The Surprise

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All I could do was look dumbfounded , it wasn’t what I had expected to happen in my lifetime. SA took a week before telling me that she had actually took the plunge and did what I had been asking of her for several years.

I recall that it had taken me a few months to get enough nerve to as her to become a mistress to another guy or a “hot wife” as it is called. When I did ask her , she was very upset. “You want to be with other women?” I said “No”, it did take a few days to really explain that it wasn’t about me.

A brief explanation is a married woman that has sexual relations with other men, with the husbands approval. Of course, I expected her to be taken aback . As she grew up in the western part of the country, she came from a very conservative family.

Though divorced , her experience with sex was somewhat limited. But I sensed something could be brought out from within her. Never was it my intent be with another woman or make her feel wronged.

I was able to soothe things over and was able to relieve SA ’s fears and distrust. It does seem unbelievable to think that a man could be willing to allow his mate to have sex with another man and not be jealous or have ulterior motives, but it is true.

It is a fantasy that many men actually have, married and not. I was asked why I wanted it? The prospect of being trusted enough to be on the sidelines and having her enjoy being free of guilt was the driving force and it was being able to experience the dark unknown of the relationship.

How many couples cheat on each other? Why go through the pain of that? Most men are jealous of other men just looking at their mate. I always felt pride in the fact that my mate was desirable by others.

I love women , everything about a woman can turn me on . From head to toe, literally. Somewhere deep inside I wanted to have the experience for both of us. The very first time we felt an attraction to each other is when we met in class, she had a boyfriend and was in the process of leaving him. She met a young guy that delivered pizzas and was having an affair with him. She was with him right before the class and I could smell the sex on her. I could hardly concentrate. We eventually got together and stayed as a couple for over 5 years.

So eventually my casual discussions made odd sense to SA , I told her about how my ex-wife acted like she was a straight type of woman as in missionary style. I did find out though her daughter that she was a freak when she was single.

My ex-wife and I had a talk about cock size once and she confessed that she liked them thick sized . Little did I know they thick meant two cocks at the same time in her vagina. I thought damn we could have worked that out if she had been clear and up front about it.

I was naïve at that time of my life, my desire seemed to get triggered before I knew exactly what I wanted. As a side note my fetish for feet developed fully when I was married.

During the later stages of three pregnancies I used my exes bare soles to rub out relief. After I got together with S.A. I really got into worshipping her feet and it was great as she enjoyed it and had received that attention before.

The sex life was good though that other desire grew while we were together, I never pestered her or coerced her with constant requests to fuck another. When SA did do it , the relieve that I had and the joy we both got was unbelievable. She was afraid that I would be mad. I felt euphoria and other mixed emotions. Never jealousy, and she was able to make plans to see him after work again.

We went to Victoria’s Secret and bought her new bras and thong sets, which I happily paid for. I did ask how the first time went and how big he was.

Like most men size is an issue. I did hope that he had more than I did and was told that his was longer but thin. He was able to enter her while she had her legs together, which I wasn’t able to do.

So the day that she went to be with him, she had to work second shift at the casino as a poker dealer. He was a regular at her table. Thus that is how they knew each other. He was younger, thin and tall with dark hair. That night I texted her after work and learned that they were together, The emotion the I felt were like a roller coaster, I had read that this was normal for those of us that were into it. The wonder of what was happening and how she getting taken was like being full of adrenalin . I was constantly hard and unable to sleep, my mind was full of scenarios of their bodies together.

That night I masturbated six times to completion and actually unable to finish several more times after that. It was a very long night. SA stayed until daybreak and then came home.

Afterwards when she went more often I showered her with flowers and affection for being so understanding. It does change a woman’s mindset when she lets go of her inhibitions.

SA was reluctant to share what happened and that was my fault for not having ground rules set. Once I asked if she let him cum in her mouth ,she said no but he did against her cheek and hand. I asked which hand? when she showed me I licked it. Her eyes got wide.

Another day she said that she wanted to try a threesome. I got excited until she said with her, him and his girlfriend. That kept me hard for quite a few days. I have to explain that I was locked out of sex with her while it happened. She did love me but could not share the intimate part when she was physically his, and I understood.

This went on for a few months and right before summer we wound up parting ways. A few photos and some memories remain.

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