The Quicky 4.5/5 (32)

I looked at the man opposite me, taking in what details I could make out in the dim light. I did not know this man. I did not know his name, where he came from. I did not know anything of the history of this man. He was black though that was not important to me. He had been selected and that was enough. The only thing I knew about this man was why he was stood before me. He had come to fuck me.

I stood in front of him and his eyes wandered hungrily over what he saw. I was dressed, of course. I wore a long blue silk dress, darkest blue with the tiniest white polka dots, buttoned up the front. Beneath it…well, he would soon find that out.

My hair was brushed back into a long ponytail, showing my face to him, hiding none of my features. He had no doubt as to who he was going to fuck that night. It was clear in his eyes. He stepped towards me. I waited for him.

A large hand touched me, making me hold my breath. It rested a moment against my stomach, paused, waiting. I looked up into his big brown questioning eyes and I nodded to him. It was ok. It was right. The hand moved against me, slipping between two of the buttons on my dress. I felt his fingers touch the skin beneath the silk cloth and I gasped, letting the air out,

not realising my breath had been held. I looked up again to see him lean down to me. His lips pressed to mine. They were thick, soft, sensual lips and I responded, kissing this man back as hungrily as he kissed me. My own hand reached out to him, feeling the hardness of his chest beneath my trembling fingers.

He leaned closer still, pushing me gently back so that I fell to the bed behind me, eased down to the soft surface by his steady hold on me. I lay back, my eyes half closed, as the buttons on my dress parted, one by one, revealing my nakedness beneath. I wore no panties tonight; they seemed a pointless distraction against the inevitable.

I wore no bra. My breasts, though not small, remained pert and rounded. A bra seemed another meaningless distraction. I was laid bare for him, showing him what was there for the taking.

My back arched and a moan of pleasure escaped my pursed lips. Those thick, soft lips engulfed my right nipple, drawing it into the heat of his mouth. His tongue flicked over the stiffening flesh, bringing another moan from me. My hand, still upon his broad chest, began to move, gliding over his body, feeling the rigidity and vitality of the man. He moved to my other breast, that nipple engulfed as had been the first.

My back arched again, higher now, as his teeth pressed so lightly against the hard, almost vibrating nipple in the warmth of his mouth. A hand touched my leg, softly but insistently drawing my thighs apart. I did not resist but opened willingly to him. My hand slipped from his chest and my arm encircled him, holding him to me.

I cried out at the first probing touch on my moist pussy, fingertips tracing up and down the silken folds of my sex. I cried out again as my lips were parted, a finger slipping over the swollen flesh, entering me so very easily. My hips flexed once, twice, pushing towards that finger as it slid deeper into me. I moaned as my nipple was released, the moan cut off as once again, those soft, full lips found mine.

I felt his tongue invade my mouth, filling it with an urgency I shared. My own tongue slithered and slid against his and I kissed him back hard. His finger, moving inside me had been joined by another, stretching me, toying with me. My hips rose and fell against him and I moaned, oh God how I moaned into his kiss.

The fingers inside me left with a loud, wet sound that made me blush. I panted under him, waiting, wondering, and then cried out in pleasure and in shock as he caught my clitoris between finger and thumb, the pressure so intoxicating, so exquisitely hot. He rolled it between his fingers, sending shockwaves through my body, alternating between the attention to my clit and entering my now dripping, eager pussy.

He left me, his hands removed, his weight removed and I looked up, watching avidly as he undressed. He slipped of his shirt and I moaned again, wantonly. His ebony body rippled in the soft light, shadows dancing off his muscular frame. I watched and I wanted. His pants next, revealing his manhood to me. I thought of the saying, once you go black… nonsense, of course, but he was so beautiful.

His cock stood out from him, not too big, not too small, as perfect as the rest of him. I licked my lips in anticipation, catching his eye. He smiled at me and moved towards me, his lips brushing against my outstretched legs, kiss after kiss as he moved up further. I closed my eyes, surrendering to the sensations of his hot breath caressing my trembling skin.

“Oh God!” I cried, the first word spoken since his arrival. His lips had found my sex and had engulfed me completely, suckling as my labia were pulled into his mouth. It felt so good. I gripped the sheet beneath me, gripped it hard as his tongue slipped in between my labia, swirling and gliding just inside my now convulsing pussy, where I feel it the most.

I wonder how he knew that. Had my husband told him? I shook my head. I did not wish to think of my husband at this point. Instead, I surrendered to the sensations coursing through me. The man worshipped my pussy and now I worshipped him as I writhed beneath him.

He took me so close. His tongue sliding up from my pussy, up to my clit, flicking back and forth, circling it perfectly. he moved his lips up to my clit, sucked on it, and I was in heaven. I felt the convulsions begin in my stomach, knew what was coming soon and I readied myself for the release. It didn’t come.

He sensed my readiness, the imminence of my orgasm, and he stopped, pulling away from me. I opened my eyes and I pouted. He smiled up at me and moved up my body, bringing his weight to bear on me. I nodded again, eagerly.

I lay back, eyes closed, mouth open as his hardness entered me. I was so wet, so open to him but still his manhood stretched me as it eased its way fully into me. He pressed on and inch after inch filled me until he could press no more. I convulsed around him, feeling every inch of him inside. He held me there for long moments, presumably savouring my pussy wrapped so tightly around him. I clenched my internal muscles, gripping him inside, savouring his cock the way he savored me.

He began to move and I cried out, louder this time, as his cock withdrew from me only to move back in, gliding over the soft pink flesh inside me, sending wild sensations through my whole body. He fucked me slowly, almost as a lover. I revelled in the sensations of his cock moving into me. I moaned, I panted, my hips rising and falling to meet his steady, languid thrusts.

I spread my legs wider, wrapping them around him, pulling him to me, urging him to fuck me harder. He complied, picking up the pace, his cock now driving into me. I heard the wet slap of his heavy balls against my thighs and it drove me on, my hips rocking against him, grinding my pussy into him as he thrust harder into me.

He stopped and reached down, grabbing my ankles, pulling them up, pushing them back until my feet were on his broad shoulders. I watched, fighting for breath and then I screamed in pure pleasure as he really began to fuck me, his cock hammering deep inside me.

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