I Thought It Would Never Happen 4.1/5 (23)

Let me start off by saying that I have always wanted to post a pic of my wife and see if anyone recognized her. I didn’t for a long time and then right before our June vacation I did. I took the plunge and posted it.

Let me also preface this story that I have for a long time wanted to see my wife fucked by another. I tried to get her to swing a long time ago and she said no, I really believe that she didn’t want to because she didn’t want to see me with another woman.

She is somewhat correct in that it would be nice. I have always taken my time to please her, eat her and make sure she cums at least once before I fuck her. I like many husbands have quick triggers. Maybe 15 minutes or less and I have dumped my load in her mouth or pussy. So, I wanted to extend that with maybe someone that lasted longer or at least at a bigger cock than my 6 1/2 “.

Ok, so when we arrived at a night layover on our way to the beach I checked my gmail and heart skipped a beat. It started beating so hard and so loud I was afraid that people could hear it. Right there in my email was a response. The response was ” yes, I know her well, I would love to see more of her!”

I had only posted a clothed pic in a public place so it wasn’t provocative.

Ok, I read further and he said, “Hey its Mark I used to work with Shelley. Would love to hear more.”

I emailed him back. I had only met Mark on two occasions: one was at work with my wife and the other after he had left and pursued another job and had come back for a sort of reunion. We went to the supervisors house and drank and visited. When it was time to go I noticed my wife was feeling no pain and hugged Mark on three separate occasions as we were leaving. all of them big hugs, full chest on chest hugs.

My wheels started turning and on several occasions I jerked off to the thought of her fucking him. He was an attractive guy. Not super model material but a really nice guy. He was married but I could tell the way he worked the room that didn’t matter. He was also about 14 years younger than my 55 year old wife.

Anyway, I started to email him back and forth and I told him of my fantasy. He said he never thought she would do it. He always considered her pretty straight lace and that she loved me. I sent him some more pics and he wanted more, his interest was piqued. He shared some pics of his wife who had huge tits and big areolas and a beautiful pussy.

So, he was going to be visiting again in the near future and I told him to email Shelly and tell her that he was coming to visit but didn’t want to stay at the supervisors house again. he was going to get a hotel. She said, “No, don’t do that. We have a spare room, you can stay with us.”

Ok, now the hook was set. Now to set everything in motion.

Mark arrived several weeks later and we had planned another party, but now since we didn’t have to drive my wife was drinking more and feeling no pain. I was drinking more too. But, still very aware of what was going on.

Shelly was very touchy feely with Mark throughout the evening as was a few of the other women but they all did like him.

It was close to Midnight and the small crowd was thinning out. After all were gone I acted like I was really drunk and said I need to get to bed. You guys can stay up and catch up and visit. I am cool with that.

My wife saw me to bed and left the room. I waited and listened. I could faintly hear them in the kitchen getting more drinks and something about tequila shots. Shelly loves Tequila and it makes her really horny.

I waited almost an hour and then I heard Shelly come into the room, the lights were still off but my eyes were accustomed to the darkness and I saw her changing her clothes and putting on what she usually sleeps in.

It is a loose fitting short bottom and a loose top both cotton, but still sexy. The top says something about Merlot wine on it. But, the neck line kind of scoops a little in front. If she bends the right way she flashes her tits and the leg openings at big enough that if she isn’t careful when she is sitting on a chair or couch you can see all the way up to her furry pussy.

She didn’t get into bed, she left the room and headed for the kitchen. I heard mumbling and drinks being poured and they must have headed towards the family room because all the bedrooms are down this end of the house.

So, when I thought it was safe I got out of bed and slowly sneaked down the hallway. They had the TV on in the great room with some music on. and they had turned all but one small counter light off in the kitchen so I could sneak in there and hide and see the brightly lit family room.

I could see them on the couch sitting and talking very close then I saw him lean in and kiss her. She responded the same and kissed him back. I could also see that he had stripped to his T-shirt and boxers and was sitting there.

The kiss turned very passionate and he started moving his hands up the front of her shirt.


  • Jo

    Reply Reply November 1, 2017

    My husband has posted pics of me with the hope that I will be recognized. I know his brother and one of my brothers in law have seen them along with a friend who used to work on our computer. Who knows how many others who haven’t let us know? It is exciting!

  • mervyn47

    Reply Reply August 23, 2018

    Just posted one of my wife on cookold site

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