The Making of a Pantyhose Hotwife Vol. 1  4.1/5 (44)

I have always had a fetish for pantyhose since I was a young boy. My wife is a hostess for a restaurant and is required to wear pantyhose which is what attracted my to her. Moving ahead, my wife and I have been together for 9 years and married for 6. Amber is 32 and I am 39. She is a 5’1” 98 lb blonde. My wife does not have large breasts but she makes up for it with a great ass! She often gets compliments for her ass from both guys and women. Amber loves to look sexy. She loves to wear makeup and wear skirts and dresses. My wife feels sexy in pantyhose so she wears them all the time, even under jeans. Amber likes to wear her pantyhose during sex as she likes the feeling of them on her legs which satisfies my kink.

My cuckold fantasy started a few weeks before we married. We went out for drinks and she wore her little black dress with tan pantyhose and black 5” pumps. She does not wear panties with pantyhose which I find very hot. Amber turned heads with every movement and while we enjoyed our drinks, I kept noticing the men staring at her. I knew that they were probably fantasizing about fucking her. It was a big turn on.

I told her “ you look so hot! Finish that drink so we can go home. I want to fuck you so bad!” She smiled and finished. As we were walking from our stools I put my hand on her ass. I knew men were looking at her so I lifted the back of dress just enough to give them a little show. When we got to the car Amber asked me “ Did you intentionally lift my dress up? You know people probably saw.” I told her “trust me, those guys were eye fucking you ever since we walked in. I gave them something to jerk off to. If I wasn’t with you tonight they would have been hitting on you hoping to take you home.”

Amber smiled, kissed me and said “ fortunately for you I am all yours.” When we got home we immediately went up to the bedroom. I went down on her and as I was pleasuring her asked “ Did you notice the men there looking at you?” She replied “ Of course I noticed.” I said “. Does it turn you on that they wanted you?” She said yes. Amber proceeded to tell me that if she was still single she probably would have went home with one of them.

Hearing her say that got me so hot I tore open her pantyhose and stuck my tongue in her pussy and my finger in her ass. I asked her which one did she have her eye on and she told me the guy next to her. She went on to tell me what she would have done, starting with sucking his cock in his car. Then Amber told me she would have begged him to rip her pantyhose and fuck her right there in the parking lot.

I got on top of and started fucking hard. I was so into it and so was she. I asked her “ what would you have done if someone saw you?” She told me “ let them watch and if it was a guy, I would have asked him if he wanted me next.” At this point I blew my load. I could not take it anymore and ending up finishing her off with her dildo. Afterwards we discussed our sex talk and she told me that it was just fantasy and nothing more.

I was glad she said that, but also kinda disappointed. The next time we role played was our wedding night. Amber had a good bit to drink and was flirting with my best man Shawn. When we went to our room my beautiful bride dropped her wedding dress and revealed her white corset with white stockings she was wearing over a pair of nude pantyhose. “Do you like?” She said. I told her absolutely.

She said “. Good. Because if you did not I was going to go find Shawn and see what he thought.” Amber talked about fucking Shawn the entire time we had sex. She kept saying how hot he was and if she had met him first maybe this would be his wedding night. I was so excited I ending up cumming in less then 10 minutes. Amber was drunk and not satisfied and was trying to leave our room to find Shawn.

I knew she was just drunk and didn’t mean anything by it. Eventually I got her to sleep and the next day we didn’t discuss what happened and moved on with the day. It was a little humiliating to know Amber found Shawn so hot. I tried to not let it bother me and just forget it but I then started to fantasize about Amber bent over our dining room table with Shawn fucking her like a little slut and her loving every bit of it.

I couldn’t erase this idea from my mind. About a month after we got back from our honeymoon Shawn and I had plans to watch the baseball game over at my house. Amber was wearing a tight pink blouse, a faded jean skirt with tan pantyhose and tan strappy wedge shoes. We were all drinking and talking. Amber was flirting with Shawn and the more she drank the more obvious she made it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see them looking at each other and smiling at one another.

Amber offered to get both of us another drink, when she was walking to the kitchen she dropped a napkin. When she bent over, she did so straight legged which raised her skirt exposing her ass giving both Shawn a great view. Shawn told her “thanks for the view sweety!” My wife coyly looked back and smiled at him. While Amber was in the kitchen Shawn said to me “ Damn your wife has a great ass!”

I thanked him and tried not to show my fear. I knew they wanted to fuck each other and was getting nervous it was going to happen. Shawn was a alpha and was really smooth with the ladies. He had a lot of women in his bed and was notorious for having a huge cock. I may have been ok with this being a stranger but my best friend would be too much for me to handle. Amber walked back into the room and when setting Shawn’s drink on the end table lost her balance and fell down into his lap.

Amber apologized and claimed to be clumsy. Shawn said “ your not clumsy, you just wanted to sit on my lap.” He put his hand on Ambers thigh and said “ you are so gorgeous”. My wife thanked him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Shawn excused himself to the bathroom and while he was in there my wife said to me “ I want to fuck Shawn tonight. Is that ok?” I didn’t know what to say. I knew if I said no she was going to be mad and probably do it behind me back.

I reluctantly agreed. Amber told me she wanted me to watch, that she was going to be my personal porn star tonight. I could tell she was really excited. When Shawn sat down Amber really starting coming on to him. Finally Amber bluntly said to him “. I want to suck your cock”. Shawn laughed and said “ are you serious? What about Mike?” Amber said “. Yes I am very serious and don’t worry he is ok with it. He wants to watch.”

Shawn looked over at me like, looking for approval. I just nodded. Shawn then said “are you sure you can handle it Amber?” My wife smiled, got up and stood in front of him and said “ are you sure you can?” Shawn smile at her and watched as my wife spun around, almost like she was modeling for him. Shawn told my wife “ I love a women in pantyhose”. Amber thanked him and slowly and seductively got on her knees and started to undo Shawn’s pants to pull them down.

He stood up looking down at her as she looked up at him, pulling he pants and boxers down simultaneously. I don’t know how big Shawn is but the sheer length and girth shamed me as he was double my size. Amber’s eyes got big as she said “ you have a really big cock Shawn.” Shawn looking down at her grinned almost as if he was thinking “ yeah I know”. My wife started using her tongue to lick around the head of his cock.

Her eyes locked on Shawn’s eyes like she was looking for his approval. She was working it slowly like she was teasing him until Shawn pushed his huge cock through here lips and then started feeding it into her mouth inch by inch. Once he put about half of it in her mouth my wife grabbed his cock and started to work into her mouth all while looking up at Shawn I assume to make sure he was enjoying it.

My best friend started running his hands through Ambers hair as she kept sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Shawn finally had enough of the slow stuff and put his hand on the back of Amber’s head and thrusted the entire thing in her mouth. Amber made a gagging sound at first but I think it was because she didn’t expect him to do that. I sat in my chair watching my best friend fuck my wife’s mouth, their eyes fixed on each other’s.

Shawn pulled it out and started rubbing on Amber’s lips and then started slapping on her chin until she stuck out her tongue and he continued to slap it off of it. He pulled his cock and started to stroke and then my wife started to lick and suck his balls. Shawn looked over at me and said “ man she is fucking good at this. I bet you enjoy this kinda treatment.” Amber then said “ I usually don’t do this.”

Shawn then replied “ so I’m special?” My wife then said “oh yeah! Your fucking special!” Shawn then grabbed my wife by the arms and lifted her to her feet. He then asked “can I kiss you?” Amber nodded yes and I watched as she moved in and started to kiss him. It was passionate and aggressive. I could see her tongue and his moving together while their lips were locked. Shawn moved his hands down my wife’s back and started grabbing her ass, lifting her skirt up and squeezing both cheeks. He pulled away for a moment and said “ Mike I’m sorry bro but I’m going to fuck your wife and their is nothing you can do about it.”

Amber quickly said “. It’s ok you can do whatever you want to me. I am ok with it and that’s all the permission you need. He has fantasized about this before and now his fantasy is about to become reality. Not because he wants it but because I do.” Amber looked at me with a serious look and said “ I have wanted to fuck Shawn ever since I laid eyes on him and I am going to get what I want. I expect you to sit there like a good boy and watch. Do you understand me?” I nodded yes without a second thought. Amber that brashly said “I’m glad you know your place.”

She then looked back at Shawn and said “ let’s go up to the bedroom so we can do this properly. Michael, go up ahead of us and turn the bedsheets down.” I did as I was told and sat in the chair we had in our bedroom. They walked into the room kissing and grabbing each other. Shawn walked Amber to the edge of the bed and took off her blouse and unbuttoned her skirt which fell to the floor.

Amber was standing there in just her bra, pantyhose and wedge shoes aggressively taking off My best friend’s shirt. He was standing there completely naked. His muscular body six pack and all. His cock fully erected touching up against my wife. He pushed her down on the bed and started unbuckling her shoes. Amber was breathing heavy in anticipation. She looked up at him and demanded, practically begging.

She said “ please fuck me. Rip open my pantyhose and fuck me now.” Shawn said” I don’t have any condoms. Do you care?” Amber then quickly said “ I don’t want you to use a condom. Just fuck me now. I have wanted this for so long please don’t make me wait. Rip them open. I want you to fuck me like your paying for it. I want to get fucked by a real cock!” Shawn looked over at me and I am sure at this point my face was beet red with embarrassment.

Amber was drunk and so in the moment I don’t even think she realized what she said. He smiled at me with a look like he was the alpha in the room and he was about to prove it. He grabbed at my wife’s pantyhose and quickly ripped them open. Amber said “ that’s it baby. Come and get your pussy”. Shawn started to tease her, just sticking the tip in and pulling out. Amber tried to grab him around the hips and force him to enter but he was too strong for that to work.

My wife kept pleading “ fuck me. Please fuck me. I need you.” He asked her “ how bad do you want it? She replied “more than anything!” Trying to make a cut at me to show his dominance he said “ you just need to get fucked by a real man, don’t you?” Amber looked so frustrated she quickly replied “. Yes,I need a man with a real cock to fuck me!” With that comment My best friend and wife started fucking in my bed while I watched.

My cock was rock hard and I started stroking it watching Shawn fuck my wife hard and fast. Amber kept moaning loud commenting about how good it felt, how big he was. Shawn got off of Amber and then positioned her on hands and knees facing towards me. He slapped her ass and began fucking with a fistful of her hair. Pounding her hard while the entire time Amber looking at me moaning. She got domineering towards me repeating herself.

She kept saying “this is what you wanted right? Keep jerking that cock while you watch a real man satisfy me. Your cock doesn’t compare. Watch the better man do me right.” Shawn then slapped her ass real hard and my wife said “that’s it, smack that ass! That’s your ass. Fuck me like a slut! I’m your dirty slut!” Shawn said “ oh yeah? Does this pussy belong to me?” My wife said “. This is your pussy and you can have it whenever you want! “

Shawn looked over at me and said “you hear that? I own your bitch bro.” Shawn started slamming her real hard and fast. Then he shouted “ I’m gonna cum in her pussy. I’m gonna blow it in you wife you little bitch!” Amber started shouting “ come in my pussy daddy! cum in your pussy!” She looked up as Shawn came in her pussy and she then collapsed from exhaustion. Shawn comment he had fun and then went out to the living room couch to sleep.

Amber laid where she was and fell asleep. I blew my load way before Shawn and made a mess of myself. I changed and got in bed and tried to go to sleep. I couldn’t believe what happened. I decided to blame it on the booze. I finally fell asleep. A couple of hours later I woke and had to go to the bathroom. Amber was not in bed. I went out to the living room and found my wife wearing a black corset with black stockings riding Shawn on the couch.

I watched as they were just about to finish because my wife climbed off of him and got on her knees and sucked his cock to finish him off. I watched my wife, this time cheating on me swallow my best friend’s load. She kissed him and the came back to go to bed. I got in bed pretending to already be asleep. I fantasized about a hotwife. Now, I know what it’s like to have a hotwife. I now am a cuckold. I wonder what will happen next?

Amber and I woke to find that Shawn had already left. She kept going on and on about how much fun last night was. She asked me if I had fun? I told her I did and I really did. I just don’t think I would want it to be with a friend again.

After that night my relationship with Shawn changed. We didn’t talk much and every time I asked to hang out he had an excuse. I found out from another friend that my wife was sending him dirty pictures and still fucking him. According to my friend, Shawn with my wife Amber’s permission had been making sex tapes. Shawn was showing all of our friends and from what my friend told me they were pretty bad.

They both trash talked me and Shawn and another friend Karl, dp’d my wife and made a tape. I was humiliated and couldn’t talk to my friends anymore. When I confronted Amber she used this to turn me on and I fucked her. After, she told me that she loves me but sexually I don’t satisfy her and she will continue to fuck other guys. That includes my friends. She told me I better be good if I want to get to watch again. I now am a good cuckold husband and know my place. I want my wife pleased and agreed to her fucking anyone she wants whenever she wants. Happy wife, happy life right!

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    A cock hungry wife is a good wife. Very arousing story. Has me aching. Well done!

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    I really enjoyed it. She is a very sexy lady!!!!!

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    It was very sexy!!

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