The Pickup Game 4.5/5 (19)

Have we ever played the pickup game? Yes. Did anything come of it? No.

Well let me change that last answer. When I picked her up things did happen. She did dance with several men on different nights but nothing came of that. She is not now and has never been into strangers. Now in college and after she made friends quickly. At least fifty times by her count. But that was a different time. She is not going to go to an adultery site and find someone. Her affair/s have been with men she knew. This is just a story with some basis in fact but still just a story. To give you an idea of what George was going to get, look at my profile picture, increase her breast size to C+ or D- and you have her in those days. Five foot six, 120 pounds, nice tits, tight ass and cunt.

The story:

Not the first marriage for either of us. Her ex was an older man who tried to lock her away from temptation as he imagined it. My ex was a slut wife of the first order and gave me the “need”.

We were about three years into a hot sexual marriage when I was stricken with serious ED. This was before Viagra. As it turns out it was probably two pills the doctors had given me. One for cholesterol control and the other, a beta blocker to control my heart rate.

But one day my cock would not work. My wife thought it was physiological but I knew better or at least I thought I did. She spent a lot of time frustrated and mad at me then finally at my insistence tried an affair with a single man from her work. While it started off hot he just did not know what he was doing and pounded away with no regard to her pleasure. The whole thing was for her pleasure so she broke it off after two attempts.

This cooled things for a year or so, I got innovative in the sex department, I was already good with my mouth and tongue and I got some neat vibrating dildos and a life like strap on. This worked for a while but finally she confided to me that she really longed for a real, hard, hot cock and the feeling of sperm hitting her cervix. We talked about the pickup game and variations but she still had her stranger phobia. Finally I had an idea which I shared with her and she liked.

The next Friday night we went to an exclusive bar and grill on the island off our coast. We sat at the bar drinking and watching people dance. She had dirty blond hair down to her shoulders, was wearing a black dress she had made. It was not a spaghetti strap dress but had a deep V front that with the push up shelf bra she was wearing showed off her breasts.

After a while this gentleman came up to us and said, “I notice you are not dancing, I wondered if I could dance with this beautiful creature.”

She gave me a little nod of approval and off they went. A fast dance then a slow one. I could see his hands were roaming a bit but to my surprise she did not stop him. When they came back he asked us to join him at his booth. As it turned out it was “his”, even had his name on it. “George Alexander III”

He ordered a Margarita for my wife and a very good single malt scotch for him and me. He was very candid, his wife was in Europe, he was really attracted to my wife. I was surprised to see she was also captivated by George. He was a good looking man fifty plus, 5’10” or so, very husky, her favorite body type. 200 pounds and very confident. I guess that comes with money. They danced again, I saw her shake her head “No” then as he continued to whisper in her ear she kind of did a shrug “Yes”.

When they came back to the table George excused himself to go to the restroom.

“He wants to fuck me.” She said.

“I kind of figured that”, I said.

“No you don’t understand, he wants to fuck me and he says he will and I will never forget it.”

“Do you want too?” I asked.

“Well he is my type, I could feel a big hard cock in his pants, he really has the hot’s for me but I need to know him better.” She said.

With this George came back. My wife excused herself to go to the restroom and as soon as she left George looked at me.

“Lucy tells me that you have ED, I want to give her my big cock. She also told me that you have let her fuck men in the past. What will it take to get into her sweet pussy?”

I was kind of shocked, looked at him and said, “It’s always her call but she is not into one night stands with strangers.”

He looked at me and said, “My cock is eight inches long and over two inches thick, I can fuck all night and I am going to give your wife the best fucking she has ever had. On top of that she is going to become my slut but I will compensate you and her and in the end she will stay with you because I can never leave my wife.”

Shock was not the word for what I felt, I think I was feeling some of what Lucy felt. This man was not to be denied.

At that moment Lucy came back. George asked if we had ever been on a 100 foot long yacht. Well of course not, he took out a cell phone, made a brief call and said, “Follow me.”

A big Mercedes was waiting, he pulled my wife onto the back seat with him and pulled down a jump seat for me and off we went. They laughed and chatted and I could see that animal magnetism at work on Lucy. I knew she was going to fuck him. It was just a matter of when.

We got to the city docks and the car pulled up to a very long, very white yacht. The driver opened the door and we went up the gangplank to be met by an Officer. He led us to a salon and there waiting for us a bartender had more of that great scotch and another margarita for my wife. After a few minutes talk George suggested that the Captain show me the boat while he entertained my wife.

We started down below looking at the magnificent staterooms, then the immaculate engine room then ending up on the bridge. The Captain turned on the power to the control panel and I was amazed. He showed me a new GPS system that had just been released to the boating community. He had to explain to me what GPS was as I had never heard of it. He then pushed a button and I heard a chime in the distance and he told me we needed to get back.

Back in the salon my wife and George were sitting down although my wife looked a bit harried. When we got there she stood up and said, “Its late, we need to be going.”

George offered to have his car take up back to the club which we accepted. When we got back and were in our car she reached over and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste a muskiness on her tongue and looked at her with questioning eyes.

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