The Ride 4.4/5 (27)

Anyone watching Rachelle Bannion push her cart full of groceries across the half-empty parking lot could tell that she was not a happy woman. The stress showed in her face and in the little worry lines in her forehead. Oblivious to her surroundings, she mentally went over the last three nights at home with her husband.

She had done all the right things and for once in their nineteen years of marriage he had failed to notice. She had shaved her legs and had worn the new nightgown; the one practically see-through with the plunging neckline that showed off her large tits. She had put on his favorite perfume and cooked his favorite meals. Of course she hadn’t actually said “let’s have sex tonight” but she shouldn’t have to. They had been married long enough for him to know the signals.

Rachelle opened the side door of her SUV and started to unload the shopping cart as her thoughts continued. I may as well have been invisible. So this is what sexual frustration feels like, she thought. Should I be worried? Is something going wrong with his job? Or, have I done something wrong? I think I’m still fit and reasonably good looking; although it would be nice to hear it once in awhile.

A low whistle interrupted her thoughts and then, “They told me there was nothing to see in this little country town.” Rachelle instinctively tensed and froze. She quickly acknowledged her vulnerable position. She was bent over, leaning through the side door of her SUV adjusting the last of the groceries. Her t-shirt had ridden up her back, and her faded jeans were pulled tight across her butt.

The words were spoken deep and slow from somewhere behind her. They seemed to drip with friendly southern charm. She thought she could feel eyes on her ass. The voice was male, all male; the kind that could make a woman weak in the knees and moist in very private places. She caught her breath. She straightened and turned.

There he stood … a lone, leather-clad man, at the end of the parking stall next to hers. The only thing separating them was a jet black and chrome custom Harley motorcycle. She relaxed a little. He didn’t appear threatening, at least not in the way that would cause her to scream and bolt, however something about him made her instincts switch to cautiously curious. And there was something else, an instant, undeniable chemistry. She could feel it down deep in her belly. “Excuse me?” she forced out, her voice raspy and dry.

He was standing still in his gold and black helmet, his eyes hidden by a pair of dark-tinted aviator glasses. It was disconcerting that she couldn’t see his eyes. She felt, rather than saw that he was appraising her body from head to foot and back again; all five feet, nine inches of her. She was tall for a woman yet felt small in his presence. He had her by at least five, maybe six, inches.

“No disrespect intended ma’am. I’ve been out sight-seeing and that picture right there is the prettiest thing I have seen all day.” Rachelle instantly blushed crimson. She glanced around to see if anyone was close by listening to their exchange, but the only people she saw were a couple of skateboarders at the end of the parking lot. She smiled slightly, shook her head as if to brush away the compliment, closed the back door and started to get into the front seat.

“Do you have time for a ride?” The words were innocent enough and yet the kind of ride Rachelle imagined made her blush again. She paused. This was crazy. Was she really being propositioned here in the parking lot of a grocery store? Rachelle was a married woman with one daughter, two dogs and a goldfish.

She was a member of the PTA and a volunteer at the high school. Men did not come on to her in parking lots or anywhere else for that matter, including her own bedroom lately. The crazier thought was that there was a part of her who wanted to walk over to that bike and climb on, succumbing to the insane physical attraction that seemed to come from nowhere.

“Um…no…I mean, where would we go?” she stammered and then immediately felt silly. She used to know how to flirt. When had she forgotten? She searched for something clever to say but came up empty. At that, the man graced her with an understanding smile.

Odd that the only thing she could see of his face were his lips, full lips, and a chiseled jaw made even more rugged by a two-day dark scruff. An unaccustomed sexual tension started deep in a place she had ignored for too long. Rachelle held her breath waiting to hear what he might say next.

“Girl, do you think if you and I were to get on this bike and head somewhere, that the destination would be important?” he aked. Somehow his question completely disarmed her. In her heart she knew that those were the most honest words she had heard in a very long time.

Without thinking she answered defensively, “But…I don’t know you, and… anyway I’m not.. I mean I’m married.” As if to remind herself, she instinctively fingered the gold band on her left hand, but, she couldn’t stop the hot flush and unintended smile that had completely taken over her face.

“All I can say to that is… there is one very lucky man livin’ in this town!” His words and his tone carried a not too subtle hint of disappointment. For some reason, his expression and the heated moment were more than significant to Rachelle. This was more than a casual pass, at least she felt that it was. She found herself struggling with the conflicting feelings and forgotten urges. On the one hand, she felt a flash of raw, physical desire.

She wanted this exact moment to never stop, curious as to where it might lead. On the other she was relieved to watch him mount his bike with athletic grace, start the engine, and drive off with a quick nod of his helmeted head.

As her emotions returned to normal, she could not help but sigh with disappointment as he disappeared around the corner and out of sight. Climbing into her Toyota, she closed the door with more force than was necessary.

She consciously willed herself to put the exchange behind her. She focused on the rearview mirror and maneuvered out of the parking space. As she turned out of the parking lot and into the flow of traffic, Rachelle glanced quickly at her watch. She would have to hurry to make it home in time for the cable repairman. Then again, weren’t those guys always late?

She drove through the sprawling suburbs back to her slightly upscale, single-story rambler and mentally went through the rest of her day. Groceries were done. Next was the cable man and a load or two of laundry.

Then came her favorite part of the day as the volunteer assistant cheerleading coach for her daughter Danielle’s squad. She continued down the list, dinner on the table by six-thirty then her husband Eric would eat and retire to the couch and TV while she did the dishes and helped Danielle with her homework.

Lately, she had become aware that her days were looking exactly the same. No wonder an “interesting” proposition from a sexy man in black leather had given her a jolt; more than a jolt if she were completely honest with herself. She felt not only an intense and warm ache down low in her abdomen but also the surprising, undeniable moistness in her panties.

Perhaps tonight after dinner she would have to try a new tactic. She would slide casually onto the couch, with two cold Buds, wearing nothing but her sexiest smile and then watch her husband’s reaction. Perhaps the time for subtlety was past. Rachelle smiled at the thought and tried not to wonder about how she would feel if he didn’t notice..

She pulled into the driveway and noted the repair van parked on the street. The cable guy was on time and Rachelle was thankful for that pleasant surprise. She greeted him, and he shook her hand warmly and told her his name was Tim.

Tim was just a little taller than Rachelle with a stocky build. He was muscular, and it was obvious that he worked out. There was no visible gut and his biceps strained the material of his rolled up t-shirt sleeves. She noticed his eyes were friendly, almost laughing in their brightness, and he had a dimpled smile that put her at ease instantly.

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