The Holiday

  • age gap
  • oral
  • cuckolding
  • masturbation
  • control
  • doggy
  • bisexual

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Section 1

A few years ago I found myself suddenly at the age of fifty living by myself with a great deal of spare time. In so many ways life had become comfortable. I had been paid off from my job as a project manager and I was in the unusual position of being able to draw early on a very generous pension scheme. Yes, I could relax and enjoy life.

The only thing that was missing was that I had no one to share it with. Many of my friends and colleagues had moved to other towns or retired to the countryside so I was rather lonely. That is until I meet Natasha.

My relationship with Natasha really shouldn’t have worked out but somehow we found a way to make sense of it. Natasha was only twenty four years old when we met. There was an age difference between us of some twenty six years. And initially I had many reservations about this. Not least that it felt inappropriate that I should marry a woman young enough to be my daughter but yet it felt so very comfortable being with her.

As it turned out the strangest thing about our relationship was the sexual side. Natasha has always been a very shy young lady and at first sex was a problem. For the first year of our marriage we struggled to find a connection sexually but then we began to play with some more interesting ideas. We began to explore various different approaches to masturbation.

I should explain that although Natasha is shy she is also one of sexiest women I’ve ever known. She is from Poland and is very pretty with a truly incredible figure. She is slender with nice curvy hips and small breasts and long flowing brown hair to match her deep set brown eyes.

There is nothing I like more than seeing her on the beach in one of the many bikinis that she owns and she is constantly receiving the attention of other men where ever she goes. So on one hand I felt quite frustrated by our lack of intimacy but then I also simply enjoy being with such a sexy young nubile.

The thing that I started to notice in myself as I became older is that I have developed a taste for voyeurism. Actually the truth is that it was always there. I’d always enjoyed pornography but now that I am older I have found myself becoming more comfortable with my voyeuristic leanings. Getting married to Natasha has just made my voyeuristic leanings stronger.

When I studied her lovely young body I would get aroused and then I would have thoughts about her being made love to by other men. I would drool over her but in a way that I wanted to see her being taken care of by someone else. I drilled down into my feelings and become more aroused as I contemplated how it would feel to be there watching as another man, a younger man penetrated my lovely young wife.

For a while these feelings bubbled under the surface. I felt a bit embarrassed about them and yet as time passed they just seemed to get stronger. I was becoming obsessed by the idea of Natasha being with another man and gradually I gave into it. I surrendered myself to the feelings that were flooding through me. Eventually I had to broach the subject with her.

It was awkward but I managed it. At first it was little chats about the health of our marriage and we then talked about the age difference between us and then we would discuss the possibility of exploring a new way forward.

Soon she realised what I was covertly suggesting and she was a little shocked. But then it began to settle in her and she started to feel comfortable talking it through. After some time it turned into a shared masturbation fantasy and then suddenly we were both completely immersed in the idea. Suddenly we were exploring the idea in our minds and imagining various scenarios on a regular basis.

Then everything changed when we went on a summer holiday to San Sebastian in Spain. It is a resort that we’d visited the previous year and we even managed to rent the same secluded villa that was up on the hill away from the busy town. I had a feeling that something was going to happen on this holiday.

We had been developing the idea for several months by this point and I could sense that Natasha was ready for it. And being on holiday had set the mood perfectly. After a few days of lazing on the beach and eating at the local restaurants we had settled into a pleasant holiday feeling of relaxation and inhibition.

It was in the late afternoon and in a small bar that we met Ricardo. He was a young Spaniard who worked in a sports shop on the seafront. He was thirty two years old with a handsome, chiselled face and oily black hair. He had an olive skin and an athletic physique. We got chatting to him almost as soon as we sat at our table and then within a few minutes I had asked him to sit with us.

It was quite obvious that Natasha liked Ricardo. She showed absolutely no resistance to the idea of him sitting with us and very quickly they were chatting away to each other so I stepped back a little in the conversation. It was wonderful to see Natasha opening up to him.

Her shyness was slipping away as they talked and eyed each other. I went off to use the men’s room and as I was returning I stopped in my tracks and just looked at them. A feeling came over me that I should give them a few more moments alone and so I sneaked out of bar and took in some sea air.

My mind was racing with thoughts of what might happen. I wondered at the pornographic pleasures that I might be feasting upon later in the evening and then I felt a tremendous unease about what was happening. I was disgusted with myself for wanting something so kinky and yet I was thrilled. Yes! I was thrilled and precisely because it was so kinky.

The idea had become so ingrained in my mind that the very wrongness of it felt, somehow right and natural and yet I wondered how something so wrong could feel right? And yet I really did wanted to be, somehow right. Or, at least I wanted to believe that it was right. Or rather to make believe, that it was right.

And then I was disgusted with myself for wanting it so much and for making believe that it was somehow right. And then I knew that it was wrong and then the wrongness aroused me and suddenly I noticed that I had an erection. It was at that moment that I knew that I had become fixated with it. It had become a full blown obsession.

I calmed down, gathered myself and returned to the table. I ordered another round of drinks and then smiled at Natasha. She looked down bashfully and then her eyes rose to meet mine and she grinned. Everything was communicated in that moment.

It was a balmy summer evening as Natasha, Ricardo and I walked back up the hill to our villa. And as soon as we were inside they set to it. Nothing was said but they were suddenly kissing passionately and Ricardo’s hands were all over Natasha’s body. He was pulling up her summer dress and groping her smooth buttocks. “You make a lovely couple!” I said without thinking about what I was saying.

Section 2

Thirty minutes later I was standing at the end of the bed and looking down at Natasha as she lay on her back with her legs wide open and Ricardo on top of her. Ricardo’s buttocks were thrusting up and down and his large penis was sinking deep into Natasha’s vagina. They were naked and so was I. They were having sexual intercourse and I was masturbating.

I was studying the throb of the young man’s rigid penis as it slid between Natasha’s moist vaginal lips. Ricardo’s penis was very large and as I watched it sliding in and out Natasha’s vagina a feeling of admiration flowed over me. “You make a lovely couple” I said out loud and my words trickled over their naked bodies.

They were indeed a beautiful young couple in the throes of the most natural act. I watched their lovely bodies as they writhed about. I noticed Natasha’s breasts heaving with the rhythm as Ricardo thrust into her. He was inside my wife. His penis was throbbing inside her and she groaned with the pleasure that his throbbing penis was giving to her. “You make a lovely couple” I said.

Then Natasha was on top and I watched her young body rising and falling as she felt Ricardo’s penis inside her. “This is so good for marriage! I thought to myself. I was making believe that it somehow could be good for the marriage and I was feeling kinky because of it. “This is so good for the marriage.” I said out loud just to say it out loud, to proclaim it and so that they could near me.

“Oh my god!” said Natasha as she heard my words and Ricardo smiled. Natasha continued her upwards and downwards motion but she leant forward to kiss Ricardo passionately on the lips. Their tongues entwined and I could see their opened mouths merging together. Then I looked down the length of their bodies and directly at Natasha’s vaginal lips wrapped snugly around the thick shaft of Ricardo’s penis.

As Natasha slowly moved her body there were moments when I could see almost the full penis. I noticed how the shaft was glistening with sexual juices and in a way it seemed unreal to me. I felt as though I was hypnotised. I was in a constant state of amazement at sheer size of Ricardo’s penis. And I stood there for, what seemed like ages just staring at it.

“This is so good for the marriage.” I said under my breath. Natasha turned her head to look at me and gave out a low moan. “This is so good for the marriage.” I said again but louder and yet again Natasha gave out a low moan.

I sat on the edge of the bed and turned to look at them. They were both now lying on their sides with Natasha leaning towards me and Ricardo behind her. Natasha lifted up her leg and Ricardo held it high and then he looked at me. We held the gaze for what seemed like an age and then I broke it in order to look down their bodies as Natasha guided Ricardo’s penis back into her vagina.

Soon he was thrusting backwards and forwards, his penis sliding in and out of Natasha’s vagina. He pumped faster and them faster again. He was sweating and groaning. Natasha was sweating and groaning and I was sweating and groaning. Suddenly Ricardo let out a very deep and guttural groan and he pushed his hips as far forward as he could with the result that his penis sank into Natasha’s vagina as deep as it possibly could.

Natasha let loose a very loud groan and I knew that Ricardo was ejaculating into her. I watched the penis shunting and swelling with every squirt of semen. It seemed to go on for ages and I thought about how he was flooding her with his semen.

“This is so good for the marriage,” I said in a strained and quiet voice.

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