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Chris came home from work one day to find his wife aroused and ready for sex. He found this quite unusual as Anne; a shy person by nature never initiated their lovemaking. Once in their bed Chris found his wife almost insatiable and she orgasmed at least twice before Chris came as well. They lay there together both out of breath yet when he simply kissed Anne’s nipple she became aroused again.

“Anne what in the world has got into you today, I’ve never seen you this horny.”

Her face turned red as she told him not to use such vulgar words. Still Chris kept pressing her, knowing something must have happened to turn his shy wife on so much.

“I can’t tell you dear it’s far too humiliating and I’m embarrassed by my reaction to what I saw.”

After hearing this, he had to know and as he stroked her body until she felt she was on fire, she finally agreed to tell him. She told Chris she wanted him inside her as she talked but he still was too soft. He volunteered to ‘Kiss her down there’ as she told him and with a shudder of delight, she climbed up on his chest and then rested herself on his mouth.

As Chris tongued his wife, he quickly become conscious of the fact that he was now tasting his own sperm. The realization that it was not too bad also turned him on. His head was firmly held between her thighs and she ran her hands through his hair as she looked into his eyes. She started talking slowly,

“As you know I went to the gym with Susan as her guest today. I was on a machine I knew nothing about and this member came up and offered to help with it. He was very strong and muscular and his tight outfit showed off his body. The machine I was on had my head down low as I pushed weights with my thighs. He stood behind me with my head between his legs and when he leaned forward, I could look right up his… Oh god don’t stop I cumming.”

With this orgasm, she pulled back from his tongue and now she was too embarrassed to go on.

“Please Anne, go on I want to hear more.”

“It’s just, it’s just I saw his thing hanging down. Oh, Chris it was just huge and it was right there just inches from my face. This is so embarrassing I just wanted to reach up and touch it, no I wanted to kiss it.”

Just telling him this made her cum again and to tell the truth he almost came as well.

His shy reticent wife was know out of control as she sat firmly on his face, rubbing her clit on his nose as he tongued her deep inside her pussy. Chris was out of control as well for he had a long hidden fantasy of watching his wife being pleasured by a better man than he was. Why these feelings of being inferior would arouse him he couldn’t say but arouse him, they did. Anne orgasmed at least twice, more before she begged her husband to stop, as she was now too sensitive to be touched.

She lay down beside him and he put her thigh over his and slipped his newly attained erection inside her with ease. Chris knew now was the time to introduce his lovely bride to his fantasy.

“Anne it would be so sexy to see you holding that monster in your hand.”

She turned to look at him probably to judge his reaction.

“Oh no Chris it would take two hands to hold him he was so big.”

“So much larger than me, do you think he would fit inside you.”

“I doubt it, he was a giant compared to you.”

“But would you try if he was laying here beside you.”

She didn’t speak but had another orgasm as her answer.

For the rest of the weekend the two made love, night and day, always bringing in her mysterious lover as a fantasy to their bed. Sunday night they lay cuddled together both too sore for anymore antics.

“Chris, tell me the truth, what would you really do if you came home and found my he-man in bed with me.”

“To tell the truth I’d probably cum in my trousers. Why don’t you set it up and we’ll see.”

“Oh no, no, no, I couldn’t do that, but what about you, what if you talked to him. That way he’d know you wouldn’t mind, don’t you think that’s a good idea?”

Chris thought to himself, would he have the nerve to walk up to a strange man and offer his wife to him? That was a tall order, but god it was just what his fantasy was about, bowing to a better man. He made a decision and before he could back out, he told Anne if she would point him out he would try to set a tryst up for them.

The man that Chris and Anne were so interested in was named Adam Jackson. Adam had become an expert in trolling for women and when he saw Anne checking out his johnson, he knew he could have her any time he wanted. Therefore, when the little man finally stopped hemming and hawing and told Adam what he really wanted,

he was not surprised at all. Adam really liked these scenarios, a hot woman and a soon to be cuckold husband and he told Chris he was glad to help them with their little problem. He also told Chris that he had certain expectations from the couple and if they couldn’t fulfill their end of the bargain, he would leave.

On the night Adam was to arrive both Chris and Anne were anxious but for different reasons. Anne wanted to please her new lover and she worked extra hard on her makeup and hair. She was so excited that she was finally going to meet her new lover.

Chris was anxious as well but he could feel it in the pit of his stomach. What if his wife wanted nothing to do with him after she’d been with Adam? If he lost her, it would be all his fault and now that the wheels were already in motion, there was nothing he could do to stop it.

When Adam arrived, both husband and wife were surprised at how handsome he looked. His white linen suit and his black silk tee only accentuated his toned body. He handed his coat to Chris who knew to hang it up properly. He turned down their offer of wine and instead when to their bar and poured a glass full of Chris’ twenty-five year old scotch.

They all went to the bedroom and he told her to sit on the bed. He walked up to where Anne was sitting and standing before her, he instructed her to unzip his trousers and take out his cock. She looked to Chris to make sure it was what he wanted; he merely swallowed hard and nodded his head. Her mouth was dry and she knew her face was red but the desire in her loins pushed her to do as she was told.

Chris watched in a trance as she freed his monster and then held it with two hands just inches from her lips, awaiting further instructions. When Chris saw the look of pure adulation on his wife’s face, he knew he was lost and yet it only inflamed his passion more.

“If you truly want this you have to tell your husband…”

“Oh Chris I want it I want it so bad.”

“No, I want you to instruct your husband that he has to help get us ready.”

Her look was fearful, that after being so close to her desire she might be denied.

Chris couldn’t stand the thought of denying his wife and he just blurted out,

“I’ll do anything you need I want her to be happy.”

“Good, that’s what I wanted to hear, get over here and undress your wife for me I want to look at her cunt.”

Chris looked to his wife but instead of being upset with his vulgar language, it seemed to arouse her further. He undressed his wife until she sat naked before him and her new lover. Chris was next instructed to undress Adam, it felt strange being so close to another naked man, but he could only admire the man’s muscles.

He tried not to touch his cock but when he bumped into it, he felt a shiver run down his body. Chris was told to hang up Adams clothes and when he finished, “Down on your knees,” was all that Adam said. Chris already knew what the man wanted, he had feared this and yet secretly desired it at the same time.

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