The Hunters Surprise 3.8/5 (16)

Chapter One

I was aboard the cruise ship Carnival Splendor, and shortly I’ll be meeting with the Captain on the bridge of his ship. I explained to the Events Coordinator what I wanted, and she relayed the message to the Captain, who invited me up to the bridge.

“Captain, I would like to ask my girlfriend Tracie Adams to marry me on Valentine’s day. What would be the proper procedure on how to accomplish this?” I asked.

“That is a good question Mr. Kent. I will invite both of you to dine at my table on Valentine’s day and you can ask her then. I’ll have my Events Coordinator attend to this situation,” he replied.

We talked some more on the plan, while he showed me around the bridge.

“Mr. Kent everybody who is aboard this ship has a story, would you like to tell me your’s?”

“Captain, first my name is David and second, my story would be a long one and might bore you.”

“That is ok Mr. Kent, sorry David; I have plenty of time and lots of ocean in front of us, with no place for us to hide. So, yes, I would like to hear your story.”

So I proceeded to tell him my story.

My name is Clark David Kent III. With the last name of Kent, who in the fuck would name your son Clark? Let alone the Third. Not hard to figure that one out. Ya my folks with help from my grand folks.

Yes, I got plenty of teasing in school about my name. Where are your glasses? Do you have your superman suit under your clothes? Can I see your suit? Can you really fly? Can you see through walls? And a whole host of other stupid fucking questions.

I think it would be appropriate that I give you some background on me first. During my teen years, I would help my best friend Steve. His dad Roger owned a small Excavating Company.

He did a lot of private jobs, and Steve and I would help him. He taught both of us how to operate heavy equipment. I took to operating a hydraulic crane, like a duck does to water. I’m good at operating most road equipment, but I love the crane the best.

After I graduated from River City High School, I went to the union’s operating engineer’s training school. I spent a year there learning all that I could about operating equipment. I had my application into many different construction firms.

I received a lot of job offers, but I always wanted to work for Three Brothers, their headquarters is just outside of River City, in Riverview Township. They made me an offer which I took. I still work for Roger on the side when he needs some extra help. I also help other guys on the weekend.

I guess now is a good time to give you some additional background on me. I am five feet, nine inches tall, weight 180 pounds. I work construction, so I am pretty well put together. I have brown hair and eyes. I go by the name of David.


I met Jan at our annual summer company picnic. Jan and I had gone to school together. She was a year ahead of me. She dated a guy through their junior and senior years in high school. He joined the army after high school graduation, and was killed in Iraq. But not before he got her pregnant. She gave birth to twin girls, June and July.

She came to the picnic with a guy that I didn’t know. He left her alone and wandered around, flirting with most of the women and drinking plenty of beer. I saw her standing alone, so I approached her.

“Hi, my name is David,” I said.

“Hi David, I remember you, my name is Jan, short for January,” she replied.

“It seems like your date has left you alone,” I smiled at her.

“He is such an asshole, I don=t know why I let him talk me into coming to this picnic with him,” she said sadly.

“Well the food is ready. If you like I could join you, till the asshole shows up?”

“I would like that, but where is your date?”

“I came stag to the picnic. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I am between relationships right now.”

“Oh sorry to hear that, but seeing how my asshole date is busy else where, I would be glad to have you join me for lunch.”

We chatted while we ate our lunch, as we finished her asshole of a date showed up three sheets to the wind. He made some snide remarks about me stealing his date and then told her it was time to go. She smiled at me,

“Thanks for the company.” Then she handed me a piece of paper, which I quickly put in my pocket. I didn’t say much, not wanting to piss off her already pissed off date.

I told a few of my buddies about the girl I met at the picnic. I wanted to call her the next day, but they told there was a three-day rule.

“What the fuck is a three day rule?” I asked.

“That you don’t call the girl for three days after your first date,” they replied.

I told them, “We didn’t have a date, we just ate lunch together at the picnic.”

“You still must wait three days,” They responded.

So I waited the three fucking days as protocol required, but (who the fuck dreamed up the three day rule), I wondered to myself. As soon as the three days were up, I gave her a call. We set up a time and day, for our first official date.

I won’t bore you with our dating life. In three months we were exclusive and in three months after that, I asked her to marry me. Just a little after a year from our first date we were married, in September. In between I met her side of the family and she met my side. I met and bonded with her two daughters.

Jan is five feet, six inches tall, I guessed she is around 125 pounds, (she never told me what she weighs, girls secret). Her body is well proportioned, and the curves are all in the right places. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her two daughters are blonde hair, blue eye beauties. They must have gotten their eye color from their dad.

Six months after wedding, in April, our son was born. Ya he was a bun in the oven, when we got married. My wife Jan wanted to name our son Clark David Kent IV, I said, “No fucking way was that going to happen in my life time.” We compromised and he was named David Clark Kent. We live in River City.

Chapter Two

The company had scheduled a quarterly safety meeting at the main office for those of us working in the area. Usually I’m up and gone by 7:00 am. This Monday the scheduled safety meeting was at 8:00 am. So I left the house thirty minutes later than normal at 7:30 am.

I got into my truck and left the garage. When I pulled out, I noticed the neighbors had their trash out. Damn I almost forgot to put our trash out. I stopped my truck and went back into the garage. I grabbed the two trash containers and took them out to the road. (I wondered if the kitchen trash can is full), I said to myself, I forgot to look this morning.

I walked back into the house and stopped by the laundry room doorway. I could hear my wife on the phone talking with someone.

“Hi honey can you talk now? There seemed to be a pause as she waited for a reply. Well just listen. This weekend the girls are going to their cousin’s house for a sleep over. They leave Friday night and will come home sometime Sunday afternoon.

Davie is going on a Boy Scout camping trip for the weekend, leaving Friday and coming home on Sunday. David will be goose hunting both Saturday and Sunday. That gives us both mornings to fuck ourselves silly.

I will open the garage door and text you that it is safe to enter the garage. After you enter the garage, make sure you close the garage door. I don=t want the nosey neighbors to know that you are here. Another pause, as she listened to his reply. Oh no, I hear my girls fighting. I have to go. I will see you this weekend. I love you babe, Bye.”

I quickly ducked back around the corner, hoping that she won’t come this way. I watched as she hustled through the kitchen and dining room toward the bedrooms. I could hear the two girls yelling at each other. I opened the entrance door to the garage, walking to my truck. I got in, and closed the garage door. I drove to the safety meeting in a daze. My mind was running a thousand miles an hour, after what I just heard.

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