The Hunter HW 4.4/5 (28)

It was one of those warm fall days, when summer wouldn’t quite let go. It was a warm today, about 75 degrees. It was October 1 and the fall bow season had opened. I had broke away from work about noon to get a little quality hunting time in. There is no quiet way to get up in a tree with a climbing stand, so I didn’t even try when I got to my favorite hunting spot.

I had been sitting her about an hour and a half and not seen a sign of a deer. Suddenly I heard a rustling in the leaves. It was something coming down the forest road. I tensed and waited. Then I heard voices. It certainly wasn’t a deer. It was people. I sat very still.

I was about 20 feet up in the tree and I had on camouflage clothing. The couple coming down the road didn’t notice me sitting there. They came to the clearing below my tree stand and the woman threw out a blanket right in the middle of the clearing.

She appeared to be about 5’4,” slim, and had short dark hair and dark eyes, and lovely shapely legs. I decided to keep quiet and see what would happen. The man lay down on the blanket. He was handsome in a rugged sort of way. He was about six feet tall, and well built as well. The lady said, “Are you ready?.” He smiled and said, “Of course.” She began to do a slow seductive strip right there in front of him.

He lay there on the blanket and watched. She pulled the light cotton shirt she was wearing off and then reached down and unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. She slipped out of her sneakers and stepped onto the blanket. She reached around and undid her bra and held her other arm below it as she shrugged her shoulders and let it fall off of her round full breasts.

She dropped the bra in the pile with her other clothing and then reached down and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties. She pushed the panties over her round smooth hips, exposing a dark pubic mound. She let them fall to her feet and then she kicked them onto the pile of clothes as well.

She got down on her knees between the man’s legs and reached for his belt buckle. She undid that and unfastened his jeans and pulled down his zipper. She then reached back and took off his shoes and socks and set them with the rest of the clothes. She reached up and grabbed the waist band of his jeans and pulled them down and slid them off of him.

He, of course, assisted her as she proceeded to undress him. She reached for the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it up over his head. He had broad shoulders and a hairy chest that blended well with his flat stomach. Finally she reached for the elastic band on his jockey shorts and pulled them off exposing his flaccid cock. It was fairly large, about 7” soft I would estimate, and uncircumcised. She dropped the shorts in the pile with the other clothes and then turned back to the man.

She reached for his cock and held it for a moment, feeling it’s softness. Then she bent over and kissed the tip. She didn’t stop there. She circled her tongue around the head and engulfed it with her lips.

The man laid back now and watched as she ministered to his cock. She ran her mouth up and down on it. I could see that it was getting extremely rigid now. She pulled away and sit up partially and stroked it. I watched as the foreskin moved up and down over the penis head. She then bent over again and took it in her mouth. She continued to stimulate it. My own cock is pressing against the confines of my pants, shouting for freedom, but I dare not move now.

I don’t want to disturb the show. The man reaches up and coaxes the lady onto her side, keeping his cock in her mouth, he smoothly continues the roll so he is on top. He then swings around so that his head is between her legs and he spreads them with his hands and moves his head down to her crotch. I see her squirming as he deftly applies his tongue to her crack.

They continue this for a few minutes until they appear to both know that the other is ready for the real thing. They separate and he moves around and positions himself between her legs. He reaches under her thighs and lifts her legs up spreading them. He positions his now rigid cock at her pussy and pushes it in rather roughly it seems to me.

He shoves it all the way to the hilt as she winces apparently not quite ready for all of that now 8” shaft. He moves his cock back and forth in her as she squirms and begins to relish the action. I can see her eyes partially closed concentrating. She bites her bottom lip, obviously building toward an orgasm.

Their coupling is fairly swift as he pumps into her and presses hard against her after just a few minutes. He is obviously cumming, shooting his full load into her pussy. She pushes back apparently experiencing her orgasm at the same moment.

They press their organs against each other for several seconds while each experiences the full joy of orgasm and then they collapse on the blanket, holding each other closely. I continued to sit very quietly for the next hour while they coupled again. After the second time they get up and get dressed and leave, the way they had come. I was very turned on now and ready to head home. I wanted to relieve my sexual frustration with something besides my hand.

I pulled into the garage and went into the house. I headed straight for the bedroom. She was spread out on the bed stark naked. Her short dark hair a contrast to the white sheets. I hurriedly stripped and climbed between her legs. My cock was rigid and throbbing. “Where did you meet him?,” I said as I slid my shaft into her sopping pussy.

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