The "Overcucked" Phenomenon, Part 2


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“After a few days of letting the experience sink in, I still could hardly believe it. I had not had sex with anyone but my husband for 20 years and yet here I was in a hotel room, fucking a stranger…and we had the video footage to prove it. The effect on our own sex life before and after was just incredible. We had opened Pandora’s box and we were hooked. No going back…"

That’s where left Tom & Louise off (click here for Part 1). So how in the world did they get from that hopeful and exciting spot to Tom experiencing the phenomenon of being “Overcucked”, an incredibly complicated emotional experience that he described in detail on Tumblr which garnered an incredible amount of notes? Let’s find out, shall we?

A Temporary Break In The Action

Dry Spell

Perhaps it might seem a bit anticlimactic but truth of what really happened after their first encounter kind of was…well, anticlimactic. In fact, there was a period of six months when nothing more happened, at least regarding any hotwifing experiences. But this non-eventful period served a greater purpose for Tom & Louise—it allowed them both to process and determine where they both went on with it from there.

For better or for worse however, it wasn’t some serene period filled with nothing but deep soul searching and intimate connection. As Tom describes it, “Overridingly, it was just that everyday life just got in the way. Imagine a six month period where just about every majorly stressful life event all came one after the other, sometimes more than one particularly dreadful and similar one, almost at once, and I think you’ll be close. The fact that either of us, but arguably particularly me, mentally survived that six month period at all is something for which I am grateful but suffice it to say, it wasn’t pleasant.”

That’s life though, isn’t it? If you’re not prepared to weather regular storms and curve balls that come your way, then you might want to batten down the hatches if you’re considering exploring hotwifing without a solid relationship foundation. (That’s the polite way of saying you shouldn’t be exploring hotwifing together if you don’t have a solid intimacy bond already. Tom & Louise clearly did, which is why they weather the storms.)

They found their way back to exploring the lifestyle though. “By August, having been chatting to a guy for about two months, Louise was hopeful that she had found the guy who was to be her second. There had been a progressive build up in chatting to each other online and from the pictures they’d swapped it was apparent that there was a really strong mutual attraction. So together with me, she arranged a social meet with him.”

Meet “J”

“Now J was quite new to it, had never experienced a couple and was quite honest about the fact that he wasn’t sure how he felt about me being present, at least in the same room for their first time. I guess I could understand that actually, and seeing how exited Lou was about meeting him, I was keen to facilitate that for her whatever that involved. (ok and to elaborate on that – by seeing I really mean witnessing… its not something guys can really comprehend until they experience it – but experiencing her wetness – for another man… and I’m talking extreme wetness… wetter than you have ever remembered her… and permanently… That, believe me, takes your breath away, it certainly did and does for me anyway).”

“So even at that social meet, it felt right to allow them to walk together on their own. We did all have a pint together after, but Lou agreed that I’d instinctively got the balance right. Over the next few days we discussed me being in the house but just staying out of the way, or touched on the option of it being the following week while I was away on business. Initially Louise wasn’t sure she felt safe about that, but over the next few days of chatting with him, and without any further influence on my part, that was the option she chose.”

“I was away from the Tuesday to the Saturday and it was due to happen on the Friday night. Originally I wasn’t going to get to watch. Lou would just tell me about it, but at the last minute we devised a way I could skype in. Lou would leave her laptop on the table as if she’d been working with some blue tack over the camera light… so in fact I would get a one way show. The prospect of that was thrilling.”

I wanted to take a moment to point out the steps they had taken leading up to all this. Louise and J had been chatting for two months, all three of them (Tom, Louise, & J) had met in person and gone out for a pint together, there was some deliberation between Tom & Louise, more chatting, and finally a plan was devised. They did this smart, together, in a step by step way, so even if it seems like it all unfolded rather fast, it in fact unfolded in a very safe, systematic way.

While The Husband’s Away, The Wife Will Play

Cheating Wife

If you’re reading this and couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be in Tom’s situation, you’re not alone. But to help with that, Tom does a really great job of taking us through it:

“As I left, they were chatting online, as they had been for days, and I kind of got this ‘wildest fantasy’ type thought pop into my head that they wouldn’t be able to wait until Friday. I told her that as I kissed her goodbye, she denied that was in the cards, all flushed with the most delicious looking arousal.”

“Less than two hours after I left the house, she had met him, not at our place but in a reasonably quiet corner of a very public and local industrial estate, and not for full sex, just for a kiss and an exceptionally steamy fumble… and they had also brought the meet forward to earlier in the week…because neither of them could wait.”

“So that brings me back to something I mentioned previously. Your lifelong fantasy – in your head vs out of your head. In your head it was you controlling it. You imagined in your fantasies, her acting according to your fantasies because basically, it was in your head… But now it’s out of your head, but more than that, it’s also very much in her head… and surprisingly (perhaps?) she is AT LEAST as aroused by the fantasy and process as you always were… So now, your wife / girlfriend is very much in the driving seat… and you are learning what it feels like for the first time in your fantasy, to be a nervous passenger… In my case having fantasized about having a hot-wife, I was beginning to experience my new life with a budding slut-wife…”

That’s the goal of most men right there; having your wife embrace this fantasy just as much as you embrace it. Also, that experience Tom mentions about being a “nervous passenger” toes the line between hotwife husband/stag cuckold and your more traditional type cuckold. And sometimes being right on that line is the most interesting place to be.

If you’re interested in reading all the juicy details of that meet, you can find them on Tom & Louise’s Tumblr. We’re going to move on to explore some more of the events that led up to that fateful weekend of Tom being “overcucked.”

The Infamous “S”

So the second meet came and went. It was everything they imagined and more, but there was something…missing about it. They preferred Tom could be there, and J just also wasn’t “the one” and so they kept looking.

Within the month, they had found S.

“Actually I had found him,” Tom said. “He wasn’t someone that Louise would normally have gone for initially, but there was enough about his profile which, once I had bought him to her attention, she agreed was worth contacting and meeting for at least a social. It was, and I know to some this might seem shallow, his size – or to be specific his much bigger cock size, and also the fact that he claimed in his profile that he could make ANY girl squirt – guaranteed. Both of us were intrigued enough to give him a chance.”

“To make a long story shorter, the social led to their first meet the following day, and though I’d say she was probably slightly less exited initially than she had seemed with J, at least S didn’t mind me filming and sometimes watching.”

“As with the first meet, I try to get the balance right between being present and not being intrusive. It is a delicate balance, but I guess it’s strange for any man – or most anyway to be watched performing by another they have only just met, especially with a married couple. I appreciate that and so I try to give and take so everyone gets an enjoyable experience.”

“So I let them get started and joined after five minutes or so, arriving just after S had removed my stunning wife’s soaked panties… Then I watch, captivated from the first second as over the next two hours or so (I really have no idea) S makes unhurried and confident work on Louise, with breath, lips, tongue and fingers. Her third (or perhaps forth) orgasm, I’m certain a multiple, I watch in disbelief her rapid blinking as she recovers, as if her mind is trying to work out what exactly is happening to her body… and how many days, weeks or months she might have been here…”

“For some reason, at first I tried to keep a count of how many times he made her cum. I have no idea why – something to do perhaps, or as a kind of measure or comparison or self-check of myself… but, well before I lost count, I had realized I was watching a man with sexual skills that by a country mile and then some, outmatched my own. But watching your own wife cum intensely, in raptures of ecstasy, perhaps seven or eight times in two hours for the first time in your happy two decade marriage, including watching him make her squirt twice, is quite addictive… Oh and I should add for the record, that was before he even took his jeans off… (and watching Louise take her first really big cock was, before she had even agreed to meet him, what had most intensely turned me on).”

I am Jack’s Curiously Aroused Mind

Jack’s Mind

If you don’t get the reference of the sub-headline, watch the movie Fight Club. It’s a must watch for all men. Anyway, let’s get back to putting ourselves in Tom’s shoes.

“I gave them a few minutes alone, just before the moment of first penetration, and listened from outside the room until he’d gotten into his flow. It’s true what I’d read: your wife’s (or girlfriends) moans of sexually aroused ecstasy do sound different with another man than when you fuck her. These are moans that you seem to feel in your chest; your bones… they penetrate your subconscious and make your skin crawl with eroticism. Her first orgasm on his enormous cock, as either another multiple or just fucking massive. He fucked her ferociously right through it and then pushed her straight into another after which she literally collapsed from the pleasure. He was really caring with her too then though, and it was as incredible to witness as it clearly was for Louise to experience.”

Their sex continued for several more hours, including my involvement, spit-roasting her with him on our sofa and when he eventually left and we had reconnected and she had recovered, I asked if she thought she would like to see him again. Her expression said it all and just in case I hadn’t got it she replied something like “Fucking hell - You watched us… don’t ask ridiculous questions”. Three or four weeks later, he came over for a repeat visit. This time we enjoyed some threesome action and Louise ticked off her long term fantasy of her first experience of DP.”

The Beginnings Of Some Emotional Tension

Things were clearly going well for Tom & Louise. So well in fact, that they decided to break one of their rules. You see, Louise had determined initially not to see the same guy more than twice. With S though, that rule was shattered.

A few weeks later, while on her way to a business meeting, and passing where he lived, Louise had messaged S and asked him to meet. She hadn’t discussed it with Tom and only told him after. S had jumped at the chance and they had ended up in a public carpark by a beach.

“She had never done anything like this before and it was incredible for both of us,” Tom said. “Three days later he came over to our place again, but this time while I was out of town on business. Unlike the first time I’d been away with J, this time I was working so I couldn’t skype in or watch at all. We’d agreed that she would use the camcorder to record events and I could watch it on my return, but after he’d left, she called me and told me that their first uninhibited time alone together had been so intense that she hadn’t recorded any of it. I grumbled a bit and gave her a hard time for a few days. I was aroused beyond belief but also I was jealous and a little insecure. She told me everything though and wrote detailed accounts of it on her blog. Crazy hot.”

If you’re sensing the urge to judge either of them, I suggest you suspend the urge and wait. Besides, what’s truly interesting is Tom’s mixed emotional response of feeling both arousal and jealousy, with a little insecurity to boot. That intoxicating cocktail of emotions though…it’s addictive, and oh so pleasurable. Tom does a really great job of actually describing in detail what that experience is like…it’s on the next page.

Escalated Quickly

“The thing is about the insecurity is it’s a head and heart thing. Like individually I was insecure, but Louise reassured me and S is such an unassuming and downright nice bloke that my insecurity was manageable. I knew it was a natural reaction, but didn’t want it to hamper our ongoing enjoyment of the untapped source of pure erotic pleasure we had discovered with S.”

“Even though it had only been a handful of intense meets, she was talking to him via text almost daily, and both of them were ready to take things further, getting tested with safe bills of sexual health so that they could dispense with the condoms he’d been wearing with her and enjoy each other fully and naturally. They were planning to see each other every three to four weeks, and their first unprotected sex happened at the following meet.”

“We’d bought a sex swing for this one and S and Louise were the first to use it. I missed the first bare penetration as I tend to find it more comfortable to come and go a bit joining watching or filming sometimes and sometimes giving them the gift of time alone together. Many swinging couples have certain rules. No anal, no kissing, only certain positions avoiding the most intimate, that sort of thing. No such restrictions existed with this pair. Louise had kissed from the outset, given herself to him anally on their second meet and been three holes ready for him every time since. Pussy to mouth, ass to mouth, cum in mouth, and her absolute favorite position with him was (and is) lotus, one of the most intimate that exists. I walked in on this meet to witness him already fucking her bare, then watched him do the same to her ass… My spine is tingling even writing it.”

“You probably have no comprehension of the arousal I actually felt, and even if I could find the words for it they almost certainly would only scratch the surface.”

“The orgasms, multiple orgasms and squirting were as plentiful as they were epic. Anal orgasms regularly and at his will. Non stop pleasure and each session lasting for several hours. To some this might seem an exaggeration. I would have thought so too reading this if I hadn’t witnessed it all for myself but suffice it to say I AM NOT exaggerating at all. This guy is surely actually some kind of sex alien, or a flesh covered sex robot perhaps. He doesn’t just make her cum, with every type of orgasm, in any way he chooses, but he does it even if she tries for fun not to. He controls her body, her responses, but more than that. He knows instinctively when she is close and when she’s about to, and holds her mercilessly on the brink, edging her endlessly and literally torturing her with pleasure. That’s what S does. And he’s extremely good at it.”

“I was certain clearly that this time would surely be the first time he would cum inside her. Everything I’ve experienced him do to her for the first time is epic. I couldn’t actually breathe and my heart was in my mouth. Then Louise looked up at me even as he was still fucking her and, between pants and moans asked me if I ‘wanted’ to leave them and make myself scarce.”

“‘Hell No!’ obviously I thought, but the expression on her face indicated this as a rhetorical question. Her nod, and her eyes indicated the right answer so I found myself hanging my head like a teenager who’s been sent to their bedroom, and shuffling out in compliance.”

“In fact he came in her mouth that time, so I was like yey! – maybe I’ll get to see it live after all – I told her afterwards how much I wanted that…”

Perhaps you can begin to see how all of this may have set the stage for some amazing moments to come, and how it also made it easy and natural for it to progress at the rate it did. It’s easy to get caught up in how addictively intoxicating all of this can actually be. But that’s nothing compared to what you’re about to read.

When You Throw Birth Control Caution To The Wind

Spoiler alert: S came inside Louise on the next occasion they met. This time Louise had arranged it when Tom was away again. “We had remote cams set up, ones I could watch on my phone, but I was actually at my mums all day and somehow I don’t think she’d have appreciated it,” Tom jokingly said.

“I did get to watch what the cam had picked up, after the event, once I got home, but it’s not quite the same as being in the room, or actually controlling the camera, to be able to change angles and zoom in at the right time to get the best shot. By this meet, they were already planning their first full night together. Five, even seven hours of intensely pleasurable sex not really seeming quite enough. The intensity was palpable. They literally couldn’t get enough of each other. It was everything I had fantasized about like forever…”

“So he’d cum inside my wife unprotected. And I mean unprotected. No condom and Louise wasn’t on the pill so relied on the morning after pill which we all found white-hot. By now once a month had become twice and with Christmas fast approaching and family at both his house and ours, they opted for a pre Christmas meet in our car. Just the two of them again. Lou’s account to me had me hot enough to spontaneously combust. He’d cum inside her again, twice; and since neither of them anticipated ending that, her pregnancy with him was closer to assured than just a hot risk so she had decided to go back on the pill.”

Christmas and New Year came and went. And that brings us to the weekend in January 2017 where it all happened; three days and two nights to be exact; the weekend where they would all play with the experience of Louise being S’s from the outset and for the duration.

I’ll leave you with some final words from Tom…

“It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying it. I totally was. I was up for a bit of denial as I was for a bit of indulgence. I have only picked out the highlights above still attempting to set the scene and indicate the contributory factors. I was happy with what was happening and my own sex life with Louise was beyond incredible. Albeit my one orgasm for her per one for me certainly didn’t compare with his consistent 10 – 20 to one ratio. But even Louise herself had reassured me that numbers didn’t matter. And S really is such a lovely genuine guy… I knew there was nothing to feel insecure and jealous about and it was so fucking hot to let it continue…"

Click here for Part 3, where we’ll focus on Tom’s specific thoughts and feelings as the weekend unfolded, and an elaboration on the transition to him feeling “overcucked” and what that was like to him.

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