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How this all began, I couldn’t tell you exactly. I do believe it was farther back in time than memory will serve me. But as the events unfolded as time went on, of course the memories become clearer and take on more detail. That said, I’ll start at the beginning to give you some idea of who we are. My wife and I knew each other as children. Growing up in a sleepy little town of less than a thousand people, you pretty much know everyone.

Tara was a year younger than me in school but with the average class size of 25 kids, I’ll just say we knew each other pretty well. As kids, Tara was very much a driven kid with a pretty clear definition of her path in life. Not so much for myself. I was a bit more of a drifter. Let things happen as they happen type of attitude suited me fine. We started dating during my senior of high school.

(the timing of starting a relationship should give you a bitof a view into my “enjoy the moment” attitude) I went off to college first while she had a year of high school yet. It was a pretty trying time on a young relationship. Of course, still being in our teens, there was temptation at every corner. But we kept putting one foot in front of the other. After my second year of college, I relocated to the town Tara was going to college in. Skip ahead a few short years, we are married, both have full time jobs, and a couple little ones running around.

Pretty hectic to say the least but it was all good. Work and children certainly took its toll on our energy levels on a day to day scene. But it wasn’t out of the ordinary for people our age to feel the pressures of life. As far as our sex life was concerned, I wasn’t sure what the definition of normal was but I was pretty sure we landed somewhere in the middle of it. Nothing to out of the ordinary took place.

We both had some benign fantasies that involved roll playing and the like and we both did a decent job of catering to the other’s needs when more spice was needed throughout the years. As we both approached our mid 30’s, I could sense a change in both of us. It was as if life was slipping by us and we needed to involve something exciting. We both had enjoyed porn in the past of varying themes. But one that really interested us both was the mfm threesome and cuckold themed videos.

There was something about involving another man in the mix that was just so against where we came from. Where we grew up, there was no such thing as two men taking turns fucking a woman. As time went on, the sex talk between us became hotter than ever. Tara had always had a terribly sexy mouth during sex and it was escalating. She would often tell me as she neared orgasm that she had entertained a young guy that day and would ask me if I could feel his cum inside her.

Of course, I would return the bantering favor and tell her that I knew something was up the moment I penetrated her. And this began to set something up in both of our minds that I still can’t believe happened. In spring of 2014, we learned that our niece had become engaged. Lexi was 21 years old at the time and true beauty. She lived about three hours away from us and had always been close to my

wife. So naturally, Tara was asked if she would coordinate a lot of the details of the wedding day. Like we didn’t have enough shit going on anyway but Tara has always enjoyed this kind of stuff. So naturally, my wife told her she would certainly help out. The wedding was set for October so my wife, Lexi, and Lexi’s mother (sister in law) set a weekend up in June where they would get a lot of the things crossed off the list.

So Tara set off one Thursday in June and drove the three hours to start the tasks Friday morning. I kept in touch with her throughout the weekend via text and usually a call each day. Didn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary was happening. She returned on Sunday afternoon and she looked a bit drained. Something was different though. She filled myself and the kids in on all the running around they had done. Told us all they got accomplished. Tara said that the sister

in law had a big gathering and cookout at their house the night before with a lot of the wedding crew and associated people. Sounded like quite the blow out. After the kids quit asking questions and all wandered off to their respective mess, Tara told me to follow her. She led me to our bedroom and locked the door behind me and pulled the shade on the window. I thought, “well this is amusing!”. She had a wicked smile on her as she removed her jeans and blouse.

She told me to get naked and I was quick to follow orders. After we were both naked, I started the usual routine of slowly kissing her neck and feeling out how much foreplay she was looking for when she blurted out, “oh my God, get your cock inside me!” It wasn’t uncommon for her mouth to be a bit dirty as mentioned earlier but that is usually at the tail end of sex. I was a bit shocked but once again, was a good listener.

I gently reached between us and placed the head of my cock against her and much to my surprise, she was soaking wet. Even her outer lips were covered in her juices. This instantly told me her mind had been at work during the drive home. As I slid into her, her eyes closed and I felt her heels digging into my ass. She was already panting like orgasm was just five strokes away. I kept my weight on her and felt my balls press against her ass tightly.

As I began to gently stroke my cock, she had began to have an intense orgasm. I could feel her pussy contract tightly around my cock and I could feel a pulsing action. I would say the word that best describes my reaction was “bewildered”. This was certainly new. As she slowly came down from her perch, I slowly began to stroke into her again and I said, “I’m gonna need some details.” It didn’t take long for her next orgasm to start building and I knew she would spill what I was looking for.

She explained between pants that the night before, at my sister in law’s gathering of the wedding crew, that a bunch of friends of our niece had shown up to hang out. One guy out of this crew had instantly taken a keen eye to my wife. In Tara’s words, “my God, he sat in a chair on the other side of the bon fire and fucked me with eyes for like two hours. He made absolutely no attempt to look away when I would catch him.

And would try to lock eyes with me every time I glanced over at him. His name is Tony, tall, muscles, black hair, and I could see a nice sized lump in his shorts. I went inside to go to the bathroom and noticed that my underwear were soaked. I was drinking wine most of the night and by ten or so, was feeling like if the situation was right, I’d let him fuck me. I actually started to dial your cell number two times to see how you felt.

God, I wanted him to fuck me! To feel his nice young cock inside me, mmmmm!” I asked as my cock swelled inside her, “would you have let him cum inside you?” Tara replied, “Normally no. But I was so turned on….I would have let him do anything.” With that, I hooked my arms behind her legs and jackhammered my cock into her pussy as hard as I could possibly muster. The thought of this guy and my wife fucking was intoxicating.


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    mmmm very HOT; wish I had a wife like Tara

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    Awesome story !

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