The Proposition 4.7/5 (90)

This is my story about how my husband got me here. My name is Dawn and my husband’s name is Brett. We have been married for six years and don’t have any kids yet. Both of us are in our early thirties and I would say we look pretty good. About three years ago, Brett started telling me that he really wanted to try out swinging. I was pretty much pissed off. Horrified might be a better word to describe it. I wondered where this came from and at first thought I must not be making him happy.

Since then, we had discussed the topic many times and I felt better at least about the part that I wasn’t making him happy. I would sum it up that there is no doubt that he loves me and wants to be with me, BUT he wants to be open sexually. I did not agree to this. I did however agree to talk to him during sex about having sex with other people. We didn’t do it all the time, but quite often over the years.

I would always be thinking of a new scenario to come with that I thought he would like. I got pretty good at it. Trust me, I get very detailed and vulgar about doing the dirtiest sexual things when having sex with my husband and he loves it. I would have to admit that over time, I definitely softened up on the idea. I found that I started getting turned on myself thinking and talking about it.

It helped me understand more about where he was coming from and I even started thinking more of scenarios that turned me on instead of what I knew Brett liked. Brett picked up on it quickly since he noticed how turned on I got, which only inspired him to keep the pressure up to do it for real. About three months ago, we were doing pretty well in our jobs and I thought it was time to make our biggest investment, a house. Brett thought that before we buried ourselves in debt, we should enjoy life for a while since we had a pretty good cash flow. We would argue about it constantly.

Then about two weeks ago, we were having dinner when Brett says to me that he will agree to buy a house if I agreed to one thing. I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement. He asked me “you know how you get really turned on talking about having sex with me and another guy?” I cautiously answered “yeaaaah.” He then explained that he wanted to do it with me and then he would agree to buy a house.

I was pissed that he was trying to leverage me because he knew how bad I wanted a house. He said “well you know how bad I have always wanted to try swinging.” He had a point and I started listening instead of talking. Brett told me how he knows that I get really turned on when I talk about having a threesome with another guy, so he thought it would be a good start and if I didn’t like it, then we could just go back to talking about it.

I saw daylight. I was like so I only have to do this one time and if I don’t like it then never again? He nodded. I asked “who’s it gonna be?” He was now smiling and told me that he wanted me to pick out a guy that I like and see if I could make it happen. I didn’t even have think about it. I had already thought about what it would be like with my ex boyfriend when talking about scenarios. I said “my ex boyfriend Don.”

He said “really?” I nodded my head and told him that I knew he would definitely do it. Brett started asking how I was so sure and stuff, so I reminded him how we remained friends over the years and the only thing that was good about my relationship with him was the sex. I knew that he loved having sex with me and I was sure he would keep his mouth shut. Plus I already felt comfortable with him. Brett wasn’t too sure about my choice.

I laughed and reminded him how I could pick anyone. He agreed and asked when I was going to talk to him. I told him that I was going to call him after dinner and to be ready because there is a very good chance it will happen quickly. After dinner, I called Don and got straight to the point. I told him how I wanted to have a threesome with my husband and the first person I thought of was him. I asked “are you into it?” Don said “when and where?” I told him he could come over in an hour or so if he wanted.

He said that he was hopping in the shower and would be over. I got off the phone and told Brett that we were taking off work the next day to get pre qualified for a mortgage. He was like “what do you mean?” I told him that Don was coming over in an hour and I was going to fuck him and Don like I wanted a house. Brett laughed at how I made it happen so quickly and we both took a shower together.

An hour later the doorbell rang. I answered the door in my bathrobe, naked underneath. I grabbed Don’s hand and led him straight to the bedroom where Brett was in his underwear. Brett and Don said hi to each other and they were already friendly with each other, so I knew there weren’t any issues in case you might be wondering. I asked Don to sit on the bed and sat down next to him. I told him that I wanted to talk a little about this first, which he agreed.

I told him how I love Brett with all my heart and this is nothing but sex. I told him that I really wanted to try a threesome, but I also wanted to be sure that he would keep his mouth shut and that he wouldn’t take this as anything other than no strings attached sex. I didn’t want any phone calls, texts or anything else. I asked if he was good with that and he said “absolutely, but can I ask you a few things?” I nodded and he asked if this was a one time thing.

I looked at Brett and he wasn’t saying a word. I said “well, if I want it again, can I call you?” Don said “absolutely.” He then asked if I wanted him to wear a condom. I know him very well and still felt safe about STD’s, so I told him that I was still on birth control so he wouldn’t need any condoms. He then asked if there was anything specific that I wanted him to do, which made me laugh. I told him “let’s just go with it and see what happens.”

With that I started to undress Don starting with his sneakers. I got Don naked and told Brett to come over and sit next to Don. He dropped his underwear and with them both sitting in front of me, I dropped my robe to the floor. I asked Don if he missed my body and he nodded while staring at my shaved pussy. I noticed that they both had precum already oozing out of their cocks, so I got down on my knees and started sucking my husband’s cock first, while stroking Don’s.

Brett was moaning and I told him to stop me if he felt that he was going to cum. I worked on him for about five minutes and then I gave Don a good tongue kiss. I asked him how Brett tasted and he just smiled at me. I then went down on Don while stroking my husband with one hand. I spent a little extra time making sure to suck each of his balls and smack my face with his cock. I looked at Brett and smiled while doing that and he asked if I liked sucking Don’s cock.

I told him that I loved it, which I really did. When I finished blowing Don, I went up and gave Brett a big tongue kiss while whispering to him that I love being a slut. Brett was saying “I see that” and he started fingering me. Needless to say, I was already soaked. I pushed Brett down onto the bed and I straddled his face as he began licking and tongue fucking me. I pulled Don toward me and started kissing him madly.


  • John

    Reply Reply September 30, 2019

    I absolutely love your story, can’t stop reading it. It’s very similar to my past experiences!


  • L

    Reply Reply October 6, 2019

    Great story,really enjoyed it.
    I’d like to read about more of their adventures.
    Maybe the boyfriend getting more involved, spending the night and wife staying with her bf on weekends.

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