The Wife and the Bull  4.9/5 (41)

You were seated on the hotel room couch, listening intently for any sound that might escape the bedroom. Your attention was at a deliriously heightened state, and the knot in your stomach roiled with nervous anticipation. A feminine giggle, a lustful kiss, and the telling rummaging of clothes and bed sheets. Each sent your mind reeling, and each caused your heart to pound.

Your eyes darted open as you finally heard that impossible sound, the inevitable creaking of the hotel bed. The noise of it created a heat on your face, embarrassment and excitement both coursing through your body in erotic torment.

A chill ran down your spine as the first moan escaped her sultry lips.

It was haunting, harrowing, and most of all, impossibly sexy. It caused your mouth to run dry, as you instinctively cleared the lump in your throat.

Another cry of pleasure, somehow it was your wife’s voice, her sweet, sexy voice, that squealed in delight. The creaking of the bed became louder, and another noise soon joined the chorus. You could hear it clearly, the erotic sound of two naked bodies slapping together in desire.

Her moans were becoming more needful, more urgent with every collision. It was both incredible and horrifying to listen too. Your penis stiffened as your head spun in aroused confusion, unable to believe that this was finally happening.

It took years to convince her, to assure her that this is what you wanted. It took years for her walls to come down, for her to allow herself to believe that this was somehow acceptable behavior for a married woman. Luckily, though, your marriage was a good one. The love and trust you had in one another had allowed for this impossible circumstance to slowly evolve from unmentionable fantasy, into taboo reality.

“Oh!! Oh- Oh- Ohhh!! Yesss!!” You froze as you listened to her voice cry out in sexual wonder, the incredible pleasure palpable in the sound of her moans. Your hands clutched into the armrest of the sofa, seemingly bracing for the harrowing song of your wife’s satisfaction. You immediately knew she was experiencing something she hadn’t before, something that you weren’t physically equipped to give her.

Maybe you weren’t the biggest man. Maybe you were very small, or at least below average. Maybe your endowment was normal, or possibly even slightly above. Maybe you even thought yourself big, at one point or another.

Regardless of what kind of equipment you had between your legs, the harrowing fact remained. You weren’t nearly as big as him.

“Oh my- god!! Fuck mee-ee-ee!!” Her squeals of pleasure echoed from within the bedroom. Each of her moans was a gut punch, gut punches that somehow stiffened your penis with every blow.

You remember the looks on her face, back when you slowly began introducing her to porn with large men. Her wide eyed expressions, her blushing cheeks, the noticeably enthusiastic love making that followed. In the same way you appreciated women with attractive, feminine features, your wife slowly discovered just how much she appreciated men with large, masculine ones.

It caused you some embarrassment, knowing that she was so clearly aroused by men bigger than yourself, but deep down that same knowledge excited you. It was simply in her womanly nature, to lust for large manhood, and her willingness to embrace that desire was something that aroused you in a powerful way.

The feelings were so powerful, in fact, that you eventually worked up the courage to tease her about actually taking a bigger man to bed. Those conversations would cause her to blush, and insist you were a pervert, insist you were crazy. Still, you couldn’t help but notice her excited eyes when discussing that forbidden topic.

Your encouragement persisted, but she would continue to push back, concerned for your feelings, worried about your marriage, unsure how serious you were. She was certain you would be too embarrassed, too jealous, to allow such an unthinkable act to occur between her and another man.

You discussed it countless times, and with every conversation a new layer was peeled away, allowing for further visualization of the impossible fantasy. You couldn’t quite explain why, but your arousal was utterly real, and completely undeniable. Whenever you imagined her in that taboo situation, you became rock hard with arousal.

She would smile, blushing deep, surprised by your admissions, slowly becoming more and more turned on by the naughty idea. Perhaps the most telling of all, however, was the fact that the two of you would always have some of your best sex after talking about it.

Perhaps your wife had an ex-lover, a former fling, maybe it was even a one night stand. Maybe a man with exceptional endowment had her once, before your time together. Perhaps that experience was something that she shamefully thought back on, yearning for that feeling of fullness once again. Or maybe it was the opposite, and your wife had little sexual experience prior to marrying you.

Perhaps she had girlfriends who teased her about that inexperience, or bragged about their own hung lovers. Maybe, even, it was at the furthest end of the spectrum, and you were the only man she had ever been with.

Perhaps her thoughts sometimes wandered to the frightful possibility that she may have completely missed out on explosive sexual experiences. Regardless of whatever her sexual past might be, there was no denying the excitement in her eyes when you teased her about taking a very large man to bed.

You slowly began walking to the doorway, your mouth dry, heartbeat now racing at incredible pace. You paused before looking inside, your wife’s moaning now reaching a fever pitch, the erotic sounds of their two naked bodies smacking together in lust, the bed springs creaking wildly as an unspeakable act occurred just beyond the threshold.

Your stomach was still in knots, your penis as hard as you could ever remember it, straining against your slacks as you listened to another man fuck your wife! You began to feel momentarily dizzy, almost unable to believe this was a real moment in time.

Slowly, you managed to regain your composure, and swallow your pride. The embarrassment you were suffering somehow only fueled the swirling, perverted arousal that you were experiencing. You managed to peak inside, and the profoundly intense sight would be forever imprinted in your mind. You knew, almost immediately, that your marriage would never be quite the same.

Your beautiful wife was sprawled sexually on her back, her legs raised high in the air in feminine fashion. You caught a glimpse of her beautiful face, contorting in wonder as another man plunged in and out of her willing and wanting body. You blinked, once, twice, unable to truly grasp the magnitude of the moment.

Your eyes trailed to her delicate feet, her toes locked in a curl from the bombardment of pleasure she was receiving, bouncing up and down with the movement of his thrusts. Her new anklet was shining visibly, hanging sexily down her calve as a perverse symbol of what was happening in that bed.

“It feels- so good! It’s so goo-ood!” Your wife gasped, pulling the hung man deeper inside her.

Absurdly, you noticed his ass, thrusting back and forth, and below it, his obscenely large testicles. Your mouth went dry as you witnessed his impressive length plunging in and out of her pussy. The gut punches came heavier now, the visual confirmation that your wife’s lover was significantly larger than you now sending you reeling.

He was thicker and longer, heavier and harder, and she seemed to crave every inch of him. Your wife was taking his huge manhood with delicious ease, engulfing his size almost as if her pussy was designed for it.

“Fuck m-ee-eee!!” She suddenly screamed, his stroke inflaming her to an extreme degree. His big balls slapped erotically into her plump ass, creating a taboo noise that taunted you with every smack of their skin. You watched as his pendulous scrotum smacked into her cheeks, each collision causing her ass to jiggle ever so slightly.

You grasped the doorway, to steady yourself. You looked on in horror as her delicate hands clutched into his muscled back, her fingers clawing into him for support. You glanced back down at their colliding sexes, his huge penis commandingly plunging in and out of your wife.

Your mind continued to melt away into surreal wonder, watching as her taut labia clung to him, perversely soaking and gripping his thick shaft, seemingly desperate to keep him inside her.

“I love the way you fuck me.” Your wife moaned, kissing her lover, now wrapping her legs around his back in instinctual submission.


  • Steve

    Reply Reply January 3, 2020

    I liked it. A lot….mmmmm

  • Larry

    Reply Reply January 5, 2020

    I loved reading about hubby beating his meat while wifis gets plowed!

  • Hopeful

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    That was fantastic. That story is why cuckolding exists. I am a wannabe cuck and this story hits on everything why I want a bull for my wife. I feel terrible that I cant please her like the bull did for your wife. Denying her that pleasure to me is selfish and I want her to experience blissful sex like this. I love the way you described your feelings, so freaking accurate. I am at the beginning of convincing my wife but I am hopeful she will get there. If it unfolds just like this story it will be absolutely perfect. I would Change it in one way….I would want her to meet up with him more frequently, like monthly at a minimum. Really, really enjoyed this sir!

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