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Section 1

Chapter One - The Library So it is my first Monday at the Library. The Main one in our town is right on the water front of a river that goes to the Gulf of Mexico. One of the joys of living in coastal Florida. My husband had gotten me a portable keypad for my iPad and I set myself up at a table and started typing. There was an eclectic group of people using the quiet rooms. Retirees, bums and various other type peoples.

I did notice that several of the men appeared to be in the late fifties or early sixties and one was deeply tanned and appeared to be in good shape. He was reading the Wall Street Journal and I noted that he kept looking over at me. On my way out he gave me a salute which made me think he was ex-military. The next morning the usual group were there along with the man I had gotten the salute from. We continued this casual meeting the rest of the week.

I would come in, he would salute, and when I left he would salute again. On Friday as I got ready to set up he walked over, extended his hand and said, “Hi, my name is Larry.” “Nice to meet you Larry, I’m Dani.” I replied. “Dani, could I buy you a coffee when you are ready to leave.” “Sure Larry, in about three hours.” I said. I got going with my writing, occasionally looking over toward Larry and admiring his fine looks.

As a surprise I felt my vagina moist up which was a surprise and something that had not happened for a long time. At noon I closed up my keyboard and iPad and saw Larry getting up, I went over to him and off we went. Being on the big river there was a marina two blocks away along with a restaurant. As we went in all the employees seemed to know Larry.

The waitress came up, gave him a big hug and took our order. Larry said he wanted something to eat so we checked the menu and both ordered sandwiches. After she left I said, “Larry, you must eat here a lot, everyone seems to know you.” “Well Dani, I live here,” he said. “In the restaurant?” I asked. Larry laughed, “No my dear, I have a forty-foot Hunter moored here.” " Wow," I said.

“I love sailboats but only got to sail on my brother’s Sunfish.” He looked at me, winked and said, “Let’s see if we can solve that problem.” The waitress brought our food. I saw Larry note my ring finger which at this moment was empty. I gave up my wedding ring a long time ago because it bothered my finger.

I had found a diamond ring in a parking lot and used it much of the time but had not bothered to put it on today. He asked, “Dani, what is your marital status?” “Married Larry, but free.” He got a shocked look on his face. “What do you mean free?” He asked. “Well Larry it is like this; my husband can’t provide some things that I need but is happy for me to shop elsewhere.” I could see him trying to process this information.

Larry looked like a conservative Republican type and a Hot Wife did not fit into his belief system. But I sensed that Larry dearly wanted to fuck me so there was his dilemma. We finished our lunch and Larry insisted on paying the tab.

Then he asked me if I wanted to see his home. “I would love to see your boat but I have an appointment in an hour so could we put it off till Monday.” “Of course, my dear.” He said. When we got out on the patio deck he directed my vision toward a row of sailboats. I had trouble telling the difference so he came up behind me and took my arm and pointed it at one.

At the same time his left arm came around and held me just under my breasts. I could also feel his hardening cock rising into my ass. I turned around and said, “Hold that thought Larry, I will spend the weekend thinking about a guided tour of your sailboat.” Chapter Two - The Boat Tour Over the weekend I told my husband about Larry. We discussed the possibility of me having sex with him. I told my husband that I thought that Larry would be a great candidate for an affair.

He was divorced, rich and most of all had not only a sail boat but a cock that got hard. Monday came and I did my thing. I had dressed causal, pull over top, and shorts with a bikini under instead of underwear. When I got to the Library, Larry was there along with a Mocha Frappuccino for me. I will have to give him credit for being a good listener.

I did my three hours of writing, well I thought about writing for three hours, it was hard to make my fingers hit the keys as I was horny as hell. Three hours passed and I closed up my iPad and keyboard, packed them away and headed for the door. Larry was waiting. “How about lunch first,” he said. “Sounds good to me.” Once again we had the same waitress and we ordered from the menu, had a Bloody Mary, and ate our lunch.

When we finished Larry led me down the pier to a row of sailboats. His was the third in the row. He jumped on board and offered his hand to me. A couple of men were alongside and at his signal cast off the lines. Larry started the motor and off we went. It was a short distance to the Gulf and when we got there he raised the sail.

In the mean time I had taken off my street clothes and was enjoying the sun in my bikini. Knowing that Larry and I were going to fuck soon I took off my bikini top to get some rays on my breasts. Larry seemed to be enjoying the view. He took a short break and went below to change. Coming back up he was wearing a speedo with what looked like a log in it.

He noticed my look of interest but kept messing with the wheel and the ropes. When we lost sight of land Larry dropped the sails and the anchor. I was looking out toward a seagull when he came up behind me and put his hands on my breasts while he kissed my neck.

Turning around I gave him a big hug, pressing my breasts into his chest then dropped to my knees and pulled his speedo down. His big cock sprang out and I grabbed it with my wet mouth and started sucking as I put my hands around the base of his monster. I was licking up and down, thinking what this thing would feel like in my hot cunt.

A few minutes later I felt him tense up then he filled my mouth with his hot sweet cum. There was a lot so I guess it had been awhile since he came. I licked him dry and he led me below. At the bow there was a double bed, he took of my shorts and pulled me down on the bed. He turned around so he was licking my pussy, he was a master at it and had a very long tongue, in a few minutes I came with a mind blowing climax.

While he was doing this I was holding onto his large cock which started growing just as I came. He got up and knelt between my legs, putting his cock head between my cunt lips and pushed slowly. Breaking thought he entered me and filled me as I never had been before. As he was fucking me the ship was going up and down magnifying the motion of his cock. In total bliss I wrapped my arms and legs around his body and started meeting his thrusts.

I had an intense orgasm and right after I could feel Larry shooting his cum into me. We laid in each other’s arms for the longest time then Larry said. “Dani, this can’t be a one-time deal.” “Larry” I answered, “don’t worry, I will want your great cock many times more.” With that we went back up the river to the dock. Kissing him I left to go home. Full of his cum and happy as a clam. Chapter Three - Off to Key West The next week Larry was nice but quiet at the Library.

Section 2

I was starting to get a bit concerned as I wanted to spend more time on his big cock. Mid-week he took me to coffee' “Dani,” he said. “A pal and I had planned to go to Key West next weekend for their Fantasy Fest. I would love to take you but did not know how you would feel about going down with two horny guys.” “Well let me ask you this.” I said, “Does you pal have a cock as big as yours and will you share me?” “Dani, as hot as you are I would be happy to share you.”

“If it is OK with your husband it works for me.” I looked at him and said, “Well I better go buy some more bikinis.” Saturday morning my husband dropped me off at the marina, before he left Larry came up and I introduced him to John. Larry thanked him and told him how lucky he was to have a wonderful wife.

John shook his hand and said, “Larry, just make sure you take good care of Dani.” Larry replied, “We guarantee she will have a wonderful time.” “Ditto that.” A voice said, we turned around and here came this great looking man with a big smile on his face.

He came up to me and gave me a big hug, “You must be Dani, Larry has told me so much about you.” Larry said, “Mac, this is Dani’s husband John.” Mac shook John’s hand and complimented him on his fine choice in woman. I knew that Larry was in his early sixties but Mac appeared to be perhaps ten years younger. Lean with a great tan, salt and pepper hair and wicked blue eyes.

A real studly looking man. Larry spoke up, “Folks we need to catch the outgoing tide and winds before they shift. With that my husband bade us farewell and drove off as we walked to the boat. Getting on Mac untied the mooring lines and jumped onboard. Larry started the engine and our adventure began. We were in the Gulf headed South, I had made lunch for us and we were relaxing in the cockpit.

They were both wearing their speedos and I had on a bikini bottom but had taken off my top when we got away from other boats. I could tell my large breasts were working their magic on the men. Mac did not appear to be as well hung as Larry but he was no slouch. Larry finally said, “Dani I told Mac how hot you were in bed, maybe you could take him below and show him.” “Larry, you are a total pervert,” I replied as I grabbed Mac’s hand and led him below taking him to the front cabin.

Dropping to my knees I dropped his speedo and watched with eagerness as a thick cock jumped up. Putting both hands around it I started sucking. He had not been cut and this was the first uncircumcised cock I had ever had. Using my lips, I rolled his foreskin back as my tongue worked around his plump head. Letting go for a few seconds I spit into my hands to give me some lubrication and started running them up and down his shaft as I nibbled on his head.

Suddenly he grabbed my head and drove his cock all the way into my mouth as he came. One, two, three, four spurts. Cum flowed out of the sides of my mouth and down onto my breast. Releasing his cock, I looked up at him as I wiped up the globs of cum on my breasts and licked my hands clean. Mac hauled me up to my feet and hugged me, then fell back on the bed, pulling me down also, he rolled me over and started eating my cunt. He was as good as Larry at oral gratification.

I guess the presence of two hot and horny men had my hormones flowing because I came with a roar. All the while I had been holding onto Mac’s cock which was now hard again. Pushing him over I knelt over him and settled down on his erect member. As thick as it was I slid right down over it because of all the pussy juice I was creating.

I started riding him, sweat was dripping off of both of us. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my breasts and realized that Larry was behind us. I felt his weight on the bed then he was rubbing something slippery on my ass, then inserting one then two fingers up into my rectum. Then I felt it a very big cock head trying to get into me. “Stop, I hollered.” “Larry, I can’t take your cock in my ass.”

“Relax Dani, just let it flow, “He said. There was a burning slow pressure, I stopped riding Mac’s cock as I leaned forward. Mac had now grabbed both of my breasts and was sucking on my eraser like nipples. Then Larry broke through. Mild pain, pressure, a total fullness. Both men held still for a few minutes. Larry started moving slightly then pulling out a bit, as Larry pulled out Mac pushed in.

I thought, “They have done this before.” To add to their motion there was the motion of the boat as it went up and down over the waves. Mac then froze as his hot sperm started coating my cervix, I came with a scream and then felt Larry empty into my rectum. I kind of went into semi consciousness for a few moments as the men’s cocks started shrinking. We all collapsed on the bed then with a start Larry jumped up and said, “I need to check the boat,” and ran up to the cockpit with his long flaccid dick swaying back and forth.

Mac and I just laid in each other arms. Chapter Four - Key West Fantasy Fest The next afternoon we pulled up to the City pier at Key West, we were directed to a slip that Larry had reserved. I could hear music and see swarms of people on the street. Wearing short shorts and a tee shirt we started out.

The men seemed to know where they were going because we walked into a body painting booth. “Dani, let’s get you ready for the party,” Larry said. I looked around at other woman with fantastic body paint pictures in place of clothes.

Larry introduced me to Kathy who was the owner of the booth. Kathy led me into the back. “Dani, did you have something in mind?” she asked. “Kathy, I have no clue,” I said. “If it is OK with you, take off your clothes and I will do you after seeing your body.” I stripped and Kathy said, “Wow, you are beautiful for a fifty-year-old.” I smiled and retorted, “Add ten years to that Kathy.” She trimmed off the little landing strip I had with my permission and started painting.

It tickled and was wet then dry. A strange feeling. Finally, she told me to look in the mirror. It was amazing she had an ornate flower vase over my labia and lower stomach then there were two stems winding up to my breasts with big pink flowers covering them. She got out a hand mirror so I could see my back which was a duplicated of my front. I went through the curtains and the guys whistled. Larry paid her and we started into town.

What a trip, people in all states of dress or undress. We went into a bar and got some drinks to go and started walking, watching people and being watched. At some point Mac and I went into an alley and I gave him a blow job then Larry wanted equal time.

When I finished several people clapped I thought I should be embarrassed but was too drunk to care. We went into another bar and got a table and ordered some bar food. They had a live band and the boys took turns dancing with me. It was interesting being totally nude and dancing with two men with erections. I kept looking down to make sure the paint was not being worn off by their shorts covered cocks rubbing against me. Larry excused himself to go to the bathroom and Mac was off talking to some blond when a great looking very black guy came up and asked me to dance. Where he wasn’t painted I could see he was very black with almost blue black skin. He was a great dancer and after a while he led me to the bar to get another drink.

Section 3

I looked around, saw Mac was still with the blond and now Larry was dancing rather closely with a hot looking red head. After getting drinks for both of us my new dance partner, Jim was his name, led me to the back and slid into a booth with me. We chatted a bit then Jim turned my head and kissed me with a thick tongue.

As he did his left arm circled me with his hand ending up playing with my left nipple while his thick right index finger started working on the folds of my pussy. Not to be outdone I reached down and found what seemed like a large salami in his skimpy shorts. Pulling it out of his shorts I spit in my hand and started stroking his big cock. He groaned a couple of times then helped me get under the table as he spread his legs and fed his cock to me.

Even getting the head in my mouth was a struggle. I did the best I could until finally he pulled me up. He then had me kneel on the seat facing him then raise up until his donkey dick was pushing against my cunt lips, I guess I was really wet because the next thing I knew he started entering me. It was a slow and sometimes painful process but when he got all he could inside of me, hitting the back of my cunt he slowly started fucking me.

He was good, he was very good and I started coming right away. I kept rising and lowering myself on his huge member while holding on to his shoulders. In the meantime, he was tweaking my nipples and biting my neck. Finally, I felt his start to cum in me. Like Old Faithful he shot and shot until I felt his sperm flow down my legs. Jim finally pulled out, took a napkin and wrote his phone number on it and pushed it in my hand.

As I got up I realized a crowd of patrons had been standing there watching us. They applauded our performance. I thanked Jim again and gave him a big kiss then walked back to the table where Larry was necking with the redhead.

Then I kind of zoned out. The rest of the weekend was a total blur of booze, sex and more booze. At one point, I remembered later, there were four men on the boat, Larry, Mac, and a couple of young guys and they took turns fucking me. By the time we started back I was so tired and sore that I slept most of the way. Pulling into the river Larry’s cell phone rang, after a muted conversation he turned to us and said, “Folks I have to sail to Houston for business.

I am afraid I have to drop you two off at the marina and be on my way after I fill up on supplies.” I called my husband to pick me up, we docked and said goodbye. Something in the way Larry acted told me I would not be seeing him any time soon.

I was almost in tears at the thought of losing Larry but there was nothing I could do. I kissed and thanked Mac who had to go back up North to his wife and kids, gave Larry a long kiss and hug and with my bag in hand walked up the dock to wait for my husband.

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