The Well-Fucked Wife 4.7/5 (35)

It all started when I came home early from work a couple weeks ago. As I pulled onto my street there was a pick up truck in front of the house, which made sense since we where having some work done to our deck. As I pulled up I decided to look around back to check on the progress of the work and found the job looking completed. I figured the contractor must be in the house with my wife settling up the bill. Little did I know how settled up they would be.

First let me tell you a little about the Mrs. She is 5″6″ about 140lbs of hotwife. Brown hair and eyes and a voluptuous figure with natural 36c’s. Recently we experimented with a threesome that turned into a foursome (check our earlier story “Our first threesome” for details) so I shouldn’t have been surprised by what I found inside. The thing is I never worried about her playing around on me because we’ve always said we would only play together. I guess sometimes you should be careful when you let the genie out of the bottle.

I entered thru the foyer and looked around down stairs but didn’t find anyone. Now I was more than suspicious I mean why would she need to be anywhere but downstairs with the contractor? I know, stupid question but I guess I didn’t realize how hot she’d actually become. As I headed up stairs I heard voices and not just her’s but her’s and two distinct male voices coming from our bedroom. I decided to sneak up the steps to find out what I knew in my gut was going on.

As I came to the hallway I heard Mary laughing and telling Matt (the contractor) that she really shouldn’t be up there with him and Steve (his helper) since she was a married lady and all. Matt just laughed at that one saying that a respectable married lady wouldn’t have been teasing them all day by showing them her stocking tops and garters walking around in heels and displaying her big tit’s to them while they where trying to get there work done. Then all I heard was a muffled moan from Mary. I decided to go into our son’s room and sneak into the adjoining bathroom to see what was going on. As I peered thru a crack in the door there was Mary pressed between Matt and Steve. Her hands behind her back with Matt in front kissing her hard and Steve behind her holding her wrists together as Matt ran his hand up her dress playing with her tits.

Mary seemed to be struggling against Matt and I guess I should have broke this up but seeing how she was dressed and knowing how hot she is I figured Matt was probably right about her teasing them all day and to be honest it was my idea to have her dress sexy and tease these guys, not to mention I had a almost painful hard on in my pants from watching.

They broke there kiss and Mary told them to quit it that yeah maybe she was playing a little with them but she really didn’t want things to go to far.

Matt laughed and said, “Bullshit look how hard your nipples are and I bet your pussy is fucking soaked. Steve check that pussy and let me know if I’m right.”

Mary pleaded with them to cut it out but Steve lifted the skirt over her ass and found she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Check it out Matt looks like you where right earlier about her not wearing panties, what a hot little slut we have here.” He ran a finger thru her slit. “Right again buddy she’s wet as a mother fucker.”

Matt looked into Mary’s eyes. “Look baby we all know what you want, maybe more like what you need, to fuck our hard cocks so why don’t you just admit it and lets have a good time.”

Mary just kind of moaned and realized that she was looking for this to happen all along and we all could see her resign herself to the fact that she was about to get fucked by these two big studs.

She looked up at Matt as he told Steve to keep playing with her pussy while he pulled her big tits out of her dress and sucked them hard into his mouth.

There was my wife of 25yrs sandwiched between these two sons of bitches dress hiked up above her stocking tops and ass, her big tits hanging out of her push up bra and dress-top as Matt and Steve started to work her over. She was now softly moaning, putty in their hands about to get what she apparently was asking for all day. I was thinking that it looks like we created a monster as I crouched at the door stroking my hard on.

Matt stepped back and pulled Mary’s dress up over her head. He let out a wolf whistle as he admired her standing there in heel’s, garters, and stockings, with her tits bulging over the top of her push up bra. Steve was still working her pussy with his fingers as she started to hump back at him.

Matt commented, “You are really one hot fucking slut and now its time for me and Steve to give you what you’ve been asking for all day you teasing bitch.”

I must admit that crouching there dick in hand I was never more turned on as these guys prepared to use my wife.

“Ok Mary time to meet the hard cocks that are gonna make you cum till you pass out. Down on your knees baby and wrap your lips around my cock.”

Matt dropped his jeans and briefs as Steve pushed her shoulders down so that she was now eye level with his boss’s rock hard dick.

Mary hesitated at first when Matt said, “Who you kidding baby, go ahead and start sucking you know you want it.”

Mary looked up sucking in his cock head then taking him slowly down her throat. Steve came around next to Matt and dropped his pants presenting her with a new toy to play with.


  • Canadian_French

    Reply Reply October 26, 2018

    Amazing my cock was dripping precum like a faucet while reading this

    Thanks dude would love to see your wife

  • Jason

    Reply Reply December 22, 2018

    Holy shit! That was hot! I need more of this story, and pictures if possible. G’damn!

  • Mervyn47

    Reply Reply February 19, 2019

    She one hot bitch

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