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Adam instructed Anne to hold his cock to Chris’s lips, as he wanted him to fluff him for his wife. Anne had no idea what this meant, but Chris knew and when she put it to his lips he opened wide to accept the huge machine.

Chris had never done anything like this before but his fantasy always involved being forced to suck the cock of his wife’s lover. To Anne it surprised her that watching her husband suck another man turned her on as well and she began to taunt Chris.

“That’s it hubby suck my lovers cock, go ahead and gag on it. Make it all wet so he can put it in my cunt, hurry I can’t wait, I want him now.”

Adam then instructed Chris to lie on his back and that he was going to watch, up close, his wife getting her first real fucking. He had Anne get on her hands and knees with her pussy hovering over Chris’ face. Chris tried to reach up with his tongue to Anne but Adam told him to stop.

“OK boy stick my cock in your woman’s cunt, that’s right just like that, put it in deeper all the way.”

Chris watched, as this monster seemed as if it was going to split his wife in two. He could see she was being spread wide open and yet she managed to accept it all the way. He felt his wife shudder in her first orgasm as Adam’s balls rested on his nose. Slowly at first, Adam began to pump and each time his balls hit Chris in the face.

He heard his wife screaming but not in pain only in passion as she came and came and came. Then in even more indignity, he felt Adam’s balls contract and he knew that the man was ready to fill his wife with his sperm. This had been the most sexual act that Chris had ever seen and only after it was over did he realize he had cum in his underpants while he had watched.

When Adam withdrew, he placed his cock to Chris’ lips and the husband knew it was his duty to clean it. He licked it up and down tasting not only the man’s sperm but the juices of his wife as well. When he finished Adam stepped away, and Anne settled on his face as well. Chris knowing that now he was a true cuckold licked her lover’s sperm from her worn out pussy.

That night after Adam left Chris tried to make love to Anne but she refused, saying that she only wanted Chris to lick her now. Chris wondered if she meant now as only that night or now as in forever. Afraid of the answer, he did not ask and spent the night between her legs.

The next night Anne did allow her husband to make love to her but soon found she was disappointed by his size and even told him she couldn’t feel him inside her. This only inflamed Chris’s passion and he came immediately.

By the weekend, Adam had not returned any of Anne’s calls and she now worried that he would not return to her bed. She became listless and cried a lot and Chris couldn’t stand to see her so sad. He did what he knew he had to do, he went out, and found Adam. He told him his wife needed him, and would he please come by. When he told Chris he didn’t feel like it, Chris said they would do anything he wanted if he would just come by again.

In reality that was all that Adam, wanted to hear and he demanded a dinner at the swankest restaurant in town. As they dined, Adam played with Anne under the table as Chris sat red faced and watched. He then instructed Anne to go to the ladies room, remove her panties, and bring them to him. Feeling like a wanton slut, she did as she was told but was further humiliated when he took them from her and sat them on the table for all to see.

When the waitress came to their table, she looked at Anne’s panties and then at Adam with a big smile. They left the restaurant; he and Anne sat in the back as Chris drove. He insisted on Anne giving him a blow-job as they went down the street. When he came, he instructed her to hold his seed in her mouth and at the first stop light, he told her to pass it to her husband. She did as she was told and of course, Chris accepted his slime without complaint.

Each time Adam returned he demanded more from the couple and they both soon realized they would do whatever he asked. Chris now knew he and his wife were slaves to this man and yet the more powerless he felt the more it turned him on. As for Anne, her only fear was when they had nothing left to offer her lover. She knew her life would be worthless without Adam’s pleasures.

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