… After removing our clothes, Elaine said, “I see your equipment is in magnificent condition. I like the way your screw driver is ready to go”. I looked down and realized my cock was pointing upward while I was staring at Elaine’s pussy and her ‘little-girl’ titties. She turned around, showing me that beautiful ass of hers. “Is this what you wanted to see Jon? Do you think you would like to try a free sample?”

Again we began dancing or should I say we began fore-playing to the music. We were locked in a tongue swirling kiss, while finger fucking each other’s genitals.

My left hand was kneading her right breast while the fingers of my right hand were fucking her drenched pussy; and all the while in front of a willing husband. It was something new for me and yet VERY erotic. Elaine began gently squeezing my testicles with one hand while stroking my hard cock with the other. Non of us could take anymore of this intense foreplay. I was about to blow and I suspect that Elaine’s husband Frank was having an emotional shit-fit knowing his wife was about to get laid inside their very own; home-sweet-home!

But God O Mighty, you would-of-had-to-have been there. Elaine must have been anticipating this scene a l-o-n-g time because her perfume by now, was all but swallowed up by the smell of her drenching pussy frangrance wafting through the summer’s night air. I didn’t know what to do next. Elain’s beautiful little titties, her fragrant pussy, my raging boner…and Frank! I know; 3 out of 4’s not bad but..come on!

Frank said, “Honey, why don’t you take Jon into the bedroom while I enjoy the night air. I do believe Jon and I would feel more comfortable if you both had some privacy while he makes his final decision”. (What a nice way to say, “You may now go and fuck my wife”.) Decision my ass! Hell, I had already made my decision and it definitely was final! I couldn’t wait to take the beautiful Elaine. But Frank was right on one count. I did want to be alone with her, at least for this first time.

Elain came to me, gaving me one final kiss in front of Frank; as though she were signing a contract to do this act, sealed by her lips. It was a very deep kiss while rubbing her small titties and their large, hard-tipped, dark nipples back and forth on my chest. I felt as though she had dragged two sharp-hot pokers across my skin. Then, without another word, she took me by the hand, turned away from Frank, and led me through the Living Room…down the darkened Hallway and into their Master Bedroom.

She came to me very softly and very slowly. Elaine had changed from the controlling brazen bitch, into a quiet tender mistress; waiting to see what I wanted to do with her. Speaking in whispered voice, she said, “Jon, I ’m so scared. Frank and I have been married fifteen years. He’s such a good husband and I really love him very much… Her voice trailed off and then she continued. This was really Frank’s idea more than mine. I acted the way I did, because it would hurt him to know that I really didn’t want to do this”.

Confused I said, “Then what was that all about out there on the patio?” Elaine said, “He wore me down dammit! I just couldn’t take anymore of his constant pestering me to take a lover”. And then the hard, calculating, Judge Elaine began softly crying. I was very touched.

“Look Elain, we don’t have to do this. You and I can lay here and talk for a while and then go out and pretend I made love to you”. “No, I already thought about that, but he would know! He knows me so well! I just wanted to be fair to you and tell you the whole truth so you would have one last chance to back out”.

This was a tough spot to be. It reminded me of the time when I was 21 and had taken a drunken blind date home. She passed out right at her front door. I took her inside and laid her down. As I dropped her onto the bed, the front of her dress pulled open exposing her tits in a sexy black lace bra. I was so damn horny; she was beautiful, and there she was exposed and unconscious.

Tomorrow no one would know whether I had taken a liberty or two. I couldn’t do it then and I knew (goddamn it, I knew) I couldn’t do it now. Noticing my cock was now flaccid, Elaine said, I’m so sorry. Look what I’ve done to you. It was so hard and now I’ve ruined it. You must hate me very much, Jon!

“No, I don’t hate you, but this situation really sucks. I think it would be best to call it a night”. I started to walk toward the door. Elaine said, “Wait, what are you going to do”. “Well, Elaine I’m going to tell Frank that I’ve changed my mind and decided not to get involved in such a complicated mess. Then I’m going to get dressed and go home and leave you both to yourselves”.

Section 3

“No don’t go. Jon, If you go, I’m going to have to go through this over and over until I end up fucking some bastard I don’t like. (She was almost spitting the words out in a still whispered voice)! Please don’t go. I do like you. You were so funny when you stood up to Frank and I.” She was crying once more and the tears were mixing with the saliva at the corners of her mouth. Her tear staind face was that of a child crying for fogiveness for an innocent sin. “Don’t go lie down with me and let me make you all better”

She reached out to the night stand and taking a tissue, wiped her eyes and blew her nose. Still looking like a defeated little girl that needed to atone for her sins she said, “Lie down Jon. Let me fix everything and make it all better”.

As I layed down on my back, Elaine kneeled on the bed next to me. Bending down, she leaned over and touched my cock with her long beautiful fingers. Just a lingering touch and then her fingers curled around my shaft as though she were holding the neck of a delicate violin.

Slowly she stretched the skin of my cock upward as she cupped my scrotums with the palm of her other hand. My cock now began to lengthen, slowly lifting upwards by the coaxing of her hand. I could feel my testicles began to pucker as my nutsack tightened into a hard ball. I had forgotten everything except what this tender wife was doing for me and her husband.

Elaine knew how to please a man’s cock. As my cock hardened into a veiny boner, Elaine took it into her warm mouth and wet it with her tears and saliva from her earlier shame. She was truly in an act of repentance to serve her husbands wishes and mend the harm done to her new lover. No longer was she resrained, Elaine was dedicated.

She sucked slowly and deeply; the cheeks of her mouth hollowing from the sucking pressure that was vacuuming my rock hard cock. I could feel the sperm beginning to boil upward. Elaine lifted her wet mouth, trailing a string of cum and saliva to her lips. As she wiped her lip, I said, “Let me fuck you”. Not a word, only the shaking of her head no.

Then she paused and spoke softly as an afterthought saying, “It’s not right this time. But if you’ll continue helping us, you can fuck any part of me the next time. If you want me, I’ll be you girl friend or your little slut. You’ve been so kind and wonderful. I’m glad we chose you, Jon. Now be quiet while I make you come in my mouth”. No problemo!

I was not quiet for long! Elain leaned back down to my cock. Before taking it into her delicate mouth, she drooled saliva onto the head. Then using her hand to thoroughly lubricate and glisten the shaft; she again slipped her warm mouth downward and wrapping her lips around my cock, she formed a tight seal in which to suck forth my sperm. One, two and then on the third suck of her sensual ministrations,

I began to erupt. I tried to pull out believing she could not possibly want to take my huge load into her throat. But she was determined to suck me dry; as though to repay for any percieved wrongdoings. Gripping my cock tightly with her mouth and right hand; she used the left to push me back down while she nursed my salty fluid up into her mouth and down her throat.

I screamed an obsenity of the ‘Fucking’ kind; loud enough for stupid Frank to hear! I spasimed all of my sperm into her greedy mouth and she swallowed every string of my copius load.

I was spent! She had taken my all and more! I knew for a surity that although Frank loved her, he was stupid and misguided. Elain had declared her love for him and then transferred that love to my boner. As we bathed in the glow of fulfillment. Elaine said, “Well Jon, if you want more of me, you can have it.”

“What exactly do you mean Elaine?”

“As I sucked all of you into my body something more came with it. I’m not sure just yet, but I know I want to you as my lover. For the next few days I’m going to sleep in the spare bedroom. Now, I think you should get dressed and leave without talking with Frank. Call me later…if you want. Is that alright honey?” I nodded yes.

I hadn’t a fucking clue to what she was thinking. Hell, I hadn’t known her for more than a couple of drinks, a roller-coaster encounter with her husband and a fantastic blow job. But the prospects of getting more of her delicious ‘head’ and an opportunity to wrap those long legs around my waist was all the thinking I needed to do.

“Frank and I need to talk before I see you again. Can you come back Sunday evening about eight”….Oh, yeah. I wouldn’t miss that appointment for the world. Who wouldn’t want to hear what the fabulous Elaine would cum up with next. Stay tuned; same time, same station, for the next installment of the Cable Dude, Elaine, and the Big-time Trial Attorney.

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