The Proposal 4.9/5 (51)

It all began with having had a little too much to drink one evening with my friend and neighbor, Marc. Marc, the consummate ladies’ man, was nothing if not self-confident; something I always found simultaneously galling and enviable. Somehow though, his charm always made even the worst of his shortcomings tolerable, don’t ask me why.

That night, several months ago, as we were sitting around the pool in the back of the property my wife Jen and I share, Marc proposed an extraordinary bet. He wagered ten thousand dollars that within two weeks, he could make love to my wife.

If he lost he forfeited the ten thousand dollars; however, if he succeeded in bedding Jen within the allotted amount of time, I would have to leave town ‘on business’ for an additional week and swear never to reveal our so-called ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ to her. Moreover, I had to swear not to try to actively thwart his efforts in any way.

Now you may say that even voicing such a thing should have been enough to provoke a physically violent reaction on my part. I will admit that, the alcohol notwithstanding, I was shocked and angered initially.

However, in retrospect, I realize that something about Marc’s proposition and the risk of watching my wife make love to another man stimulated some long buried synapse in the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind.

I suppose you really had to know Marc, the nature of our friendship, and my marriage to fully understand why I did what I did – which was to take the bet! Besides, he had just started dating someone.

And since Jen had always found our admittedly good-looking neighbor much too big for his britches, I felt the odds were very much stacked in my favor. It would be the easiest ten thousand dollars I’d ever earned. I’d only have to find some way of explaining our newfound wealth to my wife two weeks hence!

It was no secret to me that Marc found my wife incredibly desirable; he wasn’t alone. She is a beautiful, sexy woman: soft, blond hair, a beautiful complexion, and lovely green, bedroom eyes. Then there is her figure, which turns heads wherever we go, most especially the beach. She inherited the best of both her parents genes:

she’s slim, fine-featured and blond like her Dutch father, and has the alabaster skin, full, sensuous lips and prodigious bustline of her Spanish mother.

Two days after Marc and I agreed to the bet (thereby leaving just twelve to go!), Jen and I had Marc and his new girlfriend Cathy over for drinks. We’re all in our late twenties and Marc and I have been friends since he bought the property next to ours two years ago.

I was anxious to observe my neighbor in action. And I will admit that, right from the very beginning, he played it very smart. He was on his best behavior, laying the charm and the compliments on thick. Cathy was very pretty and seemed quite smitten with her new beau. The conversation was light and bubbly and the martinis were going down in

quick succession – in a couple of hours, the four of us were all pretty tipsy and giddy. Cathy and Jen went off to the kitchen at one point and I followed shortly thereafter for refills. As I approached the kitchen, I overheard them talking about Marc. They were giggling like schoolgirls and I heard Cathy say that Marc was “huge”. The moment I entered the room however, they looked at each other, smiled, and quickly changed the subject.

When I returned with another round of martinis, I noticed that my wife was stealing glances at the front of Marc’s pants and I felt a tingle of jealousy. I’m about average in that department, and had never had any indication from Jen that size mattered to her.

It was clear though that Cathy’s comment had at least piqued her curiosity. Everyone had a great evening and it was quite late when our two guests finally left.

That night, my ears perked up when Jen asked me if I noticed anything different about Marc. I asked her what she meant and she said that he had seemed much more self-depreciating and easy-going that night,

and that it was definite improvement from his usual demeanor. The charm was obviously working, but it was still an enormous leap between not finding him a boor and actually making love to him. And there were now only eleven more days to go.

Two more days passed before we heard from Marc again. It was a hot, sunny summer’s day and my wife was poolside soaking up some sun. She was lying face down on one of our sun beds with her bikini top undone.

I was inside making some ice tea. Through the glass door, I saw Marc enter the back of our property from his and approach Jen. I did a double take when I saw that he was wearing nothing but an incredibly brief men’s bikini swimsuit and a pair of sandals. I had never seen him wear anything but boxer-style trunks to go swimming or sun tanning.

He was quite the sight.
For although I’m not gay or even bisexual, I had to admit that he looked pretty damn good. He had obviously done some tanning of his own and was a pretty ripped 6’2″.

As he got closer to where she was lying though, I couldn’t help but notice the enormous wad in the front pouch of his skimpy swimsuit. It was something my wife no doubt also took notice of.

I realized then that Marc’s good-natured bragging had been warranted – he really did have a ‘big one’. My heart began to beat a little faster when I saw her perk up and start chatting amiably with him. I was shocked when she raised herself up from the waist; resting on her elbows, her huge, fleshy breasts almost completely exposed to him while she lay there.

She would have had quite the vantage point with which to check out the huge bulge in the front of his swimsuit, as his crotch was almost at her eye-level. I got a little nervous when I found myself looking at Marc objectively – perhaps for the first time – and realizing that,

at least physically speaking, he had what women wanted. They talked for quite some time and I was tempted to go out there but thought that such a move might be considered meddling. He eventually left and Jen came inside.

I asked her what they had talked about and she explained that, for a surprise birthday present for Cathy, Marc had asked her if she would take some ‘glamour shots’ of him so he could have one enlarged and framed. Jen is a professional photographer, and in the past has taken glam shots of other friends – always women – for their husbands. This

would be a first with a male subject. Again, with the image of Marc in a high-cut bikini swimsuit still fresh in my mind, I became a little anxious and asked her what he had in mind. She said it would just be him without his shirt on or in a swimsuit. Sensing that I had mixed feelings about the whole thing (but not really understanding why!), she accused me of being silly. The plan was to take the pictures that Friday – two days hence.

Friday afternoon arrived and Jen had her studio all set up. I took notice of the fact that she was wearing lipstick and eye makeup; something she rarely did unless we were going out. I decided that, rather than wait for Marc to arrive, I would concoct some story about having to dash off to the office and sneak back in shortly thereafter.

That way, I thought, I could observe without being observed and perhaps get a more accurate indication of whether Marc’s chances had improved any or not – with just seven days to go before I collected ten thousand dollars!

Ten minutes before our neighbor was scheduled to arrive, I hopped in my BMW, drove around for forty-five minutes then circled back – parking on the street. As quietly as I could, I crept back inside the house undetected. And from the interior balcony overlooking the main floor – although I couldn’t see anything – I could make every word of the conversation taking place in Jen’s studio.

Right away, I could tell that they were discussing something, and when I found out what it was my face got hot – Marc wanted her to photograph him in the nude! What was even more startling was that I could tell she was considering it! She seemed to be waffling and thought it might not be a good idea.


  • Mark

    Reply Reply July 15, 2019

    That was so hot. Perfectly written and what I would love to see or know my wife was a part of. 👏👍

  • kixxmn

    Reply Reply August 18, 2019

    The first man that took my wife was on a bet….i know how you feel

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