The House Party 4.1/5 (66)

My wife and I have been married for only three years and I think we have a good relationship and sex life. I am 28 and Liana is five years younger with mid-length brunette hair and a fit sporty body that she keeps in shape. One night we decided to go out for an evening with some friends.

We arranged to go out at a rock music dance club with a group of 10 friends. Liana was dressed in a pair of skin tight blue jeans, heels, and a tight fitted pink top that showed off the shape of her sexy bosom. The place was packed with people and everyone was having a good time drinking and socializing.

I was talking to someone in our group and out of the corner of my eye I noticed that a guy came up to Liana and off they went to the dance floor. I wasn’t really too concerned initially, but grew annoyed when they stayed on the floor for multiple songs. I was standing there waiting for her to come back for about 15-20 minutes.

Finally a break came when a song ended and the DJ started talking. It looked like Liana and the guy were making their way off the floor until the DJ said that the next song is for the couples “who are feeling the vibe”.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as the dude pulled Liana back toward the floor and she followed. The song was a slow rock ballad and the bastard held her close while they swayed back and forth. I did not like the sight of this and was getting livid. It appeared that they were grinding crotches at one point.

When the song ended Liana came back to where I was and the guy went to the area where his friends were. Her face was had a healthy glow and you could now see the outline of her nipples through her top. I got into an argument with her and told her that I thought she was being an inconsiderate bitch for leaving me alone for so long.

She told me I was being foolish and childish and just basically shrugged it off. We didn’t really talk too much after that and I mostly ignored her and chatted with some of the other people in our group.

Near the end of the night a couple of the guys came to our group and invited everyone to a house party. I did not want to go but everyone else thought it was a great idea so we got the address and headed to the party.

When Liana and I arrived, the first person we see is the guy she danced with. Liana introduced him to me as Brad and I gave him a quick handshake and moved into the room tugging Liana along with me. This guy was tall and well built and I didn’t want us to spend any time near him.

The house was full of people and we mingled. Then at one point a nice looking girl came by and asked Liana to come with her to the kitchen and do some shots. I said that would be great but she looked at me and said, “sorry boyfriend but these shots are just for the ladies”. They both giggled and walked away with Liana telling me that she’d be back soon.

After a few minutes of standing there by myself I decided to have a peek at what was going on with the ladies in the kitchen. I was stunned when I saw there were not only a group of girls doing shots but three dudes – one of which was the jackass Liana danced with.

I saw Liana intertwine her arm around his as they shot one back and I then saw him feeding her a shot directly as she tilted her head back as he poured it down. I don’t know how many shots Liana had consumed in total but she seemed to be getting wasted as she put her arm around his shoulder and became way too friendly for my liking.

I felt stupid standing there at a distance but too timid to do anything about it so I just went back into the living room and found someone to chat with. The giggles and laughter continued coming from the kitchen until I heard the group head downstairs to the basement.

I wanted to follow them and try to join in somehow but couldn’t get myself to move. Finally after about 15 minutes I got the courage and headed downstairs. The basement had a recreation room and the people down there were drinking and socializing – except for one major thing – I did not see Liana.

I walked up and told them that I was Liana’s husband and asked if they knew where she was but no one answered. I was starting to feel a sense of dread. Then I realized as I wandered further in that there was a door that led to another room. I asked them what was in the other room. A girl giggled and said “I believe it’s where people go to sleep.” Everyone laughed out loud.

Outside this door I could hear grunting and moaning. Obviously the people inside were having sex. I felt sick to my stomach as I opened the door and saw Liana on her back with her legs spread wide and getting pounded hard by this SOB. I yelled out, “What the hell is going on”, but they just ignored me and continued to screw like wild animals.

They continued their rapid pounding pace and soon thereafter Liana was squealing to orgasm while the guy groaned loudly and fed her with his seed. Hearing this, the people in the room clapped and cheered. I felt so humiliated.

Just like that, he got off of her and got up to get his pants back on. The one thing I noticed is that he was hung like a horse and was probably twice the size of my manhood. I was dumbstruck and walked out of the room and back upstairs. It was humiliating as people were giggling at my expense. One girl said, “See ya later Dinky”, as they all exploded in laughter.

I left the house and hailed a cab and went home. I got into our bed and as I thought about what had just happened that night, I could not understand why I was getting strangely aroused. I lay there with the vision of Liana getting pounded by that hung dude and my cock was as hard as wood. I tried to go to sleep but couldn’t.

About an hour passed and I heard Liana come in. She came into our bedroom, took her clothes off, and got into bed. She didn’t say a word nor did I. After lying there for about ten minutes she reached over and started stroking my cock which instantly got rock hard. Neither of us said a word as we started French kissing deeply.

This led to her going down and sucking my cock. She soon flipped herself around into a 69 and her pussy was right over my face. I don’t understand why, but I was so fantastically horny at this point that I felt a deep need to worship that cheating dirty love-box. It was loose, sloppy, and soaking wet as I madly sucked on her lips and buried my tongue as deep as it would go.

Liana stopped sucking me and sat up and began wildly grinding her twat fiercely onto my face and mouth. She was soon squealing and panting with joy and had an explosive orgasm like I’ve never seen before. I was so excited by what was happening that I exploded my own load while rubbing my cock against the loose blankets.

Not a word was said as we moved apart and fell asleep. I felt both deeply relieved and strange. I don’t know if this makes me a cuckold but I do know that things will probably never be the same again.

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