The Roommate 4/5 (41)

My wife Liz and I met four years ago in college. We currently live with two other main roommates in a quaint townhouse. About two years into our relationship she asked if I had any deep dark fantasies to share with her. I initially fumbled with my words, but then clearly said, “I want you to dominate me”. My wife look surprised, as this side of me is different from the personality I portray in everyday life. After she saw I was serious, she replied, “Hmm, that’s sounds kind of fun to try”.

Later that night I was forced to do things completely her way. I was told to beg, lick, kiss, and touch anywhere she wanted, and I complied without hesitation. She loved it. For the next year we experimented almost every night with whatever she found interesting and fun.

One night we were laying in bed and I built up the courage to ask her something I had been wanting to ask her. I leaned over and said, “how would you feel if I allowed you to sleep with other men”. She immediately replied, “uhh, I don’t think I could”.

A couple months went by and I continued dropping hints that I wanted her to sleep around. One night while she was on a business trip, I texted my roommate Nick and plainly asked if he would ever want to sleep with my wife Liz. He quickly replied, “Well yeah I mean if you’d be okay with it. I’ve always thought she’s super hot man”.
My heart pounding, I screenshot the text and send it to my wife. The next morning she replied, “Omg I cant believe you sent that to Nick”. Nothing more on the subject was discussed.

A week later we were having a little get together at our place. It was our roommates, my wife and I, and a couple other friends. At the end of the night it was just my wife, me, Nick, and my wife’s drunk friend. I offered to drive my wife’s friend home as I was sober. When I returned Liz and Nick were no longer sitting at the kitchen table.

I turn, looked into the kitchen and saw Nick pressing my wife against the fridge with his tongue down her throat and hand down the front of her pants. My wife was startled when she saw me and instantly told me, “Go upstairs and head to bed”. I immediately turned and went upstairs. From the top of the stairs I could hear her moan as he roughly made out with her. A few moments later I heard them sit on the couch. I heard a belt unbuckle, two jean zippers and the snaps on my wife’s shirt.

The next thing I heard was my wife moaning at the top of her lungs, “Holly $h*+”. The two went until morning. Once finished downstairs they moved to his room where I could hear absolutely everything.

Hours later my wife happily came to bed. She gave me a huge kiss and said I love you.

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    sounds really hot!

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