The Spa

Section 1

Cyn went into the spa. The attendant greeted her and Cyn explained that she didn’t feel sexy because her husband hadn’t touched her in a few months, and she thought she should tone it up a little.

“Sure, you want the one day pass to try us out, and then we can talk about your membership options. Let me introduce you to one of our personal trainers. He can help create a workout plan for you to achieve what you want,” said Stephanie, the attendant. She led Cyn over to Greg.

“Greg, this is Cyn, and she wants to tone herself up. She says her husband doesn’t think she’s sexy anymore, and she needs improvement. She’s checking us out today on a one day pass.”

Cyn looked down in embarrassment as Stephanie revealed the part about her husband. Then she blushed furiously as Greg said, “Your husband is insane. I can help you tone up, but you are already very sexy.”

“Watch it, Greg. Don’t want to scare away the customers with your over-active libido…” Stephanie gave him a stern look. “I’ll take her back to the locker rooms to change, and then you can help her.”

Stephanie took Cyn into the locker rooms, got her a locker, and left her there to change. Cyn thought about this whole thing. Greg’s comment had embarrassed her, but at the same time, she appreciated the compliment. Especially from somebody as big and handsome as Greg was. She got into her t-shirt and shorts. As she looked around at the other women she realized she looked a little frumpy in her outfit. No leotard, leggings, etc. She started to feel out of place.

Timidly she approached Greg. “I don’t seem to have the same attire as the other girls. Will this be okay?”

“Of course,” Greg said. “You’re still sexy even in that. You just can’t hide it. Now what do you want to work on?”

She explained that she wanted to tone up a bit. Erase some of the extra flab off her arms, legs, butt, and mid-section. He worked with her for two hours. She was slowing down as her endurance was giving out. Then she collapsed into a chair and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“Had enough?” Greg asked. “You know, we don’t normally give people the full treatment on their one day pass, but you look like you could use it. And you’ve done so wonderfully. Much better than most of them on their first day. So, if you want, I’ll show you where the showers and sauna room is. And then, if you’re good, I’ll take you to see one of our massage therapists.”

She looked up at him. The workout had been invigorating. And it had turned her on. Not just because Greg had touched her to show her what she was working on, and what she was improving with each exercise, but also because she just felt better doing it. “Okay. That sounds wonderful.”

Greg took her to the shower room. He pointed through the door indicating where she should go. “You aren’t coming with me?”

“They frown on that here, but if you want to have dinner later.”

“Oh…gosh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…” she stammered. “I didn’t realize we were there already. I’m sorry. I’ll meet you back here when I’ve finished.” She headed into the shower room blushing again.

Greg chuckled a little. Then sat down to watch some women working out as he waited for Cyn to come back. He looked around at the other personal trainers and their charges and decided he had gotten the lucky pick of the day. She was sexy without knowing it. But she was shy beyond belief. He wanted to fuck her so bad, but he figured she wouldn’t go for it since she was married and seemed like she was too proper for that sort of thing. He laughed to himself again….‘sometimes those are the wildest ones….’

“I was about to send in a rescue party.”

“Sorry I took so long, but the sauna was wonderful. I didn’t want to leave.”

“I saw Jay walking by a moment ago. He’s our best masseuse; if you would still like to have a massage. And, if you’re not comfortable with a male masseuse, we have a few women as well.”

“No, Jay will be fine. I know I seem like a little girl, and a bit naive….but today…I’m feeling a bit bolder.”

“Okay, then. Let’s go grab Jay before someone else does.”

He led her through the workout area, to some rooms at the other side of the spa. He took her through a curtained entranceway. A hallway was behind the curtain. It had door after door on alternating sides.

“Jay, you busy?” Greg yelled to the tall, well-muscled man at the end of the hallway. Cyn looked at Jay, and figured she had gone to heaven. He was as handsome as Greg, and just as well built. She started thinking about the second gorgeous Adonis of a man paying attention to her body today, and she felt creamy inside.

“No. I have an opening,” Jay responded.

‘Me too,’ Cyn thought to herself. Then she blushed because of her lude thoughts.

Greg looked at her, “What are you blushing about. I haven’t said how sexy you are in hours.”

“I don’t know,” she responded. “Just something came to mind is all.”

“Well,” Greg started, sounding all hurt, “Jay is very handsome and strong, but I saw you first, didn’t I?”

She blushed again looking at him through her downcast eyelashes. He wanted her badly. And she didn’t seem as shy as she first did. But he also knew a good girl that didn’t fool around on her husband when he saw one. And she definitely fit that bill. If he was ever going to get into her pants, it would take a lot of work. Or the right situation…….

“Can you believe that she told me that her husband doesn’t think she’s sexy?” Greg asked Jay as he began to work on Cyn’s back. She was lying on the table with a towel draped over her butt.

“No way!” Jay exclaimed.

“You guys are talking about me as though I wasn’t here. Now stop that.”

“Sorry,” Jay said, “but I couldn’t believe it. Perhaps it’s not my place to say it, but you are very appealing. Why if you weren’t married, I would have asked you out on a date.”

Cyn smiled in response. Jay worked oil onto his hands, and then onto her back. He rubbed up and down her back with his fingertips going along her ribcage. His fingers brushed over the sides of her full breasts as he worked. She was starting to feel very tingly.

Jay began the same treatment to her legs; working from her thigh down to her foot, and back up. He was careful to avoid going too high on her thighs. Normally he would have but he had picked up on the same thing Greg had; that this woman was one not to go outside the lines. He figured that even though she was getting a little excited, she would never cheat on her husband.

But Greg had started to feel differently after watching her face as Jay was working on her. “Look at that, big ole Jay was afraid to ask you if you wanted the full treatment.”

“The full treatment?” Cyn responded.

“Yes. The full treatment ends up with no draping, and your whole body is massaged. That includes upper front and lower rear,” Greg answered.

“I would have asked, but I figured you wouldn’t want it,” Jay explained.

“Hmmm. Well, is that normal, or are you guys just making that up?”

“It’s….normal. I mean, it is offered to our other clients, young and old, regardless of looks. It just happens that you are super sexy and would suspect us of tricking you into showing us your body. We can call a female attendant in here if you want the full treatment but are nervous with just us here.”

“Ahhhmmm…. No, it’s okay. I think I will take the full treatment, but you don’t need to have a female attendant. I assume if you called another attendant in here, then Greg would have to leave, and he’s been so good to me today. Might as well reward him, huh?”

Jay pulled the towel off her butt and got some more oil. He worked that between his hands, and then spread it on her ass. He worked professionally but sensuously as well. She was starting to get creamy between her legs. Her eyes were closed and she relaxed and enjoyed the attention.

Jay finished his work on her back, and had her roll over. Greg let out a low whistle as her large breasts became visible. “Glad you approve,” Cyn said to Greg.

Section 2

Jay got more oil and worked it into her skin. He started at her feet and worked his way up. He was working on her upper thighs and brushed lightly against her vulva. She sighed a little, and her nipples hardened. Jay got more oil and started on her stomach. He didn’t spend much time there since it is a sensitive area and ends up tickling his patients too much. He worked his oily hands over her breasts. She was moaning slightly as he did that.

“I know it’s inappropriate of me to say, but your husband is crazy if he’s really been neglecting you. Although I can’t believe he would,” Greg said.

“Jay’s hands are the first to be on me in two full months. But I’ve been so neglected that I need more. Why don’t you come over and help your friend with the massage?”

Greg hopped up and sprinted to the tableside. Jay still had his hands on her tits, so Greg put his hand between her legs. She opened her legs and let them dangle off the sides of the massage table. Greg’s fingers slid inside her wet opening easily. She reached for Jay’s cock, and began rubbing it through the material of his pants. He bent down and kissed her, his tongue darting into her mouth.

Greg pulled down his pants, and positioned Cyn on the end of the table so that her ass was on the edge of the table. Then he moved between her legs, and she put them over his shoulders. She had Jay’s fly undone, and was sucking his dick as Greg fucked her. Jay held one nipple in his fingers, and Greg held the other one, pinching and twisting. She orgasmed twice as Greg plowed into her. She jacked Jay off into her mouth and then Greg came in her pussy.

After the wonderful treatment she had received at the spa, she decided to join.


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