The Night You Were First Cuckolded


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Section 1

So, the night has finally arrived. You have spent weeks, maybe months preparing for this moment. Long discussions with your wife expressing your feelings; hours of reassuring talks before finally drawing up the rules and boundaries. The selection process using adult dating sites, emails, chats and telephone calls with prospective ‘Bulls’ has also now been completed. It was meeting time now.

Perhaps you first met him over drinks in a neutral location and realised that there was chemistry there, especially for your wife. She feels comfortable with him and you are very excited at the prospects of their coupling. Maybe you have had a further meeting, this time in your own home. Perhaps there have been things to clarify; things to settle in your own minds before making that life changing decision.

With the meeting over and the ‘Bull’ gone you sit down to have that final discussion. After which there will be no going back; no more hesitating; no more dithering, the fantasising is over, it’s time to do it now. You are already sure; you know what you want; you know what you have always wanted. You want to see another man making love to your wife; not just any man but a special male.

A male with more sexual experience than you; one who is better endowed than you where it matters; one who is going to give your wife an experience that she will never forget and one that will mean that your marriage will change forever. Never again will the vow of fidelity be a part of your marriage because you are about to release your wife from that promise. Finally, your wife turns to you and tells you she wants him. “Yes, I want to go ahead and do it.” She says.

You are excited and yet you are hurt; you are jealous. She is telling you that she wants another man; she wants to replace you in her bed with another male. Nervous, yet excited, you take the phone from her outstretched hand. “Phone him and tell him that I want to see him on Friday night. Dinner somewhere first. I will leave you to make the arrangements.” She orders.

Now, not just feeling jealous and sick in the pit of your stomach you feel humiliated. You have to tell another man that your wife wants him. You can hear the excitement in his voice and you know that he will probably have a huge erection now at the thought of having her. Of course, you will have seen him looking at her during the meetings.

You will have observed his sly looks as she sits down; as she gets up; as she walks away. You’re a man too so you know the things to look for; the nice rounded bottom that will support your heavy pounding during fucking; the firm breasts that will respond to your touch and of course her thighs. Her every movement will draw your attention; draw on the hope that you will get a glimpse of what lies between her legs.

So the night has finally arrived. You may be one of those cuckolded husbands who likes to help your wife dress for her date with her lover. Perhaps you have even bought her underwear especially for the occasion. Stockings and suspenders; which are always a must.

A bra and panty set that is both lacy and see-through. Of course, you will also have helped her bathe and it goes without saying that you will have shaved her. You will want him to see her full features; you don’t want any pubic hair spoiling his viewing pleasure do you? And of course you don’t want him having to encounter a forest of hair when giving her pleasure with his tongue do you?

So the night has finally arrived. He arrives and you greet him at the door. While your wife finishes dressing you invite him into your lounge and give him a drink to help him relax. The taxi is already booked and as you hear your wife coming down the stairs you take out your wallet and from it thrust a wad of notes into his hand. “Please take this and have dinner on me.” You tell him, in obedience to your wife’s humiliating instruction.

As your wife makes entrance in all her finery you see his excitement and surprise at how she looks. You watch how she goes over to him and kisses him fully on the lips. It’s not a long one; not even a passionate one but her lips met his. You know that it was a kiss that says “I am yours for the night.”

So the night has arrived. The taxi arrives and as they walk past you hand in hand she kisses you on the cheek. A brotherly, fatherly type of kiss; a kiss that tells you exactly where you are in her priorities for the evening, and it will bother you. Throughout the evening you will be thinking about that kiss; thinking about them having dinner together; talking; sharing; getting to know each other better; getting more intimate.

You, of course, know what it is like. You have been through it all before with her. You remember dinners like that; romantic meals together. You will remember sitting there with your erection uncomfortably filling your trousers. Wanting to get her home; wanting to get her alone. Wanting to kiss her; wanting to touch her; wanting to slide your hand up her skirt; wanting to feel that warm flesh above her stocking tops; wanting to feel even warmer flesh between her thighs. Damp, moist flesh that awaits your cock.

You also know what will be going through her mind as well. You have experienced it with her. She enjoyed the toying and the teasing; keeping you at the height of passion for a long as possible.

Yes, she looked forward to a kiss too; she looked forward to feeling your eager fingers exploring her. She would part her legs and allow you access; part her legs offering herself to you. She too wanted to touch you and she did. Reaching down with her eager fingers to touch your bulge; eager fingers that would stroke; eager fingers that would claw at your zipper; eager fingers that would be your release.

You watched as she lowered herself onto her knees; you watched as your cock sprang from your pants into her awaiting hand; a hand warm and inviting; a hand that would guide you to her awaiting lips. For a few minutes you would close your eyes and stroke her hair as she sucked you; hot, gripping lips that wanted to draw your orgasm from you in the most pleasurable way possible.

But she wouldn’t let you have release in her mouth; she wanted you inside her; she wanted you to release yourself deep inside her womb and she would say so. As she pulled away she would rise and kiss you “Take me to bed and fuck me.” She would tell you, and as you lick the saltiness of your precum from your lips you would lead the way, and what started with a kiss will end with a kiss.

So the night has arrived and after waiting alone with the television on but with the sound turned down, torn apart by the thoughts that have been running through you head for the last couple of hours, you hear their taxi pulling up outside. Your heart leaps. You can hear their voices outside; hear their footsteps coming up the drive, they have arrived home.

Leaping to your feet you rush to the window and see them. They won’t be walking hand in hand in case the neighbours are looking but they look like a couple; you know that and they know that. They are a couple and they have come home to couple; couple in the bed that up until now was your sole right and domain.

You are there in the hallway as the front door closes behind them and then comes that kiss again. They stand there kissing; lips glued together; her hands on his shoulders and his around the small of her waist. It is no quick kiss this time; they stay with their lips joined.

Unaware of your presence and oblivious to everything around them they are lost in the moment. “Who is this woman?” you ask yourself. You don’t recognise her anymore; this is not the woman that kisses you, this one is kissing with passion, a passion you do not recognise.

Suddenly you watch his hands drop to her bottom; watch as he gives her a gentle squeeze. You can feel your erection now at its peak in your trousers; the sexual excitement is also reaching its zenith as well and then suddenly her hand drops. You gasp as you watch it reach for his bulge.

Section 2

This man is almost a stranger; until tonight they had never even shared a kiss and yet she was now kissing him intimately, not only that she was fondling his bulge. The man had hardly touched her and yet she had made the first move. The first genital contact is nearly always the man’s prerogative; not in this case though. It is the woman making the first move; it is the woman who was saying that she wanted sex, and that woman is your wife!

You watch the man make his response; make his reciprocation. His hand moved to the hem at the front of her dress and then disappeared under it. You can see it moving underneath; you can even see white flesh as the dress rides up and then you hear her moan loudly. You know that his fingers have penetrated her; and their lips are still glued together; her hands are around his neck and she is pulling him closer.

Suddenly she breaks off from her kiss and says something to him very quietly. With his hand still inside her panties you can make out her words from the movement of her lips. “Fuck me.” She is saying. “Please fuck me.” She mouths again.

He pulls away and turns; she turns as well as they break apart. They hadn’t realised that you had been watching but they don’t care either. Taking him by the hand she walks towards you to access the bedroom stairs. When she approaches you she stops for a moment and kisses you; with her hand still clinging on to his, she kisses you on the lips and whispers “Goodnight.”

The night has finally arrived. You watch them climb the stairs together; your wife first, leading the way and her lover following. You watch them all the way to the top of the stairs; watch them disappear out of site and hear the bedroom door close. The night of your cuckolding has finally arrived.

For a few minutes you just stand there as if transfixed to the spot. There is a moment when you feel like pinching yourself to see if all this is for real and then you hear the creaking of the bed and you know that this is for real. This is the night of your cuckolding.

You wanted to watch of course; you always wanted to watch her with another man. That has always been your dream; watching another man undress her; watching another man slide her panties down; watching another man’s face as he feasts his eyes on her nakedness; watching him pleasuring her with his tongue; watching him position himself between her open and inviting thighs; watching his long, thick erection slowly disappear inside her wet pussy.

You wanted to see her legs wrap themselves around his waist as he begins his pounding. You wanted to see her arms clinging to his broad, manly shoulders as he drives harder and faster into her. You wanted to see them fuck. You wanted to hear them fuck too. You wanted to hear her wimps and moans; wanted to hear them grow louder and louder.

You wanted to hear her scream out her blasphemies as she orgasmed; you wanted to hear her telling him how big he felt inside her; how he was stretching her pussy. You wanted to hear her tell him to fill her with his cum.

You wanted to hear her final, loud screams drowning out his loud groans as he began to unload his cum deep within her.

You wanted all that so much but she didn’t want that did she? She wanted that first time to be special; to be an intimate moment to keep to herself and her lover. She didn’t want you sat there watching; it would have intimidated her that first time; she would have felt inhibited. She wanted the first time she cuckolded you to be special; she wanted to give herself; give of her best to her lover, without you looking on.

It would hurt of course; the jealousy would be raging inside you. Another man alone with your wife; alone in intimacy with her. It was hurting now. As you stand there alone at the bottom of the stairs staring up into the darkness you are hurting because your wife is up there with another man. Yet, you are also excited, sexually excited and you reach with your hand and grab the bulging erection in your trousers.

You keep your grip tight as the sounds from upstairs start to filter down. The creaking of the bed from two people either getting inside it or resting on top of it has now been replaced by a rhythmic creaking of the bedsprings. They are fucking now. You know that he is between her thighs and pounding her bottom into the mattress. He is fucking her. You wife is being fucked by another man. You are being cuckolded.

“So soon!” You say to yourself. They have only been upstairs for five minutes or so and they are at it. But did you really expect hours of foreplay? Their foreplay had already been played out. That very first kiss that they gave each other had said it all and when they had returned home their finally act of foreplay was played out in the hallway.

He was hard and ready for her and she was wet and ready for him. There was no point in wasting any more time prolonging the inevitable. They want each other and all that was left to do now was to get naked and get into bed.

With your hand still holding your erection you can hear the sounds getting louder and louder. You can hear the headboard banging against the wall now; was she gripping it tightly like she does with you when you are pounding her or was he holding onto it for leverage as he thrust into her?

Suddenly you realise that your hand is starting to move backwards and forwards to the rhythm of the bed creaking; you are masturbating to the timing of your wife getting fucked. You are masturbating yourself to each thrust of his big thick cock inside your wife’s pussy. You can hear her moaning; hear him groaning and you realise that you too are moaning.

In some strange irony all three of you are coming together. Her cries are getting louder and she is shouting now. He his groaning louder and louder and as the pounding of the bedsprings reaches its zenith you find your hand pumping at its most furious.

Who cums first is hard to establish but a few minutes later all that is left is silence; silence and wetness. Upstairs, the bed will be wet; underneath your wife a wet patch will be forming as their mingling juices seep from them and for you there will be a cold, wet stickiness inside your pants.

As you creep away to the bathroom to clean yourself the realisation suddenly hits you that you are a cuckold. This is the night that you were first cuckolded.

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