The Workman 4.4/5 (21)

He had finished up the work on the remodeling project a week ago and had scheduled with the client’s wife this morning as a good time to come and finish up some odds and ends. Little did he know what ends he would be finishing today.

She answers the door wearing a plain white terry robe. She feels good about herself. She is in her early forties and has the shape and face of a woman half her age. She is 5’ 5” short brown blonde hair. She has a narrow waist and round shapely hips. Her breasts are full and firm with small nipples. She keeps her bush neatly trimmed.

She has just finished showering. She wears nothing under the robe. He is there to finish up a few left over items from the home project. He comes in she closes the door and for what seems like the first time they look into each other’s eyes. She hadn’t planned anything. Though she did admit to being incredibly horny as she had not had sex in months.

Her husband had hired him for the small remodeling job. He lived in the neighborhood but they had never met before. He was in his mid 40’s 6’ about 195, handsome she thought now that she thought about it. Only a little over a week’s worth of work. He had been totally professional and even considerate one day when she had fought with her husband.

He had listened while she told him how unhappy he made her one day, but neither thought anything of it. He had worked there while she was home alone and they were pleasant to each other and she had even wore a robe a few of the days without giving it a second thought. For some reason they touched hands briefly and there is instant electricity between them . They each looked away as she shows him to the kitchen where the work is to be done.

As he sets about measuring and laying out his tools and materials she stays in the room doing little make work tasks and talking with him. He watches her as she bends to wipe some imaginary spot off a lower cabinet.

He sees the gentle curve of her breasts and the outline of her hips through the robe. He looks away before she can see. He can’t believe he is thinking this feeling this today all of a sudden. She it seems is just as surprised with herself. By now she should have left him alone and been upstairs getting dressed.

As he continues with his work she excuses herself to finish up ‘getting ready’ upstairs. He assumes this means their little moment is ended and she will return dressed and ready for the rest of her day. He begins to work on the tasks at hand. He is almost finished a few moments later when she returns with a blue full-length warmer robe.

She takes a seat in the kitchen and crosses her legs revealing them from just above the knees down. He sees them and is taken by their beauty, firm and shapely. They begin to talk again about nothing really, as he tries to go about his work. He is really done but pretends to be making adjustments and measurements.

He asks her to come over near him and make a decision on where something should go and as she nears they both feel the electricity, the tension builds. She answers his question and he touches her shoulder as he answers her. He leaves it there on her shoulder for just a moment, she does not move or object.

She simply looks again into his eyes. Under her robe to her surprise her nipples have risen and hardened and more importantly she feels a wetness, between her legs like she has not felt before.

Without knowing why he turns her to face away from him so she is standing in front of him and begins to gently but firmly massage her neck and shoulders. His hands are shaking but she can’t tell because she is slowly melting under his touch. She almost purrs softly saying how wonderful it feels, how good he at this. He continues for only a few moments then stops.

As he turns to return to his work she says “ you were here everyday for over a week, and you didn’t let me know you could give a massage like that?” He replies he didn’t realize she needed one and was sorry he had waited. They smiled knowingly at each other.

He finishes up what needed to be done and begins packing up his things. He begins to pile them at the door. She begins washing something in the sink. On one of his trips he returns to his position behind her, her still at the sink, and again begins to massage her neck and shoulders. She again moans slightly with pleasure and approval as he begins to touch her.

He does not know it yet but she is putty in his hands. She is now soaking wet between her legs. Her pussy is beginning to throb. “How did he know? How is this possible? Does he know what he is doing to me?” His hands begin to work her neck and shoulders. She braces herself against the counter and pushes back slightly into him. He runs his hands up and down her sides and she almost shivers as she again says softly how good it feels.

He now lowers his hands to her lower back and she again pushes back slightly. He massages her lower back just above her ass and she moans her approval. He moves from her lower back now down onto her firm ass. He begins to squeeze and knead the firm muscles. She is now totally wet. He moves his mouth close to her ear and says,” This would be easier if you were laying down.”

She answers by saying,” here in the middle of the morning? The kind where you sit on top?” He answers by simply saying “yes.” Even while she is questioning/objecting she knows and he knows she will comply. She takes him by the hand and leads him to a nearby room with a bed. She does not say a word, but simply lays face down across the bed.

He quickly joins her kneeling by her side. He begins again at her neck and shoulders and she again moans her approval and tells him how good it feels. Now he has steadied his hands, his cock is rock hard in his pants and straining to get out.

He moves his hands under the neck of her robe and begins to work her neck and shoulders directly on her warm soft skin, as he does this he pulls gently on the neck of the robe to give him even more access to her. As he does this he leans in and whispers to her “ This would be much easier and better without the robe.”

With out saying a word she lifts herself up slightly and as he pulls on the robe, she reaches down and loosens the robe and roles slightly to one side then the other to allow him to remove her arms. As her arms come out he sees for the first time the soft curves of her back and then the sides of her beautiful breasts. She lays back down as he peels the robe down and then at the last second throughs it aside and completely off of her.

She takes in a deep breath. She didn’t know what to expect but she did not expect him to remove her robe completely. Now she is naked before him. She knew she was his now. He is electrified at the sight of her. Before she can say a word he leans in on top of her and kisses her neck and whispers in her ear “ you are beautiful”.

Again she purrs as he runs his hands over her body from her neck to her ass. He lingers there for a moment feeling and sensing the heat rising from between her legs. He returns his hands to her shoulders and once again begins to run them down her body this time lingering on her breasts, which are flattened and exposed at her sides.

He begins to slowly kiss his way down from her neck to the small of her back, pausing just above her ass. While paused here he reaches up her sides with both hands and caresses the sides of her breasts,

after a few seconds she raises up slightly to allow him full access to her breasts and then lays back down pressing his hands into her. It is his turn to moan quietly now. He kneads and squeezes each full breast and lightly pinches the nipples causing her to squirm.

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