The Multi Story Car Park 3.8/5 (23)

My wife Karen is now 48. We have been married along time I have always longed to watch her with other men since we got married. We did have an adventure at a student party once.

Karen works in an office in town, where she has a car parking space in multi story car park.

One morning she rang me in a terrible state, to say she had panged her car when she was attempting to park in the car park.

This did not bother me too much as she was not hurt and her car was a bit of a scrapper, but she had hit a jag and damaged its wing.

I knew this would be a problem as money was very tight.

She said the security men in the car park were ok about it and wanted to have a word with her at the end of the night.

I told her to try and get it sorted as there was no way we could afford a big bill at the moment.

Now Karen is normally home by 5.30, but that night she did not get home till eight.

I tried to phone her a number of times but she did not answer.

I was worried sick by the time she came home.

I could see she was shaking and had been crying, so I gave her a hug she winched in pain and pulled away from me heading up to our bedroom.

I knew something was wrong so I followed her, she had got out of her clothes and was in her dressing gown.

I lifted her blouse and notice hand marks all over it like oil marks.

There was no sign of her Bra or pants.

I asked her if she was ok, she said she just wanted to shower

I pulled open her dressing gown and found love bites all over her body and her pussy hair was matted with hardened spunk.

Karen started to cry and the whole story came out.

When she went to the office to see the security guy he said it would be a hell of a bill but he could cover it up if she played along with him!

Karen knew we had no money to pay for it ,so reluctantly she went along with it, but she got more than she bargained for.

The older security guard who had arranged the meeting called in his mates in, one was a big black guy and one a young lad of about 18.

They told her to strip off, she said the stood there leering and sniggering as she unbuttoned her blouse and skirt and when she was naked the old guy took out his knarred old cock which I am told was quite a size and stuffed it into Karen’s mouth. It turned out he was anything but gentle he proceeded to face fuck her hard making her sick into the process.

He then turned her round and stuck his cock up her ass, he used no lub straight in balls deep.

Karen screamed, but he just laughed and told so was in no position to complain.

After the old guy was finished the black guy was hard and ready, he took his turn fucking her in every hole.

She said it all became a blur after that, hands were everywhere they bit and slapped her spit on her face pounded her holes emptying load after load of cum into her poor body.

When the others had finished the older guy tried to fist her but his hand was either too big or she was too tight

Karen told me they had used every hole as hard as they could spunk was still coming out of her ass and pussy.

My cock was fit to burst as she told me about what had happened.

I know it was wrong of me.

I know what my wife had done and gone through.

But God help me it turned me on.

I held her tight and looked at her love bites, the spunk now gathered in a puddle on the bed between her legs.

I told her everything would be ok, she kissed me and I pushed her back on the bed, as I touched her pussy she winched but opened her legs. As I mounted her spunk was forced out passed my cock.

What a fuck the best ever.

We fell into a deep sleep awaking a number of times during the night and each time we fucked long and hard.

Well she had to change car parks, but it has also opened up a new world to us, my wife was now as slut, who longed for strange cocks and I was happy to arrange many new adventures for her.

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