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Sorry this is so long. I tried to cut out what I can. It definitely fucked up my idea of a relationship and made me want to share my SO in every relationship I’ve had since, including my wife of 8 years. After my freshman year of college, when I was home on break an met a girl that was two years younger than me. We’ll call her Ashley. She was so hot and I fell hard. She did too and we started dating. I did one year away from her and came back home. We continued dating.

She gave me my first blowjob, and I loved to go down on her. Eventually we had sex. We were each others firsts. It was at a party in a friends parents room. She told me she wanted to do it, and I was ready. I put the condom on and put my dick in her, after two thrusts, I came. But hey, it was my first time, and it would get better, right? Wrong. I’d cum within seconds every time. Even if we had just done it. It was a good thing I could make her cum with my mouth.

We hung out with the same main group, but also had different friends. She like to dance and that was not my style. Sometimes I’d go with her to dance clubs. The dancing was so sexual, even if she said it wasn’t. I hated and loved to watch her dance with these muscular guys. One time we were at a sports bar and we ran into a group of guys that she hung out with. It turns out that I knew one of the guys from high school. Not well, but we were friendly. We’ll call him Pete.

We had a good time that night and I thought nothing of it. Two days later, I got a call from Pete. He said he hated telling me this, but he’s been fucking Ashley. He said he knew she had a boyfriend, but didn’t know it was me until we met the other night. He seemed apologetic, but I was freaking out. Why would she do that. We’ve been dating for 5 years. We went to each others family parties. We were best friends. I can’t believe she kissed him. Did she suck his cock? Was his cock bigger? Did it feel different inside of her? Oh shit! Did he last longer? Almost assuredly. Did she cum from sex? Did she ride him? She would look good grinding on top of his muscular frame. When he was on top, did she wrap her feet around him? Why was I hard thinking about them having sex? What was I going to do?

She was coming over in a couple hours. I’d tell her I know, call her a whore and break up with her. When she showed up, she looked even hotter than normal. She was wearing a skirt and I couldn’t stop thinking about her pussy and it being invaded by another cock. She kept asking me if I was ok, and if I wanted to talk about anything. I couldn’t even think about her infidelity, I was so horny. I kept staring at her bare legs leading to her short skirt as she was sitting on the couch across from me. She noticed and asked what I was looking at? I told her I couldn’t see what I wanted and dropped to the floor to see up her skirt. She smiled and spread her legs.

I crawled to her to get a better look at her black lace panties. They were so sexy. I gave them a kiss, which led to full on pussy eating, with Ashley cumming at the end. When I went to grab a condom, she said that she didn’t have time. She was going out dancing tonight remember, and she got up literally leaving me with my dick in my hand. I must have jerked off 100 times that night.

In the morning as I was jerking off again I got a call. It was Pete. “What the fuck. You didn’t break up with her?” I told him I couldn’t. I love her, and I’m not even sure it was true. He told me where he lived and told me to come over. I’m not even sure why I did. He didn’t really ask, just kinda said, “Dude, come over here.” He was very close to me and when I go there he told me to have a seat and then went off to his bedroom, he came out and threw something at me. I realized quickly that it was balled up panties. Ashley’s balled up panties. The same very sexy panties that I pushed to the side to eat her out before she left last night panties.

I couldn’t help myself as I brought them to my nose. They smelled like her and were still a little damp. He said sorry man, but I told you. I don’t remember what else was said.

He definitely told me I needed to break up with her, but when I was back in my car I realized I still had the panties in my hand. I put it to my nose and I was hard again. I started driving, but at the first red light, they were in my face again. I was rock hard and needed to let my cock out. I unzipped and let it out. I instinctively wrapped the panties around my cock. It felt so good. It was a struggle to get my cock back in my pants to walk up to my apartment when I got there.

As soon as I was in the apartment, I stripped down. Smelling the panties as I jerked and edged myself. Then I slipped them on. Not sure why I did, but I needed to feel them. The lace hugged my cock and the string went up my crack. God it felt good. I came right then and there. Then I felt disgusted, and took them off.

It was probably about 15 minutes later that I started thinking about them again. And a minute after that I was walking around my apartment in nothing but the thong panties. Later in the day I got a call from Pete asking what my apartment number was. I told him and asked him why, but he had already hung up. I went to change out of the panties, but there was a knock on the door so quickly that I only had time to put sweats and a tshirt before answering the door.

It was Pete and he said he needed the panties back. I asked him how he knew my apartment building was and he said he dropped Ash off here before(yeah, he called her Ash). He told me to go get the panties. I told him to wait here, and I’d go get them. I went into my bedroom and closed the door. I took the sweats off and the door opened with Pete saying he didn’t have time for this. He stopped when he saw my ass bent over in the thong and said “oh.” He said something like “I see. Whatever man, I need those back though.”

I waited, thinking he would leave, but he didn’t. He said Ashley was coming over and wanted them back. I took the panties down and I saw him smirk at my small cock. He took the panties and left before I even finished getting dressed.

A couple days later, I got a call from Pete telling me to come over. I tried to argue with him and tell him no, but it was no use. Soon I was over there and he had me standing in the middle of his apartment in a pair of Ashley’s panties and bra that he had her leave. (I could tell you how he convinced me to do this, but this story is getting long) He commented on my nearly hairless ass and legs.(It was only in the last 10 years that I started growing hair on my legs, ass, chest, and face.) He put me in a bunch of positions and commented on my body. Then he asked me questions.

Was I gay? Did I like thinking about them having sex? Finally, he was like, DO you want to watch us fuck? No. Yes. No. Yes, very badly.

He called her and told her he needed her pussy. He actually said that. He told her to skip it and finally hung up. Then I got the call. She wasn’t going to be able to stop over before heading to her parents. Ok. I love you. Pete took my clothes and made me stay in the bra and panties so I wouldn’t think about confronting her. He told me to stay in another room until they went to her bedroom. I waited and then came out to the living room.

I saw her clothes in a pile and made my way over to them. Damn, no panties. I made my way to the bedroom door and there was my beautiful girlfriend on her knees on the bed sucking Pete’s cock as he lay on the bed. I couldn’t see his cock from the angle, but I saw her head moving up and down and her working with her hand. She was wearing only a thong and her ass looked amazing as it stuck up in the air. He told her to stand over him and he reached up and took her panties down.

Now I should have been looking at my girlfriends hot ass as he took her leopard print thong down, but when she stood, I was able to see his huge cock standing straight up! I was interrupted by the panties being thrown my way. I reached down and grabbed them. They were soaking! She got back down to her knees in an attempt to ride him, but he told her to keep sucking, so she moved down. He asked her how much bigger he was than me. She told him to stop and he said shut up, you love it. He asked her again and she said like three time the size, and he doesn’t last like you either.

He told her to come up and she did. She positioned herself above him and started sliding down his big cock. I watched my gf get fucked in six different positions that day. And when he came, he came on her stomach and tits and it was so much. I retreated to the other room where I heard my gf wash up and then tell him that she loved him as she left the apartment.

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