The Pool Party

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Section 1

Before the Pool Party A house next to us became a rental. A kind of unusual mixed-race family moved in. The man’s name was Phil and he claimed to be ex-military. He was black and his wife seemed to be older and was white. Right away my wife sensed hostility from Phil’s wife Sue. At the same time, she always felt Phil lurking on her DD breasts. My wife had a face lift a few years ago and does not look her age. She has gained some weight but her figure is in keeping with her height except for her breasts which are quite large.

While my wife complained about Phil’s attention I think somehow it kind of excited her. She was always hanging over the fence talking to him. As time went on Phil became kind of off handed to me, like he had little respect for me. At the same time, I noticed my wife was kind of dressing a little better when she went out, wearing more revealing things and always putting on some makeup which was not like her. One day after walking the dog my wife told me that Phil’s family was going back to their home for a visit but Phil had to stay here for his job.

She then told me she had invited him over for dinner on Wednesday. I was kind of surprised because in the beginning she had complained about his looking at her. Wednesday night came, the doorbell rang and my wife came out of her bedroom to answer it. She looked hotter than hell. She was wearing a low-cut blouse that showed off her 36 DD’s to their best advantage and a wraparound skirt I had never seen before.

She opened the door, Phil came in holding a bottle of wine, he put his other arm around her and they shared a mouth to mouth kiss and I thought I saw a bit of tongue exchanged. Dinner went fine although Phil hardly paid any attention to me, it was almost like those two were alone. My wife was flirting and bending over her plate so Phil could see her tits. It was almost disgusting especially since she had told me how much she disliked Phil. When dinner was over we moved to the living room but my wife and Phil sat on the couch leaving me the chair.

Phil looked at me and said, “Your wife tells me you have always wanted to watch her get fucked by a real man. Well tonight’s your night.” I started to get up but Phil sprang up and over to me and pushed me back down on the chair. “Tell you what’s going to happen,” he said. “I’m going to tie you up and then fuck your wife like she wants to be fucked while you watch a real man in action.” With that he grabbed me, I was amazed at how strong he was compared to me.

Dragged me into my bedroom and with help from my wife tied me up in my lounge chair. He then turned to my wife and ripped her blouse off, she was not wearing a bra and he mashed her big tits with his hands then pulled off her skirt. I was shocked to see not only was she not wearing panties but her juice was dripping down her leg. Phil pushed her down to her knees then had her open his pants and pull out his dick.

Not that long but nice and thick, she immediately started sucking it. The slurping was driving me crazy but then I noticed I was getting a hard on. First time in years. My wife was sucking a nice hard dick for the first time in years also. And relishing the task. Phil was ranting on about how he was going to fuck her and make her come and make me a sissy boy and take her as his slut anytime he wanted. The more he talked the more she sucked and slurped. Then he pulled out of her mouth, told her to get on the bed, spread her legs and wait to get fucked by a real man.

He then came over to me and stuck his cock in my mouth. “Get me wet so I can fuck your wife.” He said. I did, He did. Like a machine he plowed into her until she started coming and coming. Then Phil started sending his black seed into her hot cunt. I hoped that she was too old to get pregnant but I knew that would not be my decision. After he stopped fucking her he came over to me and forced me to clean him off.

Then he untied me and made me go over and clean up my wife. Phil then said “I hope you liked that because there will be many more times in the future.” “I expect to fuck your wife anytime I want.” With that he left. All I could do was to stare at her with an open mouth. THE POOL PARTY Dani and I have been married for over 25 years but I was struck with ED a year after we married. This was long before the magic pills, then my wife went away to Graduate School for two and a half years. During that time Viagra came out and we had fairly normal sex for a long time until the pills no longer worked due to my several conditions.

We still had good oral sex but I knew she longed for a hard cock often. She had taken numerous lovers both during her Grad School experience, before and some afterward. I knew and approved of her sex life and thought it made ours better. I did have a problem with her first time with our neighbor Phil because they both humiliated. Tying me up and making me watch and clean both of them off afterwards.

Dani and I had a long talk about it, she apologized saying that while it was exciting fucking a man with me tied and forced to watch she understood my feelings and would only do it again if I agreed. We did agree that she could continue with Phil when I was not here or if he was alone at home.

She sensed hostility from Phil’s wife Sue who perhaps thought she was trying to steal her husband. Phil did have a nice thick cock with a big head which she loved and a lot of stamina. She liked him so much that she went to her doctor and got an IUD just in case she could still get pregnant. Over the months leading to the summer they got together a lot. She would tell me about it afterward which what I wanted. Sometimes those stories would cause me to get a partial erection and she would always blow me to climax then.

During this time it seemed that Phil’s wife Sue also got over her jealously and they became friends. While my wife told me about being with Phil she did not mention, until later, the several times his wife took part in the sex. It seems that Phil would have Dani and Sue do 69 then he would fuck the top one in the ass, then have them roll over so he could do the other one’s ass. She would often have me clean her up afterward and I would notice cum leaking from both openings which I thought was very interesting.

I knew that Phil was a Dom and I guess both women were Submissive. Sue was a nice looking older woman, I had seen her in a bathing suit several times and she was well built but slim. The same height as my wife but with smaller breasts. From what my wife told me later, Sue had eraser nipples that got really hard but small B cup breasts. It seems that one of Phil’s fetishes was fucking endowed women’s breasts so my wife was his type.

It was mid-June and getting real warm, my wife was spending a lot of time in the pool, sometimes naked which I loved. One day I had been out and when I came home she told me that Phil was having a pool party and she was invited. I asked about me but she told me it was only her. He was having a few friends over and she and Sue were going to be the only women. That sparked my interest. At seven she left, wearing a nice one piece and told me not to wait up.

Section 2

There is a fence between our two properties in the front but half way back there is a solid line of bushes and trees. They act as a screen between the two properties. So while we can hear Phil’s family in the pool, when we are in our pool, we can’t see them. I could see out the front window that there were several vehicles in Phil’s driveway but did not see the guests arrive. Later I heard music and male laughing coming from the pool area. I decided to see what was happening so I put on long pants and a dark long sleeve shirt and dosed myself with bug repellant.

I took a pair of opera glasses and went out the side door and around to Phil’s side. I crept along the bushes until I found a small opening and crawled through to where I could see his pool. I looked through the glasses and saw a very interesting sight. Both woman were in the pool, each one had two black men with them. Phil and another bald man were with my wife and a second bald headed man and one with dreadlocks was with Sue.

Our property is about two-feel higher than ‘Phil’s at this location so I had a great view down into the pool which did not have a cage around it. It was clear that there was a bit of grab ass going on as I could see arms moving around between the men and women, then Sue was hoisted up in the air and I was surprised to see her naked breasts which each man kissed before letting her down. Phil and the man with my wife did the same thing to her and her suit was missing and her big tits were there for all to see.

Then the two groups waded to the shallow end and the four men sat down displaying their erections. The man with the dreadlocks was truly massive but the other three while large we not exceptionally so. With this both women started sucking the cocks going back and forth. Suddenly the other man with Dani stood up as she was sucking Phil, wrapped her hair around his cock and came. Looking closely, I could see his cum dripping down her forehead. She stopped sucking Phil and reached over taking the other man’s cock and cleaned it off.

Then she went back to Phil and in a minute or so I could see him tighten up and then her cheeks bulge out as she took him in her mouth without spilling a drop. Sue’s two men can soon after, one spraying his cum all over her chest and tits. Both woman got down into the water and washed themselves off but it was plain to see that they were having fun. After getting out they went to their men and started kissing and fondling them getting their erections back up.

After the men got hard Phil said something to the woman and they got down on some chase lounge pads that were laying on the pool deck and started eating each other as the four men stroked their cocks and watched. Dani came first, then Sue, the men shot off on the two women. After that all of them got into the pool again to clean themselves. I figured that the party was over but Phil seemed to be talking to the group although I could not hear what he was saying clearly.

He went over to the bar and made drinks for everyone and they sat in the water drinking and talking. After a while one of the men led Sue out of the pool and they started dancing. Dani was led up soon afterward. As this was going on I got out of my hiding place went into the house and got my Canon with the 70~200 zoom lens. I set the ASA as high as I could and went out and found a closer place to hide and view.

While I had been gone they moved one of the chase lounges into the center of the patio and put the cushions back on it. Several of the men had cameras so I knew the fun was not over yet. Mr. Dreadlocks sat down on the lounge and both women started working on getting him hard. As soon as he was hard Sue got up and slid down on his huge cock doing a reverse cowgirl.

Then Mr. Dreadlocks started lifting her up and down on his cock as two of the other men helped. She leaned forward and I knew she was rubbing her clit over his cock and within a couple of minutes she came again. She got off and the men helped Dani onto the massive cock. She had a little more trouble and could not get it all in her. I could see a look of pain on her face but finally she relaxed and took most of it. The two guys with her each grabbed a tit and Phil stepped up on the lounge with his feet on the outside of Mr. Dreadlock’s legs and put his cock in Dani’s mouth.

She reached over and grabbed the cocks of the two men that were fondling her tits but was having trouble riding Mr. D’s cock. Finally, she had to get off. They all talked for a bit then Mr. D got off the lounge and lowered the back. Dani laid down on her back and Mr. D got on top of her and slowly slid his member in as far as he could go. I guess she was getting used to it because she started moaning and trying to fuck him back.

Mr. D had incredible stamina as he fucked her through three orgasms, each one getting stronger until he froze up and filled her with his black baby seed. Amazingly he was still hard and went over to one of the cushions on the deck and pulled down Sue and started fucking her. The other two men took turns fucking Dani until they came then Phil took his turn. I could see the cum running out of her like a river as Phil fucked away, then he got up and rolled her over, using the cum as lube he then started fucking her ass.

As Phil fucked her ass one of the other men got down and started fucking her mouth with his now hard again black cock. As Phil came the next man got on Dani and he worked on her ass, then Phil said something and he pulled out, stood her up, laid his back down on the lounge and worked his cock into her vagina. The other man slowly entered her ass and she became a white meat sandwich between two slices of dark bread. While all this was going on my cock had gotten really hard, I was trying to take pictures and jackoff at the same time.

I heard a yell from the deck, I guess the first man came causing the second to come and Dani came in the middle. They separated and everyone laid down exhausted. But while this happened Sue was still being fucked by Mr. D with Phil using her mouth. Finally, they all came and the party kind of slowed down. I had a filled photo card in my camera so I crawled out of my hiding place and went home. I flipped through some of the pictures but was tired so I went to bed.

I have no idea when my wife came home because we each have our own bedrooms but she did not get up until two in the afternoon and was having trouble walking. She got some coffee and came into my bedroom where I was looking at the pictures on my big screen TV having transferred them to a USB drive. As we went through them she got down and gave me a great blow job. I think we were both wanting Phil to have another party and I was trying to figure out a way to put a TV camera in the hedge so I could relax in my room looking at the video on my screen.

AFTER THE POOL PARTY The next day, after the pool party, my wife got up late. She drank a couple cups of coffee then I led her into my bedroom/office and turned on the computer and brought up the pictures. At first, she was shocked, then she got turned on. She kept rubbing her clit and then took off her clothes, got down on her knees, pulled out my cock and started sucking me. After getting my soft cock off she looked at me and said, “Are you mad at me” “Not at all,” I said.

Section 3

“It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen, watching my wife getting that much pleasure was wonderful.” She kissed me, then we watched the rest of the pictures. I looked at her and said, “I know I was upset about being tied up and forced to watch you with Phil but on second thought it turns me on.” “Do you want it to happen again” “I think so but maybe different, I don’t know.” I said.

“I liked being helpless but not the humiliation part.” “I liked that there was nothing I could do to stop him from fucking you.” “I will talk to Phil and see what we can work out.” She replied. Several days later she came home with a twinkle in her eye and said to me, “I talked to Phil and we have an exciting treat in store for you.

We will tie you up but I think you will enjoy it this time.” “We promise not to humiliate you.” Friday night came, I was almost hard with anticipation. At seven my wife told me to strip and took me into my bedroom. One of our dining room chairs was there and she tied me to it. She first tied my ankles to the chair legs then tied my wrists behind the chair back and combined the two so I could not move. She left the room for a while then came back in my favorite sex outfit.

A too small muscle shirt and a pair of thin panties. My cock actually jumped seeing her. She teased my cock with her tongue, told me how she was looking forward to fucking ‘Phil’s big black cock and telling me that I would be willing to agree to anything in order to come. I was already for that. The doorbell rang and she left.

Minutes later in came Phil and his wife Sue. Now Sue was somewhere near my age but well put together. Phil snapped his finger and she dropped all her clothes. She was slender but had a nice set of small breasts and a shaved cunt. On a second snap she got down on her knees in front of me and started sucking on my cock. Sue had blond hair with some gray in it, laugh lines around her mouth and some wrinkles on her forehead.

As hard to imagine as it was she got me hard. Phil snapped his fingers again and she got up and slid down on my erect cock. She pulled my head down to her erect nipple and I sucked like a starving baby. At the same time she was doing Kevel exercises on my cock. In no time at all I came with two small shots. Sue looked at Phil and said, “He’s done.” Phil ripped the clothes off of Dani and put her down on the floor and started fucking her mouth. He was like a machine.

Before he came he told her to hold it all in her mouth when he came then with a loud groan he let it go. I could see his cock throbbing and my wife’s mouth jumping as load after load filled her. When he was finished he directed her to me and forced her to pump his spent seed into my mouth. It was real bitter but I swallowed it anyway.

Then he led my wife to the bed and mounted her. He started fucking her hard and long, she was moaning as he rammed his cock into her tight cunt. Then he pulled out and flipped her over so she was on her knees and he rammed his hot hard cock into her from behind. His hands went forward and grabbed her big tits and continued fucking away.

She came, then she came again and then a third time. She had always had trouble coming from cock but Phil had the answer. After her third climax he stiffened and gave her another load of his seed. He then pulled out, rolled her over and made her clean his cock. By this time Sue was standing over by the bed rubbing her clit.

Phil looked at her, and then told her to climb on the bed and mount him which she did. Sue started jumping up and down on ‘Phil’s once again hard cock. It seemed that he never got soft. Dani went over and started sucking on Sue’s nipples then down to the junction between Sue and Phil and sucked on Sue’s clit. Sue came with a roar and Phil pushed her off of him and stuffed his hard cock in Dani’s mouth, fucking her in till he came again.

We all kind of passed out at that point. I awoke at about three am with Dani riding up and down on ‘Phil’s cock then later at six something when he was fucking his wife. Later I felt the chair being turned over, my knots being loosened then someone was sticking a big, hard dick up my ass. I felt an intense feeling of fullness then another feeling as either Sue or Dani starting sucking my cock. We all came at the same time and I kind of passed out.

I awoke later, cradled in my wife’s arms as she rocked me back and forth and kept telling me how much she loved me. Phil and Sue were gone and it was just Dani and I. We stayed this way for a long time and I wondered if I would ever be the same again.

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