The Secretary and the stripper


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Section 1

My name is Gustave and this is how I meet my girlfriend, Lisa. I first met, Lisa, at the local gym working out. She was quite stunning and she notices me looking at her, she smiled back at me. I continue to do my workout and went home. The next time I went to this gym, I saw her again and decided to say hi. We talked for a little bit and I asked her out for coffee.

I found out that we had a lot in common, so we then went out on dates. We always had a good time together. She told me she was a secretary for an investment bank in the city. One evening I called her and asked her if I could pick her up the next day for a lunch date. She replied that she can’t because of high security working for this bank. No one can know the address, not even our families.

I thought that was interesting and a little confusing, but I let it go. I can understand because of all the money changing hands and the investments they were into. They buy and sell large ships, passenger aircraft, among other things.

Both of us are fairly private people and we don’t usually go out to big parties or even have friends over. I work for an internet service provider maintaining the Internet services the company offers.. I also troubleshoot installation of hardware. During the next two years, I kept asked her if she wanted to move in together and she said yes but something always came up. Many times she had problems with families or work. But she kept telling me that she still wants to move in together, and it’ll happens soon.

After these two years, I thought I knew her pretty well. One day installing a satellite dish for another company, my colleagues asked me If want, to have lunch with them. They said there’s a local bar with fantastic strippers. There’s one that’s particularly good and very entertaining.

I don’t usually go to strip bars but on this occasion. I changed my mind. We all meet at the bar parking lot and we go in order a couple of beers with a nice lunch. Then my colleagues looked at me and say’s she’s about to come on,

you will really enjoy her.

I looked up on stage and I see my girlfriend coming on. I was dumbfounded, and didn’t know what to do. So I lean back behind the other guys, I did not want her to recognize me. She did her stripping routine to a great rock song. She took her top, and then went up to some of the guys on the edge of the stage. She smiled at them and took her bra off exposing those nice boobs to them She continued until she was completely naked.

She came back onto the upper stage with a blanket. and did her floor routine. She smiled at the guys looking at her, while she spread her legs wide exposing her pussy. Then she rolled around and all four, bouncing her ass. After her routine, she went backstage. We finish our lunch, during the next two strippers. My buddies look at me and ask me what I thought of her and replied, “very nice.”

They didn’t know that she was my girlfriend and I wasn’t about to tell them. I was not sure what was going on. Why would she be lying to me?. I thought maybe, this was the reason why we were not living together yet. But I still did not know how to deal with this.

Watching her on stage made my cock really, really hard having all the men looking at her boob and pussy. At the end of the day. I drove home and I decided to give her a call.

“How are you doing today?” I asked.

“I had a rough day, lots of work at the bank.”

I asked her out on another date for the coming Saturday and I thought we’d take a day cruise up the coast and back. She thought that was lovely and was eager to join me. So that Saturday. We had a good time looking at the scenery.

It was truly lovely, they were dolphins, wales and eagles. I purchased some wine for us. I couldn’t help. thinking about the other day, watching her strip at the bar and of course her spreading her pussy for all to see..This made my cock hard again. She looked at me and smiled.

“You seem to be really horny right now”

“Oh yes”

“Maybe we can take care of that back to my place.

Sex was always great with her and it lasted for hours. We were both physically fit so that wasn’t a problem. During intercourse, I kept thinking about her on stage and I fucked her even harder.

During the week I decided to go back to the strip bar, alone. I sat at the back of the bar and sure enough, she came out and started dancing. Her routine was different every day. I returned to the bar when I could but I was always careful. Those bright lights really blinded her from those in the crowd except for those sitting around the stage. On another night I called her, and asked her about moving in again. She said, “how about the beginning of next month? We could plan for it”

So I waited for the next month, but again something came up. I kept thinking this can’t last forever. One day we will be moving in together then how is she going to hide this from me. I don’t know what her plans are for telling me. I was thinking one time, maybe I can sit around the stage where she could see me. I might scare and lose her this way?. But I have to do something.

I went back to the bar, and I was really nervous about what might happen, I really didn’t want to lose her. She was a great lady. This can’t continue forever. So I made sure she wasn’t dancing when I walked in. Then I sat around the stage and watched the other strippers.

She then came up onstage and she started another routine. She started taking off her clothes. she came in my direction about to take off her bra and exposed those lovely tits. She then saw me and stopped. I kept smiling and motioned her to continue.

She then started dancing again and exposed her breast to other guys. When she was done, she went off stage and I thought she was coming back with a blanket to do her floor routine. I thought maybe she might come out and see me. But I waited and waited. But she didn’t show up. So I left and drove back to work hoping for the best.

I called her later, but she never answered. I left a message and told her it was fine,and I still loved her. But she never returned any of my calls. A few days later, I called her again and told her, I still love her very much and she doesn’t need to hide this for me. I will not tell anyone about your job, not even those I work with, please call. Three weeks go by, and I get a call from her.

Crying and sobbing. I told her everything is fine. She told me she felt ashamed of doing this job. I only took because I could find anything better. But it was the only job she could get at that tine. I didn’t want to tell anyone, not even my family. This economy is hard on everyone.

I suppose one day they might find out. But after three years, they never did. I told her. I will keep your secret. you have my word. She told me, you don’t understand, I also do private functions and parties. I do lap dances have sex with one of them in plain view of the party. It paid for my courses at university in computer science, but I still could not find a job.

Lisa: “You are not going to ask me to dance for your buddies.”

“No, I will keep your secret”

Lisa: “I would be nervous, dancing in front of you by the stage.”

“I’ll sit in the back of the bar.”

At that time she stopped crying.

Lisa: “so you are not going to stop me? use me? Or leave”

“I am happy with you”

Section 2

When I could I attended to bar to watch her. She was very good, she would smile and look dirrectly in there eyes while she exposed her tits. She did the same thing when spreading her legs. She was a lot happier on our dates. One day she said it was okay if I sat around the stage. The next time I was there she saw me and smiled. She danced and took her top off then continued to face me. She slowly removed her bra exposing those firm tits.

When it came time for her floor routine she spread her legs to a group of guys to show off her pussy while she was smiling at me. I noticed that her dances were more intense now then before. I think she enjoyed what she did for the first time. She never came out in the bar for a lot of reasons and that was fine. I always saw her that night She did not ask me about moving in yet and I did not want to force her.

She told me that she has not done a private function like a birthday party for quite some time. One is come up that’s really good money. But I don’t know if you will like it or not. This involves a lap dance and sex. They have to where a condom and I am on the pill.

She told me she did not have to take it however if we are going to live together it is very good money. She looked ashamed again explaining all this. I told her that was fine and would not be angry in fact I wanted to be there. She smiled and called me a pervert, we both laughed.

We both go to the big restaurant where the party being held. We both went into the restaurant and met her bouncer.. She got changed in the bathroom, while I found a seat at the party. They asked me who I was. a friend of a friend. About one hour later. She came out and the birthday boy was sitting in the middle. He sat in a chair and she started her routine.

She started sitting on his lap and grinding his cock. She continued to strip while looking directly in his eyes. She then took an empty chair to spread her legs exposing her wet pussy then rapped her legs around his head and stretch her body and touched the ground. Do a cart wheel, turned around with her ass in his face while he was feeling her up.

After some time she took the birthday and walked toward me. She bent over, the birthday took out his cock and put a condom. The bouncer remained him of that. He then stuck his cock up her pussy. She stared directly in my eyes while he was fuck her. My cock was really hard and throbbing. At the end of the day she got paid $3000.00.

Driving home she asked me if I want to move in together, I smiled.

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