The Time of Her Life 4.9/5 (86)

It all started as a ploy on my part to get my wife to loosen up when it comes to sex. How it proceeded was way beyond my imagination. Let begin with I am a 45 year old married father of four grown kids. My very sexy wife Kali is 44 with a body that can and has passed for a lady in her twenties. She is 5? 7? 122lbs brown hair, blue eyes and a killer 32D 23 35 figure. We have been happily married for 25 years and have enjoyed a reasonably fulfilling sex life.

fulfilling sex life. I of course would like more, but my wife with raising four kids has not always had the time or mood for more than 1-2times a week. This changed when our last went to college and our house became empty. She has changed her attitude towards sex and nowadays it is her that is always ready for an almost daily romp. She this summer lost all of her tan lines by laying by our pool naked. She was even interrupted twice by our teenage gardener.

The first time he saw her naked, she was deep in her book and did not hear him come around the gate. She figured he had been staring at her for a few minutes before she looked up and saw the bulge from his shorts. She told me about it when I got home and I asked her if she helped with his obvious problem. She laughed and said he ran when she saw him. That night in bed she came on to me and when my 7? cock entered her she was already loose and my cock slid right in.

This was a first, she is always tight and it takes a few slow strokes to bury my cock in her. I asked what brought this on and then it hit me the teenager. I started teasing her about her new boy toy and she told me to shut up and remarked that he was 21 and a junior in college. As I fucked her I asked about his cock size. She told me he had shorts on and to be quiet and fuck her. This told me I was on the right path.

I kept up the banter about her teasing the gardener with her hot body and told her next week invite him for a swim to cool off and give her a chance to really see his cock up close. I fucked her as I told her he could probably fuck a few times before his young cock went limp.

She wrapped her legs around my back and held my cock buried in her and we each had explosive orgasms. I checked the schedule for when he would pay another visit, so I could arrange to become a voyeur and watch my wife tease her young admirer.

That morning before I left I was on the roof mounting a camera that looked down on my pool area. I wanted to record my wife sunbathing. When I got home I asked my wife if she had given the gardener a repeat performance. She told me that she had worn her bikini so as not to disturb him. Damn! I wanted to see my how my wife reacts when another cock and a young one at that is at her disposal which I ?m sure this young man would have made himself if she had requested.

I rewound the tape and watched my wife look incredibly hot in her skimpy bikini. She had been our there for about 45 minutes when he showed up. From the camera you can see him peak his head over the fence to see if my wife is there. As he looks he takes off his shirt to reveal a smooth ripped chest. This guy was hot he looked about 6?2? and maybe 180, with a nice tan and blond hair.

He snuck thru the gate and did not even bother with tools he was there to see my wife. She has not noticed him yet and is reading her book. Then he walks up to her and from about 25 feet he stops and adjusts the rising bulge in his shorts. He waves and she waves back. They talk for a minute or two and he clearly wants to do something with my wife and she has no idea the effect her body has on this young stud.

As they finish chatting she turns over and untied the strap of her bikini that holds her tits in place. He was practically staring as she untied her top; I think he was thinking he was going to get lucky. After she turned over and was adjusting the bottoms hugging her ass I thought he would lose it right then and there. He walked away and had started working on the yard.

He had gotten to the side of the yard that looked onto the pool area from the side and he was treated to a nice view of my wife?s ass. He stopped and stared for about a minute before relieving his cock from his shorts. His cock was very impressive, bigger and thicker than my own. He was stroking himself as he looked at my wife?s ass.

This went on for a few minutes and I was sure he was going to shoot a nice load of cum in my back yard any second. I had set this up to watch my wife tease this stud and while she has no clue he is jacking off while staring at her.

Now he is walking around to get another angle on my wife, while still stroking his massive cock. He went to the other side of the patio and his cock was concealed by a lounge chair. He was pumping his cock really hard and fast when he stopped and looked around. The next thing I knew he went back to beating his cock and he quickly threw a barbecue pan the hit the patio and my wife jumped up naked breasts and all. As soon as he saw her big tits with her hard nipples. he exploded with rope after rope of cum.

This kid came for about a minute. She still had not seen him and he quickly put his cock in his shorts and went back to work. I rewound the tape and called my wife to my office and played the tape for her. She was mad that I would spy on her. I told her that I had already given her permission to seduce this young stud and that I just wanted to watch. She told me she would never cheat on me.

I told her it would not be cheating if I gave her permission. This part of our conversation took place while she was lying out before the kid got there. She was pretty pissed off and I was not sure she would stay to watch the whole video. She stayed and when the kid pulled out his cock her eyes got big and her nipples were hard. I watched this while my cock was growing and straining to be released.

As he beat his cock she saw that it was her ass the had his attention and when he picked up the pan and threw it she screamed that?s where it came from and was suddenly silent as she watched rope after pope of cum shoot from this stud. She had me rewind the tape to where you first see his hard cock and she dropped her jeans and pulled my cock out of my pants and guided it to her wet cunt.

She fucked me while her eyes were glued to his cock and when he erupted into the air she had and enormous orgasm impaled on my cock. I still had not cum and after she came down from her orgasm I drilled her for about five more minutes the whole time pleading with her to fuck this young man and tell me all about it.

We both exploded and I filled her cunt with a few rope of my own. Our sex life took on a new life after that video and we watched a few times more while we fucked and each time I encouraged her to suck and fuck this stud or any other she chooses.

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