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CHAPTER 1 – Getting acquainted

Finally after all my hinting, it was happening.

I had found Jaymes on-line. He seemed sane, looked very muscular, 6’5″ 240 lbs and claimed to have a 9″ cock that was 6.5 inches thick.

Reluctantly my wife, Laura, agreed to meet him. We agreed 1) that he not attempt to take her ass as she had never been fucked in her ass 2) that he would use a condom and 3) that there be no photos or video. Jaymes agreed to the conditions. My wife and I also agreed that they wouldn’t kiss as that would be too intimate.

She was nervous all the way to the hotel and held my hand tightly in the elevator. Looking into my eyes she told me, “Babe, you know I’m only doing this for you. You’re all I need.”‘

Just as we agreed at about 8:00 on Friday night, the elevator doors opened at the hotel bar and she gave me a quick kiss before walking out of the elevator. Dressed in her little black skater dress and high heels I couldn’t help but watch as her curvy five foot body sway as she walked. Knowing that all she was wearing underneath was a sex red thong had me rock hard.

We quickly recognize Jaymes from his photo and size. We stood a the bar chatting for a bit. As we all started to relax, I noticed his large hand resting first on my wife’s shoulder, then lower back, then cupping her ass. My wife didn’t seem to mind at all. After two rounds, we all agreed to go up to our hotel room around 9:00.

Jaymes had done this before, and insisted that if I was going to be in the room, I couldn’t cum. He said that the only time things ended badly, was one time when the husband came and was no longer aroused watching his wife have sex. When we got into the room, Jaymes had printed up a form for me to sign. It was very simple:

I _________________ allow Jaymes Smith to have sex with my wife / girlfriend. Jaymes and _______________ are free to do whatever they mutually agree to and I will not interfere, or hold anything they do against them.


While I completed the form and signed it, Jaymes took off his shoes and socks. Then he instructed my wife to remove my pants, but not to bend her knees when she took them off. She unbuckled my belt and as she bent over, Jaymes got a great view of her ass and her red thong covered pussy. She helped me step out of my pants and Jaymes instructed her to remove my underwear.

As soon as she did my 6.5 inch cock sprang up. Jaymes stroked his crotch as he watched my wife’s show. Thankfully (and maybe as the result of the drinks) she was getting into teasing him a bit. She wiggled her ass at him and I reached over and flipped her dress up over her back.

I think seeing this very buff, handsome man, got her excited.

Jaymes called my wife over to him leaving me standing nude from the waist down. Towering over her he brought one hand up between her thighs bringing her skirt up with it, until he was rubbing her panty covered pussy pressing the material into her. As he gently rubbed, I saw her hips rock against his hand. He leaned down to kiss her and, as we discussed, she turned away, “No kissing. It’s too intimate,” she told him. He seemed disappointed but cheerfully answered “you make the rules.”

Then he handed Laura some handcuffs and whispered something in her ear that made her blush and giggle. As she walked over to me, Jaymes brought his fingers that had been on my wife’s pussy up to his nose and inhaled her scent. My wife guided my hands behind my back and cuffed them together. Then she reached around and grabbed my rock hard shaft giving it a few amazing strokes.

Then she came around in front of me, “OK, babe, Jaymes said this is our last chance to back out.” With her face inches from mine, looking deep into my eyes, she said in her sexiest voice, “David, do you want Jaymes to fuck me?”

I was as aroused as I’ve ever been in my fantasies and hesitated a moment. I knew that 30 seconds of her attention would bring me to an amazing orgasm. Laura reached down and stroked my cock slowly with one hand while cupping my balls with the other. Looking up into my eyes again, “Babe, do you want to watch him stuff his big . . . black . . .cock into me?” she teased, knowing that talk made me hornier.

I started to rock my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of her fist. To my surprise she loosened her grip so I could longer feel any friction and asked again, “Well, he’s right here, he could be fucking me in a few minutes, do you want your fantasy to come true?”

Horny as hell I answered, “I want to see him fuck you hard.”

Jaymes unbuttoned his shirt and my wife gasped. He we just as muscled as his photos showed. She walked over to him and placed her hands on his chiseled chest.

“Laura,” he instructed, “unbuckle my jeans.” Quickly she did and without being told unzipped and unbuttoned them. Dropping to her knees she pulled his jeans down to his knees staring at the huge lump tenting his boxers. He kicked his pants off as she sat transfixed inches from his cock. “take down my shorts.” he commanded. Eagerly she pulled on the sides of his shorts.

I walked around to get a better view. His shorts were down 4 . . .5 . . 6 inches as his thick black shaft was revealed, but the waistband still held him down. Laura’s eyes were open wide in disbelief. 7 . . .7.5 . . . 8 . . .8.5 . . .finally when his shorts reached mid thigh his enormous cock sprang up and hit Laura in the nose.

“Holy shit!,” she said, “that’s huge.” she quickly pulled his shorts down to his ankles and as he stepped out of his shorts, she grabbed his thick dark shaft with her left hand. I love the way her wedding ring looked on her finger as she gripped his cock. Her hand was so tiny. It only covered about 1/3 of the length and she couldn’t reach all the way around it.

She knelt forward and took just the tip into her mouth as she continued to slowly stroke and admire him. She opened her mouth as wide as she could just to get the head in. I knew she was probably trying to swirl her tongue around it, like she does mine, but it looked like she didn’t have any room in her mouth.

Looking over at me, she stopped sucking for a minute to say, “Is this what you wanted to see baby? Your little white wife, sucking a big black cock?” I almost came without touching myself as she sucked his cock back into her mouth.

I loved the contrast of her pale white hand and face against the dark brown of his skin. She was desperately trying to get more of his cock into her mouth, but with only a few inches in, her mouth was completely full of more cock than I have ever been able to give her and she’s never been able to take me into her throat, so I knew she wouldn’t be able to take any more.

Still stroking him, she took her mouth off the end and slowly started kissing down the side of his cock. As she nuzzled her nose into his pubic hair, I was amazed to see his cock extending past her head. She lifted his thick shaft up slightly and sucked his left testicle into her mouth. She rolled it around for a few seconds before releasing it with a popping sound.

Before she sucked the right ball into her mouth, “My god your balls are huge!” she said. I had to admit, they were much larger than mine. Laura resumed stroking his cock and sucking on his balls.

Jaymes said, “I have to have big balls to fill you up with cum!” That brought a giggle from Laura and reminded me to take out the condom we brought. “Let me go get the condom,” I said as I went over to the bathroom.

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