The Mountain Lodge

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Section 1

One of the fast fiberglass boats took our luggage across the lake earlier that morning. These boats would have been competitive in offshore powerboat racing and they made the passage between the landing and the lodge in much less than the one hour the older boats needed. Most of the guests who didn’t have their own boats traveled on these. They saved time, and the closed cabins protected the passengers from the wind. But June and I wanted to take it easy, enjoy the scenery, and relax on the way out to the lodge. So we waited for one of the lodge’s antiques.

Our craft was a restored 1955 mahogany Chris Craft speedboat. In its day, the boat was one of the fastest around, but this morning we would motor across the lake at a sedate twenty miles per hour. The boat was classically beautiful. The lacquered finish on the wood seemed to have depth, the grain stood out, and the chrome fittings had a mirror polish. A small staff affixed to the stern carried an American flag with the stars arranged into an anchor.

Under the padded red leather-covered hatch in the center of the boat, the old engine rumbled discretely. When we backed away from the dock, the exhausts burbled and popped as water washed over them.

Our boat driver was a tall handsome black man with a Jamaican accent named John. He was wearing a thick gray Irish fishermen’s sweater and a weathered yachting cap set at a jaunty angle. John advanced the throttle and the engine note rose, the stern seemed to dip into the water and then climbed back out as the boat planed. On a course directly toward one of the tallest mountains across the lake, we settled into our cruising speed. June and I huddled under a colorful wool wrap in the back seat of the boat. It may have been August, but the air at this altitude held its chill all day, and the breeze generated by our speed would have quickly become uncomfortable.

Snuggled in our blanket, we played with each other’s bodies like two high school kids at a drive-in movie. She had my fly down and my cock out of my pants before we were a mile from the dock. I found a warm place for my hand inside her sweater, wrapped around her left breast. Our clandestine play and the chill air had turned her nipples as hard as my dick, and we played with our favorite toys most of the way across the lake. John stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and pointed out some of the local landmarks. Behind us, lost in the forested shoreline nearly fifteen miles back, was the landing we had just left.

Stretching across the horizon in front, a wall of mountains loomed against the sky, snow capping the granite summits. He named off a few of the tallest peaks, including the ones he had climbed, and showed us which canyons to watch as we drew closer so we could see the best waterfalls. The sky was cobalt blue, the kind of blue you can only see at higher altitude, and the few clouds scudding by were cotton balls. When he started the boat again and headed toward the mountains, I gave June a big kiss and hug, the warmth of our flourishing relationship filling me. Because you see, it hadn’t always been this good…

Ten years earlier, when we married just out of college, we had no clue. Something about the arrogance of youth and our own inexperience had convinced us that the hard stuff was over when we got through school. We figured we would get married, work at rewarding jobs, raise a family, and live happily ever after. Well surprise, it wasn’t that easy. We found out real fast that becoming a grownup sucks. June taught in a bad school. She put her life at risk just showing up. And all the kids she thought she could help hated her.

Three years into the job, a fifteen year old man-child held a knife to her throat, backed her into the blackboard, and started to fondle her and tear her blouse off in front of an entire class of inner-city kids who did nothing but cheer. When he set his knife down to run his second hand up her skirt and into her panties, she cold-cocked him with the heavy wood pointer she used when teaching. She got an official reprimand from the district and a death threat from the little creep. June walked away from teaching after that without looking back.

This young man had been one of her special projects. She spend hours working with him, trying to give him the chance his parents and the world had denied him. He hated her for this. He was dead less than two years later, shot down in the street in retaliation for one of the killings he committed, in a turf war waged over nothing more important than drug selling rights on one corner. I was a cog in a very large machine, writing code for one of the computer giants that started out as a family business, but turned into a dehumanizing monster in just a few short years.

I worked for them for a year after June quit teaching, trying to support us on one salary, and I resented every minute. Tension built between us, our sex life went to hell, and we drifted apart. She had the first affair with a guy who read poetry and painted. She actually left with him for two weeks, leaving me spinning in the dark. But, he turned out to be pretty worthless and a mean drunk, so she ran back home. I welcomed her back, but it wasn’t the same. An invisible wall was forming between us.

Six months later, I started screwing everything in skirts that would even talk to me. Getting laid a lot helped my ego briefly, but the momentary thrills of conquest and ejaculation just couldn’t make up for what we were missing in our marriage. We might have given up and just split then, but for one fortuitous event. I had three weeks of vacation coming, so we half-heartedly loaded the van and took off for a road trip. We fought for the first three days, I almost left her by the side of the road more than once, but we cleared the air and started to chip away at that wall that had sprouted between us.

We threw away our planned itinerary, stopped at any pretty place we found, and talked and talked. And we cried together, sitting in a hot spring watching the sunset in the high desert of Nevada. We were sucking down cheap wine, soaking our bones in the steaming water, as the sky changed a hundred colors, the details faded, and the darkness slowly flowed in. Walking naked back to the van under a full moon, we fell onto the mattress on the floor and made love. We didn’t stop until the next morning was a few hours old.

I think we both found something that night, something that only existed for the two of us as a unit, and we began to put our lives back together. When the three weeks were over, we just kept going. We traveled the country aimlessly, forgoing responsibility, rebuilding our union without the pressure of a meaningless but oppressive job. When the money ran low, I found freelance work, have fingers will travel, and we got by.

I met some guys who had dropped out of a mainstream computer world that did not appreciate their genius. We brainstormed a while and founded our own company, which took off beyond any reason. We sold it after three years because it felt like we were turning into bosses. We must have done something right, though, because each of us pocketed over three mil, after taxes. June started teaching again, part time at a private school where her talents actually help students. And I do a little consulting, worth about six figures every year, and we get by. We still vacation in the van, but we have traveled overseas as well.

The beaches in the south of France were a revelation to June, but she soon got comfortable walking around in public, nude. When we heard about this lodge from the guy who bought our company, we felt we should give it a try. He said they had a ‘relaxed approach' to nudity and sexuality and that tweaked our curiosity. So off we motored, twenty miles across a mountain lake, lost in the beauty and each other, and eager to realize new adventures that awaited. Rounding a granite point, we could finally view the lodge.

Section 2

An imposing structure of timber and stone on a rise above the lake, the lodge loomed over the small bay with a view that encompassed the snow-covered mountains, the dense conifer forest, and the lake. A whitewater cascade plummeted down the small canyon on the mountain side of the lodge; patios and the pool area overlooked the lake on the other side. Pulling into the small harbor, we noticed that the docked boats were screened from view from the lodge by the hill and forest. From the lodge, no one could see a man made object. In keeping with their usual fashion, the wind sailors docked their yachts apart from the motor yachts.

They lined up in a colorful array of small flags and banners. The motor boats were not as gaudily decorated, unless you considered the bounty of beautiful women sunning themselves on their decks and cabin roofs. In the European fashion, most wore brightly colored thong bikinis without tops, and the unselfconscious display of breasts in all shapes and sizes was a delight to my eyes. June found her own diversion in the thongs the men wore, as they left very little to the imagination.

Nestled in the bay, out of the wind, the sun warmed the air and the tan bodies as they soaked away the afternoon. Pulling into a vacant slot at the dock, John jumped out before the boat stopped and using the bowline, he eased us against the bumpers with only a gentle nudge. As he stood up after tying off the line, he was enveloped by one of the most enthusiastic women I have ever seen. In that entire sea of nearly naked beautiful women, she had caught my eye immediately.

I saw her sunning herself in a lounge chair on the deck of one of the larger cabin cruisers, holding hands with a man in an adjacent chair. They both wore tiny red thongs, impressive tans, and wrap-around sunglasses. He had a long blonde ponytail and a body like Adonis. Her long straight blonde hair cascaded over her luscious breasts, ala Lady Godiva. When she saw John climbing out of the boat, she vaulted athletically over the rail of her yacht onto the pier and ran toward us, calling out, her tits bouncing for joy.

She hit John at full gallop, wrapping both arms around his neck and planting a juicy kiss on his lips while she pressed her bare breasts against his chest. Then she wrapped both hands around his buns and while she leaned back, pulled him in toward her, grinding her pelvis into his with a playful grin on her face. “John, I’ve missed you SO MUCH” Then she looked into our boat and spotted June and I. “Hi, I’m Cherry!” I had to agree. Turning back to John, she gave him a squeeze on his crotch, and with a quick “Bye”, she ran back to her own boat, her tanned cheeks highlighted by the thin red line of the thong in her crack.

She gave her partner a hug before she sat back down. Picking up a tall iced drink, she smiled and waved to us, again. “That would be Cherry” “Yeah John, we kinda figured that out.” The roar of a powerful engine shattered the quiet as one of the lodge’s fast boats rounded the point and blasted into the cove. Skillfully, the pilot spun the stern into the dock as the mate jumped off to tie her up. A set of portable stairs was already in place as June and I reached the shore. We watched as two couples disembarked, kissed, switched partners, and headed off in opposite directions, pealing off clothes as they went. First Cherry, now this.

June and I looked at each other and both mouthed the words at the same time. “This is going to be an interesting four days.” Then we followed John up the stone steps and along a gravel path toward the lodge. The walk to the lodge took longer then I expected, but when we saw the building we realized why. It was massive, only three stories, but each of the lower two had to be thirty feet tall. It had appeared closer from the lake, due to its size. The trees surrounding the building also were huge, keeping proportion in the scene.

From the front of the building, we could look out at the magnificent beauty of the view in all directions. Continuing on, we followed John around the side of the lodge, past the patio and pool, to a row of widely spaced log cabins. Swinging the door of one open, he ushered us into our nest. Then he excused himself after pointing out the bowl of fruit, the platter of cheese and crackers, and the bar. The front of the cabin was, to say the least, rustic. The door was solid, unpainted planks. Inside was another world. The entire back wall, opposite the front door, was glass.

The view included the cascade we had seen from the lake, trees, and granite boulders. Through the sliding glass door, a private patio beckoned, complete with comfortable chairs and a stone table. Pine needles covered the flagstone pavement, softening our steps. Jays called from the trees and the gentle breeze flowing through the window carried the scent of pine. Just inside the door, a table with four chairs perched in front of a stone fireplace that had tonight’s fire already laid on the grate.

A platter of aged cheeses and gourmet crackers, and a wooden bowl filled with fresh fruit lay on the table next to a leather-covered folder. June plopped down on the bed with a loud, unladylike grunt. The bed was a king, with a massive black leather-covered headboard, and a thick down comforter. Two bed tables held lamps and tiny African fertility figurines. An tasteful oil of a reclining nude hung on the wall over the headboard.

I wandered to the bar; it was past noon, after all. The small fridge held two-dozen assorted bottles of beer and chilled mixers. A bottle of Don Perignon nestled in an ice filled wooden bucket. Shelves held single malt scotches, various premium bourbons, Russian vodka, English gin, and French cognac. Spotting a bourbon I didn’t recognize, I grabbed a tumbler, some ice, and poured three fingers. Then I popped the cork on the champagne, selected and filled a flute, and carried it across the room to June. I offered her a toast, “Happy Tenth Anniversary, my love”.

Sucking on an ice cube, I slid onto the bed next to her, pulled her sweater up to her shoulders, and started sucking on her left nipple. Gooses bumps appeared instantly, on her sides and all over her breasts. The skin of her breasts seemed to tighten and her nipples turned to rock in response to my cold lips and tongue. She shivered, moaned, and shoved my head down into her breast. I worked my way around first one, and then the other tit, sucking and licking, massaging and tickling.

Sliding my hand down her belly and into her pants, I gently massaged her wet lips and clit. She always climaxes quickly with this kind of stimulation. She arched her back, forcing her breasts into my face and shuddered. Then she started to unbutton her pants. “I hope you have another ice cube.” As a matter of fact I did. Slurping up the rest of the bourbon, I mouthed the last ice cube from the glass, and then I burrowed into her crotch.

Cold lips applied to hot, wet lips, the steamy musky warmth of her pussy melded with my beard and mouth. Kissing, licking, sucking and pulling, I slowly drove her toward another orgasm. Deep in her chest, a moan began. It increased in volume and pitch, becoming a squeal as she was rocked by a wonderful spasm. I could have kept going. She and I have done this for hours when we have the time.

But, every time I give her that many orgasms, she usually loses interest for two or three days. And we had a four-day celebration ahead of us, so I just stopped, stood up, and started to walk toward the bathroom. She opened her eyes when I disappeared “Where are you going?” Poking my head around the corner, I replied, “remember, four days, my love.” “You bastard!!” A swiftly propelled pillow playfully sailed past my head.

Section 3

“You’re going to leave me this hot?” “Not forever; let’s take a shower.” The bathroom had a two-person Jacuzzi tub plus a large shower with spouts for two. I was already enjoying the hot water when she slipped in. She gave me a long, full body hug. My erect cock flattened between us. After she let me watch her soap herself all over, she started to wash me. Lathering my neck and shoulders, then my chest and abdomen, finally she started on my cock and balls. Softly rubbing and stroking, she soon had me on the verge of coming.

Gently, she turned me into the water stream and rinsed off my parts. Then she knelt down in front of me with the water cascading over her head; she took my cock into her mouth and started to suck on me. I started to moan and twitch. “I’m coming!” “No you’re not!” She backed out of the water and in one fluid motion, she turned off the hot water. Cold water, straight from the snowfields in the mountains above us, plummeted down on my hot, throbbing cock. She was right; I wasn’t coming after all! “There, you dirty bastard; we’re even.”

Then laughing, she turned the hot water on again and gave me another big hug. Wearing thick white terry cloth robes, our drinks freshened, we sat at the table snacking on cheese and fruit. I opened the leather folder. It contained a welcome letter from the lodge, a map of the facilities, and a set of rules governing behavior on the premises.

The rules were pretty simple: All behaviors were to be consensual, the code word that would bring any act to a halt was NO. Respect for other people’s feelings and morals was expected, anybody who really bugged anyone would get a boat ride back to the landing, no questions asked. Nudity in the casino and dining areas was prohibited. Pretty much anything else goes. “Have Fun.” Sounded like fun to us. If the show on the dock didn’t set the tone of this place for June and I, the view from the edge of our patio sealed it.

 We had walked outside to the corner of our cabin, where we could see into our neighbor's patio. Two naked people were at their table eating a box lunch. She was on the table, her knees in the air and her legs spread; he sat in his chair and was merrily eating her out. Her head was back, her eyes closed in obvious pleasure, and we stared for several minutes. After the second orgasm we witnessed, she opened her eyes and saw us watching them. She mollified our embarrassment with a smile and a wink.        

Then she closed her eyes again and roiled with another orgasm. He gently pushed her shoulders down onto the table as he stood up, pulled her pelvis to the edge, and then he took his erection in one hand and began stroking the outer limits of her pussy. Teasing her with his cock, he worked it up and down, slipping it in and out a fraction of an inch at a time. Then, when he had her squirming, he slammed it home and she came with a roar.

He pumped away at her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as her head lolled around, her mouth open and gasping, her toes curled nearly into a ball. They climaxed together, just like in the movies, his back ribbons of taunt muscles, skin glowing red and bathed in sweat. Quietly backing away, we left them to their afterglow as we scurried back into our cabin to fuck our own eyeballs out. Neither of us was interested in pacing ourselves any longer.

After a short nap, we had about two more hours of sunshine to play with, so we put on our suits and walked to the pool area. The dark flagstone pool deck must have been heated because it radiated enough warmth to keep the area comfortable on this less than hot day. About a dozen people were there, a few swimming, most just sunning themselves. Some had suits on, some only thongs, and the lady standing on the diving board as we got there was completely naked.

She poised like a statue, a sculpture of feminine beauty with her arms stretched out to her sides. She executed a perfect back dive just as we selected our chairs. She climbed up the ladder and exited the pool adroitly, trotting over to plop down next to us in her lounge chair. That’s when I noticed her partner, a handsome naked man who had been sitting there the whole time. I turned to my wife only to note that she had managed to spot him right away.

Our new neighbors WERE our neighbors. These were the two people we had seen enjoying their patio just a short while earlier. We all introduced ourselves; Susie said ‘Hi' as she toweled off her long dark hair and Doug leaned over her to shake our hands. They turned out to be friendly and very helpful when they learned that this was our first trip to the lodge. Doug gave us a quick overview of the place. “You’ll notice this is a pretty exclusive crowd here.

Everybody is a member or has been nominated by a member. There is some serious money and influence represented by these people, but they don’t come here to do any business. Many of them don’t even know each other’s names. Everyone goes by first names, some undoubtedly fictitious. Some come only for the casino, some for the anonymity and quiet, and some for the relaxed sexual atmosphere.

Susie and I? Well we are still trying to answer some sexual questions.” He waved to the lady tending the bar across the pool from where we were sitting, and she came over to take our orders. She was a stunning, tall redhead, and when she walked toward us, I couldn’t help noticing her outfit. She was wearing Lycra tights that clung to every nook and cranny and a transparent, loose fitting top over an alluring set of tits.

Susie was sitting next to me naked, and she certainly wasn’t hard to look at, but this partially clad woman really peaked my interest. When she came back with our drinks and bent over to set them on our table, my dick went from storage mode to action mode almost instantly. Something about partial nudity and unavailability. Doug, Susie, and June all noticed my ‘interest' at the same time. “That’s Daphne” Susie said. “Who’s up for a hot soak?” as she stood up and walked over to the hot tub with Doug. “I hate hot tubing in a suit” June offered.

“Me too.” So we walked over to the tub, stripped off our suits in front of God and everybody, and climbed in to join our two new friends. They didn’t even try to hide their interest in our bodies. I guess that made us even. Doug started to ask when we were going to dinner. I could sense the start of an interesting evening, when I mentioned that we were supposed to do something called ‘a private dining'. I thought we should cancel it to join Doug and Susie, but in unison, they both said we didn’t want to miss it.

Doug smirked and said, “Don’t wear any underwear, and we’ll see you tomorrow; if you can still walk”. We only had an hour before they would call us for our dinner, so we excused ourselves and headed back toward the cabin. We took a circuitous route through the main lodge, to check out the casino, game rooms, gym, and the dining room. Then we entered our cabin to change for dinner. In our absence, the partially empty champagne bottle had been replaced by a full one, the glasses cleaned and replaced on the shelf, and the cheese and crackers removed.

I was impressed by the service, but there was more to come. June had brought a basic black dress. It was very short, revealing plenty of leg, and the spaghetti straps barely held it up over her breasts. Black heels and a shawl for warmth outdoors completed her outfit. Without any undergarments, she presented a very provocative sight, The dress material was very clingy and it highlighted her nipples, her bounce, and her deliciously shaped bottom. I had light wool trousers, a black shirt without a collar, and a summer weight sports coat.

Section 4

I felt like a priest next to her. Then I realized that in the absence of shorts, my dick left a distinct outline running down my right leg. We wandered over to the bar in the lodge for a pre-dinner drink. At this hour, the bar was lightly attended. Only a few younger couples surrounded the pool table. Apparently, the competition was fierce at this table, and it didn’t take long for us to figure out what was happening. A young lady in shorts and a tank top held court, easily beating any guy foolish enough to take her on.

She must have been a professional player, but I didn’t recognize her. June paid her way through school playing pool, and before I realized what was happening, she put a dollar on the end of the table. The balls were racked, and as the girls lagged for break, it was real obvious neither was wearing a bra. Leaning over the table to make their shots, they both nearly hung out of their tops. None of the guys left the table. They watched the match, but I don’t think any of them noticed who won.

As each took their turn to shoot, both ladies presented complete views at their tits for the benefit of anybody who cared to look, and everybody did. I enjoyed watching the pro. She had smaller tits than June, and when her top fell forward on each shot, I could see right down to her pert red nipples. One time June needed to lay her breasts on the wooden edge of the table to make her shot; her tits flattened and then squished out the sides of her dress.

When she stood up, both tits were hanging completely out, the dress fabric wadded in between. She leaned forward, wiggled them back inside her top, and continued the game without missing a beat. As the game progressed, and the tension built, June would walk quickly around the table, checking her shot angles, her tits jiggling provocatively under the thin fabric. I found it strangely exciting to see all these young guys lusting after my woman, so I sat at a discrete distance and watched.

On most of her shots, when she leaned over to shoot, her skirt rode up nearly to her ass. Sometimes she showed a little cheek, but she didn’t seem to notice. The game was very close. It came down to one last shot, where June needed to stretch across the table to reach the cue ball. Leaving one foot on the floor, she lifted the other up on the table so she could lie down to make the shot. Several guys, and myself, got a better look at her than her doctor ever has.

And from the obvious wetness of her pussy, she must have known what she was doing to those guys. She made her shot, won the game, and when she stood up and took the pro’s dollar off the table, she shoved it down the front of her dress between those popular tits. Adjusting herself by tugging on the front of her dress and pulling her hem straight, she smiled at the applause from her small audience. Right at that moment, we were paged for dinner.

A small red headed man, dressed in black, stood at the door holding a small sign with our first names written on it. He had an impish grin that reminded me of a leprechaun. He introduced himself as Sean. We followed him across the casino to an old elevator. As we stood waiting for the elevator, June held my hand tightly in both of hers, pressing it tightly against her crotch and rubbing her left tit into my arm. She was trembling. “I can’t believe how hot I am.” My dick started to rise as the gated door opened and we stepped into the elevator.

As the lift slowly rose to the third floor, anybody in the casino who happened to look would have seen through the grate to my bulging pants and up June’s dress. The elevator announced our arrival on the third level with a resonant thump. The gate clanked open and our little man escorted us down a hall until we reached an arched doorway. Opening the heavy door he ushered us into a large dimly lit room. Pausing for a moment to adjust our eyes to the darkness, we slowly acclimatized to the room. Soft music, Brahms, drifted in from hidden speakers.

I detected a faint odor of incense and pine smoke coming from a large fireplace blazing on one side of the room. The walls were paneled with dark wood in between large, floor to ceiling bookshelves. The mounted heads of deer, elk, and moose hung high up on the walls near the beamed ceiling. A massive white bear skin rug, complete with head, lay on the floor in front of the fire.

Our guide reached past us to a hidden switch on the wall and turned on the lights on the huge wrought iron and elk antler chandelier hanging in the center of the room over a massive, rough-hewn wooden table. Even with the chandelier, the lighting was still very subdued in the room. Three more people, also dressed entirely in black, materialized out of the shadows and joined us.

I recognized John, our boat pilot, and Daphne from the pool bar. They both wore black silk shirts, open to the waist, and baggy drawstring pants. John looked taller then I remembered, even though he was barefoot, and he was completely bald. Despite the loose fit of his pants, his huge penis caused a bulge that ran down his leg. June’s eyes were riveted on his crotch. Daphne looked as hot as she had this afternoon at the pool.

Her short hair was brilliant red, her movement cat-like, and her face enrapturing. Her breasts stood out proudly, their nipples prodding through the thin fabric and her cleavage clearly visible where the front of her shirt gaped. The third person, a raven-haired beauty introduced as Maria, was as short as Sean and was similarly attired. She had massive, free-swinging breasts that bounced merrily when she laughed.

John took June’s hand, Daphne held mine, and they led us to the table. A chair waited at each end of the table, facing each other across a distance of twelve feet. Our companions seated us and then unfolded cloth napkins that they placed in our laps. John opened a bottle of champagne and filled two flutes, handing one to each of us. I offered June another anniversary toast. Then John spoke in a soft voice that belied his size. “You are our guests tonight. All new visitors to our mountain home are similarly welcomed.

It is our honor to serve and pleasure you tonight. Tonight, you will dine upon the finest culinary delights known to mankind and enjoy wines from around the world. And the four of us, who have been schooled in the fine arts of indulgence, will dedicate this evening to your pleasure.” Sean and Marie appeared with small silver trays that they placed before us. Escargot, swimming in butter, garlic, and rosemary were hand fed to us as John and Daphne, who had moved to stand behind us, slowly and gently massaged our shoulders.

Watching June across the table, I could see her eyes slowly close as she enjoyed the sensation. I had to admit that dining, without any more effort than chewing, held a certain appeal. Maria’s breasts hovered just before my eyes as she served me. Daphne shifted her attention to my neck and scalp, skillfully working out kinks I had forgotten I had. June was enjoying the same attention from John as his large hands worked their way gently around her head and neck.

Maria materialized at my side with aromatic soup and began to spoon-feed me as Daphne gently unbuttoned the front of my shirt and began sliding her fingertips across my chest. The new wine Maria offered me complimented the soup and I looked over to June to see if she enjoyed it as much as I did. She is the white wine aficionado, after all. She had her eyes closed and her head lay back against John’s abdomen while he traced his fingertips around her breasts, tickling her skin through the filmy dress. She gasped as he ran his fingernails across her nipples.

Section 5

He cupped his hands around her tits and squeezed gently as she arched her back, thrusting them up into his hands. Then he slipped a finger under the fabric of her dress and I could see it moving about in there. Sean didn’t have much to do as June didn’t seem interested in food at the moment. Meanwhile, Daphne was sliding her tits around the back of my head and neck, the smooth silk and hard nipples combining to produce a most remarkable sensation.

She moved to my side and pulled the front of her blouse open, pressing her bare breasts into my face and mouth. A spinach salad with oil and vinegar, bacon, and slivers of nuts, and a third wine became the next course. Daphne was still caressing my chest and resting her tits on my shoulders, one next to each ear. As I took a sip of wine, Maria removed her blouse and dipped a nipple into my wine. As I licked it off I commented that the white wine went well with breast.

I looked up just in time to watch John hook both spaghetti straps of June’s dress with his index fingers and pull them slowly off her shoulders. She helped him slide the straps off her arms and the front of her dress fell forward off her tits. John left the crumbled dress top resting in her lap as he resumed caressing her breasts. He gently massaged, then stroked, then tickled her breasts. He twisted and pulled her nipples as she squirmed in her seat. Pinching both nipples at the same time, he caused her to shudder into a long, thunderous orgasm.

Giving her breasts a short reprieve, he again massaged her neck and shoulders. She opened her eyes and smiled at Sean, politely asking for a sip of wine. Sean brought oysters to the table. Daphne had removed her blouse and she sat across my lap to serve me. I was fondling her tits as she offered an oyster to me. Deliberately pouring some of the sauce on her chest, she offered her breasts to me as well. They were just as delicious. Meanwhile, John had also removed his shirt and he stood beside June’s chair so she could kiss and lick his nipples. She reached down and started stroking his penis through his trousers.

Soon his dick was straining against the fabric. Daphne stood up next to my chair and started to feed some steamed prawns to me. I had not noticed their arrival, but I certainly enjoyed their consumption. She would dip each in drawn butter, then brush then against her nipples, and then feed them to me. And in between each serving, I would lick and suck the butter off Daphne’s nipples. June was sucking John’s cock through the cloth of his pants. She pulled the drawstring and his pants started to fall, but they hung up on his erect cock.

Freeing the pants, June let them tumble to the ground as his dick sprang up. Now it was her turn to paint butter on his dick and lick it off. Just about that time, I noticed Sean and Maria were missing. Then I felt the light touch of two hands on my knees. Maria was under the table, pushing my legs apart and running her hands up my legs to my crotch. As she deftly undid the clasp and zipper of my pants, I could feel her breasts resting on my thigh. Freeing my penis, she commenced licking and gently sucking and stroking it.

From the slightly startled look on June’s face, I figured I knew where Sean had gone. Sure enough, soon her knees appeared and she rested her ankles on the table, her legs spread wide and I could see a red head moving around in her lap. Daphne was rubbing her tits in my face, holding my head in her hands while Maria sucked my dick.

Maria was very skilled, taking me to the edge of coming and then letting me cool down, she held me on the verge of ecstasy for an amazing period of time. Sean, on the other hand, was giving June one orgasm after another while John alternated between sucking her breasts and fucking her mouth. June loves to suck dick; it turns her on as much as anything I can do to her, so she had a ball with John’s big cock.

I could see the back of Sean’s red head bobbing and rolling around in June’s crotch, her legs wrapped around his head or sticking straight in the air as she came over and over again. She was grunting and crying, moaning and writhing in her chair. I don’t know how long we carried on like this, but neither of us had ever experienced anything like this before. The lodge offered great service. John lifted her up onto the table and laid her down so he could stand at the end of the table between her legs. He took that huge club of his and slid it into her.

I could see her pupils dilate from across the table. Daphne lay on my end of the table so I could enter her and watch June at the same time. Maria was behind me, playing with my butt and balls, or letting me play with and suck her tits while I worked my cock in and out of Daphne. Daphne had amazing muscle control, grabbing hold of my cock whenever she wished and squeezing so I could not move. She kept telling me to pace myself, not to come, but to prolong the sensation while saving my orgasm for June.

It was an incredible feeling, being on the edge of orgasm for hours, while watching June come more than anyone could count. Sometimes I envy June because she can have many orgasms to my one, but on that night I was thrilled with her ecstasy as she climaxed again and again with John thrusting into her. She tried to look back at me but her eyes glassed over as she came yet again, a demented smile on her face. Finally, when it seemed impossible for her to come anymore, John stopped stirring her pot, picked her up like a limp rag doll, and carried her over to the bearskin rug. Daphne smiled at me, asked me to stop, and sent me over to join June.

The four people vanished into the shadows. The light in the room dimmed as I walked over. June looked up at me, nestled in the deep, soft fur, the flickering light from the fire playing over her bare skin. I knelt down to kiss her, brushing her breast on the way. She shuddered with another orgasm at the instant of my touch. I hovered over her and she parted her legs, opening up herself for my cock.

It didn’t take me long, but for once I didn’t feel guilty for coming quickly. I held out as long as I could, then exploded into her with spurt after glorious spurt flaming out of my cock. She shuddered one last time and melted into my arms. When we woke, the fire had burned down to embers and the first glow of dawn began to peek through a window. We held each other for a while, but for some reason we didn’t need to make love that morning.

We found our clothes and dressed. Then we walked out of the lodge to the vision of the sunrise over the mirror smooth lake. We staggered back to the cabin and collapsed into bed. One day down, three to go. I woke to the sound of a chattering squirrel in the trees outside the cabin. Opening the front door, I found a tray with an insulated carafe of strong European coffee and covered silver plates of pastries and fruit.

I downed two oranges without hesitation and poured myself a steaming cup of coffee. One pastry couldn’t hurt. June stirred briefly but I knew better than to wake her. So I quickly donned sweats and headed to the gym. The lodge gym was small but well equipped with free weights, some Nautilus stations, and a few treadmills and bikes. When I arrived, one of the lodge staff members was leading a small aerobics class. She wore leggings on her calves and nothing else but a smile as she bounced and stepped in front of a similarly clothed collection of men and women.

Section 6

The class came to an end and the flailing breasts and cocks settled down as people grabbed their towels and exited, leaving me alone in the room. I finished my stretches, pushups and sit-ups and started in on the free weights. I was doing some arm curls when I heard the door open and Cherry walked into the room. She wore pink sweatpants and what was left of a sweatshirt after she had cut off the arms and most of the body of the shirt. The frayed hem of the shirt barely covered the bottoms of her breasts and the open armholes didn’t do much to conceal the rest.

I nearly dropped a thirty-pound dumbbell on my foot while I watched her doing her warm-up. Her long blonde hair was braided and it swung back and forth as she swayed provocatively, bending and twisting and generally making my life worth living just watching her. She started in on one of the Nautilus machines while I moved to a stationary bicycle. She was in great shape and she knew how to use the machines, putting on more weight than I would have imagined. When I saw her loading up a barbell on the bench-press I was even more impressed.

When she asked me to spot her I didn’t hesitate and wandered over. She slipped out of her pants while I stood there stunned, and then posed for me, beaming. “I can’t stand clothes when I sweat, can you? Aren’t these cute? I got them in Paris last week.” She was wearing the skimpiest thong I had ever seen. The pink fabric was as thin as acetate, but elastic and clingy. It clung to her contours like a second skin, revealing more than it concealed.

When she lay down on the bench and raised her arms to grasp the barbell, the remnants of her shirt rode halfway up her tits, revealing perfectly round firm breasts and half of her nipple on one side, while she spread her legs to clear the bench. I tried to pay attention to my job, although she really didn’t need a spotter. She handled the weight without difficulty. But, I sure enjoyed the view. I was getting hot and wondered what it would be like to rip that thong off. Of course my dick was huge by now, forming a tent in my loose sweatpants and she was lying there, just under it, staring up at me. “Oh my! That’s a nice one! What does a girl have to do to get to know it better?” “I think it might be arranged.” “Good, cause I work-out here the same time every day.

Bye” Then she abruptly got up and ran over to the door where Adonis stood, watching us. He smiled, waved to me, and then they walked outside, hand in hand. And my cock slowly returned to parade rest. So I headed back to our cabin to see if June was up yet. A few people were about but it looked like noon was a little early for most of them. When I got near our cabin, I could see Doug standing on the patio, looking in through the sliding glass door.

Wondering what was up, I wandered over next to him and glanced into the cabin to see what he was starring at. Susie, wearing the thick white cotton robe that the lodge supplies, was standing next to a massage table. On the table, stark naked, was a very content looking June. Susie, apparently a very skilled masseuse, was working her over thoroughly. Doug said hello, offered me a flute of champagne, and told me they would be a while but we were welcome to watch.

So we both pulled up chairs. Susie started on June’s neck and shoulders, then slowly worked her fingers into the muscles of her back. June lay face down on the table, her breasts squished out to the side from the force of Susie’s efforts, but she was clearly enjoying herself. Susie started working the backs of June’s thighs and calves, eventually working down to her ankles and feet. The she slid back up June’s thighs to her butt.

She massaged her buns and to my amazement, started sliding one finger up and down June’s pussy. But, I relaxed when I saw how much June was liking that. Then I looked over and Doug was getting hard just watching. That was interesting. Susie rolled June onto her back and began rubbing her shoulders again. Applying fresh oil to her hands, she worked down June’s arms and then over and around her breasts. June’s breaths were coming faster now as she was really getting turned on. The skin on her neck and shoulders glowed red and her legs slowly parted.

Taking the cue, Susie shifted her attention to June’s crotch, rubbing and stroking, and finally fingering her as she leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Soon both women were ramming tongues into each other’s mouths, the robe flew off, and they moved to the bed. Doug and I moved closer to the window and finally entered the room to stand beside the bed next to our thrashing wives. They kissed and hugged and stroked and fingered.

Then they went sixty-nine for a while, moaning and writhing on the bed. June was on top when she looked up and noticed us standing there watching. She gave me a big smile, then turned and undid Doug’s pants and grabbed his erect cock. While Susie was still eating her pussy, June was sucking away on Doug. Not wanting to miss out, I dropped my sweatpants and climbed onto the bed. I was soon kneeling behind June, ramming my dick into her pussy while Susie licked her clit and my balls.

Doug came in June’s mouth with a roar and I punctuated the event with a shot into her pussy that dribbled down into Susie’s mouth. After a group shower, we had another go on the bed with each other’s spouses. Following a nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging naked by the pool. About four, Doug left with Daphne and Susie split with Adonis, leaving June and myself alone to rest. She looked over to me and asked if I was having a good time. She was having a ball and wondered if it would be OK if she tried her hand at pool again tonight.

We retired to our room and the black dress came out again. I was beginning to sense the rest of the plan and wondered if those poor boys in the bar were up for it. I hoped the pro would be there, too. Sure enough, the same crew was playing pool. June went in first and I followed later. She was shooting pool against a guy and drawing a crowd when I arrived. I just blended into the background to watch.

I had never seen a game of strip pool; the fact that she had only one article of clothing and he was fully dressed made it even more interesting. She had him down to his skivies before he made a shot. Of course, with only that skimpy dress on, she had shown most of what she had before the game was half over. But now she pulled the dress up over her head and dropped it on the table. She stood naked but for her high healed shoes when he came over to collect his bet.

June dropped to her knees, slid down his shorts and sucked him off in front of a small group of cheering men and women. The next guy up was so excited playing pool against a naked lady that he never made a shot and soon his clothes were a pile on the floor. Sheepishly, he came over and spent five minutes licking June’s crotch as she sat on the edge of the pool table and his friends cheered.

June played one of the ladies next and stomped her, receiving some nice head for her efforts. June took a break after winning the next game, sitting on a cocktail table while the guy she beat buried his head in her crotch. Meanwhile, others played the same game at the table and pretty soon nearly everybody had stripped and performed oral sex on somebody.

It was a great icebreaker. I was getting ready to wander down and get some of that stuff myself when I felt someone touch my elbow. Looking over, I found the little pro, naked and willing beside me. She was kissing me and had my dick out in her hand before she said hello. I picked her up and set her on the table in front of me and spread her legs. June was bent over the pool table with a guy entering her from behind while I worked on the little pro.

Section 7

She wrapped her legs around my waist as she rested on her elbows, her little tits jiggling below me as I thrust into her. People were screwing on the tables and in the booths. They rolled on the floor and stood in the corner; everybody in the room was screwing! The next morning, I got to the gym as the aerobics group was finishing up again. I started my workout but was just getting warmed up when Cherry arrived.

She was wearing the same skimpy top and thong and the same come-on smile. We warmed up together and I got to watch that luscious body straining to escape those feeble confines again. I enjoyed holding her ankles while she did her sit-ups, with her arms over her head and her tits slipping out of her top. As she broke a sweat, the thong dampened and became translucent and her hair and lips were shining through. “Let’s take a run.

I’ve got a great place to show you” At that, she headed out the door and broke into a run. She ran up the mountain behind the lodge, on a trail that wound through the trees and boulders. Lithe and well conditioned, she could have left me far behind, but she paced herself to match me. Following her up the trail, I tried to miss most of the rocks and trees while staring at the sculpted derriere ahead of me. After about half a mile she slowed. Now walking, she led me off the trail and behind a huge boulder toward the sound of falling water.

Before us was a true sylvan glen, a clearing in dense woods with ferns and wildflowers and mossy boulders with a warm sun shining above. A sizable waterfall about twenty feet tall spilled into a deep, wide pool. The creek flowing out of the pool cascaded over rocks in its hurry down the slope. We stood panting on a white sand beach along one side of the pool. “The waterfall is the product of an artesian hot spring.

The pool is warm year round and the flow is captured and used to warm the swimming pool and patio at the lodge. All the hot water used in the lodge comes from this spring. It’s also good for swimming.” With that, she wriggled out of her thong and flipped off the top and dove into the water. I didn’t waste any time joining her. She swam like a fish, rolling and diving and disappearing under the water. I stood chest deep in wonderment and warm water looking for her, when I felt two hands on my butt and lips closing around my penis.

She shot out of the water and flung her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs around my waist and then kissed me. We stayed this way, weightless and enraptured with each other. Then I carried her to shore and gently placed her on a flat-topped boulder. We consumed each other with passionate, animal lust. We didn’t stop until we could no longer stroke with a finger or caress with a tongue. I felt like silly putty too long in the sun.

“That was fun! Lets go!” And with that, she had her shoes on and was running back down the hill. I tried to follow but she was gone. I didn’t see her again. The morning of the fourth day, I made love to June. We had breakfast in bed. We hugged and snuggled. We fed each other. We professed our everlasting love.

And we rubbed each other in all the right places. At noon, we boarded the old wooden boat and John brought us back to the real world, again. But, not before we snuggled under the colorful woolen wrap and watched the mountains slide back into the distance. It had, indeed, been an interesting four days.

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